101 Ways To Tell Your Wife, "I Love You"


You knew that she was special the moment you first laid eyes on her. It was a dream come true the day she said, "Yes!" Now that she belongs to you, it's easy to let your love life play second fiddle to your responsibilities. Not that you want it that way, it's just that life is so demanding. There is great news. By just taking a few moments of each day to fulfil the needs of your marriage, you and your wife can feel like newlyweds for life!

  1. LEAVE CANDY FOR HER TO FIND And I'm not talking about a 3 Musketeers bar. (Unless that's what she likes). Buy a pretty box of chocolates. Leave them in her car or some other place that she's sure to find them. Tuck a little "I love you" note inside to increase the effect.
  2. DON'T TEASE HER FOR PRIMPING She wants to look nice for you! If you constantly go on about how much time she spends on her hair or manicures, she may take it that you don't appreciate her femininity or her effort to look pretty. Let her know she's beautiful when she fixes herself up.
  3. KISS HER FOR AT LEAST 6 SECONDS Forget the little peck on your way out the door in the morning. Give her a kiss that will stay with her all day! Kissing for at least six seconds doesn't take that long but it makes for a much more meaningful kiss.
  4. HOLD HANDS Wives feel special when their husbands reach over and take their hand. It's just a simple gesture, but it goes a long way.
  5. MAIL HER A LETTER E-mail has its place, but for a woman, getting a letter in the mailbox addressed to her from her hubby...well now, that's just too romantic!
  6. SHOW HER APPRECIATION FOR EVERYDAY THINGS You'll leave the waitress a tip, but what about the lady who is there to wait on you 24/7? Surprise her as she clears the supper table by thanking her and genuinely complimenting the meal. Praise her when the house looks and smells nice or just for the things that she does everyday. It will mean the world to her to hear your appreciation and make her want to do more!
  7. REENACT YOUR FIRST DATE Tell your wife that you're taking her out. Tell her that you think it would be fun to do everything just like you did on your first date then try to reenact it! The bonus is that you won't have to take her home to her father, you can take her home with you!
  8. DEDICATE A SONG TO HER Call your local radio station and have them to play a song for your sweetie! Tell them why you love her and her name, and have them to repeat it over the air!
  9. COMMUNICATE WITH HER Your wife wants in on your life. Tell her about your day or even your hopes and dreams for the future. Talk about the kids, or whatever happens to come to mind. Just communicate!
  10. WHISPER IN HER EAR Get close to your wife and whisper those sweet words of love in her ear. Try whispering something about your private love life in the middle of a public place and watch her blush!
  11. HAVE FLOWERS DELIVERED TO HER Take some time out of your lunch break to swing by the flower shop. Have the florist deliver her flowers to your home or at her place of work, or deliver them yourself!
  12. PUT YOUR ARM AROUND HER Put your arm around your wife while she's sitting next to you or while walking side by side.
  13. CARESS HER Gently caress your wife's hair with your hand or her face with your lips. She loves to feel your touch.
  14. PRIASE HER IN FRONT OF OTHERS Let your wife hear you brag on her while you're talking to others. She may blush or say something back, but secretly she's feeling proud that you're her man.
  15. PRAISE HER TO HER FACE Tell your wife that you appreciate all that she does and the love that she shows to you.
  16. TAKE HER ON A SURPRISE DATE Secretly arrange for someone to watch your children, if you have them, then surprise your wife by taking her out for a night that she'll not soon forget!
  17. SAY YOU'RE SORRY You're not too macho to say, "I'm sorry" if you're in the wrong. In fact you'll be a much bigger man if you do.
  18. LEAVE THE STRESS OF WORK AT WORK I'm not saying that you can't talk to your wife about your job or the things that bother you. I'm saying that if you've had a bad day, don't take it out on your wife and family. It's easy to be grumpy after a long day of work. Don't snap at the people who love you. If you need to vent your frustrations, talk them out with your wife. She'll be glad to lend an ear if you need to talk.
  19. DON'T HIDE ANYTHING FROM YOUR WIFE Be open and honest with your wife about everything. Keep an open line of communication between the two of you at all times. Keeping things from her, even small things, can hurt a relationship. If she should find out from another source, she would feel hurt and disappointed that you didn't feel like you could share with her. This could ultimately damage her trust in you as well.
  20. TAKE CARE OF THE CARS Make sure that your vehicles are in tip top shape at all times so your wife isn't left stranded. Don't expect her to go to the dirty garages to get the oil changed and repairs done, do them yourself, or take them in for her.
  21. COMPLIMENT HER Everyone needs a compliment now and then, but many wives need a little extra reassurance to make sure that she's still special in your eyes. A compliment won't cost you anything, but for your wife, it could be priceless!
  22. BUY HER A FEMININE GIFT Buy your wife a gift that will make her feel feminine, like her favorite perfume, or a pretty nightgown.
  23. DON'T FORGET SPECIAL OCCASIONS Put it on your phone schedule, hang a calendar in your vehicle, do what you must, but DON'T forget your anniversary, her birthday, or Valentine's Day!
  24. ALWAYS KISS HER GOODNIGHT Never even close your eyes at night until you've kissed your wife goodnight. (For at least 6 seconds).
  25. FINISH HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS Too many times husbands work so hard all week that they don't feel like keeping up the repairs at home. This is understandable, but remember, it often makes your wife's work harder too. If you could work on things for just awhile, and aim to finish at least one project per month, it could make your whole household run smoother.
  26. DON'T BE NEGATIVE Don't go around griping or nitpicking the things your wife does or don't do. Try to be more pleasant. Look on the positive side of things. When your negative, it makes everything look worse than it really is.
  27. TAKE A SHOWER TOGETHER Here's a way to get clean and have fun at the same time! Jump in the shower, mesh together, and do a lot of kissing! Be sensitive if your wife feels insecure, and make sure that you reassure her often.
  28. SHOW PATIENCE DURING HORMONAL TIMES If your wife gets a little hard to live with during certain times of the month, be patient. This is especially important too if she's pregnant or a new mother. She can't control her emotions very well during these times, and will need your support.
  29. ADMIT IT WHEN YOU'RE WRONG If you are in the wrong, admit it. Don't pass it off like it's no big deal, or make excuses for yourself.
  30. LOOK INTO HER EYES While talking to or hugging your wife, look her straight in the eyes while cupping her face in your hand. She may feel shy and try to look away, but don't confuse this in thinking she don't like it. Gently insist she look at you, then slowly lean down and kiss her. (For at least 6 seconds).
  31. SACRIFICE FOR HER Put aside something that you want so that you can give to your wife. Usually, this is what wives do. They'll put aside their own needs to make sure their family gets everything they need first. Make sure your wife is taking good care of herself too.
  32. WRITE HER A LOVE POEM Put your romantic thoughts into a rhyme that your wife will cherish forever! Not a poet? Just write down your feelings the best you can, she'll love it!
  33. GIVE HER A MASSAGE Grab the oil and lotion, then grab your wife! Give her a full body massage and help her relax. (Try to at least get past her shoulders before moving on to "other things)."
  34. PLAY A GAME TOGETHER Bring out the board games or play a game of tennis. Playing a game together can help keep the two of you close. If she beats you, admit it. Don't say, "Oh, I just let you win."
  35. CALL IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE Don't make your wife worry about you, or let dinner get cold. Take out 5 minutes to phone her if you see you're going to be late.
  36. WASH THE DISHES FOR HER You don't have to clean the whole house, but just doing one chore such as the dishes once in a while, or at least cleaning up after yourself, will help her out a lot.
  37. PICK HER FLOWERS OK, you've sent her flowers, but why not pick some wildflowers yourself? Stop the car and pick some by the roadside, then gently tuck one behind your wife's ear and kiss her neck.
  38. TAKE HER TO A ROMANTIC PLAY Skip the movie and head out to a theatrical play. If there's not a good romantic one showing, find one with some good, clean humor.
  39. PLAY A KISSING GAME Lock lips and see who can hold out the longest!
  40. GIVE HER A NIGHT OFF Watch the kids while she heads out to shop for awhile. Throw in a few extra bucks so that she can buy herself something special.
  41. DON'T MENTION HER WEIGHT No matter what size your wife may be, bringing up her weight is definitely a no no.
  42. DONT ARGUE OVER FINANCES If money gets tight, be very careful not to argue or shift blame. Together, and in a business-like fashion, explore ways that you can pay off your debts. If things spin out of control, consider financial counseling. Your marriage is worth more than money.
  43. LEAVE LOVE NOTES IN UNEXPECTED PLACES Try leaving love notes in odd places that she'll be sure to see, such as under windshield wipers, inside the refrigerator, inside a CD case or even on toilet paper! A good example would be to put one on the light switch that says, "You turn me on."
  44. BE HONEST NEVER EVER lie to your wife, even if it seems harmless. Trust is one of the most important factors in a marriage - don't break it!
  45. RENEW YOUR WEDDING VOWSAlthough we know that the first vows are good for life, still, taking your wife to a chapel on your anniversary, or any day, and renewing your vows will let her know that you'd marry her all over again.
  46. WORSHIP TOGETHER Find time to worship and pray with your wife. Our lives our made up of three parts. Body, mind, and spirit. You need to connect in all three ways to really be close.
  47. RESPECT HER Showing respect is another important factor in a marriage. Don't degrade her, yell at her, or misuse her.
  48. PROVIDE FOR HER Do your best to provide for your wife and family. You don't have to buy a castle, just make sure it's nice and comfortable and there's food on the table. If your wife chooses to help out that's OK, but it is your place to provide, so don't expect her to fill that role.
  49. TELL HER YOU NEED HER Let her know that your life just wouldn't be complete if you didn't have her. Tell her that you not only want her in your life, but that you need her.
  50. LET HER CRY Every woman needs a good cry now and then; sometimes she can tell you why, and sometimes she can't. Just make sure you don't get irritated at her or make fun of her. This will just make everything worse. Take her in your arms and hold her until everything is better. This may be the very thing she needed anyway.
  51. DON'T TEASE HER TOO MUCH It's OK to tease now and then, but try to keep it at a minimum. Don't excessively tease her in front of others, and never tease in a degrading fashion.
  52. DON'T CORRECT HER IN FRONT OF OTHERS If you feel that your wife has got a little out of line or has done something that you disapprove of, it's OK to talk it over with her in private, but never jump her in front of others; especially your children. Make sure that even if you're firm, that you're loving.
  53. BE FAITHFUL Always make sure that you're faithful to your wife in every angle. Keep your body, your eyes, and your thoughts only for her. If you are facing any temptation, remove yourself from the source. Be open with your wife about your needs so that she can be the one to fill them.
  54. GIVE HER LOTS OF CUDDLE TIME Wives like to be cuddled and kissed without sex sometimes. Try sitting in front of a campfire or lay under the stars and just take your time.
  55. LISTEN Sometimes wives just need to talk - about anything. Show interest and listen to her when she talks. If she's upset, show concern. If she's happy, laugh with her. Try to pick up on clues that she may be dropping in her conversation to let you know her needs.
  56. BE FORGIVING If your wife should do something that offends you, be quick to forgive. Holding hard feelings can ruin a marriage. Let her know in a heartfelt way how she made you feel, then let it go.
  57. BE THE LEADER OF YOUR HOME Many wives don't want their husbands to be the leader because they dominate. But if you're a good leader, you will also serve. Home leadership is meant to be the husbands role, and if you do it right, it will take an unnecessary load off of your wife. Set reasonable guidelines and goals for your household. Ask your wife for advice too. Sometimes a woman can see things not only in the practical sense, like most men do, but she also uses her heart to even things out.
  58. BE CLEAN AND NEAT Keep yourself groomed, clean, and smelling nice.
  59. PROVIDE SECURITY Let your wife feel secure in your love without worrying if you will still love her from day to day.
  60. FIND OUT WHAT HER NEEDS ARE SEXUALLY Your wife's sexual needs sometimes vary a great deal from yours. Find out how and where she likes to be touched, and what she expects from sex, and try to fill her needs.
  61. HELP OUT WHEN SHE DOESN'T FEEL WELL If your wife is sick or has just had a bad day, try helping with her household duties and with the kids. Make sure she can get plenty of rest.
  62. DON'T COMPARE HER IN A NEGATIVE WAY Don't say things like, "You gripe just like your Aunt Thelma." Comparison often hurts self esteem.
  63. TAKE HER ON WEEKEND TRIPSTake your wife to a romantic resort for the weekend. If your budget's a little tight, consider checking into a hotel, even if it's local, so the two of you can get away from the familiar and just enjoy each other.
  64. BE VERBAL WHEN MAKING LOVE When making love, describe aloud and in detail each thing that you do and how it makes you feel. This will greatly arouse your wife, as well as let her know that she's meeting your needs.
  65. SHOP FOR A GIFT TO SHARE Go shopping for something that you'll both enjoy together. Get a great CD, massage oils, or anything that you'll both like.
  66. ENCOURAGE HER TO FOLLOW HER DREAMS If your wife has dreams and goals that she would like to accomplish, be her best cheer leader. Support her as she endeavors to reach them.
  67. BE KIND AND COURTEOUS Treat your wife as you would expect her to treat you. Treat her with dignity and be courteous at all times.
  68. PASS GAS IN THE BATHROOM If you must pass gas, go to the bathroom. Don't do it to annoy her, or burp at the table. It's not as funny as you think it is - as a matter of fact, it's not funny at all.
  69. FLIRT WITH YOUR WIFE Don't stop flirting with her just because you're married. Do it now more than ever to keep that spark! Wink at her from across the room, whistle at her, or give her "that look." Watch her cheeks turn rosy.
  70. TAKE A JACUZZI BATH TOGETHER Jacuzzis are one of the world's most romantic inventions! Some use it for stress, some use it for... If you don't have a jacuzzi tub, check into a hotel that has a tub for two, and spend the night.
  71. TAKE A WALK Go for a long walk through a park or take a moonlight stroll. Hold hands while you walk.
  72. LOOK OUT FOR THE FUTURE You plan on being together for life, right? Make sure that your future will be secure. Set up a retirement fund. Also, although no one wants to think about it, we all will die one day. Take out a life insurance policy to make sure that if the worst should happen, your family will be cared for.
  73. SET UP A SLIDE SHOW Pick out special photo memories from the time that you were dating to the present. Create a slide show with music. This is something that you can do together and can help keep you close.
  74. DON'T RUSH SEX While the two of you are in the middle of the wonderful marital gift of sex, be careful not to rush it. Let your wife know that you're loving her, not just the moment.
  75. DON'T BELITTLE HER OPINIONS If your wife has an opinion or an idea, thank her, and let her know that her thoughts are valuable. Don't act like her ideas are unintelligent or crazy.
  76. CHERISH HER DIFFERENCES Your wife has a lot different make up than you and it shows in more ways than one. Not only in her body, but the way she thinks, or even the way she receives love are naturally just "different." Cherish these differences and don't try to change her.
  77. BE DEVOTED TO HER HAPPINESSDo what you can to make your wife happy. You don't have to buy her the most expensive things or "spoil" her rotten, (though that's OK too). Usually a little goes a long way for most wives, and just giving a little attention now and then will make her feel loved and appreciated. You will find that if she's happy, she'll respond better to your needs as well.
  78. REMINISCE YOUR WEDDING NIGHT Women like to remember special times. Bring up your wedding night and how it felt to have sex for the first time. Talk about your high school graduations or the day your kids were born.
  79. MAKE HER LATE FOR BREAKFAST Wake her up by kissing her! Not only will this be a pleasant way to wake up, but she just might keep you there through breakfast!
  80. MAKE A JOURNAL Start on her birthday or Christmas and write a love note or something special to your wife everyday for a year. At the end of the year, present it to her as a gift.
  81. GIVE HER A NICKNAME Give her your own special name, like "Beautiful" or "Angel."
  82. HAVE YOUR PHOTO MADE WITH HER Go have a professional, up-to-date photo done of the two of you. Try romantic scenes such as a park or waterfall.
  83. GO ON A SECOND HONEYMOON Remember how special your honeymoon was? Take another one, and try to make it better than the first.
  84. START A HOBBY TOGETHER Find a hobby that you both enjoy, such as horse back riding or tennis. Do it together as often as you can to help stay close.
  85. HELP HER UNDRESS Help your wife with the buttons or snaps. Caress her gently as you help remove her clothing. Do it slowly, piece by piece.
  86. SHOW HUMILITY Don't get a big head and think that you can't be touched with a ten foot pole. You wife wants you to be confident, but don't think that you're the master of all.
  87. PROTECT HER Look after your wife making sure that she's not in any situations where she could be harmed physically or emotionally. This even includes verbal abuse from cantankerous family members. Always be quick to stand up for her in any given situation.
  88. DON'T PUSH SEX Be considerate in the fact that sometimes your wife just won't feel like having sex. Remember, she's not rejecting you as a person if she turns you down. However, if she says no too often, try talking to her and making sure that she's not feeling insecure.
  89. BE HER BEST FRIEND Be there for your wife at all times and in every situation. Let her feel confident enough to share anything with you.
  90. BE THE CHEF Cook up a romantic meal for your wife. Even if you're not a cook, you can find something that you can make. Just follow the box or cookbook directions. Macaroni and cheese can be romantic if it comes from your heart. Just set the table with some candles and turn out the lights. What could be more romantic than eating macaroni and cheese in candlelight with an adoring husband who's tried so hard to please you?
  91. GET RID OF IRRITATING HABITS Do you have a habit that bugs your wife?Try to take the necessary measures to stop it.
  92. PLANT A GARDEN TOGETHER Whether it's a flower garden or a vegetable garden, growing things takes lots of work. Why not do it together? This will cut the work in half, and will be a great way to enjoy each other's company. Then when it's all said and done, enjoy the fruits of your labor by picking and eating the veggies, or decorating the table with the lovely flowers.
  93. BUY A SEASON PASS Buy season passes to the zoo or a museum. The cost will only come once a year, so if you're a little tight on money at some point, you will always have a place to go that is fun and paid for.
  94. DON'T BE A WORKAHOLIC!(Or any other kind of "holic" for that matter). Make sure there is always time to spend with your wife and family. In a few years, the money won't matter anyway, and you just have one chance at life. Make the most of it with the ones you love; don't live with regrets.
  95. SLOW DANCE IN YOUR BEDROOM Turn on some romantic music, hold your wife close, and slow dance right in your own bedroom. Suggest lighting candles and dancing in the nude.
  96. MAKE A LIST OF LOVE Make a list of every reason that you can think of that you love your wife and post it on the refrigerator.
  97. SPEAK IN YOUR OWN CODE Create a secret code word for something that only the two of you know, and say it openly in public! It's like having your own secret language!
  98. NIBBLE Pull your wife close and nibble her ear or lips. This will give her cold chills!
  99. GRAB A KISS WHILE WAITING If you're at a stop light or in a long line at the drive-through, pull your wife close and grab a kiss. (Remember, at least six seconds, although you may want to go longer)!
  100. TELL THE WORLD HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HER Put a bumper sticker on your vehicle that says, "I Love My Wife," or put up a sign in your yard that says, "The Prettiest Lady In the World Lives Here."
  101. JUST SAY THE WORDS Tell your wife everyday, several times a day, that you love her.


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MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

I heard of 101 dalmatians. Now blessedly you have given

me 101 way to love and show my appreciation of 50 years

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Well, MrMarmalade, after 50 years I'm sure that you can give us all some advice. Congratulations and hope you have many more years.

soyelude profile image

soyelude 9 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

Good job.I'll try to remember as many as possible of the 101 stuff. After just ten years I'll try to catch up before we hit the twentieth anniversary.

suphian juma 9 years ago

nice message

Peter M. Lopez profile image

Peter M. Lopez 9 years ago from Sweetwater, TX

Thank you. I may have to bookmark this hub just for future reference. I think there are probably 50-60 I would have never thought about.

Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

Bless you mommy! These will help me revive the honeymoon spirit!

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm sure that your wives will be more than glad that you did too.

Dottie1 profile image

Dottie1 9 years ago from MA, USA

I have printed this off, scrolled it up, tied a bow around it and will put this in my husband's Christmas stocking. I did the same from your other hub "101 ways to tell your husband" for my stocking. Thanks for the great ideas.

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Dottie1, I'm so glad to here it! Love is definitelty the greatest gift that we can give. I wish you and your husband both a very "Merry Christmas" and a sizzling New Year!

IHT Farooqui 9 years ago

Nice ideas, I like it and will try to exercise all tips.

thooghun profile image

thooghun 9 years ago from Rome, Italy

Well, as far as I can tell there are 93 ways in which I can improve :D

Great Hub!

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thooghun: LOL There's no time like the present to begin improving! A new year - a new man! Thanks for stopping by!

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Froggy213 9 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

Very good,I learned a few things,thanks blessedmommy!

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blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Froggy, Glad to hear it, and you're welcome!

Fashion Style 9 years ago

Oh.. thanks for the nice tips!

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blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

My pleasure, Fashion Style!

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tiger001 9 years ago from montreal


co_word 9 years ago

one way is simplt to say " yah I LOVE YOU".hows that

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yojspew 9 years ago

Great tips!..I like both the tips for the husband and for the wife. Thanks blessed mom..^^

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thanks, Tiger I appreciate it.

Thank you, co_word for commenting.

Thank yojspew, for the kind words and comment.

govind 9 years ago

amazing really wonderfull

i like it very much

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Prosperity66 9 years ago

It's so lovely!

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thesilly1 9 years ago from Calgary

What about making a webpage dedicated especially to her?

Blizzard Gaming Forum 9 years ago

Great tips, i dont have a wife, but i will be using this information to please my gf :D

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Diane Corriette 9 years ago

Great hub. I guess it can work just as well for women looking after their husband/ partner too... and at any time of year!

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Newton's Rival 9 years ago from U.S.A

Take notice men. Take notice:)

Cheap Music 8 years ago

Thanks for these tips. It may help me since i plan to get married with her. No my wife yet but will be. May use what you teach here. Really a great info. THanks

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WeddingConsultant 8 years ago from DC Metro Area

This hub deserves to be in the #1 spot under "best hubs." Great job mommy, I loved it! Keep writing high quality hubs like these...we all could use them!

r3dkag3 8 years ago

it really helps a lot!!!

it's very useful not only to me but also to my brad sitting beside me...wahahaha!!!


rick 8 years ago

where is 101 Ways To Tell Your Husband, "I Love You

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Look just above the comments and you'll see the link. Thanks for stopping by!

tinyteddy profile image

tinyteddy 8 years ago from INDIA


James 8 years ago

Thanks for the 101. I will do more than try to make it happen. She won't even talk to me because she thinks I put my daughter first over her. It is a no win but I will not give up despite the pain. One Love, One person rowing the boat. :(

send online flowers 8 years ago

Thanks for these tips on how to have a better family, because if a husband does all these, only a few really hard and fastidious women would not be impressed.

Flower Arranging 8 years ago

Number 11 is always my favourite. Wonderful list.

paulgee profile image

paulgee 8 years ago from Scotland

Wow! What a list - I'll need to read this again - so many good ideas and super tips to make her happy. Now let's see if they work...

Medical Alert Calling Systems 8 years ago

A big thanks to you Blessed Mommy!

Here's what I'm going to do: I'll copy this list to an excel file and than print a check list. My goal is to tell my wife that I love her (I really do but often I forget to tell her that) this 101 ways.

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MOmmagus 8 years ago

I like it!

Print 1040EZ 8 years ago

Nice Hub! Love it...

The Hard Way 8 years ago

Gentleman, Take this stuff seriously!

Don't ever take your wife and her commentment to you for granted. I made the mistake of working to much, not giving her the attention she needed, and did not telling her "I Love You" enough. A Few weeks ago, after 25 years of marriage, I discovered she was having an affair. This will RIP your heart out and show you how much her LOVE really means to you.

This is the hardest thing Ive ever had to deal with, but I love her and I will never let her forget that she is the most special thing in my life, and all everything else is second to her.

I now tell her "I Love You", I talk to her, I treat her like a friend, I send her text messages in the middle of the day, just to say she's special, I will always show her the attention she deserved and somehow I misplaced.

Remember that your Wifes love is something Special. Don't let it fade, even for a second.

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seamus 8 years ago

Hey, I should forward this to my hubby!

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victorizuogu 8 years ago from Port Harcourt

This is cool.

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solarshingles 8 years ago from london

Life is so short...this hub is so nice and it could make it even better. Thanks!

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blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thanks, solarshingles!

And thanks to everyone else who's left comments.  I appreciate them all!

Sandilyn profile image

Sandilyn 8 years ago from Port Orange, FL

Are you married? This is such a great hub!!! I have an ex husband, by the way we are trying to get back together, that really lived up to most of these. As a woman, if you can do these for a woman, you got her for life! Women need these things. Maybe not all of them to keep them foreve but it sure does make a HUGE difference!!

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thanks, Sandilyn for stopping by and commenting.

In answer to your question, YES! I am happily married and we will be celebrating our thirteenth wedding anniversary in about 3 1/2 weeks!

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inkcarts 8 years ago from Louisiana

Thank You! I often forget to make my wife feel special even though she is my whole world. I appreciate your list. It's a good reminder of some of the things I should be doing!

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laffe 8 years ago

Now im really in the good book here.

Great work....


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blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

You're welcome, inkcarts! You wife is sure to appreciate your efforts!

Thanks for commenting, laffe!

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LLAPHoping 8 years ago from Ca

All men should read this, very nice!

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gaere 8 years ago from Canada

I've just read both, for husbands and wives. Well done. I imagine you could easily come up with 101 ways to be nice to strangers as well. Keep going.

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niros 8 years ago

good idia amazing thanks so much

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soni2006 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

Hi mam. Thank you so much for creating such a nice hub. I was so unfortunate that I was not able to find this hub before. Your tips are really working well for me. I love my wife and baby girl a lot. They are my life. Thanks once again to make my wife happier than before as she also takes care of our seven month old baby at home full time, I am thankful to her also.

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blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

I was touched by your comment, Soni2006. I am so thankful that the tips are helpful for you. It is wonderful that you are such a loving husband and father. May God bless your wonderful family!

Mike Geary 8 years ago

Nice list. With this huge choice it's impossible not to try at least one...

6 pack abs 8 years ago

Great hub!

Wedding invitation expert 8 years ago

What a terrific list. I wish I knew where to find a counterpart for the wives. Here at http://www.beautifulweddinginvitations.com we help our clients with info in how to put on a terrific wedding starting with their wedding invitations - the etiquette and all involved with that, but i would love to refer them to your tips for the husbands in how to keep love alive in their marriages and I wish I knew where to find a similar list for the wives regarding how to continue to woo their husbands after marriage.

The breakup rate is way too high in our country in my opinion. If husbands around the country would practice what you have laid out here, there would be far fewer divorces. If you don't mind, I would love to refer our clients to your hub. If you know of anything similar i could send the wives to regarding how to esteem and respect their husbands, would you let me know? Out of all the great causes out there, one of the greatest, must be one that helps couples stay together, especially for the sake of their children.

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blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thanks, Mike! Glad you liked it!

Thank you, Six Pack!

Wedding Invitation: Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, I would be glad for you to pass along my links. I am guessing from your comment that you didn't see the link above to my other hub... 101 Ways To Tell Your Husband, "I Love You." The link to it is http://hubpages.com/relationships/101ways2sayilove...

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Sophie Esperana 8 years ago from Los Angeles

OMG, this is such a sweet sweet hub! Thanks for reminding that romantics still exist in this (often) cynical world. Your hub melted my heart for sure. Keep on hubbin'! :D

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rosepleasure 8 years ago from Koh Samui, Thailand

I wonder the last one won't work for me. The special thing should not come out more ofter, don't you think? :-)

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Learn And Know 8 years ago

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TheCynosure 8 years ago from India

just wonderful

lori 8 years ago

This message 101 ways to love your wife hit the spot. I feel like I am in a loveless marriage. My husband does not touch me. He even pulls his hand away from me if I pick his hand up. He does not let me touch him. I want love and want to feel love. i started crying in this message it was like you were reading my heart. Thank you for just letting me know there are real men out there that do something for their wifes and want to love them. You have made my day! Thanks a million. lori

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Lori:  I know that this may not be poplular with some but I know Someone who can restore broken marriages and mend broken hearts.  God.  He cares about what we are feeling and he cares about our relationships.  In fact, he cares about everything that concerns us.  Why don't you take the time to talk to him about it?  He loves you.

Lori 8 years ago

blessedmommy, I have talked to God and I still do. I have tried to talk to my husband about this and he simply either does not care or can't get it that i need love. I rarely get sex. Maybe once a year. He never holds my hand. My husband does not kiss me and he adverts his eyes away when i come out of the shower. If I try to come on to him he pushes me away and tells me he is too tired. I am a pretty lady I am slightly over weight, but i have never cheated on my husband and never want to. I feel overwhelmed a lot now. I started writing little notes to him and putting them into his lunch. Things like I am proud of you and love you. Thanks for working so hard for us. I feel lost, and unwanted and unloved. Nothing works. I feel trapped and alone. My husband and I have been married 29 years. I have always tried to be there for him and show him respect and love. I am not a woman that does not like sex. I have always listened to his problems, and tried to always be the leaning shoulder for him. I always gave him masages, and took care of my man every way possible. But he does not return the favors. We never use to have a problem with this. But my husband is a very depressed person. He takes medication for it when he wants to. I have asked him to talk to the doctor about this and for seven years he has not.

I use to play piano in church at a little church. But I know God is the answer in every thing we face in life. There. I know my husband is depressed and this is why I have stayed with him this long. I do not believe in divorce unless it is for adultry. I cannot prove that. So I have been working to get my husband in church. I quit playing the piano, and direction the chior and teaching classes and runing the youth program and left to go to a church he chose. We are there now. He does go some now . Before he never went. Now at least he does go at least once a month. But I go every sunday and to sunday school. I do sing in the chior but that is it. I am trying not to get too involved for his sake . I pray nad read my bible daily. I study the word of God And it is my pryer that he will finally see the light and start living again. He needs God in his life and I mention this as gently as I can. I do not hound him if he does not want ot go to church I just say maybe next sunday and leave with a prayer on my lips. I do pray and I would love to be happy again. But so far no drastic change. Say a prayer for me please. I am trying with all my might to hang in there but it is hard very hard...

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Lori: My heart goes out to you and I'm am making your situation a matter of earnest prayer. YOU CAN BE ASSURED THAT I WILL! I don't claim to have all the answers, but I talk to the ONE WHO DOES every single day.

Although I've never experienced the same pain that you're feeling, I've endured great pain in other areas of my life. There was a certain situation that I faced once that caused me a great deal of grief and heartache. I took it to God and I felt like that He promised me that He would turn things around. Well, it didn't happen immediately and even at times I would pray and things would seem to get worse. The thing that kept me going was that I believed that God would do what He promised no matter how long that it took. At times I'd feel like I couldn't go on and the promise wasn't going to happen, then God would give me a sign either through a song, a word from someone, a Bible verse or some other way that He had not forgotten to do what He said that He would. Sometimes I'd walk around in blind faith with all the circumstances laughing in my face screaming at me that I was crazy for hoping but I'd just cling to my promise like a child clings to his mother.

Finally, after years of seeing no results and no tangible reason why it should come to pass, God completely turned everything around in one night. Now the joy that I feel has covered over the pain of the past until it is just a memory. I know that He can do the same for you and your husband. I'm living proof of God's work in a person's life.

If you'd like to e-mail me instead of using the comment box, your welcome to use the link above. If you wish to just use the comment box, that's fine too. However, even if I never hear from you again, you can be assured that you and your husband will be in my prayers.

Lori 8 years ago

Thank you, I too have had those objectives in my life that present pain before and thought sometimes it seems that I am alone I know and have learned God is right beside me holding my hand. I do not always understand the why he makes us wait but the bible does say to wait on the Lord and you shall mount up with wings like Eagles. In other words if I do not give up and I keep the faith God will bring you through. I do know this but it is sometimes difficult waiting. Thank you so very much for your answers. It is awesome that there is someone out there in this great, vast world that does know that God can help and is even willing to mention God. You again made my day. Last night I prayed and cried myself to sleep but I could feel God near. I could feel his presence throught it all. I am so glad I do have a loving God to go to and I appreciate like no tomorrow your kindness in talking to me. Thank you very much. Lori.

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

God was near as you called to Him and He heard your prayers and saw your tears. I have already prayed for you and your husband several times and I know that God heard my prayers as well. God bless you, Lori.

Kay 8 years ago

thanks for this bit, it's really helped the missuz me some, i look for little ways like these to keep our 17 yo marriage alive and it's always worked, of course i also know that she is just as busy looking up ways to please me and keep me happy too. thanks for sharing this bit :-)

a_dork profile image

a_dork 8 years ago from egotistical jersey, usa

i'd like to add cuddling and commmunication (in general - some men or women dont like to talk until its too late)

thanks for the great post!

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Glad you stopped by, Kay!

a_dork: Yes, couples need lots of communication and cuddle time. Communication is covered in #9 and cuddling in # 54.

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flutterbug77 8 years ago from USA

Some great stuff here! I need to get my husband to read this.

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Glad you liked it, Flutterbug! Go show your hubby!

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MsMelody 8 years ago from Dallas, TX.

Wonderful list! I am about to print this out and leave it on Hubby's nightstand. He's a hard worker, affectionate and claims to love and value our marrige and family but there are many things that I ask of him that he's aware are important to me, but he acts like he simply can't be bothered. I don't want him to slay dragons or part the Red Sea or anything, but he acts as though the little things I need are just too much (going out as a couple, joining the marriage ministry at churc, etc), yet I compromise often and willingly for him. Maybe this will help, appreciate it BlessedMommy!

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

MsMelody:  I'm sending my prayers along with your efforts.   May God bless your marriage.  I just wanted to point out that you said that your husband is a hard worker, affectionate and claims to value and love your marriage.  Concentrate on these things and realize the prize that you have in your husband.  Ask God to help you to appreciate your husband for who he is.  It's ok and you should tell him how you feel, however.  Just don't get bitter if his interests don't turn out to be exactly like yours.  Maybe the marriage ministry would thrill you but make your husband feel uncomfortable and maybe he don't go out as often because he's tired or feels the need the conserve funds.  Just talk it over with your husband and listen closely to his response.  While women often openly tell what's inside, men tend to just send "clues."  Find out how your husband communicates and try to stay in tune with that.  Meanwhile try to find things that you do have in common and things that you know that you both enjoy and do these things.  Then gently coax him to try new things.

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grumpyjacksa 8 years ago from south africa

thanx a milion .

i'll keep a copy of this in a safe place , and have a very happy wife

nedal  8 years ago

very nice


it is important to nurtre the marriage during the day to day life

betherickson profile image

betherickson 8 years ago from Minnesota

Wow! I counted all 101 of them and they are there. :) from a marriage councelor to you - great work!

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Estella 8 years ago


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guidebaba 8 years ago from India

Nice and useful tips. thanks.

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marylu 8 years ago

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Dr Shaheryar 8 years ago

i am gettin married soon vl try to be as the husband that has been potrayed in ur whole advise/msg.

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thanks for all the comments since I last posted! I appreciate your feedback!

Benson Yeung profile image

Benson Yeung 8 years ago from Hong Kong

great hub.

I thought I had been great to my wife before I read this. Now I only wish I could delete your hub so that she won't find this.

thanks for threatening my life and well-being,

but thanks all the same,

Kat2681 profile image

Kat2681 8 years ago

Great Hub! It is so true that just the little things like taking care of the cars really shows your wife how much you care- my fiancé always keeps both of our cars up for us and it is one of the little things that I really do appreciate.



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theshadow777 8 years ago

I like it

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thank you! :)

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betherickson 8 years ago from Minnesota

This is very sweet. You really put a smile on me remembering all the sweetest things I receive from my husband. Until now. I love your hub!

Hope you can come by to my hub and say hi. Cheers to you!

Joe 8 years ago

I did most of the stuff on the list, and maybe more, unfortunatly my marriage ended in a divorce. I got the same old stuff, you did not put me first???

It is very important to treat the wife very well, and always make her feel special. I will not change even if my marriage outcome was painful.

Keep up the good work guys.

Cheers - Joe

Alex Goad 8 years ago

Great Hub! Thanks for the useful tips.

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JohnKhoo 8 years ago

Great info.

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megabucks 8 years ago from Nigeria

Thanks for the tips. Though I am really enjoying my marriage life after 10 years as if we are newly married. There are new information that you shared to make it better. Hope to call my wife attention to your tips. More grease to your elbow.

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killboy 8 years ago

It takes forever to make a 101 list! gj ;)

vietnamese interpreter 8 years ago

Wow, nice hub! I wonder how long it took to compile all these info

art 8 years ago

great work! I already do some of these things just not enough. well tomorrow, no forget that tonight I will start more.

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Mezo 8 years ago from Egypt

nice hub...i had to rate it up :)

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dabblingmum 8 years ago

Great tips. I love the "speak in your own code" one.

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Imani Watson 8 years ago from New York City


webhosting 8 years ago

Thanks for sharing

musty 8 years ago

some wifes feel big and important when you act in such a way.

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JGoldberg 8 years ago

Men can always use help when it comes to making our wives happy. It's not that we don't want to, it's just that sometimes we forget or we're totally lost. This was a helpful reminder for us husbands.

arzz 8 years ago


kevinseo 8 years ago

Great, thank you for sharing !

ramondo 8 years ago

well done the ladys are the reason we are here you can not live alone so your partner is the most important person in the world to you very good advice thank you i will try and do them every day for my girl Laurie i do love her so

thany you


8 years ago

I am going to buy this asap. I have read a lot of the responses and hope and pray this will help my marriage. I do some of these things but not most by far. It gets hard with kids and schedules and all of that stuff. I do love and cherish my wife but I have messed up big in the past (you know what i mean). This has and does still cause a lot of strife and I think she has fallen out of love with me. It kills me everyday and I am trying everything within my power and prayer to fix things. I just hope its not to late. God Bless everyone on here that is going that is willing to work on their marriage.

Anjum 8 years ago

Its incredable, really I love it in that easy and baby step we can make our life more beautiful. thank you very much.

butch 8 years ago

wow...i'm a filipino...

welll im not yet married..in fact i am only 19 years old..but i have a girlfriend..and i am looking forward for our future that we will be together until forever...and i am happy to read this...i am looking for several different tips of how to love my wife..as she is...

i want to surprise her in every way that i do..to make her happy everytime.. i love her so much,...her name is KIEZELLE BERNADETTE JALLORINA...I DO LOVE HER...SEND ME A MESSAGE OF ANOTHER TIPS...PLEASE...THANK YOU GUYS.

Chaudhary 8 years ago

Hi, I m just 26 and gone through the list.. Great deal in 101 tips if someone wants to live happy married life keeping her wife happy. aS FAR AS TODAY'S MARRIAGES are concerened, you can apply almost all of these tips to your content.. ultimately u should be dedicated to the relation and the relation nedd that all mentioned in 101 pack.

UTMEDIC 8 years ago

I am only 38 and as of four years ago I cannot work due to an accident at work that left me barely able to walk and ended up in surgery that left metal rods holding me together. I was a parmedic and my wife is and was a nurse. She has been by my side through it all and I love her with everything I am. We have switch what is considered to be the roles men and women have. I take care of the house and kids and she works. it does not affect our relationship in fact i think it has made us a stronger couple. I was looking on the net for ideas to fan the flames of romance and came across your list. A list that in my opinion is well written. I have done all but a few. For those getting married or the ones that are married the ideas that are listed are really a great guide. My wife and I have been married for 11 years and we still have people that come up to us and tell us 'you guys are great together when are you getting married" it is a great compliment they give us.

The most important thing you can do is respect one another and remember the way you felt the first time you saw her or him. It is so easy to forget. But I tell her every morning and every night that I love her. I also take the time to show her everyday. It is true that sometimes you are just wiped out and tired, but it is those times that will show her / him just how much you mean it when you say i love you.

To the author of the hib I say 'well done!!" and thank you for making a list that us guys cn follow. It is not that we as men don't care about our partners. As you have stated we do tend to forget and as time in the marrage goes by, it easy to become lazy and eventually the fire goes out. I am going to post this on my blog site and on myspace once I get the ok from you so that those lost soles can have a guiding light.

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

UTMEDIC: I was very touched by your marriage story - to me it sounded very romantic. I am so thrilled that you and your wife have learned the true meaning of love and the secrets to a happy marriage. Really there are no secrets but so many think that there is and try to make it so complicated. You stated one of the most important ones in your comment...REMEMBER. That one word is simple but very profound.

I would be honored for you to share a link to my hub so that others can benefit and be blessed with happy marriages!

bruce1789 profile image

bruce1789 8 years ago from Saint Louis

This is great, I especially agree with 52,64 and 68 (some men might thinks its funny to do it in front of her so she gets a whiff, its not its juvenile)

roastedpinebark profile image

roastedpinebark 8 years ago from Iowa

Very good ideas on here, thanks for the tips

SiddSingh profile image

SiddSingh 8 years ago

Hi BM,

You deserve a big thanks for compiling this wonderful list!

Wonderful tips to keep up the romance in the relationship. I have bookmarked this hub!

SADSAILOR  8 years ago


lawrence 7 years ago

very seasoned tips,great to believe and apply for a blessed marriage.

davea0511 7 years ago

These were great.

I feel bad for the women who read this and compare this to their husbands. That's just not fair. I don't know if blessedmommy's husband does all these things, but if she does she ought to donate him to the circus.

I do some of these things occassionally (as much as my wife does them for me), and I think I'm an awesome husband compared to most of the guys I know, though I should always do more. "Relatively awesome" can still be pretty bad considering what schleps most husbands are.

If you look at these things and think ... gee whiz the love has gone out of my marriage, maybe it's over, then you've missed the message. Point is some men feel very uncomfortable doing these kinds of things (and I'm sorry blessedmommy, but although praying helps it's not going to fix it on it's own) but it doesn't mean they don't love you. Maybe they're depressed,maybe it something he's embarrased about, who knows. Regardless if he does NONE of these things ever, especially if he used to then something is at least wrong with him and you need to do something, because it will only get worse without intervention. Seek professional advice (don't just talk to your minister and call that good). JMHO.

Again, great list. Thanks so much blessedmommy

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 7 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

davea0511: It is very unlikely that anyone will do all of the things listed here and no one will be able to do all of these things at once. I didn't write this article as a newlywed, but as someone who has had her ups and downs in marriage just like everyone else. As great as my husband is he can't do everyone of these things all of the time...but as you will notice at the top if you can just pick even one a day you will be surprised at how cherished this will make your wife feel. But if your honest you could do more than that.

You said above that you do some of these things occasionally (as much as your wife does for you). We should never love someone based on how they love us. We should love them in spite of how they love us. When you only love to receive you are cheating yourself. True love goes deep.

Don't underestimate the power of prayer. It has made my marriage what it is today and has helped it withstand many storms. It CAN fix a marriage. But you must keep believing and keep loving no matter how long it takes. But it does and it WILL fix it. I know what I'm talking about.

David 7 years ago

I was reviewing this 101 session..lol..and I found I do several of these already; however, I lack in some areas greatly! Thankyou for bringing these realities to the forefront. I have fiound a cornocopia of ideas to work with now :)

Best Regards

Ashley Joy profile image

Ashley Joy 7 years ago

This is a great list! Of course more couples need to think about these things (not just men) so that we can lower divorce rates and improve marriages.

ratcliffe07 profile image

ratcliffe07 7 years ago

This would be exactly how i would like to be treated and respected in a relationship with my future husband.

jaktar singh 7 years ago

Thank you.

Superior321 profile image

Superior321 7 years ago

Very nice list.

Thanks for sharing.

scottaye73 profile image

scottaye73 7 years ago from Michigan, USA

Wow, what a great hub. You must be very happy, thank you for taking the time on this one, and sharing this! ~ Scott

Gan 7 years ago

I feel that a lot of men don't really understand the true menaing of I'm sorry? This is helpful now to figure out how to get them to read this?

V.C 7 years ago

Family is the most important thing in one's life.

I always say "I love you" to my girl friend and I love her so much.

kaleep 7 years ago

after this iam happy with my wife so thanks

Catherine Bayer 7 years ago

I actually cried when reading this. Do men really ever treat girls like this? I mean...my husband rarely ever tells me I'm beautiful anymore...I miss it so much...

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 7 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Catherine: Do you ever tell your husband that he's a handsome hunk anymore? Just wondering...

dineshkumar.p 7 years ago

This is utterly fascinating tips. its pretty perfect too. really you are so intelligent. that is why you have made superb tipd for couples. so that they can make p peacefull life .

no body profile image

no body 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

I see so many of your tips and conclude I must be a girly man. I have been married a long time and I have never done most of the "typical things" men do. I don't pass gas in her presence and would die if I did! Romance is what all men do when they date. All real men know how to romance when they are single. They are doing it for a different reason then one does when they are married. Then all of a sudden they forget how to woo and give their best effort, how to impress and make them fall for them? I don't buy it. Men get lazy and women allow them to. They all turn into Homer Simpsons and sit and let the woman do all the work while they let themselves go and just know that they are always going to be adorable to their mate. Poopie! Men have no excuse! "Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church a gave Himself for it." Men should never stop dating their wives. They need to make her smile everyday. They should do something just for her everyday. They need to remember that they have been given a treasure valued "far above rubies." That being said, there is a great deal that I can improve on and the tips give me so many good ideas that I hadn't thought of. I gotta go and sweep her off her feet right now....oh yeah bye....HONEY! Come here!

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 7 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

That sure is a cool list you have there.

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 7 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Thank you very much!

Youngcurves19 profile image

Youngcurves19 7 years ago from Hawaii

This is such a WONDERFUL hub! What a creative a helpful idea!

Jas 7 years ago

This is simply wonderful. Thanks a lot to the Author. Though Iam not married, I will keep all these 101 points in mind and practise after Marraige..........

dm0002 7 years ago

thank you, my wife loves all of them!

Dante 7 years ago

Really a great list, though I think some women may or may not appreciate some particular acts on the list. I am back with my exwife after four years of divorce, so I am trying to be as Jack Nicholson put it in the movie "As Good As It Gets," --A better man. Your list is helpful. After 38 years of marriage, a divorce of 4 years, and reconciliation, it does take a little devoted effort.

Muhib 7 years ago

Wow. You are a great person. God bless you.

B-Mac 7 years ago

I really wish that I wouldve read this list a long time ago.

Mike 7 years ago

I've had this page bookmarked for at least 6 months and every now and then pick several of the "101 ways...." to surprise her and make her feel special.

Great job!

Etienne 7 years ago

I'm not yet married but some of the 101 ways are working very well for my fiancé and I, though I'm careful not to exceed the boundary as we are not yet married. Thanks a million times.

Rob-Jr profile image

Rob-Jr 7 years ago from Warrensburg, Mo.

Nice hub, and I thing I need to book mark it too. as I am sure my memory will not be able to retain all this but as a husband I appreciate Hubs like this one. Thanks Rob

shanky 7 years ago

great.. something to learn here...

Jeff Harris 7 years ago

I think every men should have this on their desk calender, we are terrible about remembering the little thing, i put notes on my calender at work to help me remember, after all, it was the little thing's that got us together, but after 20 years of marriage, we assume to much, or just plain forget, but our love life is growing each and every day, especially now that the kids are grown

JBZ profile image

JBZ 7 years ago

Husband of 27 years to a wonderful wife. Unfortunately I've been an a** for the last several years, not giving my wife the treatment that she deserves. We finally got to the point where she wanted to separate from me. Long story short is that we went to see our minister and God has worked mightily in my life to show me the places I went wrong, how to trust Him and the proper way to treat and care for my wife.

I love your list and I already do quite a number of them. But her heart is hard and closed to me. We're still married and I try with all my strength to be the best husband in the world to her every day. I compliment her, do for her, help her, listen to her, support her, am totally attentive to her, rub her back, and do everything that I can to show her the depth of my love for her. But it's lonely and empty when the reciprocation is almost nil. She says thank you and seems to appreciate my efforts, but no more than as a friend; my heart is breaking, but I stay because of the vow I made to her and God. I love her so.

I read Lori's story from a couple of years ago. If my wife would respond to me with even a fraction of that effort I would be ecstatic. I look forward to the day when I can do the things on the list and she will really appreciate them as my wife and lover.

Ras 7 years ago

Very nice list, it is easy to forget that a person has a gift from God(Like the ear, eye, hand, HEART), but once the person loss that he realize the value of that Gift. I hope this list help both husband and wife appreciate each other.

Thanks for the tips!!!

Marcel 7 years ago

Simple but very powerful tips. Thank you so much, it's so easy to forget the things one used to do, we take for granted our relationships and fall into the trap of the routine without even knowing.

Adrian 7 years ago

Well she wants a divorce. Hopefully this isn't too late. Ive been doing everything all wrong.

Swap 7 years ago

Great Tips!

Going to buy 1 feminine gift for my Wife...

Jaysmart 7 years ago

My only issue here is that some ladies may take some of these points as weaknesses on the man's side.

The Heavenly Husband 7 years ago

I love the list. It is great to see so many great ideas for husbands to latch onto. Husbands need specific instructions because we often don't get the suttle hints.

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Dineo 7 years ago

Thank you so much for this

LovelyLeelers 7 years ago

@ Jaysmart: No way! These tips are right on!

jazraz 7 years ago

Simply awesome

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aulialuqmanaziz 7 years ago

Although I'm still single, I'll save these tricks in my mind and heart so it'll be ready later when I have officially married my girlfriend. Now, I'm still at the process of knowing each other's family. Wish me luck!!

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GmaGoldie 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Awesome! My favorites - respect and arm around her! GREAT Hub!

David 7 years ago

Very well prepared and very considerate!

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baguio2010 6 years ago

Husband and wive's Prays Together Stick Together. and Most Put God First in all Area of Your Relationship and Everything Shall Follow. thank's for Sharing...

Wayne A 6 years ago

My wife doesn't respect me, so I don't feel loved. I don't feel "in love" with her anymore, so I find it a chore or almost disingenuous to do these flirty little things acting like I am in love with her. I know we both want to be close again, but I don't think either one of us knows how to take the first step to be able to do these 101 things and know that its real. Help?

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 6 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Wayne...Love is not a feeling, it's a choice.

billy sidhu profile image

billy sidhu 6 years ago

thanks cute ideas- have fwdwed them to hubby- he's a romantic but i'm sure he's running out of ideas after 32 years!!

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billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Very nice tips thanks for sharing

Partha 6 years ago

Nice...I think it will help me in Future..


rosauny 6 years ago

omg this is great i love every single tip.

A women should get treated like this very often

Familymane 6 years ago

Great list. Sounds just like my wife.

Rocco 6 years ago

I love my wife so much and sometimes I just don't know how to make her realize. Now just by following these simple steps I can surely do that. We have been married for 7 months and it was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you Vanessa. I love you forever.

swetha 6 years ago


Abhishek Kumar 6 years ago

That’s great, I will try them to make our life better and reply soon with the result, I am sure it will be excellent. Thanks

Corey 6 years ago

Thanks for this, im 17 yo and i have been with my girl for almost a year and i love her so much, i hope to marry her and spoil her with my love till i die,ive never been so sure about something in my life. and this just made it that much easier to treat her as she deserves to be treated, like the amazing women she is. thanks a bunch.

Annilline Bright 6 years ago


alex 6 years ago

well thanks so much it helps me a lot for the future relationship..


Esther williams 6 years ago

it's a good one,i'm keeping it for future use.God bless you for exposing me to a wonderful thing offcourse i call you a great supporter,i love you for this,thanks.

M. Mizanur Rahman Sohel 6 years ago

This Love Tips Very nice. I lick it. Thanks for Writer.

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Vincent  6 years ago

i'm not married yet but i have a girlfriend (we're not living together and i'm still in college). i think some of the tips would be helpful for our relationship. thank you blessedmommy. :)

on a side note, i hardly see a major blog like this without a single hater. so, good job with that. :)

anonymous 6 years ago

thank you for the suggestions... i do many of these things already, but there are things that i must work on as a person, to be a better husband. fresh ideas are much appreciated. :)

jens4jesus 6 years ago

Let's add one more:

102: Don't go to bed angry. Make sure to try and communicate with your wife if there is an unresolved issue. Kiss her good-night

Albert 6 years ago

Thank you so much! May God bless you and your marriage! :D

TAHIR 6 years ago

i just got my engagement with my girl, and reading this page gave me so many things to do to make her feel that i love her. I would say THANKS to the author of this page.

hihi  6 years ago


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Azbowhunter62 6 years ago

Our marriage was on the rocks as I wasted 23 years by not making my wife feel special and loved. I became complacent, so because of that my wife and I became roommates and not lovers. We love each other deeply, but we were no longer in love as we were in the beginning. Thank you for the many ideas. I have put a ton of these ideas in action for the last few months and "WOW", We are falling in love again. It is allot of work but yet fun as the results start to shape. Great Page Thanks again


ed 6 years ago


Thaha 6 years ago

Its wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

buy her a gold 6 years ago

i know i can allwayz make a woman feel like a woman only if she can make me,in secret allways love

puppydaug.. 6 years ago

its very amazing,it is so touching

tenacious 6 years ago

women telling men how to behave like women?

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 6 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

No...I'm a wife showing you how I like to be treated and how other wives need to be treated to KEEP couples married. I wrote one for the wives to follow too...we are not exempt.

I_wish 6 years ago

I wish...the moonlight and roses stopped when he thought he had me...and the man crud began....sigh...I wish...

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 6 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

I_wish: I'm wondering, how did you treat him when you thought you had him???

Scott Bingham 6 years ago

Well my oldest daughter is going to attend a training camp in Ames Iowa. What I did was I made reservations at the resturant (which 22 yrs before is where we had our recption) we had a very nice meal I also had a dozen roses delievered to this resturant and they were on our reserved table. ok so now on to the Ames Iowa. Seeing as my wife was going to take our daughter to this camp in Ames. I went online and searched spas /salons I found one in Ames and ordered her a package deal. She received a pedicure a manicure a 1 hour massage and a mud or whatever facial. This whole deal was was super easy for me to do as it is everything she loves!! and for the last 22 yrs she has been my best friend in good and bad!!

She deserves more but this is what I did!!

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 6 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Good going, Scott! I'm sure your wife was VERY pleased & happy!!!

Marc 6 years ago

Thank you so much Blessedmommy for these wonderful tips.

I am 45 yrs old and have been with my wife for almost 23 yrs. I had not realized how selfish I had become and how much my wife (and also a lot of other women, I'm sure) was putting up with and how much she has sacrificed for me and our two kids.

I will stop taking my wife for granted.

I am actually quite amazed that she hasn't left me. Your tips have opened my eyes in such a positive way.

My wife deserves the world, thanks to you, She will start getting just that!

Marky 6 years ago

Well I've recently been married to "The Prettiest Lady In the World" and to read your 101 Ways to tell her I love her is fantastic, I hope I can accomplish in letting her know that I love her each and every day, even in times of fights or bad times and the good times too of course. It is obvious when reading the 101 ways that it was a woman that wrote the list. But it should be very obvious to every guy that reads the list as to see how dumb all guys really are. Every thing in the list is perfect and plan to see, but guys might not get it all the time. THANKS FOR THE LIST :-) And Thank You God For My Special Wife!

Robert 6 years ago

Hi i would like to thank you for these special 101 ideas. I would apply them as soon as i get married thanks a lot......

madly inlove 6 years ago

You are a genius. This is the best article i have gone through in a long time and im sure it will heko me through the tough time i am going through with my loved one. Thank you

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

Thank you so much for an EXCELLENT Hub! Over my bed there is a sign that reads "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" and I never ever go to sleep without saying to my wife I Love You and Kiss her goodnight.

Thanks for sharing this Hub with all of us!

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 6 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

the clean life: My husband and I have one of those signs in our room too! It is personalized with our names on it!

gowrindra 6 years ago

Its wow some, I enjoyed reading

After reading all these I felt in love with my wife again...... Ho god she loves me more than I do, I think she might read this before :)

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yalenova 6 years ago

Great tips, thanks for sharing

ray 6 years ago

Hi my name is ray. and im 27 i just got married and didn't list long due to miss communication. i field in love with this person she too my breath away im so deeply in love with her i cant believe it went this far. i mat her online and was long distance relationship was tough than we decide to get marrie than we did but five days after the wedding she left me i got off the work she wasn't home she took her stuff with is been two month im trying get hold of her but she not trying from her side to communicate. i am lost in moment sometimes i feel depressed specially in morning and im trying bring her back but shes saying i cant live with someone who that take his parent advice. there is nothing wrong taking parent advice cus they know better and want the best for the the both.

yonca 6 years ago

Great tips! THANK YOU!

Irukan 6 years ago

This piece is very wonderful it will help me spice up ma love life with my wife.i like it.

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Temmy 6 years ago

This is quite informative. Thanks!

jen 6 years ago

this is so helpful. thank you!

mmmm_lovely 6 years ago

Well im soon to be married with the love of my life

and im definitely going to exercise all of these with her :)

Thanks for the rly good info

Maddy 6 years ago


I'm only 18, but I hope that when I do get married to whoever it may be, that my marriage will be like this. It seems like a fantasy to me...

FRANCIS SARKAR 6 years ago


Omar  6 years ago

Thank you for all these great ways of pleasing my wife. I already tried some and she's loving it. thanks to you again

Adeem Zafar 6 years ago

This is a great guide!

Russell Marini 6 years ago

Absolutely Fantastic

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Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

Beautiful. :)

mac 6 years ago

great list.. thank you buddy!

Abdulhammied Zuberu 6 years ago

You are the love doctor.


Krishnendu Dey 6 years ago

thanx 4 ur kind suggestion ill try 2 abide

kola 6 years ago

this is really great.got both articles on 101 ways to say i love u....i ain't marry yet but intend to start planning earlier.thanks for blessing soul...

sue 6 years ago

That was beautifu, thankyou - whoever you are you have tapped into my senses, i fell liberated knowing that there is someone out there who shares these feelings with me!

god 6 years ago

wooooooooooow ,gd work sir keep it up ,it wld help me a lot

The Passenger 6 years ago

Important thing: the value of gold can not be justified by imitation jewelry. Therefore the heart must be filled with the pure love with all sense of willingness towards your love. Love your companion with your heart. Win the heart. thepassenger@ymail.com

PRASAD 6 years ago

Really its a fantastic, fabulous article every married man must read this.

I now tried to follow yr advises which i had missed.

Tks a lot

Rai 6 years ago

so Many Thanks

I would thank you 101 thousand times

velan 6 years ago

simply superb and beautiful.

Thank you for all your efforts to provide such a wonderful article and which is already appreciated since 2 years.

You have reopened my eyes and am sure that few of married fellow men might felt the same as like me.

Few of your points which brought my love back on my wife since the love was lost to a second position and incomplete on a money battle.

Thank you.

Travis 6 years ago

Thank you for this list! Im sure ill come back to it day after day!

abdulmalik 6 years ago

I have got engaged to a nice women before about two months and will get married soon.

I will try to apply all these prcious advice to my own life to make my wife feel happy and comfortable.

thank you very much indeed.


sweety 6 years ago

very nice tips thnks a lot

julia 6 years ago

these ways are impressive and they help a lot

piyush 6 years ago

thanks a lot..well i am not a married but these ideas will help me in future...THANKS A LOT.....

tim 6 years ago

im havin a rough time in my marrige so im gonna try some if not all

Evelyn. 6 years ago

This words are very encouraging to the men. But I have also learnt something. Thanks

Magnus abuchi 6 years ago

I am well pleased and eased, i can now go back and make the right turn. Thanks a lot y'have done well.

James 6 years ago

I really do love my wife very, very much. Please forgive me for bragging. But I already do most of the stuff you mention in some degree or another. But #5, is new to me. #25, I fall short on, it's me that needs to work on me for that one. Aw. But #80, I love it. Her birthday is this month, and I'm gonna do it. Thank's for that one, a lot.

Overall, it's the best I've read so far, your doing good. Thanks, and God bless. James.

nrosario 6 years ago

I love these...so how do I get my husband to do these? He is very sweet, will cook for me and my girlfriends...will wait hand and foot for us so that we can relax, he cleans, he tells me he loves me, etc...but you know, the flowers, etc...he's forgotten about that...sigh...

Rachel Carter 6 years ago

My husband would never think of these. He is acgood father and helps with chores but would never think to go out of his way to do these. He would if I asked him three or four times but that just gets irritating.

Mr. U 6 years ago

Hmmm, I definitely love these 101 ways :). I can't wait to show my wife all the ways I love you!

GODFREY 6 years ago

that list is just great, be blessed.

marrk52000 6 years ago

I have sent some of these suggestions to my husband and will just have to wait and see. Sometimes applauding the effort and not the result is enough. If he would put forth some effort that would be great.

mow 6 years ago

Thanks,that was good idea

HARRY 6 years ago

recently got married will try to use this for a happy married life. these tips are great you need toput some more.

dk 6 years ago

Thanks, a lot it will me 2 make my married life sweet till d last breath of my relation..

Frustrated 6 years ago

I do 68 of these on a regular basis. However, my wife still feels that I do not love her. She has told me that I'm a great guy and would do a number of these for "any girlfriend" I have had. I am so frustrated right now because I can't seem to get what she needs and she can't see everything that I try to do.

blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 6 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma Author

Frustrated: You need more communication with your wife. Ask your wife to write down on separate slips of paper at least 10 things that would make "her" feel loved and special and you do the same for her. Put these in separate containers and then you draw one out each day and she does the same. Maybe her paper might say someything like "I want hugged and kissed more often" or "dinner and a massage at a resort would make me feel like a queen." Work on these things that are important to her and she will follow your lead. Your relationship will blossom because you won't be only following a list of rules but you will be customizing your efforts in meeting each others needs the in the ways they need to be met.

Michael 6 years ago

Thank you for the inspiration, the onus is now on me to follow it through..

Prem 6 years ago

Thank you So much for a Lovely Tips...

I really admire it.. I am not yet married but soon gonna be...

Warm Regards,

BRANDON  6 years ago

What a great list. I love the idea about the journal. I love my wife very much, she is my world. She is out of the country right now visiting family far away (we could only afford for one of us to go and her grandma is quite ill). I always do my best to never hurt my wife in any way, I always tell her she's beautiful, I always cuddle her and kiss her, and I try to do little surprises as often as I can think of them. With her back home in Bolivia right now I find my self often crying. I miss her, I don't know how I could live without her. And in being parted for this short time I have realized many beautiful little things she does on the side. It was like a window into her heart to see the kind gestures she performed each day. The little things she did to make the best of all situations. I really feel an increased love and appreciation and though I feel I was a good husband prior to this experience, I have realized that sometimes I overlook her greatest gestures of love. And I now realize it truly is the little things that make all the difference. I never understood the phrase absence makes the heart grow fonder until now.

Michele 6 years ago

I think my favourite is number 100...the person who came up with that list is an absolute genius.

vickie 6 years ago

I wish this came with instructions of how to get your husband to do even one of these things. I am so sad now.

Khurram butt 6 years ago

i like it very much i think this is a right way to spend lovely life with your wife/husband.

Don't understand 6 years ago

Why don't have For Girl or Boy Friend?? i want to know it too.

heartwhysprz 6 years ago

Thank you so much. This made me cry. So Beautiful! And so many things so easy to do.

Acho 6 years ago

Great thanks

DB 6 years ago

Great list, lots of good things here. However, almost every list like this has something about never saying anything about a woman's weight.

I understand not wanting to hurt feelings, and I certainly wouldn't condone calling someone fat, but if you're married to someone it would be a sign of love to show concern if your wife (or husband) were severely overweight.

Too many people think that people mention weight to their significant others solely for selfish reasons. What if you're concerned about their health?

My point is- it's completely appropriate to mention your significant other's weight if they have a weight problem. (key word: problem)

Madness of Moody 6 years ago

Not to be rude or condisending the list is awesome.I ve practically done everything on your list and learnt that they are women and can not be satisfied they always will be hard to please because they come from a different planet lol... All tho at times I get close with my wife not always but sometimes, But I do not give up the battle of life and love and move forward and hope tomorrow will be a new day with a new situation and another challenge to over come. You have to love them because as the old saying goes we can not live with them and we can not with out them.. As for me I know my wife is trying but I would not want to live a single day with out her, my marriage has been good and life as well but the only way

to get thru life as a couple is to do it together there is never one side to a story when you are two there is only life as one like the bible says we should live become one.. So good luck to all cause do not know about the rest of yous I got my hands full.....

John 6 years ago

Nice list. I'll have to bookmark this for sure. Keep your relationship HOT all year around. Drop it like it's HOT see my post http://johnthomaswinter.blogspot.com/2011/02/drop-...

knowell 6 years ago

to God be all the Glory !!! thanks, this is really great, this will really, love you guys. God speed

asif abbas 5 years ago

sooooooooooooooooperb nice job sir. i want to say you thanks

Friends 5 years ago

GREAT JOB, keep ON madam

Rudi 5 years ago

Thank you I have sent my wife a letter that i know she will love, and she deserve it because she is my wife. I'm so proud of her.

mohanrobin 5 years ago

awesome guide lines

thank you!

Brandon Barrett 5 years ago

This really has helped me become a man and show me what i have done wrong as a boyfriend............ I'm Sorry Brandi. I Love You!!!

tebza 5 years ago

speechless. thanks anyway

Experienced person 5 years ago

if we men all do then what the women will do ??

Shan 5 years ago

Thanks for this.... Ilove it!!!!

Mondli Mkhonza 5 years ago

THis is very powerful, it has in ways that are beyond human comprehension helped me. I am thankful, stay blessed.

My marraige is not going to be the same anymore after I have read this.

Mark From Sweet Things To Tell Your Girlfriend 5 years ago

I can't believe how many times I meant to tell my wife "I love you" but neglected to do so. If only I thought about it more.

This aricle helped a lot!


clyde 5 years ago

what i have learned from these ideas is to slow down listen always to your wife and tell her that you really love her.....

pinku 5 years ago

Collection is very Good , All are practical example to love one's wife more,Few of these things I was doing ,Next part I will try level best to use practcally

mouine 5 years ago

they are all wonderful

shatrughna 5 years ago

its really nice to make your marriage life succesful.and delightful....i salute the person who wrote this.

dave 5 years ago

made so many mistakes and now im learning to e the man she always wanted thanks

Juan 5 years ago

Tried and tested most of your ideas during the last 12 years! They all work wonders. I've never loved my wife as much as I do now. It's like everyday is our wedding day!

larry 5 years ago

this a great and well okay ideas. please keep it up.

She still is my bride 5 years ago

My wife and I have been happily married for 26 years. These tips are great. I can add one more - always try to treat your wife like you did when you were first married. Everything else will come easy after that.

yourface 5 years ago

ok ima try this list, lets see wat happenes

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

What a great list, I love 21 and 69, great hub!

Nana poku Desmond 5 years ago

i really like it...

sunny 5 years ago

I will be getting married in a couple of weeks. Came here for a sincere advise and guess what I was blushing after reading those 100 romantic moves !

4tune profile image

4tune 5 years ago from Michigan

I would be grateful for him to take out the trash, give the car an oil change and well a few kinky deals too, But a guy that goes the distance with a little more once in a while is cool.

Just not too much because then I would have to start working too hard to keep up with him and that would just take all of the fun of relaxing out of it.

muthu 5 years ago

really good and fantastic romantic words here after i will follow this instruction with my wifes

Kevin Cline 5 years ago

I wish I had known this things before. Maybe then my marriage wouldn't be in the condition it is. But, this list gives me the knowledge I need so maybe I can salvage it.

Endlis 5 years ago

this might just b what i was looking for

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this is very nice really good thought

Some one loves me romantically 5 years ago

I like number 87

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great tips i ll follow definetly the 101 tips are jus amazing cool...........*********

Daniel Landee 5 years ago

i nw hav a clue on hw 2 treat my woman beta. Tnx guys

kazmi 5 years ago

going to try these on my wife hope all fine

best husband ever 5 years ago

Im only 18 but I'm going to give my girlfriend (future wife) all the love and respect that's humanly possible by showing her she means the world to me. So I'm doing research now b/c imma be the best husband ever, i thank God for giving me the best woman of all time. So take note men cuz im going to set the standard haha. great tips, thanks

arasi 5 years ago

really amazing cool.101 tips really helps the couples to make love and be more closed.

Umesh 5 years ago

Very nice tips....

Russell 5 years ago

thanks for these tips :) going to do these even if she's still my girlfriend :)

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RalphGreene 5 years ago

Great information. I'll do some of them. Thanks for sharing, blessedmommy.

neeraj 5 years ago

thank you so ooooooooooooo much !!

Udhaya 5 years ago

Thats Great!

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Barbsbitsnpieces 5 years ago from Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio, USA

@blessedmommy...Great advice for keeping marriage fresh and on the right track for love.

kasjo 5 years ago

u guys thanks a lot as in a lot am gonna share it with ma friends

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Fatima AlZahraa 5 years ago

Amazing, i sent it to my husband

HENRY~NICE 5 years ago

Love is the only true key that hold the world. Its good to Love & at the same vein u 'll b Love.

Lauren 5 years ago

Wish my ex-husband would have read this, especially the honesty one!

IMRAN MAJEED 5 years ago

All of the tips are so good.thanks a lot

kumar 5 years ago

It is very useful. Very very thanks for the writer.

spunkyone 5 years ago

This list is amazing.. THankyou.

Ricardo 5 years ago

omg i love this it really works ive done four and my babygurl told me she feels like i feel like we were when we first went out(:

Wyatt 16 5 years ago

Wow...this list really works. BOOKMARKING IT!!! My girl also says that she loves me more often to...i guess she found this page to. Hahaha

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albyguest 5 years ago

Thanks for providing such useful information. I really appreciate your professional approach. I would like to thank you for the efforts you made in writing this post. gadget personalizzati. thanks

ahmed 5 years ago

Man that is really good. Lol I'm smiling cause the last great 2 things I think that is the best . Anyways Tbankx a lot . Man Ur wife or girlfriend is really happhy having u

siryoz0 5 years ago

I often email her quotes saying how much I care and I think she appreciated it very much for we are celebrating our 4th month together in the 20th of October.

Sam Loves Evelyn 5 years ago

Wow, great work here!! Read all 101!!!

belkacem cheddad 5 years ago

i am hoping to have a wife i would make her feel that she is the only great woman on this planet. you guys let your wives feel like they are an angels coz indeed all women are angels. may god keep all your wives forever.

justin 5 years ago

thank you

Henry 5 years ago

To all you practical woman out their. try to lighten up. your way to love your husband is to appriciate him if he tries some of these tips. and husbands if your wife is the practical type try and do something out of the ordinary for her like clean the house if you don't do it already. maybe you can do a couple of the jobs that you have been putting off, she will love you for it. she will consider that you care enough to take her feelings into consideration. do not just love her with words gifts touch and time sometimes just doing practical things can begin to meand a cracked relationship. if she is not practical then try, touch, time, gifts, words of encouragement, as well as acts of service.

God bless

Ps Henry

Sara 5 years ago

After reading this I was reminded how lucky I am. My hubby has done all of those for me (even the tip but I was at work) at home he says thank you and always shows love and support. I hope many others are as lucky and happy as I am.

Dory 5 years ago

It's an awesome writing! Thank you!My husband recently got caught red handed that he's been cheating on me in last 10 months.Now I feel even worse after reading this feature! but May all of you stay happy anyway

raphy 5 years ago

i really enjoyed reading thz tipz !!!!!!! at least it will bring sum changes in the relationshpz especial those who ar married !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R.J.A.M.I. Harshan 5 years ago

unexpectable in my life thanks million get in to my reallity life

i have to fallow somethink special,

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PromoTeamSrbija 5 years ago

This is a great and informative post.Well, the points given were facts that could never go wrong. I have visited so many pages with the same discussion and topics

abdallah sabry 5 years ago

Uare a good guy .. Thank you

lola 5 years ago

Thank you very much for these great tips. I will definitely share them with my husband and brothers. Just practicing a few of them consistently and regularly will increase intimacy and make the marriage vibrant. God bless you.

scutty1980 5 years ago

i will bookmark this page and keep the things i remember most in mind and will do everything i can do to make every other day we spend together the same as the 1st day we met. xxxxxx

Amirsaeed 5 years ago


These tips are really great. I'm going to translate them to Farsi and put them on the net.

day traders 5 years ago

I really like your post hope to read more from you.



ravan 5 years ago

nice yaar

Balaji 5 years ago

Very Useful tips to lead our love precious

carlos 5 years ago

This list is great small things that will make her feel appreciated. my goal is to finish this list off in a year. THANK YOU!

Benjamin 5 years ago

Thanks :)

roses 5 years ago

i totally agree wuth this!!! women are special and we need to be traeted as such!!

Connie Nanasy (Facebook) 5 years ago

This is an absolutely beautiful list. I have only read half of them, but I plan to read all of them. I think that many of them could be also used by the woman toward the man. WOW! It was just exciting to read. My husband is great, but I would like for him to read these also. A lot of thought has been put into them. Thanks a lot.

Prashneel 5 years ago

this is awsome to know and it works well.

Ashwin 5 years ago

its beautiful but why 6 sec cant we do more! Ha ha n thnx 4 the tips!

T - MoorE 5 years ago

Thanks! I have read these sweet wordings and they are all nice for me to make my lover love me more that ever before. appreciates.!!!!

wskill 5 years ago

Blessed are those who share their knowledge from experience or otherwise. For without them, many would be lost in the cocoon of ignorance. I am deeply grateful and impressed by the share selflessness shown by writing this piece. Thank you very very much indeed!!!

pramood 5 years ago

its realy worth full .iam missing my wife last one year

i have one kid also still my mife angry with me. she didn't get love for my side.iam irresponsible husbend she tell like this every time.that is my mistake.now iam realise my mistake .thank u very much

Loving my fiance 5 years ago

Getting married in April..Thank you for the tips.imma start doing them now before april (:.. can never hurt my diamond piece (:

Bobby Mathew 5 years ago

Quite a good learning session..

Michal Rego 5 years ago

Amazing suggestions, every must know this tips. thanks for the good work

Ash knowles 5 years ago

I'm a young guy, this is definitely what I needed to work on romance and to make my girlfriend feel on top of the world! :) thanks!

sunkentreasure profile image

sunkentreasure 5 years ago from RUIMSIG, SOUTH AFRICA


Imagine the look on your loved one's face

discovering a secret love-note

hidden in the fridge

or when they find an apple

that has a ribbon tied all-around it

placed under a pillow.

For a very exciting reaction, leave flower-petals

floating in the bathwater.

Do something special for your loved one today

trying different pleasant ‘surprises'

and the flame of love will burn forever brightly.

valerie 5 years ago

this is a great list. Now I need a specific list of tips to keep the lady happy. I feel I follow my husband and step-son around the house and pick up after them as if they don't have a lick of sense. A list of little things would help. I hate having to advise them 24/7 on things they should already know. I hate nags. Do you know where I can find a tangible list like that? Ex: sandwiches leave crumbs on the counter, clean it; unfold the trash bag when replacing it; wash bathroom sink after use etc. I know it sounds dumb but if I could just hand them a list and say follow this, it would be great....thanks!

greg 5 years ago

all of this sounds great. But you women are crazy. A man can do all of this and suddenly you may feel empty and it's all his fault. I think women need to get a grip on what's important. stop the fluff. get real. men try until they can't anymore and you then decide that they are the wrong guy. what if you were the wrong woman?

d.s.wankhede 5 years ago

dear sir,

you are exactly right wife are doing lot of thing to our husband with little return.thanks

bad husband 5 years ago

i love my wife like 101 way

there is another women she interfare in our life and i lost my trust my wife think i love another women but truth is i love only my wife so how can i explain i am not bad she is not trust on me please advice

rhea awasthi 5 years ago


Badazzhuzband 5 years ago

Nicely done. Love my wife more than anything on this planet. I hope the younger husbands pay attention to some of these things because we often overlook them as males. Trust me guys, even if you don't feel like it, just do it. You will soon realize that when momma is happy so are you. Besides, you married her, you should be wanting to do this anyway. Great reminder hub...

james 5 years ago

thanks for the advice this would be helpful :D

day traders 5 years ago

i love reading your comments guys.

Mark 5 years ago

Things I always thought of doing.Twenty eight years ,all kids raised 47 and never loved anyone like I love my wife.We look young feel young and love our grandbabys.Men it's ok to do what she tells you, if something's on your mind don't wait ask her gently.I don't let anything fester.But don't forget to keep learning about her needs and wants.Thats why I read things like this, thank you

sunkentreasure profile image

sunkentreasure 5 years ago from RUIMSIG, SOUTH AFRICA


Make your love one feel special everyday.

Do not allow your lives to become routine -

prepare lots of different activities to enjoy.

Never take your loved one for granted.

Keep your love forever precious,

sacred and beautiful.

What you put into your love

is what you will get out of your love.

Enrich your lives with prayer.

Always be your partners best friend.

© Bernard Levine

sreejith 5 years ago

Mommy, you're a goddess in disguise. All my married life i have been looking for something like this. You saved a marriage.

Thanks a lot

Aaron 4 years ago

That's absolutely awesome!!!

I gues it's too late for me! My wife's gone I wish we'd get back 2gether today so i can apply the list.


I say well done for this wonderful work. i can now treat my best the way I ought to.

akk 4 years ago

Very nice. Congratulations

Papu (chennai) 4 years ago

really good thoughts and worth reading it

yosemiesamiam 4 years ago

in the true spirit of #86, I fail at probably 102 of these.

Jonathan 4 years ago

Great Hub =)

Grace to you mommy =)

Ozair Choudhry 4 years ago

Waoo....thanks for sharing, will start working on them asap

ShepherdLover profile image

ShepherdLover 4 years ago from Portland, OR

What great advice, thanks so much for sharing!

Daniel N 4 years ago

Absolutely wonderful! I am printing these out for future reference... and present reference... All men need reminders, especially me.

jac' neyo 4 years ago

this is just how it was n is to be....

Pvt Gunter 4 years ago

Thanks again. I've been coming on here for a while now. And these suggestions have really made our marriage and friendship blossom. Now especially that we have become military. It gets hard, but these help continue the spark that we started off with in high school. My wife and my marriage mean everything to me. You have saved the two things i hold dearest to my heart. Thank you

Leah 4 years ago

These are very true for a continuous ,genuine relationship, to avoid separation but for a forever commitment with your spouse. Do it and our marriages will be effective and successful till the end of lives.I have applied this and it really works out well, and share this too t others for them the secret for a happy continuous relationship.

Me 4 years ago


tejasvi 4 years ago

thanx a lot....its awesome....

Ashley Nicole(: 4 years ago

Wow, that's amazing! My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 6months and I've been working on my 'one year journal'. I started it the day we started dating, 11.29.11, and everyday I've written one thing that I love about him and why and something extra about that day or something else... If you know what I mean;P

dicaslotofacil profile image

dicaslotofacil 4 years ago

Love like there was only a tomorrow, thanks for sharing good tips

Ty 4 years ago

Im deployed to Afghanistan and Googled "things to do for my wife while deployed" and this is the best page that came up. Thanx.

P.S. Ashley Nicole- You started a journal the day you started dating a guy? Thats a little weird. Im just sayin.

Kris 4 years ago

All this is gonna help our marriage so much. And make me a better husband to my beautiful wife.

Essam Hassanein 4 years ago

What about making her the breakfast, bringing it to her bed, waking her with a gentle loving kiss on her forehead and feeding her with love..?

DMiranda 4 years ago

this is the greatest. this reminds me of my hubby so much. we've been married for 14 years and each day gets better with him. one day while i was terribly sick, he made me my meals, cleaned the whole house and bought me flowers. he's my best medicine and my best friend.

BWhite 4 years ago

Wow!! I been married to the most wonderful man in the world for 10 months already. I can honestly say that my husband does all but 6 of the 100 on this list...Thank you my love

Anjo Bacarisas II profile image

Anjo Bacarisas II 4 years ago from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

that was very cute.. very awesome! voted up. you did a good job, keep hubbing, you're great :)

Oyebisi Adebayo A. 4 years ago

I love them all. you are ine the track

omephy 4 years ago

so loving ideas...

Married and lonely 4 years ago

So what do I do if I already do most of these things and I can't even get my wife to give me a hug that I don't initiate?

GenHuson 4 years ago

Wish my husband did these things for me...

praveen 4 years ago

Nice 101

BIG B 4 years ago

As you get older life seems to go faster. I would like to think that if i focas my life on living by some of these if not all then i have accomplished something. My wife is my life, and i hope that proves to be forever. Enjoy and be happy for what you have, and not what you don't. Love is a great thing.

pollah... 4 years ago

I personally love this...

krish 4 years ago

thanks a lot mommy......... you made me change my attitude towards my wife...... yes, its true.... "THE PRETTIEST GIRL IN THIS WORLD LIVES IN MY HEART AS MY WIFE"

Ashley 4 years ago

Cute ideas!

InspiredMinute profile image

InspiredMinute 4 years ago from Texas

I love that these ideas are for a woman. I'll definitely share with my hubbie! I always have a hard time with buying his gifts. After talking, we came up with several that are action-based and help him out a little...they are “14 ways to Say I Love You Without Words” at InspiredMinute. So far he's a happy camper! Thanks for sharing!!!

RawatHimanshu profile image

RawatHimanshu 4 years ago from Chandigarh

Great Hub! You have suggested beautiful and romantic ideas for a married couple. The point which touched me the most is the 6th one. It's a great food for thought, I am not married yet and I am a girl but can apply your suggestion for my mother. We always leave tip for the waiter in the hotel so that he feel good but never thank our mothers for doing so much for us. Thank u for adding something good in my life.

Felix 4 years ago

Thanks for helping keep marriages alive and vibrant. Invaluable advise here. God bless your home!

Paolocruz profile image

Paolocruz 3 years ago from Philippines

Thank you for making this hub! I will be including all of them to my to-do list. I'll also try to be creative so she'll experience something new every day. Thanks again!

jayaram 3 years ago

Wonderful suggessions dude.Thanks a lot!:)

butch 3 years ago

hi guys thank you so much!

ALex 3 years ago

Excellent! Thanks for putting these together.

sickdub profile image

sickdub 3 years ago from Kansas

wow so sweet htank you

me 3 years ago

sweet .. and practicale.

Parker 3 years ago

Oh man, this is super. Going to bookmark. I'm below 25 now, not going to be married prolly until when I'm 30 but these are all the nice things I want to do to my wife someday ;) I pray that God make me the best and lovingest husband ever :)

God bless !

shahjamal 3 years ago

waw!!!!!!!!! its a very very super I have no word to say about that

this is too good

Johnny Darrell 3 years ago

Hey guys I think this may work so how about try this

jon t bender 3 years ago

great ideas I will do this with my wife and again thanks I love her and I want to rebuild our marriage

Brry 3 years ago

Awesome post!

ilikegames profile image

ilikegames 3 years ago from Australia

Amazing ideas, I've been lucky enough to have a few of these but I'm always up for more, I'll have to sneakily slip this link to my husband..

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hello blessedmommy,

This is an excellent piece of writing. Amazing in every aspect of writing.

I loved every word--and the lay-out was superb Wow, what great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

Voted up and all the choices because you deserve it.

You have such a gift for writing. Just keep writing and good things are bound to happen to you.

I cordially invite you to read one or two of my hubs, and be one of my followers.

That would make my day.

I am so honored to meet you.


Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama

Amar Das 2 years ago

its too toooo good i have ever read. Thaks to writer

Mark 2 years ago

your list has given me great insite i have been on a journey of self awareness with the hope of getting the love of my life back I have learned a lot and even more with your list my hat is off to you and thanks

Lance E. Burbank 2 years ago

This is so amazing and very much needed with my appreciation as well.

It's an everyday adventure from here on out to giving my "Pretty Lady," all the exciting and loving ways she so deserves and much more! She's incredible in everyway I could think of, wished I'd shown and lived it out before our separation even could've begun...

I'm committed and faithful too her and honored to be any part of her life at all it's truly a blessing just sharing some parts of one another in life.

May our lords love and strength brings us together having no fears or pieces from past to interfere with OUR NEW LIVES STARTING SLOWLY TO RESPECT TIME BRINGS HEALING!

Amen god bless all relationships !!

Dmc 2 years ago

Great advice, it's too easy to take our loved ones for granted!! Very refreshing

Phaswana 2 years ago

thanx for the advice....will treat my wife well

sunitibahl9 profile image

sunitibahl9 12 months ago from India

this one was nice :)

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