10 ways to make a girl blush


1) Girls blush a LOT when you pay them an unexpected compliment. I mean, if she's already expecting a compliment from you, it might not have the same effect. But if you surprise her with an unexpected compliment, things get awkward. And when things get awkward, girls react in only one way. They blush. Profusely.

2) If you're the adventurous kind, buy her something intimate. And by intimate, I don't mean a tiny-little-teddy-bear-holding-an-I-Love-You-signboard. Be a man. Time to buy her some lingerie, perhaps? (Warning: This method MIGHT backfire very very badly)

3) The next rule applies to both sexes. The easiest way to make a girl blush is to shout out her affectionate name in public. Names like "Jaanu" or 'Sona" or 'Sweetheart" are bound to make her blush.

4) One of the most important ways to ensure she blushes is to tell her that she's the most beautiful girl you know. Tell her that you love her more than anything else. (yes, this includes your play-station and your bike). Tell her that she's yours, forever.

5) The simplest way to make a girl blush is to impress her parents. The moment the parents compliment their daughter's choice of boyfriend, her hormones jump up and down with excitement. It is a known fact that the approval of the parents means the world to a girl. And a little bit of chivalry and good manners can ensure that. Yes, that means that you will have to a get a hair cut, young man!

6) There's something incessantly cute about pulling a girls cheek, that inevitably makes her blush like a little tomato. Pulling a girls cheek has a 99 per cent chance of making her blush. However, this ratio decreases severely if you follow it up by saying the words "Wow, you've put on weight, fatty".

7) Contrary to popular opinion, girls blush even if you don't compliment them. All you have to do is compliment their boyfriends. Tell her how lucky she is to have such a gentlemanly boyfriend. But don't over do it, otherwise she'll get jealous of you. *Sigh* Yeah, girls are weird like that.

8) Unlike normal people, girls blush when something embarrassing occurs. For example, if you happen to discover a naked baby picture of hers, she'll blush. Even if she happened to be one of the ugliest babies of her time.

9) Tease her about something embarrassing. This might seem a little dodgy. You don't want to go overboard with the teasing. For example, teasing her about her bad driving skills falls under'cute'. Whereas teasing her about the abundance of forest-like growth of facial hair is a big no no.

10) It's easy to make a girl blush when you're around your friends. All you have to do is crack an inside joke. Only she will get the joke. This in turn, will make her feel special. This in turn will make her cheeks go all warm and red. So folks, no girl can resist a tiny blush on an inside joke, surely.

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coolblue 123 profile image

coolblue 123 9 years ago

yo coolblue here i like to say that your tips are nice man i tried them and it worked

basspro profile image

basspro 9 years ago Author

I am glad that these tips worked for you.

lewis875 9 years ago


hana 7 years ago

i was curious and decided to read it and while so i blushed just thinking about the scenarios! nice work.

Michael 6 years ago

i am going to try this :)

vykto 6 years ago

9ice work man...fink its goona work.

little crack pot 6 years ago

i got a tip....kiss her unexpectedly...beware make sure shes ok with the kissin or just do it on the cheek

Archy 6 years ago

these tips are awesome


K-Master 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I think I can now have an easier time of making girls happier. Looks like I have to step up my game a little.

Nkanyiso 5 years ago

every time I' near girl I like I always scrooup

cj the one 5 years ago

I find that earning a girls trust is also important before you make your move, an eye to eye smile never fails..

cheese dog onaaa stick 5 years ago

dude thanks a lot the girl almost resembled a tomato

RnA 5 years ago

i have to cut my hair!? DAMMIT!!!

HeyHeyBaby:D 5 years ago

Ohh jeezz!! This TOTALLY worked on my girlfriend. Another thing that usually works with a girl is when your with your mates, gaze at her, when she notices, give her a wink!! Always works ;D

NaJaX 5 years ago

I like tip number 6...it is really very cute to do it! I would really love to try it on my girlfriend!! :D

Maggie 3 years ago

My boyfriend left his computer open and I saw this! It's so cute and sweet! I was blushing just reading about this :)

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