10 Things You Overanalyze

1) Your hair – no one really cares that much if one stray strand goes awry.

2) Your body – men are in fact not that picky, and as long as you’re not wearing head-to-toe spandex, you can conceal your flaws.

3) Your nails – you don’t need to have a constant manicure/pedicure, no one really notices.

4) Your blonde moments – making a stupid, unfunny or insensitive comment is embarrassing, but it won’t last long; people get bored and forget about it.

5) Your slip-ups – so, you tripped over your own two feet and almost fell, or you almost walked into a pole. No one really cares. Seriously.

6) Your lack of athleticism – you can be a 50 year old learning to ride a bike, and although you may be embarrassed, probably no one will notice.

7) Your ineptitude – sure, you may be talking to people who are very knowledgeable about something you’re not, so just don’t try to be on par with them. Only say thing you really mean/know.

8) Your handwriting – most people think their handwriting stinks. That may be true, but does it matter to anyone? No.

9) Your guy – men are simple. Period, end of story.

10) Your family – yes, family members are usually embarrassing. But everyone has to deal with that, so don’t sweat over it.

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