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Dating: should I, or should I not?

I often get asked questions concerning my personal life on a weekly basis. People see me, a petite young woman with mid-length golden locks and a bright smile, and automatically they assume I am dating some guy. Most of the time, they even go as far as telling me what kind of guy I'm dating and what series of events happened when we "first laid eyes on each other." Funny how I never remember these events let alone the gentleman around which these stories revolve. I have yet to comprehend why people cannot fathom me being single. Perhaps it is because I am often told how beautiful I am. Beautiful people can never be single... Well, that's probably true for others, but definitely not for me.

This brings me to my topic: Should I date, or should I not date? Growing up this subject was never on my mind as much as it is now. I am becoming a young woman and there are plenty of eligible young men out there in the world and I would be lying if I said never noticed any of them. I am young and some people tend to encourage me to live carefree. They tell me to date but warn me not to have serious relationships. However, being raised in by God-fearing parents has taught me to respect myself and most importantly those who trust me. I can't imagine having more than one carefree relationship. That's too many ex-boyfriends to think about! To me, it's a relationship without meaning, truth, stability, love, promise, or even true friendship. Just having fun with some guy who I think is cute. That's not only boring to me, but also a complete waste of precious time. When young people get into relationships (some older folk too) they don't think about the future. What role will this person play in your life in the next year? or the next two years? what about twenty years down the road? what will he/she mean to you? Think about it, if this person is not apart of your future plans, then you are most likely using them. That person may just be using you too! Maybe that's not the case for you. Sometimes people accidentally fall in love with each other in these "just for fun" relationships. That's great, especially if it works out. But, that's not how it plays out for most people....

So what do you think: should I, or should I not? - that is the question lol :)

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Brittany 4 years ago

Well if you have to ask "Should I or shouldn't I" then your probly not ready, I would wait until I meet a new friend, that's better than just a friend. I really like the way you stated this, and I feel the same in many aspects.

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