Thirty and single. Part 3 - dress code.

 Friday night, best of Bonnie Tyler playing, glass of wine still half full. My evil side keeps on hammering that I should get out and engage in some hunting, but my good side says tomorrow's Halloween and there'll be enough time to catch up. Like in movies, good side wins, at least this time :D

Would you be dressing up for Halloween? I would. Got a singles party (mmm...) tomorrow, and though most of the guys would definitely turn up in jeans and jackets, girls - in something more extravagant, I feel like this is the chance to reveal a witch inside of me. Long black velvet dress, velvet gloves, a cobweb with sparkly spiders covering shoulders.. should do the trick ;)

This leads to a very important topic - dress style and seduction. When meeting someone for the first time we notice their clothes, how they fit, how they reveal/hide certain parts of the body. Clothes can attract attention in general, they can attract certain type of attention, including unwanted attention, they also can make others keep away from you. So, what would you wear for a "hunt"?

If I was a man, I would always wear a more or less formal jacket, shirt and trousers/jeans. And though I always look twice at guys in formal suits and ties, velvet/cord/leather look very nice too. No trainers, knitwear that's clearly not your size or sunglasses in a nightclub - you might look dead cool, but mind health and safety requirements please. What else.. in addition to obeying general laws of hygiene - shave please and don't drink too much :D

Oh, leave that first (or first two) buttons of your shirt open, though zip in your trousers should be closed. Please not the other way round ;)

Main advice - keep it simple. Your eyes and body language should do the talking, not your clothes. And if you take the lead in that, I would hardly remember the colour of your shoes.

It's a bit different with girls here. Forgive me please for being an arrogant bitch again, but they sometimes tend to come up with something that words can not describe. Now you can say what kind of f*****g designer am I to tell everyone what to wear and what not to wear. My answer would be simple - I'm not a f*****g designer, but some of girls should get a full length mirror and use it. Don't believe me - ask men.

Seriously - today we have such a huge selection of clothing available, so why choose something that does not suit you? Even if your body is perfect that does not mean you can wear anything and it will be attractive to the opposite sex!

When dressing for evening/night out/hunt, I always try to obey the following rules (and it works every single time since I started applying them - I was about 13 then):

1) fashion does NOT matter. What looks good on you - DOES, whatever designers say.

2) if you're size 12, that does not mean that all your clothes should be size 12. Choose the one that suits YOU best.

3) killer heels are ok, - just make sure you're used to wearing them. And make it before committing to dance all evening in 5 inch stilettos; after a drink you may find it hard to even walk, and stairs might seem like Himalayas - you would look very weird.

4) Huge decolette (including strapless dresses) and super-mini is a perfect way to get lots of attention. But if you want the RIGHT attention, leave this to Soho workers. Choose to either reveal your legs more, or uncover your shoulders - this I think was established by Channel long ago, and remains very true. The same applies to makeup - it's either eyes or lips, but preferrably not both.

5) Mind your size. It's nothing wrong to be a size plus, but keep it in mind - clothes look different on models, and that difference is not to your advantage. Look at the mirror carefully.

6) Too much makeup makes you look older (and spoils your partners' shirt). It also makes you look silly, if your face colour and body colour differs noticeably.

7) Do you really like thigh-high boots and fishnets THAT much? I wouldn't ever give up simple court shoes and pantyhose for these. Avoid vulgarity at all costs, I'd say.

8) And finally... Though a paradox, but men are quite blind when it comes to your appearance. They can not distinguish between dark red, fuchsia red and some other shade of red lipstick - they know red. Red is a colour. Fuchsia... maybe a plant...? So don't put your effort into choosing and mixing shades too much, because that's a waste of time. Men will also hardly notice how your nail colour matches your earrings and shoelaces, but they will definitely notice the WHOLE view - either it was good or not. And either the makeup was too heavy.

Looking good most of the times (mind - not always) equals "sexy" in man's mind. Want to look sexy? I hope yes.

Sexy for men is something that leaves room for masculine fantasy. And though the main "source" of sexual attraction is personality, not dress style, the latter spices it all up ;) The main secret here - NOT to reveal too much, but still reveal something. Not to say much, but say enough. How to do it - every woman knows her own ways, but here are some examples:

- figure-hugging longer dresses with high splits - dress reveals your figure and a split is like an arrow directing man's attention where it should go; showing a small (and I mean - SMALL) part of your stocking at the top of the split, as if "by chance", might have an effect equal to pouring oil into bonfire.

- short skirt/dress, long coat - raises classic question: what's she wearing under that?

- bare back dresses - they show you're not wearing a bra ;)

- loose, a bit messy long hair of natural or naturally looking colour, covering your eyes a bit - works on their subconscious mind, links to sex (he should not be afraid to mess up your hair then, yes?). Effect can be doubled if you're wearing a choker.

- red and black, worn together - e.g. black dress with red lining or red dress and black accessories.

- when wearing a strappy dress, it's very ..convenient when straps keep on falling down ;)

- anything that creates an illusion that man would have some control over undressing you - laces on the back (if he wishes to be naughty, he can untie them without asking you, can't he?), zipped splits, barely holding buttons (especially when "holding" your breasts - just be careful not to overdo it) and alike.

Summarizing this I'd just like to emphasize: a man looks for a lady, who would turn into prostitute in his bed (NOT the other way round!). To be sexy you should look like a lady, but show a glimpse of your passion underneath. Fire under the ice.



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