Thirty and single. Part 7 - drunk without alcohol.

Drunk without alcohol - that's exactly what you want to be when you're with HIM. I'm not an abstinent - no way! - just that feeling of dizziness you get when kissing a man is just fabulously incredible, nearly unreal.. As if floating in the air, no solid ground beneath your feet, and the only thing that holds you from falling down is his arms around you.. Especially that's true when kissing him for the first time... That's what we LIVE FOR - tell me I'm wrong...

Sorry, got carried away a bit... memories soooo sweet... ;)

Cutting this short - give me this feeling, and I'll follow you anywhere... well, nearly anywhere ;) And that is true with all women. What's different is HOW you get them drunk without alcohol, and that depends on a woman herself.

First of all, women - do you LET yourselves go with the flow, submit at least a little? If no - you're missing a lot...Yes, I know - challenging job, relatives constantly get into trouble, problems with noisy neighbours... if you will not be tough, life will just crush you straight away, I know...

The things I also know are:

- you have one, ONE life in this life, with limited time;

- world treats you the way you perceive the world - look at it with clear vision, and you will see clear picture around you; get rose glasses on - the same world would be different. Blindfold yourself and you will be forced to feel the world instead of seeing it;

- ashes become ashes. Things you work so hard to get become ashes. Bodies become old and eventually turn to ashes. Your memories and feelings stay.

I have my own business as an accountant, also do a bit of legal work. I'm strict, strongest critic for myself, aggressive, stubborn, a fighter (otherwise I'd be already ashes by now), love competition and arguing. I play a lot, sometimes manipulate others, though prefer to talk straight without taking care of other people's feelings. I hate nonsenses and prefer to solve problems to discussing them. But when it comes to dating and men... I can be a leader anywhere else, but if I'm forced to take the lead in a relationship, infidelity is just a question of time (proven in practice). That doesn't mean that office doors close and I suddenly become a sweet kitty who would get your dinner ready and your socks washed... dream of it! Cooking is my pet hate (= you'll do the cooking, or we're eating out), washing and ironing - there are dry cleaners for that, making up the bed is not my responsibility also - I can take credit for messing it up, in case you need equality... ;)

Oh, and I want coffee to bed in the morning (preferrably with breakfast), and a glass of champagne when I'm in a bath. You can watch or join... :D

Arrogant, selfish and bitchy attitude again? So what? I'm thirty already - what do I have to worry about, apart from enjoying life till I can still enjoy it? The answer is - nothing, so I will let myself enjoy it, as if every day was my last in this world.

And when time comes, I would like to die dizzy from his kiss ;)

So my dear women, do you let yourselves submit a little? At least a little? (if you do, please ignore these questions).

And my beloved men, do you let yourself take the lead? At least a little? For you it's relatively easy - you just tell us what to do and when. Ok, not directly TELL, but you like... guide our way. GENTLY, but firmly. How to do it? Read on, I'll try to answer that.

Let's take a bar, after work. You come in, get a drink, look around, and choose your "prey" for the night. Whom you choose is entirely up to your taste (she should be alone or at least without a 6'5 bodybuilder boyfriend at her side - don't risk your life, it's not worth it).

Then WATCH her. Do not stare like a madman, but let her see you're watching her.

Let her KNOW you're watching her wherever she goes, but don't make it too obvious. Self-confident man (we are crazy about those) does not worry about his "prey" running away from him - he KNOWS that from the very first sight he decided she would be his, she has no chance to escape anymore. That's the attitude to adopt, works 100%.

Make your eyes meet - just catch her sight (when she feels you're watching her, she'l involuntarily look at you many times). Keep looking at her eyes. Get a little smile (do not show how good your dentist is, not yet please!). Sip your drink, still looking at her.

At this moment she might turn to giggle with her friends. That's very good for you - attention captured, response positive.

Hell, what I'm doing... I'm revealing secret weapons here!..well... as long as you promise not to use it against me :D

Watch her more. Next time your eyes meet, repeat the above, but approach her. When coming closer, look at other women a bit (you're choosing the best, aren't you? let her see it). Then come and introduce yourself. You can say "hello, I'm (your name)", but you can also make an impression by just saying your name and stretching your hand, as if for a formal greeting. When she gives you her hand, take it to your lips and kiss it very gently. "And your name is...?" comes next. Keep looking straight into her eyes doing all this!

Well, by then her friends (if there are ones around watching all this) would be impressed enough to become your allies. Use this wisely; remember big cats hunting - they always choose ONE gazelle, and chase it till the end. And they succeed using this strategy.

What comes next is a simple conversation. Just make your body language SHOUT you want her, this works as hypnosis on women. Be interested, watch her (like that glass of drink from Part 2). A bit of arrogance is OK, but don't overdo it; arrogance works as an aphrodisiac only combined with magnetism and deep-rooted self-confidence, so if you're not used to it... (if you are - that's a nuclear bomb, but I'm sure you know it already).

She smokes? Light her cigarette. Open doors, stroke her back gently when walking, as if leading in a right direction. Keep undressing her with your eyes, but remain cool in your actions. She might feel a little uneasy, but it's ok - that's pushing boundaries, only do it gently. We love when someone takes us a bit out of safety, but just a bit; too much and you might spoil everything.

You're in a lounge bar and can dance? Perfect. When she likes the music, she'll start moving a bit - that's the time to head to dancefloor. Watch how she dances - does she look at you or somewhere on the side? That's a good indicator whether she likes you. And even if she avoids looking at you, you can get that fixed easily. Women are just like cats - they might get bored and need some extra stimuli. That might be changing dancing style (maybe it's time to move closer?), getting somewhere more remote to talk (maybe she just hates that music), getting a drink or just gently taking her chin and turning her head - judge for yourself what's appropriate in the situation.

When having a conversation, take the lead without compromise - take the responsibiity of filling in those uneasy silence gaps. Listen more, talk less, ask questions - women like talking, especially about themselves.

If she had too much drink... well, it's for you to decide what to do next. You might take her home (just watch she get there safely - if you want to meet her again, just leave a note with your phone with her, women are normally very grateful for such things). You migh just move to another "prey". You might get her a glass of water, just to sober up. I have no comments about this, because it's dance that I enjoy, not drink, but I'm no saint of course.

If you do everything right, it will be simply impossible not to notice when she wants a kiss. And I'm not talking about teenagers here - ALL women like a bit of romance! When you think this is it, just get your hand around her waist and get a bit closer. Just to double-check you're right - if she is not comfortable with it, she'll try to back up a bit. If not - green light. Look into her eyes and approach her lips.

Then... enjoy. Anything you do after that (except for bad performance in bed) might be forgiven, just because you are a gentleman :D

What a wonderful, wonderful life...

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Black Lilly 6 years ago from London Author

Use my secrets wisely ;)

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