Thirty and single. Part 8 - Poison running through my veins, or is it truth we really need?

***This hub is a little into phylosophy, no answers and no methods described. If you're looking for a "how to..." thing, wait for the next one***

Poison. Just like Alice Cooper used to sing - you're poison running through my veins. Remember the song? One of those unforgettable hits of all time, not to mention the clip ;)

Poison. Something that gets into your bloodstream and demands access to every cell in your body. And then changes those cells, so that they no longer listen to you. Ridiculous, but intoxication, especially initial stages, can be very, very pleasant - just the latter stages might be not so nice (think of alcohol and hangovers). If the poison is strong, you need quite a while to recover from it. Or you might not recover at all or become an addict.

And that's why I put equality sign between poison and men. Men give you love, and that is the most powerful and dangerous substance on Earth. Of course, love in its purest form is very peaceful and divine feeling. Just there is no such purity when it comes to men and women. Love is transformed by such "attachments" as passion, possesiveness, desire... who said there's only one step between love and hate?

Some most powerful medicines are made from poisonous plants and other kinds of venom. Poison also has the power to heal, ultimately.

Poison = men. Fact.

Of course, if you are a man, you tend to have a good immunity towards other men - but you're very prone to women, so please read this hub accordingly ;)

For me poison and men mean the same - my behaviour and self-control will change against my conscious will, AND I will enjoy it. I like to be poisoned. Healthy lifestyle might go to hell, I'm taking this, in large amounts.

Another thing - when you are poisoned, you can no longer see the world clearly and judge wisely. That happens when you're in love or having a crush on someone, right? Everyone around tells you to get back down to planet Earth, but you don't care.

You can't fly when your feet are firmly on the ground, can you? You can't wear rose spectacles and still be able to distinguish colours properly, can you?

A bit earlier I was quite into online dating - had my own profile(s), changed them, experimented, etc. Read lots of other profiles. Lots of posts in forums. Few of the commonly mentioned things one seeks in a partner turned out to be honesty and down-to-earth attitude. Truth, if phrased in a different way.

We want our partners to speak the truth. To be themselves, without concealing anything, reveal their true self.

At the same time we want them to be as close to our ideal as possible. And our ideals, some of which come from childhood and costume dramas, might be quite far from reality. Well, even a "knight in silver shining armour" is replaced by "a guy in a suit", and his white horse by a red Ferrari :) And - let's be honest - we don't look like fairies ourselves. At least most of the times ;) Character traits that our ideals have and their behaviour might also be ridiculously incompatible with one another, but in an ideal world (or our fantasies) it works perfectly well.

Though there is a possibility an ideal partner for every one of us exists, this possibility (from a rational point of view) is rather tiny. To stumble into that someone, who would also have to meet lots of other requirements (height, weight, etc) is close to nil. Still there are plenty of people claiming to have met that "ideal one".

Love is the area where venom and anti-venom collide. Hence we also have "rational love", which (according to statistics) proves to be quite durable. We also have "love only lasts 3/4/7/(any other number of) years". We have love at first sight and love for life.

Essential point is we either let ourselves be poisoned and attribute ideal traits to someone not so ideal (craziness, and later wonder where has that "man I've once married" gone), or we poison ourselves and accept more reality with limited expectations (convenience, safety - and later wonder what is that thing called love).

Basically self-deceit in both ways - poison works 100% of times, just in different ways.

Question: bare truth or wings to fly? I know there can't be black and white, but which one is your priority?

I would choose wings.

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dave272727 profile image

dave272727 6 years ago from Kentucky

Good question at the end. I would have to choose wings as well.

zampano 6 years ago

When I read or listen a woman talk like that about man, I always think one part of it on my account.

And it's a bit distressing guilty feeling it is urgent to compensate.

But emotions like jealousy, pulsions like possesiveness and fusional love are things well known in latin worlds.

The key is dosing it.

You hit your point nice hubber

Michael Achilles 6 years ago

I'd rather fly!

Neil Sperling profile image

Neil Sperling 5 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

Good hub -- I love this line "Love is the area where venom and anti-venom collide." .....

If I could fly to meet you in an exotic place and never leave -- I'll choose fly over truth.

Love ya

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