40 Something and Dating Again....From the Male Perspective

So.....here I find myself, in my early forties and back in the dating scene. How did I arrive at this destination? Many factors came into play....lack of communication, incompatibility, and just plain aggravation to name a few. (lol) After almost 20 years of marriage my spouse and I chose to go our separate ways.....was this the end of the world.....absolutely not, in fact I'm happier than I've been in years. The only thing that is driving me crazy is getting back into the dating scene.

If you haven't noticed things have changed tremendously in the twenty years since I last dated. My last date with a women other than my wife was in 1990, thats two decades ago....wow. Anyway, I've been separated for almost eight months now and have been dating different women for about six months. I've come to understand a few things. Women in their 40's know what they want....and they will decide very quickly if your a keeper. This presents problems for men like me who like to move slowly. When they like you they are ready to move forward very quickly....another words they become attached very quickly. So guys be careful. I prefer to tell them straight up that I am recently separated, about to be divorced and I am dating around because I really don't know what I want. Never lie or lead them on...believe me this is for your own good. I don't know if they are like this because they feel they are running out of time, but this seems to be the case. Another thing I've learned about women in their forties is this....they can take care of themselves! So if your 40 something and a recently divorced male don't fret....there are plenty of great females your age who are worth chasing. I'll post more of my wisdom later. Happy hunting. LOL


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