5 Tips To Attract Smart Boys

Show Your Grace

If you are not a queen, no need to worry as smart boys look for smart girls and not the beautiful ones (most of the time). Be confident that you are smart. When you sit or stand, be erect, don't conceal your chest under your head. Remember, it's just another body part, with which girls' are blessed with.

When you walk, walk consciously. This means, you need to think that everyone is just watching you, even when there is no one around. This is very important as you need to make this your habit and not just a matter of convenience when you think it's required.

Don't let anyone ignore you

How can you do this; it's easy. Imagine you visit your new class-room at the beginning of the session and no one talks to you, I am sure you will be mad at the people around you. Did you ever think that all other students may be new to the class and may be waiting for you to take a lead. So the point here is, don't always wait for other people to start a discussion, be bold enough to take a lead; It could jst be weather, movies, traffic, noise, dust or any other neutral subject that you can start with.

Don't reveal your personal life

What is more attractive to people; very simple- the things which they have not yet accomplished or conquered. So avoid discussing yourself or revealing everything about your personal life in public; This may be counterproductive, show your grace by being a little secretive!

Dress-up Simple and Sober and look Presentable

Girls, when you think of going in public, dress according to the weather and your surroundings. Don't dress-up to offend or belittle others. Remembers you are what matters. Don't wear too heavy make-up or jewellery. Keep things light so that you feel fresh throughout your stay out. Wear high heel shoes, if there are no medical concerns. Choose your shoes such that you are comfortable in those, and not bend your feet or legs while walking. You should have a small matching purse with you, this is important.

Keep a Respectable Distance until You Control Situation

Keep a respectable distance while interacting with boys. Don't worry boys like those girls who keep their composure and have self-esteem. Once you know a boy a little better from various sources, you can start dating, if you wish. Don't worry you have all the time on your side. Remember, you want the boys to line up for you and not the other way around.

Best of luck gals!

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himanish mondal 6 years ago

yes it is very good idea....

Mahi 5 years ago

Really ur tips works.........

kushi 5 years ago

thanks such a nic tips

Anku 4 years ago

Nice and useful

Arvind 4 years ago


bharat mata ki jai 4 years ago


shurti 4 years ago

yeahhhh...weakness of boys is gurlsss..agree???

lisa ray 4 years ago

Its a nice tip!!!!!

Apon mahmud 4 years ago

That's good talk i like it

yo yo honey singh 4 years ago

try it gls then do cmt

meghna dutta 4 years ago

so nice n useful tips

dev 4 years ago

i will try do this tips and then i wil comment or advise passed

prathi 4 years ago

i wil try

parthi 4 years ago

ill try,lets see

jenny 4 years ago

it workss.....

arpita 4 years ago

lets see

Ashna 3 years ago

It worked :D

Thanx ;D

boy 3 years ago

adiapavingala ippadi than thiriyuraungalaa

grisha 2 years ago

very fine tips,i follow your tips.thanks for tips

Shaikhs 2 years ago

I'm a love guru


Its all true

shana 2 years ago

its a very good idea

nehu 2 years ago

It works

janu 2 years ago

Its freacking..... Let's follow

akshara 2 years ago

so good tip u ve gvn thnk u..evn m soo intrstd in sex too

akshara 2 years ago

so good tip u ve gvn thnk u..evn m soo intrstd in sex too

sins 2 years ago

Thank u

simzania 2 years ago

It's nice , let see what will happen

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