5 Reasons to Love Strong Women

(Usual Disclaimer: This has been my experience with strong women. Results may vary.)

Wait what? Strong women?

Yes, that's right. Tough women. Powerful women. Women strong of mind and fit of body. Women whom you read quotes about in empowerment books and essays. You know what I mean--women who make good stories, women who are heroic.

A self-assured woman is like a rare delicacy among the throngs of people with beaten-down, barely-there egos.

Now, this may seem contradictory, especially in light of some things I said in a previous article in regards to how most men are unimpressed by power in women. But I also alluded to the fact that a few actually are, even if they might be small in number. Here, we'll explore this further, and I'll make my point for why strong women are attractive and have many advantages over their more dainty peers.

1 - They are less likely to leech on you emotionally.

Having a rougher personality means they need men less for emotional fulfillment, and are less likely to use you as emotional venting boards. Though everyone gets emotional sometimes, the petty games like guilt-tripping that some girls play are more uncommon among stronger, more emotionally secure women. I find these kinds of women are much more likely to either get to the point or to play slightly less annoying games.

2 - They are more likely to be driven personally without the constant need for praise or support at every step.

Self-explanatory. A strong woman normally doesn't need you. She is whole on her own, and there are no or few parts of her personality built specifically to attract you. Every aspect of her personality is (hopefully) there only to serve herself and her own purposes. She typically won't trade success for a white-picket-fence traditional life, if that's not important to her. She is more immune to outside pressures to conform and give things up that women are often expected to give up in exchange for a family.

3 - They tend to be more low-maintenance.

Stronger women tend to be less concerned with owning 82 pairs of shoes or with spending 2 hours in the bathroom primping before a trip to the grocery store. (Not always true, of course, but just on average.)

They tend to be less nitpicky about things that don't matter, and less concerned with aesthetics. This might be a bad thing if you want her to look cute and girlish, walk with a limp wrist, and carry around a toy poodle, but...that's kind of part of the deal. If you want a strong woman, don't expect her to want to look cutesie most of the time. It takes too much energy for someone who normally couldn't care less where her hair is parted, since she's too busy saving the world.

4 - They are less likely to complain about men, since they usually depend less on them.

When something is not needed or depended upon, what is it to you that there are a few irritating quirks here and there? It strikes me as likely that a woman who feels less trapped in a relationship, less dominated, is less likely to pick apart her partner and feel like she has no choice but to tolerate him.

5 - They are less likely to feel they need a man, and thus a partner or spouse is a nice bonus to them, not someone with whom they must be needy.

Getting married and having someone support her is not usually the center of that kind of woman's existence, as I already mentioned. If she has a spouse, it is because she wants him for who he is, not because she needs him. I don't know of a bigger compliment for a guy (or at least me) than to be wanted, not for a role that I can fulfill, that any man can fulfill, but for my individual traits and virtues.

Well, there we have it--an overview of why I like strong, ungirlish women.

An unfortunate side-effect of this taste, though, is that a lot of these women who don't need men are indeed lesbians. I would say that's a negligible problem, though, compared to the rewards reaped when one finds one who actually isn't.

And for those strong women out there--hopefully your boyfriend is turned on by your kind. It pains me to see men who aren't.

Good luck.

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hubpageswriter 6 years ago

It's a comforting thought to know that there are women out there liking men for who they are rather than what we can provide them. Awesome hub. I am going through some of your hubs and they are really interesting.

EuroCafeAuLait profile image

EuroCafeAuLait 5 years ago from Croatia, Europe

I too like the three hubs I just read this half hour. Qualitative. I too am Strong and Proud - and happily married (not a lesbian :). Thanks for the great Hub.

Emmyboy profile image

Emmyboy 4 years ago from Nigeria

There is a girl that is now in my radar and it sounds as if she's the one you were describing in this wonderful piece.

She's so strong willed, emotionally matured, and completely independent and those are the things I so much love about her.

How I wish you didn't mention that lesbian part...

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