4 Things to Never Say to a Woman on a Date

Things NOT to Say On a Date

Whether you are dating or in marriage there are certain things you should never say to a woman irrespective of whether she is your fiancé, girlfriend or wife because uttering these kinds of words might really make her uncomfortable and feeling threatened. Sometimes a simple thing you say to a woman might irritate her badly and you may turn to be her number one enemy.

Men can easily forget and forgive, but that is not always the case for a woman. She might hate you forever for a simple thing you have said or done to her one day. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Women are very sensitive creatures especially when it comes to relationships and self image and therefore when dealing with them you have to be extra vigilant and careful so as not to offend her. More importantly, women deserve your love and respect. Be caring and don't say any of these four things on a date.

1. "Are You Going to Pay For That?"

Paying bills comes into the equation whenever you are out having fun with your fiancé, girl friend or wife. When you order for meals and drinks in a hotel or restaurant, you will certainly incur costs in the form of bills but who should pay them? Is it you or her? In reality you as the man should take responsibility and settle the bills but that isn’t the case for some men who may compel the woman to pay the bills. When it’s time to settle the bills on the cashier’s counter some men may ask the question, I pay or you will? Most women would insist on paying the bill. For the man he might have saved some few dollars for not paying the bills but the consequences are many. The woman might see you as cheap and if you were trying to win her heart it may become a tall order for you especially if other men are also interested in her. A question that might come to her mind is, if he can’t pay the bills at this time when he is dating me would he really be a caring man later when we are married? You see the consequences of asking for a woman to settle the bills are many and as a precaution never ever ask for a woman to settle the bills. Insist on paying them even if she proposes to pay. It should definitely be a battle of the sexes and you as the man should come on top because that is the only way a woman may see you as a man enough for her.

2. "How Old Are You?"

Should you say how old are you to a woman? I definitely oppose this because age is a very sensitive thing when it comes to women. Women are always fond of making themselves younger when in reality they are not. A 60 year old granny might tell you she is 30 while a 25 year old lady might say to you she is now at 18 and what that basically means is that they always want to stay young to attract the attention of the opposite sex. If people were offered the opportunity to regulate their age and make it grow backwards, women will have been the first ones to appreciate.

As you can see age is very important to most women and when you are dating them keep off from it because asking might make them threatened and uncomfortable. She can afford to lie to you and reduce her age but in the back of her mind she is well aware that you can estimate her age from her face and looks. Therefore don’t ever ask a woman how old she is because she won’t say the truth for fear of being seen as like grandmother.

3. "What Happened to Your Previous Relationship?"

Another question you should also never pose to a woman when you are dating her. If she is a divorcee her relationship with her former husband/lover is past tense and she may be unwilling to dwell on it because of one reason or another. It could happen that it wasn’t a happy separation and she could be having a bad memory of it. She could have been in a violent relationship where the man used to intimidate and abuse her and reminding her of that could seriously have a negative consequences on her and what therefore that calls for is for you to abstain from asking about what lead to the termination of her previous relationship.

4. "I Think [Another Woman] is Beautiful"

Women are always rivals to one another and they will do all they can to outdo one another in an attempt to be seen by the opposite sex as more intelligent and good looking than their rival and that principle should always guide you whenever you are dating. Even if she is the ugliest person on earth a woman would love and get satisfaction from merely saying to her she is beautiful. But what would happen when in the course of dating her you mention to her stories of other women and how beautiful they are? Obviously that will make her sick and she will see you as not interested in her but the beautiful woman you are talking about. So for successful dates never try to talk of the beauty of another woman because that may make her unwanted and inferior to the woman you are talking about. The moment you are in a date with a woman, all emphasis and attention should be on her and less on other women.

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