5 Tips to Please Your Man in Bed

Every wife/girlfriend wants to give their partners the best, thrilling experience like never before. To make your love making and sexual desires steamer and more passionate, starting tonight. Read the following tips..

His Favourite Position?

Every animal's instincts to reproduce with the opposite sex, so the main position used within the animal world is rear-entry also known as 'doggy-style' so naturally its normal for the human world to enjoy as well. Many couples are not so secure about seeing each others face during love making so many men prefer 'doggy-style' as it gives him control over her body and allowing him access to the G-spot as well as the breasts, clitoris, neck, shoulders, back and any other sensual spots you may have. The main advantage of this position is that it benefits you as well as your partner as it allows him to get incredibly deep penetration but for men who are slightly prominent should be careful as deep thrusts may damage the cervix which can be rather painful.

What does he secretly Loathe?

Like us women, men love to sensually touched too. These are their 'secret' areas. Many people forget or don't realise that these areas exist. Places such as the lips, groin, inner thighs, ears, scalp, neck and chest are highly sensitive and he loves them touched. Make sure during foreplay these areas are stimulated as it will increase your partners pleasure.

Romantic Mood?

Believe it or not, men are truly partial to a fair bit of romance and loves a kind gesture. Automatically, you will be thinking candles, music, incense, and maybe the pink rose petals of love for that extra edge of romance but truthfully, this is typical 'cliche'. However, on the other hand, he will absolutely love you for this. Just imagine it now, the happiness between you and your partner as you went through all of that just to make him happy, you and him will cherish it forever. People say cliché is typical and cheap but you still put a smile on your lovers face and what's more important is that he will love you for it. Point proven.

Hands at the Ready.....

I like to call it a 'genital Massage' rather then the typical hand job. Start with lighter, softer strokes almost like you are teasing him, making him beg for more. As you get stuck in to it and you both start to enjoy it, make sure you stick to 2 or 3 main strokes that he seems to really enjoy. As you go on and you start developing a good easy rhythm that your partner gets in to is the key for him to release his tension and bringing him to an orgasm.

Mouth is used for more than one thing..

From experience, i have come to notice that a man loves a BJ. This is the best advice i could possibly give you to make your sex life exciting and full of passion. He loves it and i find it the best part of sex. Although, it takes a lot of trust and comfort to have your mouth down there and can be the main event as your man will wait patiently for you to pleasure him in different ways. Often, women get mistaken that they should start by sucking the penis straight away. Ladies Don't do this! Actually, you should start by slowly teasing and playing with it. Using different techniques as well, will increase the pleasure definitely if you use your tongue. All you have to do then is sit back and feel proud of yourself as he sex cries!

So there we have it. 5 great ways to keep your man entertained and coming back for more as well as the treats you get too. I know that they are all great but i would personally say put your energy into oral as he loves it!!

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