5 Cheating Boyfriend Signs

A cheating boyfriend may cause a broken heart

Cheating Boyfriends cause Broken Hearts
Cheating Boyfriends cause Broken Hearts

Catch him in the act!

Cheating boyfriend signs should be observed from a distance if you suspect him of seeing another woman. Constant confrontations should be avoided at all cost until you collect all the needed evidence, so that way he won't have any excuses. While it is always a good idea to give your partner space, you still want to be careful when it comes to signs of a cheating boyfriend. If possible, get out a notepad while recording all of his unusual activity. You could try things like asking about his activities a lot later on to see what he says. Often, people who lie will forget their lie. Why is this? Simply because they don't remember what they did during the day, since they never did it. They just said they did. Cheating partner signs can lead to a broken heart later in the relationship, especially if you catch him in the act. The sooner you catch him, the sooner you can move on to infidelity counseling or even call off your engagement with your man. Don't stick around with anyone who can't fully commit to you -because chances are, he is not the right one for you no matter how funny he seems. Ladies, don't settle for less because you are certainly worth more!

Say no to Infidelity!

Don't stay with a cheater!
Don't stay with a cheater!

Feeling Emotional Distance?

Emotional distance is definitely in the category or cheating boyfriend signs. When you first moved in wit him, he couldn't wait to get off work to see you. The first thing he actually did when stepping into the home was give you a nice little kiss, and ask how your day was. Now he just quickly jumps into the shower while locking the door. When he gets out. you see him plop down on the couch to watch another ball game while drinking a nice, cold one. This is strange, seeing as the both of you aren't married yet, right?

Sudden Schedule Changes

Your man's routine may have changed. If he didn't let you know about it ahead of time, you should be suspicious. However, if the schedule is head on Monday through Wednesday with late work - I wouldn't worry. On another note, signs of a cheating boyfriend include a schedule which fluctuates from Saturday and Monday this week, then Tues and Monday next week. It doesn't make sense for an employer to change a routine like this.

He could leave evidence at any time!

Proof of Cheating

You should always give enough space to allow any slip ups. For example, if you want to catch your cheating boyfriend - observe from the distance. Infidelity signs most often include trying to cover everything up. Get a sneak peek of the phone. If call history is blank, you most likely are dealing with an unfaithful boyfriend. Another way to find out is by going through your personal computer if the both of you live together. Staying up really late and working on the computer doesn't usually mean he is cheating, but I would be careful. Try looking in temporary internet files, social networking sites, and recent messages if he leaves his Yahoo Chat signed in. Eventually he'll forget to log out. If you do find any information that shows he is cheating on you, print it out to confront him at a later point.

Signs include Spending Less Time Together

Maybe you feel ignored?
Maybe you feel ignored?

Less Time Together

Signs of a cheating boyfriend is the equivalent of spending less time together. Sure, he might have a prior engagement with his other mistress or maybe it is a business proposal at work. Don't act too swiftly. Make sure you are dead on before bringing up any accusations. Ask him if he wants to go out with dinner to you every few weeks or cook him his favorite meals. If he actually eats, that is a good sign he isn't cheating on you. Why is this? Because if he is with another woman for a majority of his time, chances are he is eating with her too. You could surprise him at his work by doing something special but try not to get too much of his attention to cause any suspicion of stalking. Just bring a picnic lunch that he enjoys, and who knows - you might even catch him doing something else!

Advice or Suspicion?

You may have an achy heart each day because you suspect him cheating on you. Follow your heart and talk with friends or family to ease the pain. Try following their advice. Chances are, the same thing happened to your Aunt in her lifetime and she could give you some valuable life experience based on what occurred in her situation. Another benefit of talking with friends is that they might even know where he has been. Don't be so naïve because it is very possible that the person you are talking to is the same person he is seeing. If you break down crying while discussing possible cheating boyfriend signs, your girlfriend may fess up to having a relationship with him. In this case, do not turn to violence. The best thing you could ever do in your life is leave your boyfriend and best friend alone since they both deceived you.

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