5 secrets you should never reveal it your wife

It is always pleasure to share everything with your better half, but there are few secrets which you should never reveal it to her. It will be the greatest mistake if you do so.


My boss is a ‘gay’.

It is great to talk about your office stuff with your wife. It will ensure the trust between you and her. Still there are few things which are not relevant to her. Your boss could be a gay or a bi but what it has to do with your wife? Do you think how it will be when your wife meets your boss at a party or some get-to-gather? Or if you are just late to finish your work at office, do you know what your wife imagines?

Ouch. Don’t even let a word out.

Am I like Shane, cheating on wife? I’m PERFECT.

That will be the end of Shane. Do not try to show your self up by putting your friend down. Though you think you are just revealing it to your wife, Not to Shane’s; the next minute the whole world will know about it. Your wife would be happy to be a messenger and spread these kinds of gossips. You will lose a good friend too.

My ex called me today.

She could have called you for an emergency or just to check how you doing. Don’t you really know, what will happen if you tell this to your wife? Still you want to share this with her, be ready for the long questionnaire.

Is she calling you everyday? Is she trying to renew the relationship? How long you were on the call? All of a sudden why she remembered you? Did you try meeting her? What all she said? etc. Never ending questions.

I’m faithful; I’d even give you my e-mail passwords.

Tattattaaaang.. You are digging your own grave. It is not a wise decision to share your e-mail passwords not only with your wife, but with anybody. Women have great analytic skills. They will just read all 11237 mails which you received from the day you signed up in a single day. As soon as you return from office, you will have to give your explanation on the spam mail about Viagra medicines which sent by Dr.Sexy Sheila or the picture you took two years before in office tour with your lady colleagues.

Honey, bear with my weaknesses.

As soon as you get married, we know you love to expose yourself. You like to make your wife clear about your character and personality. Stop there. Don’t ever go and confess about your weaknesses. You might not know, women have a separate dictionary for men’s talk which gives ugly meaning for whatever you tell her.

  • Once in a while I smoke and have a beer – I love to drink and smoke all day. Beer and cigarettes are your twin brothers.
  • Sometimes I watch porn – I’m addicted to sex, I want to try some experiments with you.
  • I’m emotional – I’m a ‘mommy’ boy, I cry a lot.
  • After my ex left me, I was disturbed for sometime – I was MENTALLY ILL.
  • I love soccer – I don’t even care if you happen to die while I watch soccer in TV.
  • I prefer it to be neat – I want you to clean it everyday.
  • I'm a bit short tempered – I'm a monster at times.
  • I flirt with girls just for fun – I’m a PLAYBOY.

So be careful with what you say. It will take sometime for her to understand your personality but let it happen naturally. Don’t force yourself in explaining everything in words and fall in trouble. Handle it cautiously.

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Faeriephenomenon profile image

Faeriephenomenon 5 years ago from USA

I really enjoyed this hub :)

ohsoamberx profile image

ohsoamberx 5 years ago from Ohio

I do not agree with your HUB. It seems as if those tips will just cause you future problems by hiding things instead of just saying the truth.

as for the boss thing, it would be beneficial to tell your wife because if she meets him at a company get together she could ask him questions about having a wife or seeing anyone and make it awkward for the boss and her husband.

It is written well, but I just do not agree with most of it!

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Thank you Shanaya for placing your valuable comment here. You are back to hubpages after a very long time I guess. Welcome back. I expect you to write more. I wish you all the very best. keep smiling. :)

shanaya profile image

shanaya 5 years ago from Living in my Own Dreams:)

Being a female i just laughed at my own self while reading your above HUB. Your HUB is enough to know a women perfectly. how well you have written.keep up your work..looking forward to read more of your hubs.:)

obviously VOTED UP.

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Thank you Zubair Ahmed for stopping by and writing your thought about my hub here. Thanks for checking by blogs too..

"Better half" is not always being better. I do accept your what you said. :)

Zubair Ahmed profile image

Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago

Good hub, very useful info. I'm not sure better half is the best description not always anyway. :-) By the way I visited your blog on image manipulation, vry impressive, I also like graphic design so tend to dabble in image creation and manipulation. So found your post very useful.

all the best keep up the good work.

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Thank you mcrawford76 and Mikeq107 for placing your valuable comments. I know how much it is important to be open in a relationship. But everyone is not same. They have different opinion. Being a woman I know about women's psychology better. I wrote this from their point of view what all could affect them really.

Still I value your comments. I'd be more careful in what I'm writing when I write sensitive things like this hereafter. Thanks again.

mikeq107 5 years ago

Hi vishaa :0)

Well I guess maybe we are a rare exception. We share everything, I mean everything.

Its what makes our realtionship so strong..I know a lot of couples cant or wont do this, but I can not imangine not doing this.

Some people settle but Cynthis waited 42 years for me..Had never been married...to me true love is no secrets, no holding back, makes for a solid foundation Otherwise why marry, I honestly believe this..

I grew up with 4 sisters so I was well trained LOL...But if I can not talk to cynthia about everything and she me...then whats the point of being true soulmates after all thats how you both become one....our realtionship just keeps going deeper as the years pass because of this...

Well great hub !!!

thats my ten cents !

Mike :0)

mcrawford76 profile image

mcrawford76 5 years ago from Greeley, Colorado

Let's see here, my boss is not gay.

I don't have any friends that cheat on their wives (to my knowledge)

I did give my wife my e-mail password as I absolutely have nothing to hide.

And my wife knows all of my faults and weaknesses and loves me as well as my shortcomings.

I guess by your definition I should be in trouble, but I've been married for ten years and had three fights so whatever we'ere doing is working.

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

thank you Noori. Thank you for reading my hub and placing your comment. :)

noorie-ali profile image

noorie-ali 5 years ago from Leeds, England

like your thinking vish

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Thank you Meer, Enlydia Listener for placing your valuable comments. Being a woman, I know what exactly a woman thinks. :)

Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 5 years ago from trailer in the country

How astute of you to notice how the female mind works!

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

I just loved this line of yours:

Women have great analytic skills. They will just read all 11237 mails which you received from the day you signed up in a single day.

Excellent! lol

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