The Five Known Victims of Jack the Ripper (Caution - Some pictures are graphic and gruesome)

Jack the Ripper is the infamous serial murderer who victimized women in the Whitechapel area of London in the 1880’s. Inhabitants of the Whitechapel area were destitute. Their living conditions were deplorable. Whole families lived in one filthy room. It was not uncommon to find the rotting remains of dead rats, a pig, or a human body lying next to a naked, malnourished child. It was poverty at it’s most cruel. Adults and children alike did whatever it took to eke out an existence; to earn the cost of a night’s lodging and a chunk of bread to share with whomever they spent the night.

 It was in this disgusting and hellish corner of London that Jack the Ripper gave these desperate women the one chance of escape they did not want.

Victim #1 Mary Ann Nichols Body Found August 31, 1888

Description at time of Murder: Age 45, Height 5’2”, Complexion Dark, Eyes Brown, Hair Brown turning grey.

Apparel at time of Murder: Brown dress with 7 large brass buttons, Grey woolen petticoats (reportedly recorded as being stenciled with “Lambeth Workhouse”), Flannel drawers and white chest flannel, Brown stays, Black ribbed woolen stockings, Men’s spring-sided boots and a Black straw bonnet trimmed with black velvet.

Mary Ann Nichols was the wife of William Nichols of 37 Coburg Street, Old Kent Road, though the couple had actually been separated for nine years due to Mrs. Nichols drunkenness and immoral habits. During their separation Mary was an inmate at several workhouses, the last of which was Lambeth Workhouse. She left Lambeth Workhouse in May of 1888 and entered the service of Mr. Cowdry. On July 12 of that same year she left there after helping herself to a number of items of wearing apparel. After that she spent nights in common lodging houses.

On the night of August 31, 1888, Mary Ann Nichols told the manager of the lodging house at 18 Thrawl Street to save her bed. It was 1:40 am and she had no money, so she set out to earn her night’s lodging. She was drunk at the time.

At 2:30 a.m. Ellen Holland who was staying at 18 Thrawl Street saw Mary Ann Nichols at the corner of Osborn Street and Whitechapel Road. She tried to get the drunken woman to return to the lodging house with her, but instead Mary Ann walk toward Buck’s Row where her dead body was later found.

At 3:15 a passerby named Charles Cross found the body of Mary Ann Nichols on the Buck’s Row walkway.  He left to inform the police.  In his absence Constable John Neil came upon the body.  It had not been there during his last walk by one- half hour earlier.  That fact coupled with there being very little blood at the scene lent the police to deduce the body was transported there after the murder.

Mary Ann Nichols was pronounced dead by Dr. Llewellyn who took her body to the mortuary.  Her throat had been cut as had been her abdomen.  Inquiries at the murder site offered no clues to the murder.

Victim # 2 Anne Chapman Body Found September 8, 1888

Description at time of Murder: Age 45, Complexion Fair, Eyes Blue, Hair Dark Brown Wavy, 2 Missing Lower Teeth, Large Thick Nose

Apparel at time of Murder: Black figured jacket, Brown bodice, Old dirty, laced boots

Anne Chapman had been residing at Timothy Donovan’s lodge house at 35 Dorset Street. On September 8, 1888 at 1:45 a.m. Anne was in the Donovan Kitchen. She was drunk and had no money. She soon left declaring she would be back and she would have money.

Back Yard No.29 Hanburg

 At 6:10 a.m. Anne Chapman lay dead in the back yard at No. 29 Hanburg Street.  According to Inspector Joseph Chandler she was “lying on her back, dead, left arm resting on left breast, legs drawn up”.  Her throat was “cut deeply from left and back in a jagged manner right around the throat”.  Inspector Chandler’s report also indicated her abdomen had been cut with her entrails on the ground above her right shoulder.  The wall and fence near where the body was laid out was spattered with blood.

Dr. Phillips pronounced Anne Chapman dead and took her to the mortuary. His notes included a lot of information that never made it into police records.

The following are the clues that were overlooked or ignored:

Ø   A piece of muslin fabric, a comb and a paper case were left by the body

Ø   Two rings from Anne’s fingers, some pennies and two new farthings were left at the foot  of the body

Ø   An envelope and a piece of paper containing two pills were at the head of the body

         On the back of the envelope was the seal of the Sussex Military Regiment

         On the front of the envelope was a letter “M” and a postage stamp

Ø   A leather apron soaked with water was found near a faucet two feet away

         Some accounts have it as a partial apron

Though the apron was, for a while, considered a viable clue, all other items were discounted despite their being carefully arranged around Anne’s slain body.

Victim # 3 Elizabeth Stride Body Found September 30, 1888

At 1 a.m. behind a workmen’s club inside the gates of Dutfield’s yard in Bermer Street, Commercial Road East, Louis Diemshutz, Secretary to the Socialist Club, found the body of Elizabeth Stride. He rushed to report the incident. Constable Lamb returned to the scene with him, and then sent for Dr Blackwell and Dr Phillips who pronounced her dead at 1:10 a.m. The immediate area was searched, but no weapon was found.

The following outlines the doctors’ report on Elizabeth Stride:

Ø She was found lying on her left side with left arm extended from the elbow with small candies in her hand

Ø Her right arm was over her stomach – back of hand and inner wrist dotted with blood

Ø Her legs were drawn up, knees fixed, feet close to the wall

Ø Slightly torn silk handkerchief around her throat with throat being deeply gashed and showing a skin abrasion about 1 ¼ inches in diameter


The Evening News reported Elizabeth Stride also had grapes in her right hand claiming a man seen with Stride earlier had purchased grapes from a local vendor.  Even though police reports stated two private detectives found grape stems in the debris swept from the site of the murder, the clue was dismissed as unimportant.    (It is thought grapes were quite expensive during that time period and an unfortunate would not have access to them unless a wealthy person were to provide them)


Victim #4 Catherine Eddows Body Found September 30, 1888

After being in the Billingsgate Street Police Station for drunkenness, Catherine Eddows was released at 1 a.m. on September 30, 1888. At 1:45 a.m. Constable Watkins found her mutilated body at Mitre Square. Her face was unrecognizable from acts perpetrated by the murderer.

The following describes her injuries:

Ø   A part of her nose was missing

Ø   Her right earlobe was barely attached

Ø   Her throat was cut

Ø   Her abdomen was laid open and one kidney had been removed

Mortuary Photo

 It has long been assumed Catherine Eddowes’ body was placed at Mitre Square after the murder and mutilation was performed in an empty building nearby.  This conclusion was drawn from the report that at 2:55 a.m. a constable found a blood-stained apron next to a wall where the phrase “The JUWES are not the men That Will be Blamed for nothing” had been written in chalk.  Nothing of import was derived from the phrase, but the apron and the removal of the kidney  led Drs Brown and Phillips to suggest Jack the Ripper may have been “a hunter, a butcher, a student in surgery or a properly qualified surgeon”.

Victim #5 Mary Kelly Body Found November 9, 1888

 Mary Kelly met her end in her own room at the 16 Dorset Street boardinghouse, No. 13.  True to form, her throat had been sliced open, her body mutilated.  In a strange twist, some skin had been removed from her legs.

Mary Kelly is considered to be the last of the Jack the Ripper victims, but little detail was reported of her or her death as compared to the previous murders contributed to Jack the Ripper.

It was said she was seen on the night of November 9, 1888 in the presence of a man with a mustache wearing a bowler style hat who was carrying a small, long, leather bag.

At this time in Whitechapel it was a belief, in the event of a violent death, the last image seen would be indelibly etched on the retina. Therefore, an industrious photographer took pictures of the dead eyes of Mary Kelly hoping to be able to finally learn the true identity of the elusive Jack the Ripper. Of course, this was to no avail.

Dorset Street in Whitechapel


Suspects were numerous. Some were considered suspects totally due to general speculation, others because of descriptions, locations or occupations.

A popular theory named Queen Victoria’s grandson who was known as Eddy. From there it was then suspected Eddy’s friend and tutor committed the murders hoping Eddy would be blamed. The next link to Eddy was Dr. William Gull. Some theorized Dr. Gull killed women so they could not be connected to immoral liaisons with Eddy. His wife, however, claimed Dr. Gull was given to sporadic “manias for inflicting pain” and she had no idea where he’d been on the nights of each murder.

Coincidentally, another suspect, Montague John Driutt, who was rumored to have law offices and had been know to rent rooms in the Whitechapel area, bore an astonishing resemblance to the grandson of Queen Victoria, the notorious Eddy. Druitt took his own life in 1888; after which no further Jack the Ripper killings were reported.

In spite of more than a century of research, investigation and being the subject of numerous books and films, Jack the Ripper and his five victims remain a most ugly part of the Whitechapel/London history as the most infamous cold case in Scotland Yard’s files.

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 7 years ago

royalty has blood on there hands

Donna 7 years ago

How stupid are you? Royalty? This was an educated Doctor you moron.

Rhonda 7 years ago

Play nice. No need for name calling.

 7 years ago

Actually, most of the doctors at the time said he possibly had some knowledge of anatomy, but was most likely not a medical man...but that's just what the research says.

 7 years ago

i think the man is a crazy killer that got a thrill out of hurting innocent people.

kate 7 years ago

If you wany to know the real story,

watch the movie From Hell with Johnny Depp and Heather Graham.

loc 7 years ago

that movie is derived from the royalty theory and is based upon a book writen around the royalty theory

me&me 7 years ago

i think its cool :D

Angela 7 years ago

I do not believe he was a doctor! I do believe he was a man who received a great amount of pleasure by watching the pain & certain knowledge that these women knew they were destined to die and to die horribly. I believe it was curiosity that had him slicing these women's bodies apart & a doctor would have no such curiosity he would already know. It was also the final act of humiliation on these women to display them openly for all to see because he made no efforts to hide the bodies nor the crimes he comitted. He derived a great amount of sexual gratification by doing what he did out in the open as well as feeding his ego in the fact that he was never caught, or at least as far as anyone knows not for these crimes he comitted.

geraldine c 7 years ago

I dont think it was doctor but a moruge assitant or a butcher/huntsman

requiya reynolds 18 years 7 years ago

since other research states that he killed his wife before the first five were acknowledged in history it stated that they were in poverty and that even married women prostituted to make ends meet as well so maybe in theory he found of such thing that she could have been doing and it mite have drove him in same since again some research has stated that he escaped from a mental hospital things of this nature could cause a man to his breaking point so it might have been his mental side that caused him to take his revenge or built up anger on the streetwalkers of the night maybe he found out some news about his wife at night time therefore causing a sudden type of memory of the brain that seems to be triggered only at night in which he kills either starting to realize what he has done caused him to flee to new york where other murders were taken or maybe he hid to keep the heat away from him because it is alleged that he changed his name so that he may leave the country and started his killing spree again and alleged the last victim had an x carved in to her back and many people dont seem to think it was a letter but meaning the roman numeral 10 where he may have been showing the number of murders that actually took place with others that still to this day may have not been surfaced yet so it is possible he was just a healthy man that snapped because of the horrible truths that drove him to either be normal with a trigger or completely become insane this is just my opinion so dont take this as the answer to the case i am an eighteen year old girl and i think that this is a pretty good theory to conclude. oh and excuse the run on sentences that appear and the lack of punctuation.

tazie 52yrs old 7 years ago

i watched the depp movie and i think the freemasons definetly knew what was going on. The freemasons were a secret soceity and the queen knew also who was doing the killing. I also think that the freemasons secret soceity still has a sercet charter in todays soceity.

nightwolf 7 years ago

has anyone thought that it might have been a "Bobby" I mean isn't it possible that a policeman could have been Jack the Ripper seeing that a policeman would know the area from walking a beat and would be able to get close enough to these women to kill them but this is just an idea and is not based on fact just what i have read on the subject.

RachelC 7 years ago

Apparently the identification of Jack the Ripper is known, and has been known for quite some time but there is some legal rule that his name cannot be released to the general public until a specific period of time has passed once his last remaining living descendent dies of - then we will all be told the secret of who Jack the Ripper actually was.

Kim  7 years ago

I dont think it really matters anymore who Jack the Ripper was. He has done what he set out to do and that was elude police and "fans" for years. He murdered 5 woman in a grotesque way, however whether he was a doctor, a butcher or Joe Bloggs down the road, it would be nice to know his identity but we will never know, so wishing it isn't going to make a difference, and most certainly name calling each other morons etc, most certainly isn't going to make a difference. Perhaps we should just accept that he was a murderer who eluded everyone for decades and does to this day.

lala 7 years ago

what happened is he was a mason and the prince (everyone like the roal family was masons so like everyone involved were masons the men only of course) had marryed a prostitute and had a baby the baby was the heir to the throne is they found out the prinice marryed a prostitute his who life would be like (as they say now) over and the "papirazzi" would be all over him so he hired a hitman to kill the wife and the other ladies cause they were at the wedding and they were a wittness to the marage but if you DO watch from hell ull c that everyone involved is a mason BUT at the end the docter sayts hes the rippers

hes not it seems the ripper had sum 2 do that day and the docter filled in for him but the docter thought he was given a great deed and boasted to the detective so they tried to kill him (didnt wrk) and when he goes to kill the last women after he does he here's a voice that little mystarious voice is the REAL jack thats how u knoe that the doc wasn't him and the REAL jack the ripper was a real mason cause i have 2 friedns who are masons and they could look it up cause things like that are kept but that dosent mean the the masons are bad ppl and worship the devil

THEY DONT jack the ripper just happened to be a hitman that was amason cause even if he wasent a mason the prince probly would of gone to him any was and if u look past all the grammer mistakes (hah lol :)} and try to understand what im saying (even thought im just 12) i DO know what im talking about ive been studing him for months and mi mom has connections so if u do GOOD research ull relize that jack IS NOT a docter hes just an educated hitman and he hired the doster cause the doceter was educated and if u want to argue (ur gonna lose) my address is

weird kid 7 years ago

I heard that an author spent four million dollars to solve the case and figured out he was an artist.

white guy 7 years ago

Jack the ripper was a crazy mother fucker and none of y'all niggas can spell right. No one will ever know who he was what he was or anything about him, so drop this shit and go get a life and grow up.

Sam Price 6 years ago

maybe he was a she. there are certain theories that provide sufficent evidence that Jack was a Jill. Their main woman suspect is Mrs. Mary Pearcey. Look it up.

Carol 6 years ago

One thing is very clear, the actual investigation was pretty lame, police didn't understand about tampering with evidence back then so it's never going to be clear who did it. There is no point spending millions on a case that won't ever be solved because it's too late and too much evidence was lost.

Glenda 6 years ago

Why does it have to be someone famous or eminent? The Eastend was full of cut throats and murders. It is most likely to have been an anonymous working class psychopath which ios why this crime was never solved.

Taylor 6 years ago

requiya reynolds i think maybe you've thought too much into it, Iala too. I mean come on guys you're like "if you wanna argue (your gna lose)" give it up. thts just sad man. I agree with Kim. We can speculate, argue and wish but lets face it we're never gna know and the person tht says were gna be told after some desendants dies? Even if tht happens no 1 will believe it? There will always be second third and 1hundred guessing. So why cant we just talk about it and disagree without giving some kind of primary backchat its pathetic. Em anyway in my opinion it was a vendetta against prostitutes either from a religious view, revenge (as previously suggested in another comment) or indeed moral view. But I think he may have killed through a need for power, a mental disturbance or revenge and then cut them open to either make money out of the organs while he was at it or just to confuse the officials. Either way he's prob dead anyway and most definitely took his secret to the grave. That's assuming he remembers, (if it was a he) wasn't excuted for other rime or imprisioned or still alive.

yr8 jamie sumner 6 years ago

this is all stupid, the case will never be solved but if i had to pick someone, it would be royalty for me

ichigokasume94 6 years ago

Truthfully i think the Jack the Ripper case will never be solved there was too much evedince lost. But, i dont beleive that he was a psycopath. I seriously beleive he was just a person who could not afford schooling and decided to do his own "research". Or perhaps he was educated and he wannted to know more than what he could be told by other physitions, thus his brutal murders.I simply refuse to beleive that this man was a psycopath, he was just curious.

jack the ripper 6 years ago

hey guys, it's me jack, um.. you're all rong. bye. (;

Dr. Scarpetta 6 years ago

Read Patricia Cornwells "Jack the Ripper". She has some interesting and eductaed theories on the identity of The Ripper. The artist Whistler, a well known misogynist.

Dr. Scarpetta 6 years ago

Taylor: PROBABLY dead?? If not, he's 120 years old!

Willie  6 years ago

Completely Disgusting and Interesting!!!!!

ro 6 years ago

“He did it out of curiosity" What is that? Based on the evidence he removed a kidney with one cut and without damaging any other organs. A doctor would not do it for mere curiosity but to prove they were God the personality of doctors particularity the English in that time Era were generally arrogant and soulless men that would gloat all day about their careers and professions. I also find it strange that the chief of police was a freemason and if you review freemason tradition, they are sworn to secrecy by their brethrens. Hasn’t any one seen the movie the Skulls okay like that but worse they are sworn to secrecy no matter what they know or see a brother do. Well I think that it was some type of cover up and for them to get away and never gotten caught they had two things going One they were above average intelligence which supports some sort of physician not to mention they also had anatomy experience. Two they had someone protecting their efforts and it was someone with power even over the police department. There is no way they could have gone that long without getting caught also the evidence specifies that the bodies were indeed moved from their place of murder. So I think that supports the idea they had someone helping them. He did not do it for any other reason other than to show that humans were capable of such repulsive killing methods and to leave his mark. One last entry with most serial killers they never stop until they are caught and in most cases, they want to be caught. In the Ripper Case, he stopped on his own unlikely behavior for a serial killer why? If it was for his mere amusement, why didn’t he continue? Why did he stop after killing such few women? He killed them in a period of weeks only not months or years like most serial killers function.

Tori 6 years ago

I believe that Jack the Ripper was a sick mother fucker that had some serious issues. He probably was either part of the investigation team or an aristocrat, meaning they were able to draw attention away from themselves or paid for other's silence. He probably killed only prostitutes becsause they were considered the scum of the earth pretty much an abomination. So I agree with the theory that it was a religious operation.

Kelly 6 years ago

I think that Jack/jill was a very twisted individual. He/she did these killings just for the sick thrill of it. And how do we know that the killings stopped all together. Maybe they stopped in London because Jack/Jill moved on to another city or state. There where a series of unsolved murders in New York that year that were very much the same as the Ripper killings

 6 years ago

jack the ripper is 'cool'

therevout 6 years ago

I think the who histroy of "jack the ripper" is kinda fascinating. not that i like the guy but reading all the theories.. we all have a different one as they did to bad we may never know the real

Picky 6 years ago

If he was a seriel killer why stop after 5... its all a cover up by the police.. Dectective Aberline said 1929 they all knew who did it...yes it was linked to the free masons but it was Queen Victorias personal doctor who did the killings at her request after prince Albert fathering a child to a catholic who owned a tobacononist. Guess who the babysitter was..Yes mary Kelly... She knew the other 4 victims as she told then the truth in the ten bells pub...

The royal family are murdering bastards and still doing it to this day...

BOB 6 years ago

I think Jack The Ripper was sane, he did not have a mental problem. In fact I think he was a genious for not being found. He knew they would never find him so he toyed with the police sending them letters with parts cut out of his victims.

terry 6 years ago

one day

Judy 6 years ago

I think Jack had lack of technology and a lot of "luck" on his side. But there is no such thing as coincident, the east end was full of potential victims. It's crazy to think that the detectives of the time couldn't link these five women's lives together. It's hard to believe that the day he killed three women was planned, I think it was a random act of violence and probably would have continued had Jack not faced the karma of revenge. And I highly doubt that his identity has been known, that kind of information is impossible to keep a secret.

paul garnett 6 years ago

Look , the clues are in the writing on the wall , rearrange some letters and you will get it . Its a cryptic message. Also if you think about it , it was a cop that was doing the killing. I am currently attempting to get all sorts of info on the case if anyone has any clue how to do so write to me at

ichigokasume94 6 years ago

ok so this migt sound weird and its probably already beensaid but i dont think Jack the Ripper killed Elizabeth Stride or Cathrine Eddows. think about this:

Marry Jane Kelly

Marry Ann Polly

Annie Chapman

they link to eachother Ann and Marry are common bettween all three of them, maybe he just wasn't killing random prostitutes maybe some one else killed Cathrine Eddows and Elizabeth Stride and that would explain her lack of mutilation more so than being "interupted". Its just a thought.

jack the ripper 6 years ago

hey guys look im still alive ;) catch me if you can

Jon 6 years ago

The whole cover up conspiracy involving royalty and cop conspiracy makes it a much more interesting mystery. It makes much more interesting movies that way too. Jack the ripper was none of those. He was a disorganized killer that achieved great sexual gratification from his control and mutilization of his victims. Had an obvious hatred for women especially prostitutes. A person that did what he did was not an intelligent man. Lived in the area and was very disturbed. His murders kept escalating which with his last victim was very mutilated. This was a man suffering from Paranoia and delusions...he wouldve been a loner and locals thought of him as a crazy. His name was David Cohen. He is Jack The Ripper. After the last victim he was committed to an asylum which is why the murders stopped where he stayed till he died. No conspiracy just a crazy uneducated man that had a prostitute drunk domineering mother. It's very simple if you just use behavioral science and common sense. Sorry to spoil your conspiracy theories but From Hell was entertaining and that's it...oh and Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, as did Timothy Mcviegh and Sept 11th was perpetrated by a bunch of religious maniac muslims. O.J. Did it and Jon Bennet's parents killed her.

 6 years ago

Stillwater 6 years ago

Most of the scores of suspects are thrown out the window when we arrive with the Kozminski or his real name David Cohen It's a long story but the same person. He was a poor polish jewish immigrant who hated women, and was mentally insane. The Royal family, doctors, lawyers, masons, are all good for sensationalism and continuing the mystique of a murderer who was basically was barbaric in thinking, and had average intelligence who was lucky not to be caught in the act. This is the only suspect that was spotted by numerous witnesses, and was clearly indentified by another a strong witness.

blondie 1027 6 years ago

Look all of you can talk , assume , think , guess all you want , but the fact remains to many clues were lost or destroyed or hidden. Nobody knows who he was and will never know and if someone did know who he or she was is long dead . He or she was smart enough not to get caught and that's all there is to it! Cops or royality or doctors.... it doesn't matter anymore. The fact remains ...the women were killed in a horrible way and jack never got caught and then stopped or died or moved. LET IT GO....

synamon 6 years ago

he was a sick twisted evil waste of a human body: )

jack 6 years ago


Hannah 6 years ago

I think that he could have been a doctor because he seemed to know what he was doing and how to cut them with such presition! I also think that he could have just had a steady hand and knew what he was doing by studying it! "/

x files 6 years ago

Actually the case has been solved,he was an American Doctor by the name of Dalrymple.The murders only happened when he was in England,and stopped when he left.When he died he was a reasonably wealthy man,and they found some very cheap rings amongst his belongings,these have been identified as belonging to one of the women he murdered.There you go people mystery solved.Bye the way some of you really do need to invest in a Dictionary!!!

who knows? 6 years ago

My believes and opinions will vary just as all of yours. I do need to say that there are too many what if's. The straight facts cannot be found. As a typical human we can come up with different theories off of one photograph or even on piece of evidence, which doesn't make myself nor anyone else right about how, who, or why the murders were commited. They happened. It may or may not stay unknown but there is always evidence being found for things that happened long before jack the ripper so it may be a matter of time. I myself have mixed feelings.

barry 6 years ago

has anyone seen my shoes im very drunk

Laurie 6 years ago

I agree with a few of you who say that it could have been a religious belief that drove JTR to commit these horrible murders. The fact that it was only Prostitutes is what drives that point home for me. I also agree that we will surely never know as all of the evidence has been destroyed over a century ago. Everything from then on out is and will be speculation, including what I think. I highly doubt that we will ever know the true identity of JTR, unfortunately. That said, you all have some really interesting views on the subject and they are all really good and thought out. I too will continue to research and read about it, just because it has interested me for so long.

Trish 6 years ago

As to all comments yeah much as we have read is suppose to be gone or destryed but come on not every policeman in that time was stupid enough to allow all they're hard work go up in flames or get misplaced so yes I do believe the idenity of the ripper is known especially by the royals they know everything, the Masons were they're private physicians who kept all they're dirty health issue secrets so why would would any intelligent person think his identity wasn't found out. One thing I've seen in researching many strange and bizzare killings is when a country is embarrassed it managing to play the just as shocked as the public role to avoid accepting responsibility for not stopping it sooner. How do women get murdered like this in alleys around people doin the same thing and no one heard anything sex is not that good that your ear is deaf to weird noises especially if your a married man paying for it. Come on people we may never know but why should we than the talk, fun and speculation stops. Billy the Kid was big news too till Pat Garrett killed him, Bonnie and Clyde too all were big stories till they were killed than they became occasional conversations. Look at Charles Manson aren't we still reading and learning why he did what he did.

Sorry folks just my thought!

Robert 6 years ago

James Kelly is now considered the most likely and prime suspect. He fit the profile, and was in London, and New York at the times of murders. Watch Jack the Ripper in America, shows alot of facts and points in case.

MR. Knownothing 6 years ago

I watched the James Kelly thing and they never said anything about removing the organs in a surgen like mannor. or being so good with the body just that he know how to use a knife

shateek 6 years ago

thank it relly helps as a writer

jan 6 years ago

why dont u lot get a life, it was a jew who died of manic exhaustion.

Wrongfuldeath 6 years ago

Being a Mason There are a couple of similarities that could be found amoung those in the know amid death and Masonic teachings. I must say though because of the location of the bodies it would have to be done outside of Masonic teachings as murder is not upheld by any Masonic Lodge outside certain cryteria.

someone 2244 6 years ago

no one will ever know who or wat he/she was. so just stop fighting and move on.

mystery guy??????? 6 years ago

yea what he or she said soo shut up and stop fighting

mystery guy??????? is csgall 6 years ago

im mee soo bye!!!!! (_____(_(___________()~~~~~~~~~~~~

adidaspat 6 years ago

One problem with the royalty theory (and there are many) is the author of the book (Stephen Knight) had the queen's physicion, Sir William Gull as the ripper. At the time of the murders Gull was 72 years old and had already suffered one stroke. He died in 1890 after having two more yet Knight had him running around Whitechapel like he was spiderman or something. There are a lot of coincidences with the victims names if one reads more than one book. For instance one source has Cathrine Eddowes pawning some boots the day before she died and leaving the name "Jane Kelly". The following morning when she was released from police custody just before being murdered she gave her name as "Mary Ann Kelly". Mary Jane Kelly's fathers name was John Kelly. Catherine Eddowes boyfriend was named John Kelly. Quite a coincidence on the surface but I got the information from 3 books by different authors. None of them confirmed all those factors. Also prostitutes often used each other's names which could imply that Eddowes and Kelly knew each other but it doesn't mean there was any relation.

jerk the rapper 6 years ago

i read one theory i found quite plausible......that a local butcher who contracted syphyllis committed the murders in vengful rage against prostitutes. in addition, some believe mary kelly was a copycat killing committed by someone she knew. kelly's murder was the only one committed in her residence, while the others were committed hastily in the street. but think about it...who better to walk around covered in blood unnoticed? and a butcher would possess sharp cutting instruments and a general knowledge of anatomy.and a butcher shop would be an ideal place to dispose of the victims pilfered organs......

 6 years ago

your all dumb!

smiley face #1  6 years ago

Jack the ripper was found it was supposedly from what i found a man by the name of James Kelley. In no way related to the murderd victim Mary Kelly. Notice the difference in the spelling of the last names. Kelley (Jack)

and Kelly (Mary)

sammi 6 years ago

at this moment in time this case would have been solved in an instent but back the vitorian times they did not have the right technolagy requiered to solve this case... all we have to go on is theories... i beleave the reason jack killed these women wasn't for revenge or some religus cause... it was to cause chaos... here we are fighting over who killed these women name caling and what not... not to mention the facty that the city probly was to afrade to step out side into their own back yards... jack the ripper enjoyed the thought that if any of these women had friends or family will be morning them for the rest of their lives...

stacey 6 years ago

who knows if the killer is still out there it could be a family thing passed down though generations an on and on so be care ful

mark 6 years ago

who knows!?..we will never find out..

#1fan 6 years ago

think about it... i have been reading a doing reserch on jack the ripper for months. the most obviouse killer would be Robert Mann, a local mortuary attendant. he was metionally ill and knew how to take care of a dead body. and when the apron was found, who wore an apron?? UMM ROBERT MANN! case solved =)

sarah 6 years ago

I have foind that the book " The diary of jack the ripper " has been very informal and I would have to say there really on something here it's a good book ....I give my name that all know of me so history do tell, what love can do to a gental man born.. It's about James Maybrick how he wroth of his murders and it was because of his wife cheating he decided to kill all whores....again very interesting u shoud get it

Awsomey person! =) 6 years ago

Seriously everyone!! just stop arguing about it because it was years and years ago! you all have your own opinions but as far as we know non of them are right!! Were NEVER going to find out who it was so if i where you just forget it! Dont take me wrong it was VERY wrong but still it was in the past and its probably never going to happen again!!

lulz.  6 years ago

okay, he was not a doctor, he was specified as a lunatic, and had escaped from an asylum in his early years. history channel did a case on it, and found that he could easily blend into a crowd of normal people, but when the button gets pushed his other side shows. he killed his wife, and then created a string of murders to prostitutes. i dont know the exact name of him, but the people who investigated the case further had good proof on someone. i believe he was a butcher acually, he would kill with a butcher knife.

web79 6 years ago

Actually they believe he was a man named James Kelly. He was a carpenter which explains the sharp knife and the way he gutted women like the fabric from furniture. He was way to sloppy to be a doctor or a butcher. The cuts he made were jagged. James Kelly murdered his wife then went to an insane asylum where he escaped two months before the Jack the Ripper killings started. They can also place him in New York during the time they believe Jack the Ripper was there killing prostitutes as well as Dallas TX. James Kelly returned to the asylum he broke out or forty years later. He was old and confused but confessed to many murders, although, he never confessed to being Jack the Ripper his murders match up to those of Jacks.

MR.R 6 years ago

IM jACK THE RIPPERS SON.See you all soon :)

Ali 6 years ago

Jack the Ripper was evil and thrilled from killing innocent people. These people did not deserve to die.He killed his own wife,and was nuts,and deserved a death worse than he did to his own victims.It is not "Jack"that is evil,so never see the name "Jack" as evil for it is "The Ripper"part that named his horridness.

Raine 6 years ago

If you read Patrica Cornwell's book you will see that with many of these comments yes he was an artist the reason he knew the anatomy of a female was because he had a deformity of his genitals where he was born with both female and male genitalia, his name is Walter Sickert read the book and you will understand.

Lili 6 years ago

How come he only attacked women??please reply i need to know for a school project about jack the ripper im in year 4 i know the teachers shouldn't make us learn about serial killers!!!!

shayna 6 years ago

oh my ghosh.

John 6 years ago


Because he was a straight male and this was the way he got his sexual kicks. Chances are that he would have killed before Mary Ann but they're just not linked prob because they wasn't so severe. The killing stopped because he either killed himself or was locked away (mental hospital) He just wouldn't have been able to stop killing once he started. learn about FBI profiling it will help

Slayer 6 years ago

There is much speculation on the ripper. So I submit my interpretation. Jack the Ripper was a medical student or a doctor at the time and desired fresh corpses to practice with and since he could not get them any other way he sought out the dredges of humanity (whores) who he felt had nothing to lose. He did his "explorations" leaving the victims to die. None of the victims were sexually assaulted at least not that they could prove. So I do believe that he was furthering his knowledge on human anatomy.

john 6 years ago

yes but he wasn't really furthering his knowledge was he, he knew he only had moments with the victims otherwise the chances of him getting caught would have dramatically increased. Surely he could have got fresh corpes by robbing new graves. So the killings point to an urge a 'fix'

jennifer 6 years ago

James kelly was.100% Jack the Ripper. Do the research people its worth the effort. I recommend Jack th Ripper in america on cables ID channel it will blow ur mind & put ALL doubts to rest!

Sean 6 years ago

Francis Tumbelty was the ripper,he was a woman hating gay psychopath.

lala 6 years ago


Courtney 6 years ago

He was a sick manand so are all the people who thinks this is funny!!!

the ripper sucks :p 6 years ago

this guys nasty like the way he cuts his victims is like what a hunter would do slit the throat to drain alot of the blood but then the rest of like wtf who does that

some guy on the web 6 years ago

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some guy on the web 6 years ago

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:) 2 Yolanda & lolcatsv2

edward goodpeace 6 years ago

" Perhaps it could have been James Kelly" the killings of that time and day month could of been planned of that time and day, We all can say That Jack knew where to go to get his victims.And very much did his horrific deeds of that time.And times were pretty bad. Why the reason and what he did remains a mysterious mystery of today."

its a who done it by all means. We all assume who. the only eveidence could make an issue if the bodies were assumed to be dug up and asked by the families. to fine out dna evidence. For that they were barried with hair samples could be there of the one who did it. a lot of you people here say free mason. yes they are known to say nothing my uncle was a mason and he vowed an oath not to say nothing of he knows what they do. most of you said Robert Mann,James Kelly, David Cohen, Dalrymple-American Doctor, people assume James Kelly was the one from his back ground" some one could look up Dr. Neill Cream could be (Jack the Ripper) let me know at my email

if Neill Cream. could of another one to find read about Angus McLaren a historian of who talked about Jack The Ripper.

alison 6 years ago

my great grandmother encountered a man near london bridge, he asked her where she had been and where she was going, she told him she had been to see a doctor and was on her way home to make supper for her family....he told her to be on her way and not to come back.....was she nearly a ripper victim, and did she escape because she wasn't a woman of the night?..

SCOTT 6 years ago

I'm going with my first feeling it had to be a doctor and when I have watched and read about it I WILL SAY there were two people I'm convinced of that and I will always say it was sir william gull

drlover 5 years ago

I have lots of back and forth theories that I go between about who Jack was, but more importantly,most of you people need to learn how to spell,and how to put a sentence together!To the 12 year old kid,you are obnoxious!

john u.k.  5 years ago

rmn 5 years ago

I agree with Jennifer about the Jack the Ripper in America theory...It shows a timeline thats difficult to refute.

 5 years ago

Im so sick of people like the first commentor, "Donna" leaving their ignorant and rude opinions all over the internet. There isn't enough room in the cosmos to house all the comments bleated by idiots. Almost ruins reading the story......

Kirsten Williams 5 years ago

I've always bbeen interested in the Jack the Ripper mystery, but I don't concern myself with who he was. It's interesting to think that Prince Albert was the killer, but not very plausible. Likewise, the mason theory depicted in the movie "From Hell" ( an excellent film) is presented skillfully but I have a hard time believing it. Caleb Carr, author of the tour de force "The Alienist", was said to have so disliked Partica Cornwell's book that he said she should apologize for having written it. While I admire Carr's work, I found Cornwell's premise to be interesting, but she had no real evidence to offer that Walter Sickert was Jack the Ripper. Harold Schecter, one of the foremost writers in true crime today (in my opinion), raises the point in his book "The A-Z of Serial Killers" that Jack the Ripper mayu have committed suicide after the murder of Mary Kelly, because the savagery of that attack showed a profoundly disturbed mind that , he believed, was disintergrating. It would certainly explain why the killings stopped after just five. A man who butchers women in this way isn't going to stop after five; he would continue until he was captured, left the area, or died. I watched a program on the James Kelly theory, and it was provocative, but there were many killers in the United States around that time who could easily have been mistaken for Jack the Ripper.

honey 5 years ago

its so dosgusting but it is cool in way

tristan 5 years ago

he most definitely had some medical knowledge and a thing for anatomy

 5 years ago

He killed cattle. Each one of the victims had dowdy brown and black clothing. He equated women with cows. Were cows killed by slitting their throat and then opening their bellies? What I found interesting was the position of the bodies. Legs positioned, the right hand positioned over the belly. Each murder was more gruesome than the next. The last one, of the one murdered in her room, tells me the killer had lots of time to linger over the body. Interesting how quick the women were snatched and killed. All were drunk, roaming like sad stumbling cows. During that time of the killings, who was involved in the cattle industry? Skin was taken from the last victim. Don't we use cow skin as a form of clothing? leather? This wasn't royalty.

Francis 5 years ago

REALLY. Ever think of the mother hating theory? People were poor. Who was angry at the time? I know 45 was old at the time, but come on! mary must have been diferent? We will know, but not for sure, ever. Love my mother, watch out for his???

carole 5 years ago

why oh why do u all keep harpin on about jack the bloody ripper, get a bloody grip,, it was years ago , he aint worth yr time,its way to late to help any of the familys now, spend yr time a little better, like maybe learning to spell

JordinMarie 5 years ago

That is so just nasty, you know that some serial killers kill the same way Jack the Riper did.

zero 5 years ago

It was wm. Gull

niki 5 years ago

why don't we all just except the fact that this sick twisted maniac killed prostitutes for some kind of messed up justice but he was never caught and he is dead right now. he might have decendents they might be following in his footsteps, but it is not in our right as common citizens to try to find him out when he is already dead. let the victims of jack the ripper rest in peace and stop debating the inevitable.

JACK 5 years ago

HaHa you will never know!... for my spirt lives on.

royalty had thoes wemen killd becaues the prince had a secret marige 5 years ago

Lucy 5 years ago

hey dude cool name but thats totally not wat happened!like some people believe that he just had a disobility, others beleive that he did it because his mother was a prostitute?beleive wat u want people can believe wat they want.XD

Kate 5 years ago

Alright listen lucy i really need to talk to you NOW!!!you better respond back to this or i will f**king never talk to you again!!!!!!>X

Lucy 5 years ago


Mahlatse 5 years ago

Jack the ripper was twisted.....whether he was a doctor or a butcher!!! any person who kills innocent women for NO reason is mentally ill!!! PS: some of you people commenting and saying stupid stuff its annoying like this is to comment if u have something to say about JACK THE RIPPER we do not care if ur drunk or if u like cheese burgers..... seriously? grow up!!!(BBM not interested face)>Real talk from SA!!!

Paula 5 years ago

Jack the Ripper stopped his killing in England, because he came over to the United States and started killing over here.. One of his killings ocured in Jackson, California..

jennyfer 5 years ago

actually the dna recovered from the letters can only tie the person to the letters but not to the murderer.

sensible person 5 years ago

for gods sake, the police have spent time and money trying to solve this case for years, do you lot really think your sad little views are worth posting

Saucy j 5 years ago

debbie 5 years ago

Jack the Ripper was positively identified as Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence. Queen Victoria's Nephew. He was in a hospital at the time. When the witness was informed that he was the queen's nephew, he changed his story, and was found dead 1 week later in the very same hospital.

luke 5 years ago

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LUKE IS A 5 years ago


-_- 5 years ago


theories 5 years ago

I have read many books about jack the ripper, one suggested that he moved to America and continued killing, leaving the bodies in various bell towers, the damage he did to the bodies was a lot like the ripper's work, but who knows? He was a sick, twisted individual and is long dead.

Jack 5 years ago

Oh yes I killed them build a bridge and get over it!

The Ripper 5 years ago

Jack could not handle a womens back talk.

So he did something about it. Most men aren't

like Jack thats why he was never caught. He had know

scrooples about life itself. BIGBIG LOSERLOSER

wowza 69! 5 years ago

k i honestly have no idea what to think of all this but all i kno is that Jack the ripper had a reason to do all this and ya its terrible what he did and these women did not deserve any of it, we will never truly kno why he did all this and we will never figure out who really did it either, i dont think it was royalty they get enough publicity after them why attract that kind of attention, sure prostitutes are bad but they did what they had to do back then doesnt mean they deserved to die, i also dont think it was a doctor why would they do that? it had to have been someone who had a curiousity they couldnt control, and for people who said it was cause of a disabilty ur definetly wrong! seriously people who have disabilities arent like that, my brother is handicapped and he may be a little slow in the head but that down mean all handicapped people are crazy, something had to have happened in Jack the rippers life that made him do this, no offense to anyone but calling eachother names and putting eachother down is so fuckin rude everyone has a right to an opinion... what done is done Jack the ripper got away with his killings and we will never know who truly did it !

Meadow 5 years ago

Obviously this is a mystery that people with a "normal" fathom of good vs. evil think is horrific.. I too have also read "the ripper" came to America after his horrific crimes... but, this is obviously an educated man in some form of anatomy whether he be a huntsman butcher or doctor... but, you cant dimiss the positions of the bodies in which all seem to be in the fetal possition laying on their left side... the man was pissed at his mother his killings despite the cutting and torture all tell you he wanted attention from his drunken whore of a mother... He only felt that conection when he did his slayings... but you all have to learn about london at the time of jack the ripper all the grave robbings, the homeless killed, the church even built its first hydrolic table in which to lower the dead deeper into the earth... the medical students in london alone at that time demanded more than 3000 bodies a year for research... so dont dismiss the doctor theory so easily but also one fact remains that stands out they were all in the fetal position... mommy please?! so stop your bitching and name calling this event is not cool or human it is sick and twisted and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.... but be reasonable dont glorify one of londons most horrific events.......

Dan the man 5 years ago

The Real Jack The Ripper, by James Tully, The Secret of Prisoner 1167. Read this then discuss. I think this a much more plausible possibility than the sensational Royal murderer theory.

Rose 4 years ago

Also take into Account that there were the severl different cults that required human sacrifice or at least their body parts: example, the uterus of a sexually active woman or something like that will make it so an infertile woman could become pregant if eaten or burned in the presence of the infertile woman, or whatever weird and disgusting things they thought of those days... So sell the body parts on the black market and BOOM! poor guy in the slums of London just made himself enough money to retire from his killings and live in peace to the end of his days.

carrie 4 years ago

this is sad

random person doing research 4 years ago

this is very interesting and no one really knows who he is. there are loads of theories who knows which is right?

Jim 4 years ago

First of all they don't know if it was one or more killers involved. With all the media coverage it would have been easy for copycat murders to be committed. And for those of you who base your theories on a "From Hell" movie, I'm just thankful you don't work as crime investigators today. Duh!

connor 4 years ago

It is said that the detective of the case was jack the ripper as the Mr Lusk letter was the same handwrithing as his but the Dear boss letter was forged by someone in the newspaper buisness just to get some papers to sell and Jack the ripper would have to be a person who the women trusted or looked ritch so that they would go over to them to get some lodgings so they had to approach them somehow

Emma 4 years ago

this guy was sick your opinion is intitled to you. you can think it was royalty, a doctor or who you want. no one out there knows. he must have told some one. he was the man of the dark.

jack. 4 years ago

I have read all of yalls theories but only one can be right I think every one should do more research and talk through comments and figure it out.

Psychic? 4 years ago

I had a strange dream of a leather bound copy of songs for your conscience! the leather was pale like human skin! inside the book was the identity of the ripper. I had this dream before I found out that skin had been removed from a victim! Or it could be that I watched too much mentalist!

Saucy Jack 4 years ago

I can't believe someone would actually want to do that kind of stuff! I mean, i know those women were sexuel offenders (prostitutes) but's just wrong!

poo 4 years ago

Jack the Ripper was a psycho

poo 4 years ago

Jack the Ripper was a psycho

zoey101 4 years ago

maybe it was just someone who had benn hurt by these people and wanted revenge. maybe it was a women ?

yria 4 years ago

french kiss jack

Jade 4 years ago

What is the most common theory? Doing an unsolved murder project for my English class.

Babs1 4 years ago

Have read quite a number of the Ripper theories and, up until recently, was of the opinion it was most likely James Kelly (dates of the killings, in the country at the right times, etc) but I am reading another book at the moment and am now tending towards the mortuary attendant theory (Robert Mann?) for the mutilation of the bodies (even if he didn't perhaps kill them). As a mortuary attendant would have the anatomical knowledge and the opportunity (the book I am reading at the moment puts forward the suggestion that the victim's body could have been mutilated later within the mortuary and a mortuary attendant could be selling body parts for medical research.

you are all twats 4 years ago

Seriously I find the subject interesting but most of your comment are crazy!!! None of you have any idea who he is and why does it matter your never know. And to the sick bastards who wish they could continue the rippers work you are clearly a very sad pathetic person. Crawl in a hole some where and dont come back. I hate to say this but in my opinion other murders have done worse at the end of the day they were just whore.

tike 4 years ago

he probly was a man who was poor and was hungry and he had no wemon so he got them and took them to eat the orgins he took

aristocat17 4 years ago

What about Joseph Barnnet? He didn't like Mary Kelly working on the streets so killed these other women to stop her as it scared her! But she still had to make ends meet so she went back on the streets when she and Joseph split up So he killed her!

fatcat99 4 years ago

picure 4 is scary and no one will find out hu jack the ripper actually is so sop arguing about hu he is.

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ia 4 years ago

he was bent

Jack 4 years ago

i know i was

greatguy 4 years ago

I think Jack was just expressing himself

mickthepig 4 years ago

I dont know what books you have all been reading some of them havnt the true facts.The johnny deep film was absulute rubbish.The best book written of the case is by Philip Sugden.The Royal family story is absulute rubbish as well.I have read at least fifty books on the case and if people want to know the best book written get The Complete History Of Jack The Ripper.Highly recommended.Ihave the first two books ever written on the case and there are so many mistakes in them.

4 years ago

What if jack the ripper wasn't a man at all, what it he was a female that because it was dark was often confused as a man or had men do the killings for her when they were in visible areas but when indoors it was her throwing the authorities of her trail

Nicholas Knowles 4 years ago

I could be really wrong but I think that 'Jack the Ripper' could have been a police men or someone who could get close to the crime scene without being suspected... (only an opinion)

40 whacks 4 years ago

I think jack the ripper was a man who escaped from the mental asylum in London, started killing women (possibly even his wife), waited a while then went over to New York in America and committed two more murders. I watched a documentary on the ID channel about this... (I got interested in it from watching Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.) Has anyone noticed that the Lizzie Borden case was also done around the same time?

Chris 4 years ago

I think Jack the Ripper was William Henry Bury, who lived in the east end and worked in Whitechapel. After last murder he moved to Scotland and soon butchered his wife like he did with a couple of ripper victims. At his Scottish dwelling markings of Jack Ripper was in his room. He was hung for the murder of his wife and Scotland Yard who attended his hanging believed that he was infact Jack.

Sickened 4 years ago

This man is a psychotic serial killer who enjoyed humiliating women by presenting their bodies, without his own presence, and leaving the crime scene for everyone to notice. He didn't even try to hide anything, rather left it out in the open for all to see, as if he got a thrill out of showing off his work. I think it's disgusting, and am I the only one who realized most, if not all, the women he murdered were drunks? He killed them all the same way, some a little more, and left them where everyone would see them. And he never got caught? What's wrong with people.. Brains are twisted and demented, and this is beyond nasty. Why would he only go after women, anyways? Why weren't there any male victims of his murder spree? I would like to know if they searched the bodies after finding them out and about somewhere on the streets; to know if they searched the dead to look for more clues as to where this murderer, "Jack The Ripper", might be or what he all did besides slicing their throats and abdomens. I also don't understand why he picked those particular places to cut them open. And if someone seen what this killer looked like... why not pay attention for further clues, such as facial hair or hair color, stuff like that? This world is full of disgusting, cruel and humiliating people that just don't understand what they're doing wrong. And even the ones who do, they still don't care.

Deano 4 years ago

"He killed them all the same way , some a little more....."


briana 4 years ago

omg tht is so sad

Lou 4 years ago

The things some people have said on here have made me utterly disgusted to be a part of the human race. You may be human, but you have absolutley no humanity. These people deserve the utmost respect, especially after what they went through just prior to their death. People are sick, and I sometimes wonder if this is the sort of evil humans can do to each other, what will await us when we in turn are dead.

Laura w. 4 years ago

I know I will get a ton of hate for what I'm writing, but oh well... Whoever "Jack The Ripper" is, He will have to stand before "The Most High God" to give an account for the gruesome deaths of these poor women.He may have escaped the justice of man, but he can not escape the justice of God. BTW, "Lou", I liked your comment. You asked the question "... what will await us when we, in turn, are dead." If you want eternal assurance of absolute peace after death, ask Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins, and ask Him to come into your heart. He will. He loves you so much that He died to redeem you. BTW, He loves everyone, especially these poor prostitutes who died so tragically.

ginlve 4 years ago

Thee court dr. Committed the murders to him those women were trash and he had a motive, the motive was to find a cure for his wife infertility. He also had t the right cover nobody would suspect of a mature rich gentilman. His coach had the royal seal on the door, the bodies were disected by a professional, he was able to change his bloody clotheswas change once he got on the coach, he was help by the driver who was on the look out, the coach was driven to the roya palace wher the driver clean the inside of the coach and got rid of the bloody clothes.

lionessrox 4 years ago

this was in london and this was during a time when people died and dissaperred aLL THE TIME, if this guy actually wanted to cover up his crimes,he could have but he obviously didnt this leading me to believe that he was no doctor...just a serial killer tht loved the attention his gruesome murders were attracting..but srsly's been what? a hundred yrs now? LET IT GOOOO!! go out and get a life or try solving the most recent serial killer cases

Keith 4 years ago

Defo james barnett! As any one else noticed the 'sybolic message' with mary kelly murder? She was only 1 that had her heart cut out. She took his heart so he took hers! Just a theory

lauraaaa 4 years ago

i find it interesring that even with all the technology we have today jack the ripper is sti unidentified and proberly always will be..people have there theorues but who knows we will never find out

jo 4 years ago

The Maybrick theory interested me at the time because it was so unusual,I had heard the name at the time Diary of Jack the Ripper was supposedly found because of Mr Maybrick being very famously poisoned by his wife, though some controversy surrounds this crime too as many believed at the time of his death he had a serious drug problem. If you haven't read the book give it a go, if nothing more because it's an interesting read

AndyM 3 years ago

i believe that a person who carried out these hideous crimes could not just stop - he was either incarcerated in some insane asylum or prison probably low level crime even probably not related - he had to be a local who knew the area, someone who could walk through the Whitechapel area - all this image of the guy with the long cloak - top hat - gladstone bag is just something thats been added to throughout the years - my money is on an angry insane imigrant Kominski.

3 years ago

I think that kominski can be the jack the ripper.

No one knows the man was from who was he.

Hung around in white chapel in east london 1888


from uk

Det W Bell 3 years ago

I am a retired police officer who followed this case all my life. It is very unfortunate there was no DNA or proper forensics during the investigation of JTR. The mention of grapes and other things found at the scene could have been preserved at Scotland Yard till modern time. It is possible items were kept and could have been tested for DNA. That is unless there were things to hide even in modern times such as links to the royalty or Masonic Lodge. I believe the suspect was of high hierarchy and was aided by a servant who feared him such as was seen in recent movies about the killer. He was mentally disturbed and had a deep hate for women. Something from his childhood made him hate the opposite sex. His depraved mind got worse from each killing and we see this in his last two murders. Some comments suggested he could have been a police officer. I can`t agree with this comment because their pay was very low and this killer apparently had an opulent lifestyle. The murders were most likely carried out away from where the bodies were found. This would be revealed from postmortem lividity. (The coloration found on the side of a dead body where it had been laying.) Example - If someone died laying on their back the colourization would be on their back. So, if they were found laying face down you would know someone had moved the body. This was a police fact even in the 1800`s. I strongly believe there was some police cover up because of the suspect`s political influence. He was probably advised that he was a strong suspect and therefore took his money and left the country. A serial killer can often stop his path of destruction for years, or he may have received psychiatric help in whatever country he ended up in. My other theory is that he was apprehended by police and exposed as a member of the Masonic Lodge. A large number of police officers, even this day are members of the lodge. To prevent embarrassment to the lodge, they may have carried out their own execution so the media and the public would never know. The subject in question was probably in his twenties, average size and weight, took some medical schooling and dropped out because of family problems. His mother left home and ran off with another man while he was a child and he grew up hating women. He was an aristocrat and dabbled in a successful business owned by his father. It may have been a business selling medical supplies including surgical equipment. I sum up my opinions by saying most comments on this site are interesting. It is unfortunate that immature people have access to this site and do not take it serious. It does not take long to trace these people and disconnect their internet access and ban them from computer use.....

abbie 3 years ago

As much as it would make sense that eddy was the culprit, modern science has already come up with the most likely suspect. Some guy called Tomas maan or something. So you might want to edit this. Very good though. I needed a report on this anyway, so this victim list helps. It's a shame this received such immature comments. It's very good. People have no respect for history...Anyway, thank you for writing this. I found it very interesting as well as useful.

Tai 3 years ago

One problem with all theories. Nobody back then thought to look for a woman suspect. The macho world of back then did not think a woman could commit these crimes, but did. Woman walks in man's clothes and also calls herself the apron. Remembering the item was only linked to women back then. I dare police of today to look into evidence from the ripper and find female DNA. This is a fact I know for sure. Trust me.

Tom G 3 years ago

Anyone know the best chronological order to visit the grave sites of each victim? Visiting London next year and want to visit their graves. Know the cemeteries but not the best order in which to visit. Any information appreciated thank you

kaffy 3 years ago

The killer I believe was an infertile woman her name was lizzie williams,wife of Dr John williams,the organs were for black magic sacrifices for her fertility ie; the burning of a fertile woman's organs by the infertile woman would lead2an eventual birth in some cults,I believe Mary Kelly's heart was burnt in the fire at 13 Miller's court producing the heat that melted her copper pot,she was mentally ill,she came out of Mary's house&passed herself off as Mary kelly2a neighbour (through pea soup smog) later that's why the neighbour was adamant she'd spoke2mary after the time of death stated.

avgarvind 3 years ago

actually he was not a doctor...i think he also common man but he didn't like others happieness,so when he see the happy men or women that cause he would kill cruelly.....

and he like to torture to they.........

Me 3 years ago

It pisses me of how some people are getting worked up over other peoples thoughts and opinions. For god sake. Jack the Ripper I understand is a highly interesting topic for discussion but what has society got to when people are disrespecting others. Debating this subject is a great idea to learn more and see how much others know, but when people call others moron and other childish name it's just irrelevant. Please keep those comments out because you're just embarrassing yourself showing how immature you are. Lastly, if you think that this discussion should not take place because it was "so long ago" and "nobody gives a crap" then you can move yourself because others do find it interesting and want to learn. Just don't be an asshole please,okay thanks.

time 3 years ago

In my opinion there were to many stone's left unturned and what should have been brought to light was dismissed as not importan, which everything in those investigations should have been important and non impassable but things slipped of fell through the cracks, or was infact one of the investigators in league and dropping things in the cracks as they say no one knows for sure but the hair dresser.

Gina Minor 3 years ago from Lake Elsinore, California

I think JTR was a local from the area, that's how he was able to get away undetected. I've heard the "Doctor" and "Royalty" theories, but I think they would of really stuck out in such an area. I know of the claim from a witness who described a well to do man carrying a "Doctor Bag" , but by that time rumors had to of been running chaotic and I don't find that witness to be reliable. Some say that the way he cut up his victims implies that he must have some medical skills or knowledge. To them I would have to ask, how do you know? Even in this article it's only suggests he may be a surgeon only because he cut out and took a kidney, which JTR later sent to the man who was acting as what we would call "the chief of police"-along with a hand written letter. I saw a crime investigation show where they used today's technology on these 5 murders. They had someone make a profile and based on where the bodies had been found, where the person most likely lived. They determined , as I did, that JTR was not only a local & from the area, but where he most likely lived was in fact the worst in the area. They also had the hand written letter examined by an expert in the language of that area & time. They concluded that the person who wrote it was attempting to give the impression that they were educated, but were in fact not. They pointed out how in several words, the letter "e" was omitted at the end of the word. And the words missing the "e", such as "knife", were done so because they lacked the knowledge-thus uneducated. I think he picked the women he did, because HIS Mother was an alcoholic prostitute, and something horrible came from this-maybe she beat him, or made him watch her with the John's, maybe she let them have HIM, most likely all of the above. I think that although the murders are considered sexual, even without the sexual act itself (which I have to ask how would they even KNOW that it did not) implies that the perpetrator was sexually abused. And if there was in fact, no sexual acts performed on these victims, I've thrown around some other theories. Like maybe it was a teenager or child who committed these murders? How could a "child" psychically commit such murders? Well, the victims were all VERY intoxicated, making them easy prey and possible for a child to over take them. Or...perhaps even a young girl killed them. Someone who no one would ever suspect. It is the ONLY way they were able to stay under the radar. Whoever it was, I do agree that the person who committed these murders, had only just begun. They were "on a roll", and would in no way be able to stop killing-even if they wanted or were able. I would be interested to know the names, ages, & stories of all the locals who died after the last murder.

714raine 3 years ago

I think it's all about sacrifice, sadly, all cultures are built upon it even though it is primitive and counter intuitive, though I have no idea what all the misspells are about, try as I might...Your Comment...

714raine 3 years ago

in a world where were searching for So hard for light, and realizing that our salvation is our heart, I wonder why all of us, myself included are drawn to stories like this, I think that it's because it's so unfathomable to most of us that we can't believe that something like this would happen, but I would hate to sway towards this sort of situation even just to try to understand it, we never will, we just need to focus on light

Juliyah 3 years ago

Ok I have been reading a lot of your theories here but Jack had to have had some medical education as he knew what part of the body was what for one thing. People back then were not educated unless you had the money for this. The Bobby theory. well bobbies didnt make a lot of money and as we can see by the clues that there were farthings, coins left behind so shows no proof of robbery. We then must conclude that Jack was a man of money and education. Now A Hit man theory. Well that is all they would do is kill the person not go through that horrific disembowlement of the body. This shows a very sick mind here. Next thing Eddy or Prince Albert had contacted syphillus and as we all know syphillus creates insanity in the person. Albert was also bisexual as reading in the book Prince Jack he became lovers with his tutor Stephen. it was then he had contacted syphillus. Now there were a couple of murders that happened before these 5 prostitutes were demised and a few after in the states. so really this makes me wander. Who was he??? Yes it was a hard life back then for the only way of earning money was on the streets. Very poor and uneducated lot. But we do know that jack the ripper was a man of education and money. Not some poor immigrant or normal thug of whitechapel. Sure would be nice to know who he was but i doubt we ever will know the true identity but always good for discussion.

fenceline 3 years ago

I've read a number of comments regarding people's "obsession" with the gruesomeness of the Whitechapel murders. Actually you can find equal or worse atrocities in many times and places. An example would be the Battle of Little Big Horn which happened just 12 years before. In that instance however there were armed men facing armed men in daylight whereas the Whitechapel murders pertained to an armed man attacking unarmed women from behind in the dark thus adding the element of terror. JTR was the first serial killer of the modern industrial age and that he wasn't caught I think is a primary reason why the killings were so intriguing.

Ryan 3 years ago

douing a report on jack the ripper, 12 yrs old really helped :)

Valerie 2 years ago

That's scary

Bella 2 years ago

I don't really care who Jack the Ripper was only that who he was, didn't really have to kill those people. He such a selfish git in many ways and if lived back then I woul hunt him as though I was a Jack the Ripper reporter!!!!!!

Jessica Laffin profile image

Jessica Laffin 2 years ago

I don't believe any of suspects could be Jack the Ripper... He was stocking his victims from alley ways. He had to know where they were normally were at. They were all prostitutes and he had to come through alley ways, he would cover their mouth with his left hand and cut their throat with the weapon he used which was in his right hand. In the beginning of his murders there's no body parts missing except for teeth, but his first victim had her throat slit and a cut on her abdomen. He would have to be a student, he was probably counting on to get a kidney, but didn't know where it was located at.

Gary 2 years ago

I am sure that the identity of Jack was the Liverpool merchant James Maybrick. First two letters and last two letters of name, All his visits to London from Whitechapel Liverpool match up with the times of the killings. Also the black leather doctors type bag found in lost luggage with the name James Mibrack printed on the outside !!!

Johne269 2 years ago

I've been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks, I'll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site? dedbbeddffdf

Sakaly22 2 years ago

I love how everyone seems to know exactly who committed these murders, even though actual doctors, researchers, criminologists, and historians (i.e. actual EXPERTS) haven't been able to figure it out. The theories are fun, but that's all they are, getting worked up about a different opinion, just because you think you're right, just makes you look like an idiot.

Writer 2 years ago

I am writing a report about JTR and it is very interesting But gruesome.

Takaya 2 years ago

This is my first time on this site so may i jump in,? ..Ok Jack the ripper what do we know about the guy, We know he has money ...How do we know this? ...Well in 1888 the east end was a was out the question for most that could not read or even sign a form, the streets are just a dumping ground for rubbish and animal waste, cash was hard to come by so life,was a hard days grind for you may ask what's that got to do with it?..I think the times had a lot to do with it how? a woman took a big risk creeping up a back street with a strange man, and all for the cost of a bed for the night and the gin she drank all day long, because that was all life offered them, never could they better themselves or the situation they are drink was an only friend, this was a way out of the mindset of poverty they are constantly back to Jack...For me the big thing was the fruit..grapes are a costly item even today, but in 1888 they would have been more than a street dweller Could ever have afforded, so that a big clue, who ever gave the fruit to the victim was of some means, taking us back to the high class status of the ripper, but the big question is, if he is high class? how can he get round the dark streets of whitechapel and get clean away, you would need the mind of a cab driver as of today's brand..they know every corner of the town..But i guess that can be explained if he had help, from lets say someone paid to know the streets...But what of jack himself what kind of chap is he? Well lets say i do know how to Identify a Psychopath..That's my job..but jack is of another kind of lunatic...Some stand out like they have a light on top of the head..some like jack? are the smart psychopath...cunning as a fox..they won't look like a nutter...wide eyed and wild no...Jack would be good looking- clean-well spoken - This chap has the appearance of a gent & is about 30years old, charming as well but it belies his true character..Once free to be "himself" once he has his prize!! we would be as a wolf in the fold..ripping up the sheep with not even a thought to being caught or giving a dam..why? because he is in the moment!! why does a fox kill a chicken but not eat it? because it has to do it..then it will kill 2/3/4 at the same time, just for the kill thrill our jack? is the same..ripping the kill is not we see with the last victim, he had a private room to vent his rage..and he gave it his full attention..once the mind has stopped its does he, and back to the docile-warm-kind man he began with..because the fire in the mind is out...for now...!! most sadistic killers are nice/sweet guys...till they turn, then most don't make it to tell the tail...Jack the ripper of 1888 is dead..but the next ripper is very much alive, who he is? who knows..but he will have the same fire in the mind and only one thing will put the fire out, another whitechapel killing spree......

Jodie 2 years ago

That's more than selenbis! That's a great post!

Regina 2 years ago

UK definitely! It's a lot more eye-catching than the US one... Though, lniokog at the US one again now, it looks a little poorly done - as if they've just added image on image on image. I love the font in the UK one!I just finished reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes by M. Johnson and enjoyed it (but didn't love it). I'll be on the lookout for this one! Sounds very good! :)

Veggie 2 years ago

I'd like to believe that the ripper was experimenting an operation he wished to preform on himself, because he was ill, Ill but intelligent.

Yr8 High School Goth Student 22 months ago

I thought that JTR was a fisherman, because, somewhere I read that a witness described him as neatly dressed, but his clothes looked like those of a seaman. So, I also thought that, when he took his victims organs, he had some skill/experience and fishermen have to gut the fish. Also, the murders all happened on random dates, which could've meant that he was committing the murders on nights that he wasn't away.

Just a theory.

The logic works so I'm happy!

vanne hanisch 9 months ago

I think it is possible that Royalty has something to do with it too!!! Someone educated with a knowledge of human anatomy, and a very unassuming look about them.

Trouble 8 months ago

Maybe it was a werewolf

Trooperx07 7 months ago

OJ did it.

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    Comments 62 comments

    i9908 7 years ago


    jodi louise daniells rolfe 7 years ago

    i think the man is a horblie monster to do tht to people why did ???? something must of happened to him

    Horton 7 years ago

    I wish to proceed with his work, i wish though to have sexual intercourse with the bodies, and then catching squirrels to tickle my balls. Im his biggest fan.


    Fin 6 years ago

    in realtion to the second comment on this page, your justification for the innocence of royalty is that is was an educated doctor who commited thses murders, when infact you are wrong. Thomas bond, a police surgeon at the time, oppossed the ides that these murders were performed by a proffesional, and that they lacked any kind of scientific or anatomical skill, or even the tecniqual skill of a butcher or horse slaughterer.The murders themselves were not about the actual killing itself, but about control. 'Jack the Ripper' as we call preyed on female prostitutes. It was symbolisism for the Ripper to cut there throats and abdomens, and leave them in degrading positions, almost on display. I am not psychologist but the most plausable explanation for why he murdered these women, based on EVIDENCE is that he got a sexual thrill from killing them, and the thinking behind the structure of the murder is that prostitutes will do what ever the person who is paying them tells them to do, and so The Ripper demonstrated this by the positions he left them in, that they were filthy and degrading, that of a prostitute if it would get them the money. I am by no means justifiying the murders what so ever, but i do not believe we cn judge a person, or case, without understand why the did what they did.

    jack 6 years ago

    omg my namesake is soooo freaky. I wanna see sum pics of his victims!!!

    Samantha 6 years ago

    I believe that this man was a sicko and I think however made this site is just as sick! I think "Jack The Ripper" is a lunatic, but who doesn't? I think that it was... John Elway! :)

     6 years ago

    Ro  6 years ago

    This is response to Fin Okay Thomas Bond was simply stating his own opioion he was not the only leading investigator on the case. Also if Ripper Preyed on prostitutes then why did he stop after killing only five? Is it by mistake that they all knew each other and also they were all friends? Why is that out of the thousands of unfortuate women turned to prostitution in White Chapel they were not threatened by The Ripper killings. Why is it that he chose to target those particular women ONLY! Also how can a man with no anatomy experience work confined to limited space in the DARK remove organs and mutilate women. Not even a butcher can do that without making a mess it was someone trained and used to working under those difficult conditions everyday.

    XXX 6 years ago

    If he were still alive, I would marry him. Such amazing works of arts he created with those womens bodies...

    TRIPLE XXX RATED 6 years ago

    I agree with XXX he did a fantatic job on these women. I think credit goes to Francis Tumblety

     6 years ago

    i beliee that jack the ripper was a perfectly sane man. he had a sick twisted sense of humor. i met him only once and if i do recall he had a hankercheif over his face and a pleasant voice. there is a book savage i think all should read of the heoric deeds of trevor bently who with his lady jesse sue longly put an end to the bloke.

    Savory 6 years ago

    He was coniving, evil, sick, twisted mann....who would even think of doing that to innocent ppl....juss cuzz their prostitutes....they need to make a living too! ahhaaa :P...

    Nick 6 years ago

    I dont think he was ever caught Samantha i think he stopped killing and went on living his little life, i mean he wanted to make a name for himself, to make his life worth something. and since he did it he can go on living his life, or he killed homself, which i would have done if i did what he did.

     6 years ago

    This guy is awesome

    999666 bad boy 6 years ago

    has long been assumed Catherine Eddowes’ body was placed at Mitre Square after the murder and mutilation was performed in an empty building nearby. This conclusion was drawn from the report that at 2:55 a.m. a constable found a blood-stained apron next to a wall where the phrase “The JUWES are not the men That Will be Blamed for nothing” had been written in chalk. Nothing of import was derived from the phrase, but the apron and the removal of the kidney led Drs Brown and Phillips to suggest Jack the Ripper may have been “a hunter, a butcher, a student in surgery or a properly qualified surgeon”.

    adidaspat 6 years ago

    999666bad boy

    I heard that too. It's strange that there were 7 police officers in the immediate area at the time of Eddowe's murder. 2 were patroling the area. 1 lived right there in Mitre Square (he was home but asleep). Another (a retired constable) was sweeping out a warehouse in Mitre Square and there were 3 detective-constables in the area checking doors and windows. How the hell could he have done that in the middle of all of them? Course these cops were supposed to be patroling that area so they're going to say they were but one wonders if maybe some of them weren't off on an unauthorized break or something. They probably wouldn't admit it if a murder took place were they were supposed to be would they? Here's the kicker. After the Nicoles and Chapman murders the City of London police enacted a policy to follow women who were released from custody after dark. Eddowes was released at 1:A.M. but no one followed her. If they had they may have caught him or at least saved Eddowe's life and maybe Kelly's too. What a shame.

    happy bunny 6 years ago

    that is sooo gross!!! it totally ruins your appetite.

    Tabby Buckles 6 years ago

    I honestly think he was a very educated person about anatomy. Not saying he was a doctor, just very educated. He probably thought mutilation was interesting and wanted to persue it on people.

    But hey, that's just my opinion.

    Stephanie 6 years ago

    I don´t know why, but I LOVE HIM!

    He was veryy clever, I don´t know, but he´s amazing, sexy, ahusahusahusha

    He´s like a normal person, but in his free time he kills women(prostitutes)...

    I´m looking forward to study his letters, his life, his murders!I don´t know I really love him, seems like i´m addicted! hehehe...


    Dr. 6 years ago

    I suggest anyone who's genuinely interested in the history of "Jack" and his work watch a program on the Discovery Channel called "Jack the Ripper in America". A Baltimore homicide detective goes through a very complete investigation of all of the reports in the National Archives in London and all of the evidence available regarding murders in New York City that match the Ripper M.O. According to him, the most likely suspect was a man named James Kelly who was an upholsterer and an escapee of the Broadmore lunatic institution. Look it up.

    malavika 6 years ago


    shauna 5 years ago

    I heard he killed his wife origanally the same way he killed all of his other victims. Then he was locked up in a Mental Hospital. He made a home-made key and then killed all thoose women.

    P.S. they think they did find out who he was, James Kelly. And he, at one point, killed three other women in the USA.

    Jesse 5 years ago

    I think he may have been a doctor he said something about it in one of his letters but that also could have been a way of tricking them as well idk all i know is this guy was crafty, I also heard they thought he only killed hookers cuz his mom was a hooker?

    Malana 5 years ago

    i find this case very interesting. but maybe there was a copy cat from the spaced out time period.

    jack the ripperd 5 years ago

    He's my hero

    Sam 5 years ago


    Ajimenez1719 5 years ago

    I have done alot of research on this, and I think there is significant evidence suggesting it was someone who had royal ties

    sam 5 years ago

    how did this all happen?? if the police couldn't find out who is he... he must be really good... why isn't he captured?? the suspects that he killed must have had really bad injurries

    kris 5 years ago

    Jack The Ripper Must Have Been A Guy Who Never Loved Women..Came from A Broken Down Home..Or Maybe A Ghost,He Just Disappeared Into Thin Air..We Will Never Know.

    connor mc 5 years ago

    he was a serial killer you idiot why would he marry you if he kills women then he would just probbily kill you.

    And they wernt amazing works of art they were savage and brutal imagain what you would be saying if polly nichols or liz stride or dark annie or catherine eddowes or mary kelly was your friend would you be saying that?

    Lucy 5 years ago

    yeah connor i agree with you i mean,i dont want to rant on anyone but why on earth would you marry a man that carries around a blade inside his pocket?:)

    Kate 5 years ago

    lucy,whoever you are you cant just come up in this page and just start agreeing to everyones little "rant"!

    Lucy 5 years ago

    um,kate i dont even know who you are so please quit saying things about me!:(

    Kate 5 years ago

    PLEASE!you know who i am we went to that thing together then you thought that i well remember!:(

    Lucy 5 years ago

    Oh i thought that i smelt whore!>:(

    Kate 5 years ago

    just please can we talk about this on the bottom one that way we wont have to clutter this thing up!/:)

    Lucy 5 years ago


    luke 5 years ago

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    luke burwell 5 years ago

    hi tom

    luke 5 years ago

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    tom licks balls 5 years ago


    Bernard the magican 4 years ago

    Im a medium and I know who did it, pay ,10th million in my swiss amount, and I will tell you,

    julio de wonderful 4 years ago

    The killer was a man called Ben river, aka 1 hung low

    Bernard the magician 4 years ago

    No responds, ok make it ,7 million, and I will also reveal who d b cooper was, hope 2 hear from you soon fans and admirers alike

    Bernard the magician 4 years ago

    Still no response, ok make it 5 million, I have 2 feed my family, his first name was chew

    Bernard the magician 4 years ago

    Im final going 2 reveal the killers name. It is chew wing gum. His father was the world famous, 1 bung lung. And db coopers real me was Ben_river. If you're very lucky you will hear from me again, my work is in high demand, dont miss me 2 much fans and admirers alike.

    briana 4 years ago

    oh my god is so sick who would do something so sick and mean like and he knoe he was goin to jail for like 25 to live so tht was just dumb

    Super Computer 4 years ago

    So i heard about this is langauge arts class today and i find it all really intresting. I think that is man or woman whomever the person may be; was brialiant! Though i also beleive that he was sick and had to of had some kind of obsession. Maybe he was a surgeron practicing on "women of the night". It really stinks that nobody knows exactly who indeed the killer was. He was so wrong to have done any of this. Those women were innocent. Or were they? Maybe all of these women had some how been in his past or reminded him/her of someone he hated so he killed them. Any how this person was wrong and rather sly. I just hope that nobody else trys to follow in his/her footsteps...

    Jess Arthur 4 years ago

    In the 1800's London White chapel was a busy place it was crowed and very poor, it was a perfect place for murder.

    But every one has their own idea on who the ripper is or wether it was a man or woman, young or old, it's going to stay a mystery unknown and maybe it should or maybe it Shouldn't, evidence on who he was is lost and maybe a disturbing past shouldn't be turned over.

    ginlve 4 years ago

    the reason why I said it was the court Dr was the position of the bodies they were in supine position and disected like in medical school the students disect and they way for their teacher to give them a grade if you cut a body with no knowledge of the anatomy you won't be able to id the organs, tissues etc. Also if you don't know how to disect you will hit arteries and veins, and the only thing you will see a bloody mess. It takes a train surgeon to do that kind of work.

    Whodoo 4 years ago

    Do they not teach English or Language Arts in the schools anymore? Some of the misspellings are atrocious! Please take the time to spell check your work before you publish. It would make it easier on everyone trying to figure out what you're trying to say.

    none 4 years ago

    he is actually a she. new evidence supports the fact that it was actually a woman who did this

    skop 4 years ago

    that was horrible

    vivian 3 years ago

    im doing research on him he seems like he might have been abused or something and why do people think that ya he murderd people then he is the bad guy that's not always the reson you know wht if he was dalosinal none of you people know so stop pointing fingers cuz as far as you know he could or couldn't have been a sick basterd after all. so you should all die in hell unless you really know wht your talking about

    Gina Minor 3 years ago from Lake Elsinore, California

    Vivian, Maybe you should do some research on pronunciation and how to write complete sentences. May I suggest you turn "spell checker" on for your computer- since your still learning to spell. You're truly DELUSIONAL if you think any of us are going to take you seriously using such punctuation AND spelling when telling us all to go to hell!

    DougKresge 3 years ago

    I don't think (JackTheRipper) isn't a person,but a style of murder. I also believe that Jack could be a paranormal being that lives on and that never was a living creature.

    JoAnna 2 years ago

    Walter Sickard!

    Apollo 2 years ago

    What a shame. Bottom line, it's truly unknowable.

    Bullie 2 years ago

    Get a life you guys, he's long dead and gone. Go back to school and learn to spell and use proper English.

    I'm a goth and im proud! 22 months ago

    Omg, u dufus! It's called slang. And so what if people make mistakes, it's called typing quickly. Evr hrd of it. U should try it sumtime! :b


    Westy 16 months ago

    Meat was short in the old days and it was probley a sandle wearing Hungary goat breath scruffy rag head look ing for a mosck

    Devils Advocate 11 months ago

    LOL! OMG. Reading some of these responses by individuals in this thread about The identity of Jack The Ripper & his victims has been most enlightening, humorous & scary all at once. People are so rude, inconsiderate of others and just flat out bullies....This is a public chat where people can express thier ideas, feelings & theories and those ideas should be respected! People need to be reminded of a great statement: "If you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all!!"

    Everyone has thier own personal views! I see a bunch of people just stabbing each other with stupid comments that don't belong in a public chat. I wish people would grow up, stop pointing out faults of others like people's "spelling," "punctuation," personal thoughts & "grammer" .... it's not worth it. I really like reading about what others think, it opens allot of possibilities, and I would never offend another person because they think's so petty.

    Jack the Ripper is infamous, we will never truly know whom committed those atrocities & mutilated those wemon so horribly. The individual obviously had some sick fantasies and a working knowledge of the human body. It also seems to me that they had a personal dislike for either wemon or prostitutes......the person obviously had some useful skills, knew how to get what they wanted & had access to wealth....he could've been anyone at that time & area...That area & time in our history was a place of poverty, starvation & death...I believe that the person whom committed these gruesome murders took advantage of a time of disease, lawlessness & desperation and walked away clean, never to return. Only God knows and will hopefully serve justice to this evildoer when they die and are presented to the Gods.

    At this point it's all speculation on whom it was and the story has been told in so many ways through movies like "From Hell," Short stories, Books & Plays over the years....All of the stories end with the same question, never an answer.

    Hopefully if more comments are posted people can learn to respect each other's differences of opinions....Blessed Be to All.

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      Comments 264 comments

      Samantha 6 years ago

      I wonder what happened... do you think he was caught by someone, killed, and they never said anything? I wouldn't. I'd just be happy that it was over with!

      Ariel 6 years ago

      Scotland Yard's top suspect was Dr. Francis Tumblety, he fit all the qualifications the killer had to have: some knowledge of anatomy, he hated women prostitutes, etc. I'm writing a (fiction) book on this, and I based my story around Dr. Francis Tumblety. If you would like to know more about this, visit and search Dr. Francis Tumblety. It really is a great site for anyone interested! Also the man himself is quite interesting!

      Rich 6 years ago

      The butler did it.

      Jalcin 6 years ago

      As easily as this man couldve been a medical man, he couldve been an artist. he individualized each of his grusome murders and if you think... it was sort of artistic.

      rthetyj 6 years ago

      I bet this guy was horribly abused in his childhood. His parents might be to blame for him being the most notorious serial killer in human history.

      P. 6 years ago

      there were 8 victims if u must know how please read the letter that was supposedly sent by Donald McCormick

      Kelly 6 years ago

      If you actually did research on Jack the Ripper then you would know that they tried to link at least 11 murders to the Ripper however they could only link three of the murders together. There is doubt about weither two of the victims should be included in the list. And generally only five victims were believed to be the work of Jack the Ripper.They were refered to as th Canonical Victims.

      Gabby 6 years ago

      Jack the Ripper was a sick twisted monster. Killing for the feeling of the vitims pain and torcher is completely wrong its amzing that there are other people that think the same as him. He truly master commiting the perfect crime for those years always one step ahead, and whose to say he stopped killing they never caught him or found his body. It is the fact that they didnt find anymore victims did they close the case. Sometimes I wonder if someone who thought he was amazing might be plotting to copy his work it is quite scary that a human was capable of doing such damage to another human and only find a thrill out of it so they do it again. 5 people were not enough for a monster that sick, he had to kill more and I hope no one ever repeats this. Though forensics have come a very long way sense then it is quite digusting that a person could mutalate another person it such a way that is indiscibable. No one has and never will have a mind as sick and twisted as Jack the Ripper. This world is messed up today and full of people with twisted minds and this is the worst i have seen yet. They discovery of forensics happened a long time ago when a young woman was killed in a village and the father could tell her stab wound was from a shovel. The woman's father made all the other men stand in the middle of the village holding their shovels. He waited there and flies started to collect aroung on shovel he looked closer and discover blood on the shovel. The man was kiled and forensics was created. Jack the Ripper eluded all forensic evidence from being left behind.

      therevout 6 years ago

      oops.. as i was saying to bad we will never know the real killer.. just to feed our curiosity cuz it wont do any other good knowing it.. cant exactly prosecute a dead man.... but i have heard of another theory.. laugh if u wantonly a story i heard that did make some sense i guess... so it goes "jack" was with a women(whether if it was his wife or a prostitue i cant remember) and the woman had syphillis and had given it to him(back then it was a horrible disease as they had no cure, would break out in sores around the mouth and genitals.Untreadted it also spreads to major organs and can cause brain damage)and obviously had transmitted it to him. after the syphillis had gone untreated for so many months yrs who knows he began to have brain damage causing him to go a lil... well psyco .. .. now like i said this is a story but it would kinda explain.

      i dont think he had any sexual gratification out of killing them... the women he killed did not have any sexual trauma, and the police found that he did not masterbate near or on any of the bodies.. my opinion is that he was burned hard by a lady maybe even the diseased one and in his pyscotic rage he mutilated them to show how ugly they are or to ob make them ugly or to show his power over them.The taking of trophies is exactly that to keep something to remember and relive the murder as many of todays killers do.i do think it was a doctor... not may people can cut open a person fromt the FRONT to take a kidney without harming any other tissue which is exactly what he was able to do... also to know how and where to cut them?? he was able to determine which way to cut, so he would not be splattered with blood (right to left i believe) .. he was also very capable of using his knife very well. to cut the kidney out and to remove the other ladys genitalia.... anyhways just my opinion iam really curious about why... i mean the whole disease story sure i guess it could make sense but to me it just doesnt seem the logical answer... guess we will never know hmm....

      jack 6 years ago

      muhuhuhuhahahha you shall never figure out my true identity.......................

      ps. james kelly

      holly 6 years ago

      this type person has a lack of feelings-empathy for people ther is some thing wrong with their frontal lobe of the brain. they have no feeling about doing wrong-IT IS AS DROPPING APEICE OF PAPER ON THE STREET-DEATH IS JUST AS SIMPLE

      ncik 6 years ago

      well i think it was some one in the royal family, i mean after eddy took his own life the reports stopped. No one has reported a killing since then, so it had to be him

      Mickey 6 years ago

      I'd actually heard that they were thinking that Jack the Ripper was a woman. The history channel had a special about it lol.

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      i'd like to see someone do more research on the five cannonical victims. from what i've read all were married at one time, 3 had children and 3 were not "full time" prostitutes. certainly none came out of the womb that way. even "respected" women were pretty stereotyped in those days (much more than today). for example annie chapman's husband said he left her because of her drinking yet he died 3 years before her from pserosis of the liver. too much tea and milk i guess. liz stride actually did charitable work for the salvation army. anyway each of them has a story that deserves to be told. god knows they paid the price for it, and no, i'm not a woman.

      Caitlin from Nunavut 6 years ago

      all i know is that he hates prostitutes....

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      to caitlin

      right, but so did the yorkshire ripper and not all of his victims were prostitutes were they? personally i think he did hate them but i'll concede that he may have gone after them simply because they were the easiest victims. no one protected them and few people cared what happened to them, at least not till the murders started scaring the hell out of everyone. hardly anyone showed up at the first victim's (nicoles) funeral but by the time kelly was murdered thousands of mourners were showing up. i saw "from hell". the hughes brothers did a great job reconstructing the crime scenes but the rest is pure fantasy. the royal conspericy theory was discredited years ago by donald rumblow and more recently by robin o'dell (ripperology). it's very likley that mary kelly WAS the fifth victim ad abberline was married 12 years at the time of the murders. he remained married until his death in 1929 (his wife died a year later). i doubt if he'd have messed with any women in whitchapel in light of the spread of syphllis which occurred at that time.

      =D smiley face#1 6 years ago

      I Think that he may have just thought prostitution was wrong and decided to do something about it because of his beliefs Excuse the spelling. but I still think that he may have been crazy too so don't quote me but I'm just learning about him today so i will keep searchin thank you for the info.=D

      Sherlock 6 years ago

      It would be interesting to find out if there is any forensic evidence that could be looked at from the cases, or if the bodies could be exhumed. If they can find out who King Tut's parents were then they could possibly find some type of evidence to connect to each of the killings. It may be that he was very good at carving his victims because he had committed other killing, elsewhere, and learned from experience. Maybe he traveled from county to county, killing 5 or 11 prostitutes doesn't just stop unless the perp is unable to continue, one way or another, died, moved, incarcerated, etc. One does not commit something like these killings to see how it feels and then doesn't like it, so he quits. Most serial killers will operate in a certain pattern. If a white man kills white prostitutes then he usually stays with white prostitutes, if you have a serial killer killing gay men they don't usually kill gay women. They follow a certain pattern. Crazy people with an organic brain disease, such a syphilitic encephalopathy would not be able to be sane sometimes and not others. I would escalate until the person became unable to function physically. JR would certainly have had to know the streets well to be able to escape being seen or apprehended. White Chapel was good hunting ground as these people were uneducated, very poor and desperate, and the thought for most of these people would have been kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, desperate people do desperate things. I would say that JR probably had a very abusive life and probably did have a mother that was a loose women if not a prostitute, this would not have been unusual in this particular time and place. Maybe sexually and or physically abused. I would believe that he was mid 30's, and lived alone, otherwise a family would have noticed something and with any chance of reward would probably have been incentive enough to turn him in. He would have needed to be in fairly decent health to navigate the streets and to be so agile in his killings. People of that time did not have longevity for the most part. He killed at night because that's what most killers do, kind of hard to hide in broad daylight, and he may have had some type of job during the day to provide the lures he used to get close to the women, food, fruit, money to show, even if they never rec'd it. He was an opportunistic killer, satisfying his own needs. England certainly would not want to have it be known that JR was in anyway connect to the crown but I also believe the English would rather not admit that they were unable to catch him. Forensics was almost none existent with the exception of fingerprints just beginning to be used and the police force consisted of men that were only slightly more intelligent than the average street person. In those times only the rich were educated. But being uneducated doesn't mean you can't be cunning, sly and sneaky, as most of the street people were. It seems ridiculous that anyone would say, as soon as there are no more descendants then we will tell you who he is, who would the "we" be that would tell if everyone is dead? Why tell at all in that case. This is certainly a very,very cold case, but I would tend to believe that some day, some way, some one will crack this case.

      angus 6 years ago

      All of you people,well if you want to call yourselves people should be put out of your misery for making such appalling comments, these women met with such horrific deaths. Let us see if something happened like this to you or one of your relatives then let us see how your opinion changes on this matter. These women were people too, these women did not have a choice on what their occupation was. Actually back then they did not have a choice on their occupation. It was unfortunately what it was! But you all must have a brain deficiency to think that this moron jack the ripper is an idol. I think that he must have been part of a secret order or politician or wealthy and they found out what he had done and gave him an ultimatum, stop or be stopped. He is a coward, everyone keeps saying that these people are intelligent no matter how elusive they are.That if they were smart they would not have commited these crimes. That is an intelligent person. I hope that one of rumors is true that he was commited by this secret order to an institution for the insane and that a libotomy had taken place and was left what he should be a blithering idiot!

      adidaspat 6 years ago


      I've often wondered about that. If you look at the so called five cannonical victims it's obvious (except for Stride who's murder most authors think was interrupted) that the mutulations became progressively worse but even Nicoles had her neck cut twice, her abdominom slashed open and her genital area stabbed several times. Kind of makes one think of the middle rung of a ladder, that there had to be others before her. Maybe he was a recent local who had lived in the area years before since he obviously knew the grounds. Has anyone checked on somewhat less henious murders before Nicoles in say Ireland, Scotland, Wales or other parts of England?

      Angus I totally agree with you (see my comment above). These women weren't high priced call girls. They were just trying to survive in a time and place that didn't allow much chance to do so. I don't dislike Queen Victoria but Victorian society was (and is) well known for its social hypocrisy. Many men paid for sex and then called these women whores, bagtails, pinch bricks, etc. What the hell kind of "Gentleman" does that? It's hard to pity the ones who managed to pick up syphllis do to their own irresponsible behavior. Matter of fact the ripper may well have been a man like that.

      No, I don't believe the ripper just "stopped". The police and vigilance committee were looking for him but there was a third group which had a vested interest in getting rid of the ripper. The gangs of pimps or so called "bullyboys" of that time. He sure wasn't doing their revenue any good. Could they have been laying for him and just got lucky some night after the Kelly murder? Think about it. Who would know better than a pimp where these women took their clients? Disposing of his body wouldn't have been too hard with Whitchapel full of slaughter houses. Could some prostitute (unknowingly of course) have had him for breakfast? Maybe there was some poetic justice after all. Frankly I'd have locked him up for ten years and then taken him to Tsavo and tied him to a tree. Let those two lions show him what "ripping" really means. Oops, little off topic here.

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      I'm reading Patricia Cornwell's book now. She's obviously an execellent forinsic specialist and I hear a good author too. Trouble is, like James Tully she seems to be fixated on one suspect. If one basis facts on theory and they don't match it's very tempting to change, distort or ignore certain facts. On the other hand if one does the opposite and they don't match one can always reformulate another theory because you still have a solid foundation of truth (the facts) to base it on. Cornwell based a lot of her theory on DNA samples but the DNA she extracted was mitocondrial (secondary), not nuclear (primary) DNA. Secondary DNA represents about 1% of the population which would have been about 200,000 people in England at that time. Since there are currently about (if one really stretches it) 150 ripper suspects that hardly narrows it down. In those days people often posted letters at the post office so virtually anyone could have "licked" the stamp. The letter Cornwell extracted the DNA from could have been handled by dozens if not hundereds of people before reaching it's destination. Simply put, secondary DNA can be used to eliminate a suspect but not to identify one. Cornwell also seems to imply that she "toured" the sight of the fifth victim (Millers Court) which was demolished in 1928. If she did then she holds her age quite well because she looks attractive in that photo in her book. She also mispells the name of the fourth victim (Eddows as opposed to Eddowes) throughout the book. I don't think she delibertly lied, I make plenty of typos myself but it does indicate she didn't pay much attention to some details which easily have been avoided if she'd done some reasearch on other books about the ripper including some of the most renowned like Donald Rumblow, Stewart Evans, M.J. Trow or Robin O'dell.

      FuzzyCookie profile image

      FuzzyCookie 6 years ago

      Omg I enjoyed reading the comments more than the actual hub. Tho the hub is quite informative bt the comments are really really interesting.. cheers!

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      An interesting note of trivia on the Kelly murder. As the crime scene photograph shows she was wearing a chemise or some other light inner garmet. Most accounts also say her outer garmets were neatly folded on a chair. If she was entertaining a client wouldn't she be in her "birthday suit"? And why neatly fold her outer garments? Prostitutes don't operate that way. For them it's get in, get done, get out. That's how they make their money. And what was the client (the ripper?) doing while she was neatly folding her outer garmets? Maybe sitting in a corner browsing through a copy of National Geographic? Maybe Kelly was done for the night and had turned in. This of course has led some to believe Kelly was attacked in her sleep. If so he may have stalked her. She didn't have a key so he might have seen her reach through the window to unlatch her door thus aquiring knowledge of how to get in. Her male friend (Joeph Barnett) also knew how to get in but Abberline cleared him after questioning. We don't have any other info on it but Abberline was considered to be a pretty good detective and must have had a reason for not keeping Barnett on the list of suspects. George Hutchinson was also considered a good suspect (he didn't come forward until after the coroner's inquest on Kelly) yet he too fell out of the picture after Abberline questioned him. Today both of them would have been intensly checked out and one wonders if something might have been missed back then. By the time of the Kelly murder the police force in Whitechapel had been tripled, a vigilance committee was also looking for him and prostitutes were more aware and more cautious so it's not really surprising that Kelly was the only victim killed indoors but one wonders if Kelly knew her killer or if the ripper had been stalking her beforehand?

      hadrian  6 years ago


      adidaspat 6 years ago


      Carlos Krueger 6 years ago

      I feel that the Ripper was a Zionist jew with a powerful message to the World at hand.....Don't mess with Us..!

      Mike Mc 6 years ago

      I have been following this for years. I think the Royal Family were behind this Mess. I think they used someone with an knowledge of Anatomy and Surgery, in the Guise of A Cop.

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      Mike Mc you've covered 3 of the bases (Royal, Doctor, Cop). JTR was the first serial killer our modern industrial society had to deal with so it's not surprising they couldn't catch him. In 1888 police work for the most part depended on either a witness or a confession by the criminal. The "witnesses" in the ripper case weren't all that reliable. For one thing there was a handsome reward out for him and Whitechapel was hardly a community known for chivilry. Plenty of people there would gladly turn in an innocent (or an enemy) for 500 pounds. Forensic science continues to advance and I think we'll know who he is someday.

      OnixBentley profile image

      OnixBentley 6 years ago

      i personal think that jack had something in-common with the masons/ Royal family, its just hard to think that there was a reword of 100,000 pound in England, the country was in poverty and squealer, someone must of seen something, jack did his work on nights, there were hundreds of homeless people on the streets of London, think about it, there is defiantly a cover up here people.

      ow and to the pratts out there stop dicking around and saying your the ripper (what a tool)

      smartperson 6 years ago

      Jack the ripper was a prince that injected his self with a certain kind of medicine that the side effects were insanity body odor smelled like apricot and led to violent behavior

      adidaspat 6 years ago


      Whaaaat? 100 thousand pounds??? Fort Knox didn't have that much back then. I did a tour of England in 1989. They said J.T.R. was a product of Coca Cola. When I said we didn't start bottling it till 1894 the guide said "My point exactly, you Yanks were feeding it to him by the keg".Sheesh, and they say the Dutch are bullheaded.

      marissa 6 years ago

      i honestly say that jtr is one of the most famous murders ever and i think its cool that they dont teel us his name and i love learning stuuff like thi and im 12 ive always lke learning about famous murders like the manson family murders i find him quit fascinating and i will always like this stuff.

      marissa  6 years ago

      i spelled some things wrong sorry

      Mac 6 years ago

      I see the Depp Movie mentioned a couple of times, are we to believe that a headless horseman was the killers accomplice? If you have nothing intelligent to add to the discussion, sit in the back like a good child, and let the grownups speak.

      adidaspat 6 years ago


      You speak up anytime you want and don't let someone like Mac bully you out of it. I suspect that most of the "grownups" above would be in your corner. Shame on you Mac. Weren't you ever 12 years old? I'd sure have liked to have had her insight and class when I was that age. Maybe you should take a page or two out of her book.

      marissa 6 years ago

      Thank you adidaspat I am a very smart girl and MAC doesnt have to talk to me like a baby I am turning 13 this month and I am very mature for my age and MAC wants too bully a 12 year old girl now WHOS the grown up here MAC?

      marissa 6 years ago

      And I did see that Depp movie and I liked it thank you very much!!!!

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      I saw it too. Matter of fact I bought it. Johnny Depp, Heather Graham and Robbie Coltran did a great job. And happy birthday.

      marissa 6 years ago

      thank you for being on my side there have a wonderful day adidaspat;)

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      With the advancement of forinsic technology I think we will find out who he was someday. Too bad the Marines hadn't encountered him. They'ed have had him for breakfast, drawn, quartered and tenderized.

      marissa 6 years ago

      What do you mean?OOOh my bday is next weekend.

      Richard 6 years ago

      This is not intended as a criticism of an excellent article but there is a typo in that it is 29 Hanbury Street, not Hanburg Street as stated in the article.

      My own belief is that the ripper was someone who lived in the area and who was able to blend in with the huge number of dispossessed citizenry to who the area was home. Press reports at the time speak of a huge number of people who lived in the cellars of some of the buildings and who only came out at night. These people were made up of those who had been released from asylums and who had been released from jail.

      One of the reasons the ripper was able to escape was because the area then was made up of a warren of narrow passageways and alleyways, very few of which were lit by night.

      Add to this the fact that there were over 80 butchers and slaughterhouses in the area that worked through the night (so people were used to seeing people in bloodstained clothing) and you begin to see that, either by luck or choice, Jack the Ripper settled upon the ideal area in which to carry out his crimes!

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      Good research Richard. RRRood has quite an article here. About 130 responses so far. Marissa, I meant that with modern forensic techniques detectives can now trace a criminal's actions with something as small as a chip particle off of a brick. They can find out what company made it, who bought the brick, at what time and so forth. The Marine comment was just an expression. They (the Marines) have a tradition of honor and a reputation for dishing out as good as they get. The ripper was among the worst of his time. The Marine's are among the best of ours. In otherwords it was just fantasy thinking on my part.

      lady in red 6 years ago

      I think he is a pimp and these were his girls and they weren't doing what he wanted or giving him his money to he killed them :]

      marissa 6 years ago

      thank u for braken that down for me and i was watching a documentary on jr and they think they found out who he was but he is dead now but he was there living in that area the crimes were commited and he matched the picture of jr and when the crimes were commited he moved that night using todays technology they were able too come up with the evidence and figure out what they couldnt in that time but they think they found out who they think it is but there still workin on it :)

      zainab 6 years ago

      there's no need for foul language people, Jack the Ripper was a real bad man who just killed people for fun, all of his victims were women that's a clue.

      marissa 6 years ago

      no,what if he had split personalitys mabey he had a motive most all people that kill people have motives not alot of people kill just to kill im not saying he had a motive i was just putting it out there :)he might of killed just to kill?????

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      One thing I hope we always remember about JTR. He was a spineless, murdering coward who preyed upon the most helpless people he could find. The mystery is intriguing but let's never forget what he was. Anyone looking at the crime scenes would know that no decent human being (or even animal for that matter) would do something like that for any type of "cause". Earlier I had posted a comment that he should have been given to the lions of Tsavo. What I meant was that he should have met his end at the hands (claws,teeth) of something just as unfeeling as himself.

      vallie 6 years ago

      Ive been researching him for weeks and hes a very interesting person. yes her or she for that matter should have been caught and put to justice for what he/she did but the entire case and theories of it all are rather amazing. its to bad that evidence deteriorates over the years because it would be amazing to open the case back up with todays technology and see if we would at lease get a little closer to discovering who he/she was.

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      I've read about JTR being a female. Most of the authors say "she" was an abortionist or midwife. The problem with those theories is that 4 of the 5 canonical victims were well beyond child bearing age (there was no fertalization technology in 1888). Mary Kelly (who was in her mid-twenties) was at first thought to have been pregnant but recent discovery of police reports after the autopsy show no evidence of it which would certainly have been in the report if the attending doctor had said she was. That doesn't mean JTR couldn't have been a woman but with few exceptions women who commit murder don't engage in that kind of mutilation.

      malavika 6 years ago

      its horrible.................

      natalie 6 years ago

      I think that Jack the Ripper was enjoying killing women bec. maybe he thought that hi is creating a kind of art. He kept killing until he found the right female that he really needed for his master piece...

      adidaspat 6 years ago


      Oh well, what the heck. Anyway Merry Christmas everybody.

      J.t.R. 6 years ago

      No... YoU wIlL nEvEr KnOw WhO i ReAlLy Am! JuSt CaLl Me jAcK!

      DAMB 6 years ago

      crazy IF U GUYS GO ON AN OUER LINK HE MAILED CRAZY LETTERS to his boos ad the presidentsaying a lotof crap and h sad ps watch out for jacky te ripper an i thinkhewasa doctor causehe knew wat he was kutting out what it was caled and he know wthe was doing. they should o cougt him. thats crazy and i thnk hisboss wascrazy to cuz after while he told pp about the letters and heseemed kl about the letters so i think he had ababy called lik jacky te ripper cuz thats wathesaid so i think itcould still be goin on

      Manna 6 years ago

      He was an American quack doctor called Francis tumblety, he had collected

      Wombs, was apparently gay and had stole 2 rings from a victim, that we found from him :)

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      Nah, that's just more of that "Blame it on the Yanks" stuff. Last time I went to England they said he was a product of Coca Cola. Tumblety did collet wombs but he got them from cadavers. He was in England during at least some of the murders but during others he was locked up for exposing himself to some minors. He was also over 6' tall. None of the eyewitness descriptions said he was more than 5'8" and none described him as more than 34 years old. Tumblety was 52 at the time.

      some guy on the web 6 years ago

      diz iz littlemanjojo


      i has my jack d ripper head in a bag


      adidaspat 6 years ago

      Anyone seen "Time after Time"? Can't figure why they brought him forward to the 1970's of all times and of all places San Francisco. Don't the producer's know they were dropping JTR into Dirty Harry's back yard? He'd have been looking down the barrel of a 44 and hearing "You're shit otta luck".

      Jack D Ripper 6 years ago

      Hanburg Street, that's a new one on me, ha, ha.

      Tapanga 6 years ago

      how can jack the ripper be a docter when anyone can remove anything while just knowing where the item is.

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      A lot of people didn't think he was. At least three of the doctors who examined the bodies of victims didn't think so but of course they had an occupation to protect. If he was just collecting "trophies" then he wouldn't have to know where anything was. Just grab what he could see. I know some authors believe that Eddowes was killed in one of the empty houses and then moved to Mitre Square but wouldn't there be some evidence of that like a blood trail, drag marks or something? The time line barely allows him time to committ the murder and mutilation. How could he possibly have had time to clean things up? I've never read anything about how he could have done that in so short of time. If anyone has please post it. I'd like to know how he did it.

      caps13 6 years ago

      i think the most logical suspect would be a sergical doctor because of the way all the victims were cut up, the man who ever it was knew what he was doing.i just feel sorry for those girls he killed, the whole thing is messed up.Its crazy they never caught the guy.

      edward church 6 years ago

      I believe that Jack was working on his own ac cord as the others followed around him. that could give us many ideas that makes it complicated at times. you can go back then by certain clues. but no d.n.a like back then there were clever murderers that was able to get by some of the murders. but I think by reading what things are being written many of the murders could of been done around the same time that jack was doing his.

      adidaspat 6 years ago

      caps 13

      I like your comment but did you look at the photo of Mary Jane Kelly? Looks more like the work of a drunk butcher. I suppose a surgeon who was crazy might do something like that but the photo doesn't indicate much expertise. Such a shame that a person so young who might have turned her life around should have it snuffed out so early. I hope someone really did a job on that bastard.

      ZO 6 years ago


      adidaspat 5 years ago

      No but fingerprinting wasn't a used science back then. There were about 30 million Englishmen in the country at that time and prints weren't kept on file in 1888. Even if one could extract prints who would you compare them to? Many of those records were destroyed during the Blitz in World War II. Others were taken and never returned. Even the crime scene photos weren't available until Rumblow discovered them in the 1960's. I know it all sounds negative but if you get a chance ZO you might read Robin O'dell's "Ripperology". He adds a lot of much needed common sense to the mystery.

      charlie 5 years ago

      is jack the ripper even true?

      justin b. 5 years ago

      hows it going.

      Harvey 5 years ago

      Apparently the killer was a German man, when arrested for slicing the neck of his mothers throat they questioned him and he came out with a response that he had an addiction to kill and mutulate women i think his name was Karl Fagen i dont know for sure its been a while since i've seen the documentry

      adidaspat 5 years ago

      Something about the Eddowes murder makes me curious. Constable Watkins entered Mitre Square at 1:44 A.M. after having been in the square 14 minutes prior to that. Constable Harvy's patrol beat took him to the enterance of Mitre Square by way of Church Passage. Part of his duties included checking doors and windows down Church Passage up to the enterance of Mitre Square. Mitre Square was not part of his assigned area so it's understandable that he didn't shine his lantern into the square itself yet he said he was at the enterance at around 1:40 A.M. Since there are witnesses who claimed to have seen Eddowes alive before 1:40 A.M. that would leave about a 4 minute time line between Watkins and Harvy. I've looked at several maps drawn of Mitre Square at the time of the murder. All show a street lamp right at the enterance by way of Church Passage. The victim was found next to the abandoned houses directly opposite the Church Passage enterance. She was in the most poorly lit part of the square so it's not surprising that Harvy would not have seen him but what about the other way around? If Harvy was where he said he was then he would have been standing directly under the street lamp. The map shows no view obstruction between the two points nor have I ever read anything indicating that there was any. Couldn't JTR have easily seen Harvy under the street lamp? Would he have continued his mutilation of Eddowes knowing at least one constable was that close? I don't think so. More likley Harvy was not there and just said he was after finding out that a murder had taken place at the time and location where he was supposed to be. He was after all dismissed from the force the following year for unstated reasons. I hate besmirching someone without real proof but I think we have to consider that Harvy may have just skipped that part of his beat and then lied about it later to cover himself.

      ZO 5 years ago

      Wow i forgot about that. that they cant compare the fingerprints to anyone. i will look for that book.

      bleep bloop 5 years ago

      jack the ripper was the great grandmother of our friend hitler

      it was also pacman who teamed up with the jellyfish things. they killed the victims by throwing grenades made of rotten baked potato sandwiches


      jesus freak 5 years ago

      O.K. people, some of you have good skills in research and other people need to stop goofing off. I believe that Jack was someone who grew up around whitechapel and knew his victums drinking problem. Most of women was around 43 and each one was: a)a prostitute b) were heavy drinkers and c) each one either had their uteris removed or that area was terribly mutilated. Only the last victum was 25 and had her face literrally cut off. This leads me to conclude that Jack the Ripper was a) born of a drunk prostitute b) he hated her and looking at her face or a look alike enraged him and c) he believed she should have never been allowed to have children.

      papa john 5 years ago

      Definately was James Kelley , look at the clues!!!!!!!

      Barak Obama 5 years ago

      i found it cool how everything is mutilated. I like squirrels. Chicken. Pie Cheese roflwaffel Justin Bieber is a lesbo hippo with a bad hair cut.

      Orange Juice 5 years ago

      Uhmm Its very difficult to explain ... Cheesy Potatoes JTR really destroyed those peopleess

      Dora teh Explora 5 years ago

      Do do do do do DORA! I think JtR had a good heart, at heart but he was corrupted by an evil dark wizard by the name "Merlin". I'm sure he had alot of magic training from the special wizard school he attended. He was mentally challenged and picked on as a kid. He managed to use his magical powers to combat evil cactuses. If JtR were still alive today (which he is) i would say that he would have been (is) a totally awesome giant squid monster baby cat food hamster dodongo catipillar.

      Carrie 5 years ago

      I think the man had either mommy issues or women issues!!!!!

      diego_6668 5 years ago

      JACK THE RIPPER is non other than JOSE RIZAL ( philippine national hero) notice the JR on their initials,,

      search and study LIFE AND TRAVEL OF JOSE RIZAL ..and you will know who jack the ripper is...

      by the way he is a doctor by profession ,,traveled around the world,,,stay in london from may 1888 to march 1889...few miles where the murders happened..


      HE uses the prostitute as his subject to practice medicine,,etc,,,,etc,,,,

      form DIEGO_6668 .....

      justathought 5 years ago

      It seems funny that the police let Catherine Eddowes out at 1/am knowing what she was and where she was going, and then a cop finds her dead. They also hide evidence by not reporting findings at the scene and doctors notes. I think the police were involved.

      meeee 5 years ago

      he was a canible who killed peostatutes

      Me 5 years ago

      There was never an identity given to Jack the Ripper he killed women as he wanted to. So it is very possible that Jack the Ripper was unable to be found and all the murders were performed late at night or very early so it is very possible to hide in the smog of London's streets. Therefor Jack the Ripper had a perfect cover to hide himself in the London streets.

      Jack The Ripper Detective 5 years ago

      I think Jack the Ripper was just a pissed off mama's boy. He was taken into the wrong hands and was told to kill some of the women but because his mind was so twisted he killed women without orders given as well. All because his mom didnt wanna spend time with him. Oh I also think he was gay . Also a drag queen thats why he never got caught, he was dressed as a women. His hair color was most likely red. Man I wish he did the killings in the time so we could have caught him and seen what he looked liked ><

      I bet there are a bunch of Lil' Baby Rippers in today's world we just dont know who BEWARE!

      Jack 5 years ago

      Actually what I was told is that Jack was a freemason and slept with a hooker and she stole his book so in fear of his own death for loosing his sacred book, he went looking for that hooker and he was serious about it. Then when he found his book the masons killed him.

      Jack 5 years ago

      O ya, he didn't get caught because like 90% of the police force in London at the time were freemasons telling him to find the black book.

      Plastic 5 years ago

      Yes and it's known that Freemasons originated as the night Templars fighting for the holy land in Jerusalem against the crusaders. So the term jack wrote on the wall “The JUWES are not the men That Will be Blamed for nothing” that's freemason talk think about it. 5 years ago

      that was true but remember it was beleved at the time that he was a ghost. and he also might have been encouraged to kill after polly nichols as a newspaper tied 2 more unrelated cases and it was almost like ''oh my god we have a serial killer no one in whitechapel is safe'' so maybe that encouraged him to live up to the name of what he was described as and after the 2nd murder someone from a newspaper writ a letter signed'Jack the Ripper' and maybe that encouraged him to kill eddowes and kelly in quite the way that he did and if they had seen him with blood on him then he could claim he was out hunting deer or something.

      He must have also have been educated in human anatomy and the film from hell only looks at it from 1 point of view out of hundreds.

      Lucy 5 years ago

      To all the people that do believe that he was James Kelly mabey he was mabey he wasent but what I think is that he never got caught because mabey some things just have to live on in wonder!?:)

      Lucy 5 years ago

      Hey wat up all my Ripper peeps!anyone on today?

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      Kate 5 years ago

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      you wanna talk about jack?;)

      Lucy 5 years ago

      hi,sure well what do you think about all of those rumers that those people are making about jack?:)

      Kate 5 years ago

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      Kate 5 years ago

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      so what do you think about Jack?;)

      Kate 5 years ago

      sorry i was sleeping,well like you said earlier i think somethings are ment to go on in wonder!;)

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      James 5 years ago

      Jack is not dead, for he never really lived. This beast that you look for is in your womb waiting to be let out again (I must get back to work for my knife is sharp). When you all drop your guard your Jack will come back. Sleep tight little ones,Sleep.

      JTR 5 years ago

      from the way the victims was strangled and then their throats slit its either a doctor or butcher.A butcher is more likely to be the suspect as they would know how to kill something without getting blood all over themselves.

      Secondly if the victims was killed by any other person I doubt they could have done the work in the dark as was the case..

      Neisha 5 years ago

      I think Jack the Ripper was a man and a doctor. I don't believe the story of he escaped a mental house and/or was married and killed his wife. Bc if that were true, his identity would be known already. I also think that it wasn't royalty. It was just a theory, nor the painter Walter Sickert. The artist just painted images he seen in photographs and liked the TOP HEADLINES of those times. - Honestly maybe his identity is hidden from us like a lot of other things the gov't [whoever] doesn't want us to know, or maybe bc they never found out and just want to keep his memory alive with theories. Which if the second "maybe" is right. That;s just sick and shouldn't be done. Who ever this man was killed woman in the dark and had pleasure doing it. He obviously left money beside one of his victims [anne chapman] for a reason. I would love to know who it was and why he did what he did, but we'll never find out. And that's for sure.

      Lucy 5 years ago

      yeah I get what your saying Neisha all the gov is trying to do is just hide it!But one day someone will find out!Mabey?

      viri 5 years ago

      For the one who says that your a writer...LEARN HOW TO WRITE!

      your not texting here if you are a writer then even if you were on your phone or ipod or whatever you should be able to write a whole lot better than what you did here

      viri 5 years ago

      For the people who think that if you worship the devil you kill...if you "worship" the devil you don't necessarily kill anyone, its a choice of what you believe in. People whoo kill sometimes kill out of pleasure, curiosity, anger, revenge, and other multiple reasons. Some kill for research to learn about the body or to have a live subject. It DOES NOT mean you worship the devil.

      Im not saying im correct but i think that maybe just maybe he wanted a better world and in his eyes prostitutes were not in the picture and he might of thought that he needed to get rid of them.

      he might have been the Hitler of his time what do we know.

      viri 5 years ago

      People who saw the movie..dont rely that the movie is the answer and try to connect fact with the movie. If the wrold has learned anything about movies is that movies aren't always write and that anything with johnny depp in it is just a stupid movie.

      bri 5 years ago

      serial killers generally have a high IQ anyway. Just because it's been stated that the Ripper had to have some knowledge of anatomy doesn't mean anything. Even a kid could cut out various organs. There is no evidence to prove that the Ripper knew which body organs were which, just that he enjoyed removing them. I believe the police did a terrible job, and tried going to the obvious. For all anyone knows, this could have been tag team female serial killers that had a vengence against whores.

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      well actually theres this guy on tv that has actually found the identity it wasnt for absolutely sure but the evidence was extremely strong. a lunatic who escaped from an aslum then married and stab his wife the throat. then went to london and to newyork.

      21,cencery,phoilpher 5 years ago


      jennyfer 5 years ago

      Really an educated doctor?? haha wow how ignorant are you?

      neil 5 years ago

      i think he was a surgeon cuz why then wud u remove there organs for all we know he could be the real dr frankenstein

      Tui 5 years ago

      Im 11 years old and looking at the case. Im looking a ALL the information and by the looks of it, Jack was a mad man. He sent a kidney of one of the victims to the Investigator, Mister Lusk. He stalked his victims until he got them to the right time! He was killing only prostitutes and he sent letters to his "boss" saying things like: I love my job, i shant stop until im buckled and even then look out for old jacky. Honestly, I think this dude should have been put in the nuthouse! AND HE FRIED AND ATE THE OTHER KIDNEY SAYING IT WAS YUM!

      Tui 5 years ago

      I just did a little more research, John Druitt did kill himself after the murders.Yet they stopped. And something my little eye caught; George Chapman. He was trained and certified as a barber in Poland, then worked as a barber in Whitechapel. The day he got promoted, Mary Anne Nichols died that night. And the day Annie Chapman died, George Chapman was believed to have had an argument earlier in the day. but do you see what littley eye caught? Annie Chapman, victim. George Chapman,Suspect. They both have the same last name. Police also found a knife and a vile of poison in his barber. But I dont know what the poison has to do with it. this cas eis twisting my mind. Ive read all the Ripper Letters,it doesnt add up.My little voice in the world says that Eddy, John Druitt and George Chapman were somehow working as one twisted, crazy mind. but then comesin an artist. Walter Sickert. He had an obsession with the crimes and drew sketches and portraits of the murder scenes. I'm telling you, ripper was NUTS!

      Saucy jacky 5 years ago

      How can they catch me now I love the work want to start again

      ................ 5 years ago

      i herd that the killings may have comtinued after the last victom they where haveing very simler killings in newyork rigth after jack disapered

      aakanksha 5 years ago

      whoever jack the ripper was he had to be an educated and rich person.It is pretty obvious as grapes were affordable only by rich and at every murder site grapes were found.The sites where they wern't are said to be the sites where body was placed after the murder.The removal of kidneys prove that he is a surgeon as no butcher would have access to a fruit as expensive as grapes.It is even possible that these victims knew their murderer as these random killings stopped after the 5th murder.Maybe there was some relation between the victims not to mention that if jack the ripper was just a homocide who enjoyed killing he would not stop till he was caught.something must have driven these mysterious killings.They were done for a reason.

      aakanksha 5 years ago

      whoever jack the ripper was he had to be an educated and rich person.It is pretty obvious as grapes were affordable only by rich and at every murder site grapes were found.The sites where they wern't are said to be the sites where body was placed after the murder.The removal of kidneys prove that he is a surgeon as no butcher would have access to a fruit as expensive as grapes.It is even possible that these victims knew their murderer as these random killings stopped after the 5th murder.Maybe there was some relation between the victims not to mention that if jack the ripper was just a homocide who enjoyed killing he would not stop till he was caught.something must have driven these mysterious killings.They were done for a reason.

      TOM 5 years ago


      tom is a dick 5 years ago


      LUKE IS A 5 years ago

      HJU B

      Ben 5 years ago

      On the history channel yet had substantial amount of evidence pointing towards a man that had escaped from a mental institution and had been in the same places and had left London at the same time as jackets ripper and the same boat also that man had returned later in his life to that same institution and had given a confession that he had put a lot of things in there linking him to the murders of these people

      Ben 5 years ago

      Jack the ripper****

      ART. 5 years ago

      if ya'll really pay attention to the facts, Jack The Ripper was after the prostitutes and yet at the same time, there were more then just prostitutes out on the streets, why didn't he killed a regular person besides a prostitute? of course a easy theory would be that him and hers would be alone but he didn't really bother regular citizens. So my guess that he can get away by muderering someone easier. but still it seems to be odd. the other thing is that He was brutal and a blood thirst killer but at the same time, doing all the set ups and all, look at the times when the prostitutes were killed. between 1 and 2 a.m. that is not just a regular Serial killer. they would mainly just go and kill without a solution or plans but Jack, he had something in mind when he was killing his 5 victims. and he only took the main organs of the body and not much of anything else? could he be a part of an oocult? or just a smart/brutal killer? and the Whitechapel indistries? if this was going on and why wouldn't they just send 2 detectives of in the area of whitechapel or just tried to have a guard watch? I can say they all tried hard but at the same time, it doesn't take much to think of a pattern of Jack The Ripper. 5 victims were killed mainyl slit by the throat, only took important organs from his 5 victims then just disapear afterwards and never seen or heard of again? does this at all makes any sense of being a normal mad man or serial killer? I don't think so.

      jack 2 5 years ago

      Im comin to get you guys...

      KittyKat 5 years ago

      herp a derp derp, he was obviously crazy yet genius! maybe he was an idiot sevonte of murder!

      the investigator 5 years ago

      Art from 6 weeks ago I like how u think a lot of what ur saying makes since to me and to being part of a cult a very high maybe bjust cuz of what he took but to be sure on that u would have to see where he killed each victim if its a ritural thing there be a paternal but the real question is how to solve a 100 year old unsolved murder's

      DRAWN TO 1888 4 years ago

      JACK WAS COOL!!!

      jamie the don!..... 4 years ago

      i wached from hell it is grim!

      the fact of jack 4 years ago

      The Jack the Ripper case has been solved. The problem is, the age of the case and the overwhelming hypothesis of the identity of this crazy man. The true identity is pushed aside because of hashed theories in the forefront of the public perception. An artist with a his own deformity, led him to a mental rage against women. This rage had been kept inside hidden. After seeing a hit play at the time was able to unleash it. The play "Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde". The deformity of the madman was to his male productive organ. The Man was Walter Seigart.

      the fact of jack 4 years ago

      The Jack the Ripper case has been solved. The problem is, the age of the case and the overwhelming hypothesis of the identity of this crazy man. The true identity is pushed aside because of hashed theories in the forefront of the public perception. An artist with a his own deformity, led him to a mental rage against women. This rage had been kept inside hidden. After seeing a hit play at the time was able to unleash it. The play "Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde". The deformity of the madman was to his male productive organ. The Man was Walter Seigart.

      jack the ripper 4 years ago

      Jack the ripper was not a dr. but he knew alot about the human body and all. Jack the ripper didnt jsust kill his victims just to wacth them die but he ate them too... Jack was not a police man he was a rich guy with lots of power and i have study lot on him for school and i am sure he was not jusr a killer but a cold bold killer...

      Jack the ripper was nothing but a loser that probely couldnt get his way with women and he was a dum ass and rapped and killed women. and the a other thing my mother said he didnt rap them but i belive he did but why would he kill them but also why rap a hooker? i still got a lots of question

      Jim 4 years ago

      A modern detective was given full access to all the surviving evidence on the case a few years ago (true). He stated that, after all these years, there was no way to prove anything for certain but evidence did point to the fact that Jack may have fled England to the United States. And everywhere the suspect he charted went, the same type of murders occurred but no one, back then, put the two together. A plausible theory and an interesting one.

      sexy & i no it 4 years ago

      it is said jack could be an artist, or even a member of the royal family! either way, we shall not no for sure untill someone, somewhere demands the truth! this implying that jack was a man or woman that was slightly put-out but no matter what,

      i think its cool & fasinating!

      Aron 4 years ago

      The movie from hell is like 99% lies if you want to know the real story u shuld go on the jack the ripper walk in London by Donald Rumbelow he rote a book called The complete Jack the ripper he is realy intresting i just endid my tour with him i just wanted to share it with you.

      Richard Noes 4 years ago

      I have never seen a worse group for spelling or grammar, congratulations.

      deena 4 years ago

      if you have ever read the autopsy report of Catherine Eddowes, there is no way you would consider her killer a doctor. it's basically some nasty, rooting around inside the poor woman's abdominal cavity, taking away the bits he fancied. he may have only killed 5 women, but he must have assaulted and/or cut others before that, in his 'learning period', before he worked his way up to the killing. the violence escalated with each one, and after Kelly, it'd doubtful he would be able to pretend sanity at all.if he was wandering the streets or wherever, acting crazy, he could have been locked up as a lunatic. he couldn't have been a royal, a doctor, or even middle class. he would have stood out too much in the slums. he lived there. he worked there. the prostitutes would have known him. he would have been a's been established that all his victims were working when they were killed, but no money was found on any of them. i discount the coins, etc arranged around the body of Chapman...sounds too much like reporters trying to sell papers, and there was nothing like it with any of the other victims. so i think the killer took whatever coins they had. not something an upper class killer would think of.

      Prinsen 4 years ago

      Jack the ripper was the Dukes private pro doctor. Where else could they find what they need and try out for what purpose.

      Doesn't need a Genie to figure that out.

      tyler silk 4 years ago

      jack ther riper was the kqueens nephew a nd and absoult idiot who loved to kill hookers

      tyler silk 4 years ago

      jack the ripper was the queen victorias nepew prince eddie the duke of clarence and i think he was jack the ripper because when the murders stopped in the uk and started in the usa he was in the usa and thats wh7y i think he killed the hookers.:( chalie sheen would be very upset if this happened today

      Colleen Mackill profile image

      Colleen Mackill 4 years ago

      Does anyone know how they tried to solve the case??? its really comfusing and im trying to write my term paper for english....... thanks :)if you have an answer you can reach me at

      nural 4 years ago

      I walk to work near most his killings every day creepy.

      Kvothe 4 years ago

      To the people who think these crimes were committed by free masons or masons. You guys are simply stupid, you obviously don't know the true history of the Freemasons. So instead of watching stupid, irrelevant movies, go to the library and research it, dumbasses.As well as the people who think the queen's nephew is the suspect, why would the queen's nephew even bother killing women? He's the queen's nephew for christ sake! Also if you read the whole article you would get a glimpse of understanding why he would do what he did to those poor women. R.I.P

      cyclometre 4 years ago

      Deena, I think your theory is just about the closest but obviously we will never know. As for those people who name call and abuse others on this site just ask yourself why you need to do that? Everyone is entitled to an opinion. There are 7 billion people on the planet all with their own unique story to tell. Chill out and enjoy all these differences and you will have a more pleasurable life.

      .... 4 years ago

      from hell is not the real story

      A Girl with a Clue 4 years ago

      I don't believe it was a doctor, but a butcher, or butcher's assistant. I also wonder, has anyone considered that it could have been a Jew after another Jew? Because of the writing on the wall? Syphilis has also been speculated on because of how he mutilated the faces of the women. Food for thought anyway.

      Adam the Ripper 4 years ago

      I believe that most people can learn from Jack the Ripper from Adam the Ripper because he is a serius person to have under your belt to think with because you do not understand anything. In life or the real human conveying issues to manipulate time to water and air. Making the belief of human connection stronger to the conenction of god. The ability of this post of natural being ordinary is simmilar to Adam the Rippers mind. The dream then was to become popular.

      JTR 4 years ago

      i think fredrick deely done this thats all i have to say

      Armanius 4 years ago

      It is simple to solve. Who had the most to gain or loose. The Freemasons were invovled. The killing were a cover up just like now they control the masses with fear. The killer could not have been an ondinary man. At this time most people could not reed. These were masonic killing done with surgical percison. Ritual killings as the Egyption did while removing of organs. The Petagram trangle up one down+ each other the ancient syble that the (Bauer) put it together making the so called star of david. They hung a Red sign on their door so dealer would know they are of the ancient bloodline that has been mannipulting humanity after the fall keeping us in darkness. Queen Victoria was the blood that seald all the roal familes together. Her nephew had a son & he was married to a catholic not good for the church of England & not the illuminati that were once knights of the Temple. They need to keep us in a illusion of freedom while the universe is mind =spirit. The Ancient Egyption& Greeks tried to re educate the world but there are those that for power & greed will destroy everthing. herodotus was called the father of all lyers. Solon brought back truth but was not able to tell of it. We Use oil, Fossil fulls when tesla showed thw we can tap in the Earth's Ley Lins as the Egyptions did. I could bing all sorts of things to the table but you cattle know one thing & that is how to get fatten up for you slaughter. The Ripper was a ceation of the Engish Royals & their flunkies. Why do the Brits Worrship the norman bloodline when we are engl Saxons. William the basterd (conquer of the last of the celt Englo, & Saxon. Let not thank them for their tyrrany " God save the Merovingian bloodlines. Remember your goverment always has your best interest at heart....... NOT Killing in the name of Johova the first nazi. Hey lets burn down library of Alexandria, only in the name of god or country. I got got a great plan start a war & pray to god that our side kills more Since its the same god . Cattle wake up!

      Chloe 4 years ago

      Im related to Mary Ann Nichols the fist victim.

      Jackal 4 years ago



      armanius 4 years ago

      Weishaupt was not seeking to create a secret society whose aim was to enslave mankind, but one which sought to liberate man and cultivate his freedom and morality. Weishaupt writes of how any person wishing to join the Order of the Illuminati out of a thirst for power is acting contrary to the society's aims:

      'If you seek power, might, false honour, excess, then ... we shall leave you to the consequences of your folly

      Adam weishoupt was against the way total power corrupted. He didn't like the way knowledge was hidden & not made availble to all. He seen that the money lenders & property owners kept control. He even said the first man who put the illusion on the people by saying," this river is mine of piece of land pulled a quick one overthe peoples eyes. So he was against civilization in that manner. He belived the all land, knoledge & water,was for all. He was a Jesuit in the catholic church & didn't like it because religion was a form of control. He started the illuminati in Bavaria. He got backing from the Rothschild because he needed money. That was the worse act he ever did they are for &everything he was against.; making the Illuminati corrupt= freemasons. Builders of civlization after everyone falls. They make sure that they stay behind the sceins running things royal corts government & all. The people in the whitechapel area were very poor. They left their coutry to find a better way. Remeber Qeen Victoria was the Queen that nitted all the Royal bloodlines together so the countries these people left were partly hers. A sewage treatment plant was more inportant than her subjects. I t was made to resemble a palace, it had marble floors brass trimming & guess where she had it placed, right in the middle of the whitechapel area. People started to grow ill from it. Very sad when we don't relize that civilization means to be civil to each other & have compassion. To have impathy & make it our problem to educate & help our bothers because I am my brothers keeper.

      armanius 4 years ago

      Weishaupt was not seeking to create a secret society whose aim was to enslave mankind, but one which sought to liberate man and cultivate his freedom and morality. Weishaupt writes of how any person wishing to join the Order of the Illuminati out of a thirst for power is acting contrary to the society's aims:

      'If you seek power, might, false honour, excess, then ... we shall leave you to the consequences of your folly

      . His real idea was that relidgion, money, power corrupted. Read Nesta Webster's Plot against civilization or world Revolution. Illumination is a very great thing, it has its polarities ( oposits

      adam 4 years ago

      wtf this has no point what so ever who wuld want to learn about this. i would.

      Krh 4 years ago

      He was my greay grandpa....i dont really care though....

      kristianna 4 years ago

      A friend of mines greatgranma said it was a member of the royal family.

      Hannah 4 years ago

      Hey you got all the facts right, but I was juse wondering what about Martha Tabran and Emily Dimmock?


      Josh 4 years ago

      Didint someone escape?

      Alex 4 years ago

      Jack the ripper is one of the worlds most infamous killers.being he knew the exact location of the liver does in fact tell us he is an educated man or a man of medicine; however, the lack of skill in the removal of the organ puts doubt on the fact. I myself believe he was at least somewhat introduced in the medical field. he had certain knowledge only a man science would know. i believe the the removal of the organs was sloppy due to the fact he was rushed in each murder. trying to carry out proper dissection in an open street. Come on people we all know he would not have had the time to do it right. putting all the facts on the table in front of you clearly shows he had knowledge of medicine.

      Jackdaw 1888 4 years ago


      Jack the Ripper was but an imaginary figure created by Royalty, the Masons... and the hand of a painter - Walter Sickert

      Jack still remains a mystery well over a century since his brief appearance.

      The truth surrounding the Whitechapel murders has been silenced forever.

      Much like a traitor locked away in the 'tower'

      And its tale will never be told.

      However, maybe some of the answers to the enigma can be found in ART?

      Or the ART of GRAPHOLOGY?

      The names of Walter Sickert and Jack the Ripper are made up by 13 letters.

      Both names can be split into 4 decibels / sounds - ie

      WAL - TER - SIC - KERT ........ JACK - THE - RIP - PER

      In both names there are exactly the same vowels positioned in exactly the same order.

      These being A E I E

      w A l t E r s I c k E r t

      j A c k t h E r I p p E r

      The first letter of the victims surnames are?

      S tride C hapman K elly E ddowes T abram = SCKET

      Mary Ann Nichols = MAN

      We 'commoners' may never know the answers re Whitechapel 1888.

      Nonetheless my research will continue.

      For I know that my findings are both novel and unique.

      RIP - Stephen Knight

      Kind Regards and have a nice day!

      Jackdaw :-)


      Should you wish to see the clues that Walter Sickert secreted within his portraits re The Royal Conspiracy and the images of Jack the Ripper :-



      Slasherpop 4 years ago

      Jack the Ripper was a seral killer in London, England. He only killed women because it was a easy target. He also did it for his sexual amousment.

      shaz 4 years ago

      Joseph Barnet,the ginger beer bottle left in mary kellys room the ink. the missing heart. broken heart. the pipe he left behind. forgotten. then the description. and finally the catch me if you can fishermans phrase?OR it was netly and the masons? what happened to baby alice? Do the detective is not that hard!!!why was the queen involved? her physician maybe?

      Demon 4 years ago

      Jack the ripper only killed girls cause they are weak and can't fight that good they be scared even when this guy comes in and kills them they ain't going to do nothing they just going to stand there in shock being a little girl and screaming their heads off till he kills them. women are stupid when it comes to things like this.

      Slasherpop 4 years ago

      True...... red haired girls and blond haired girls are stupid....but blond haired girls are really hot...........Brown haired girls are smart and hot to......

      Jack 4 years ago

      You're all a bunch of loonies if any of you think you're right. Ha. Ha. You think I'm a doctor. You think I'm a morgue assistant. A police officer. A woman. A man with a whore for a wife. Just a 'curious' man. Ha. Ha. You're all wrong, now if any man is brave enough..

      Catch me if you can.

      -Jack the Ripper

      Ian 4 years ago

      gee he was really great

      Sarah 4 years ago

      He is the most weirdest person trying to kill people for what. He didn't get anything at the end. HE DIED !! LOL.

      Troll 4 years ago

      i think it is disgusting what he did and it is wrong in every way but i think it was very, very clever how he got away

      james 4 years ago

      jack the ripper was a bad man

      bob 4 years ago


      ??????? 4 years ago

      well h emight have done write because he saw these women selling there sef and said well why dont i end it for them so they dont have to do it all there life and i will make it grusome so people are scared to do it so they

      UR MUM 4 years ago

      your ALL REALLY SAD...........................................

      john 4 years ago

      god know,s who he is(was) and one day he have too tell him (god that is )

      sammy 4 years ago

      i think jack the ripper needed special help from a phciatrist! lol :O

      ryam 4 years ago


      ann 4 years ago

      jack was a sick person. someone had to no.some no him.

      nathan 4 years ago

      If you look into all the murders and get every last bit of details that there are on it, youll notice that all 5 of the victims were linked together, he didn't kill just anyone he came across. all I know is that he knew all 5 and they knew him too.

      angelinia walker 4 years ago

      this just makes me feel realy bad.i herd that he was on the titanic

      briana townsend 4 years ago

      tht is so sick

      Rae Bradshaw 4 years ago

      I'm doing this in my history class at school and it was easy enough for him to get away with it and he might have been a doctor he might not have been but this is just gruesome but compared to murders now aka serial killers all over america and sometimes england he kind of set the example to them.

      Ja 4 years ago

      He wasn't on the titanic lovey dates are wrong! Where on earth did u hear that

      peeps 4 years ago

      this is not about the titanic

      jill 4 years ago

      sadddos!!!!!!! XD

      sanje 4 years ago

      You sad old men, why are you so fat and ugly, hope you die

      shar 4 years ago

      James Maybrick is the ripper. A guy who believed he became more powerful with the more arsenic he took. The more arsenic he took the more it destroyed his body and brain. He took out his vengeance on these women because of his addiction and pure hatred for his wife who was sleeping around.

      angle bug 4 years ago

      read the book jack the ripper by patisha cromwall.i think thats it she went to london to study all about it .it was a realy good book once u start to read the book she wrote u wont be able to put the book down realy good.enjoy.

      mark 4 years ago

      Queen victorias doctor was a prime suspect on the case..!!...also prince albert,due to the fact that he caught a nasty disease from one of the working girls at the time..!!..

      RedRose 4 years ago

      Jack The Ripper was, actually, a group of people. It wasn't just one... It was a cult.

      ethan 4 years ago

      i cant belive the jack the ripper kill his own mum .i why know why it because his mum was mean so when he started killing people his mum was his second victim

      thea ruby 4 years ago

      was he a doc

      gb 4 years ago

      im a living relative of Mary Kelly

      mark skinner 4 years ago

      the probability is that the perpetrator was from the same socio-economic background as his/her victims. lived in the whitechapel area, alone. had a psychotic/mental disorder that allowed him/her to carry out the daily duties without any suspicion but, obviously hated women, or, loose-women of the lower class. would have been of very normal/ordinary appearance. would be fairly adept in not drawing attention in any activities. had ease of access to sharp knife/knives, and, had limited knowledge of anatomy. very good knowledge of the vicinity. MY GUESS WOULD BE; slaughterman/butcher/mortuary attendant.

      Emily 3 years ago

      Hi... this comment is never going to get seen.

      If you see it then can you please reply

      (you dont need to put down any private detail)

      MqD 3 years ago

      For those of you who have actually read the coroners reports of the ripper victims. I challenge you to seek out "120 days of sodom" by the Maquis De Sade. This book, horrific as it is, explains in great detail the motivations of a man like Jack the Ripper. Some of the crimes depicted in "120" are very similar to the ripper murders especially the death of Augustine as compared to the slaughter of Mary Jane Kelly. A lot of people speak of the "facts" and then try to form a hypothesis like he must have been rich because there were grapes at some of the crime scenes, or he could have worked at a winery or maybe he stole some grapes or took some grape stems from the garbage and planted false evidence. was he that smart? well he was smart enough to get away with it. Was he a doctor? Maybe, but the Marquis was not a doctor and had a sickening knowledge of human anatomy. Note the ripper crimes get more and more horrific as do the crimes in "120 days or sodom" as did Jeff dahmer. I personally have no idea who the ripper was, except a monster, an unfortunate side effect of being human.

      Tash 3 years ago

      hay , im doing a history project on jack the ripper and need a reference for this artical if icould plz hv the name of the author.

      Tash 3 years ago

      hay , im doing a history project on jack the ripper and need a reference for this artical if icould plz hv the name of the author.

      Tash 3 years ago

      hay , im doing a history project on jack the ripper and need a reference for this artical if icould plz hv the name of the author.

      harry 3 years ago

      he was crazy man

      amy 3 years ago

      If you are doing a history project on Jack the Ripper: you should get a film on him, there is one called "from hell" and that tells you loads about Jack Ripper.

      cate 3 years ago

      it's just disgusting

      jennifer 3 years ago

      you all are just sick calling yourselves jack the ripper

      3 years ago


      Jason Clendenning 3 years ago

      so out of all this negativity and name calling and all you little disillusioned morons calling yourselves jack and the ripper grow up you diseased bastards. its not funny its not cute its disgusting and just proves the weakness of your mind. the lack of anything resembling common decency or human scruples or morays. frankly i have heard only ONE i say again ONE person who actually knows what they are talking about. DET W BELL good for you you did your homework and the only intelligent person who posted here. it has been long believed that Jack was in some way connected to the royal family, at that time any connection to the royals would have made him damn near untouchable especially if he was a relation. and quite frankly because he may or may not have taken coins from his victims shows nothing about his social class. plenty of rich people become kleptomaniacs because the desire to have more is so strong and its the getting that is addictive. i am from a very lower class family but most people who meet me think i am from an upper class social structure i dress well and speak well in person. so they believe i am from a different standing. Jack could have been royalty but could have observed enough lower class that he could have easily assumed an alias that helped him blend in. and the stealing of money? what better to throw police off the trail of a wealthy killer than simple theft of a few worthless coins? think before you post something, it is better to be thought an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt. i am a theatre major and am a rather good(according to audience members and friends) actor its not hard to portray another identity for purposes beyond the "norm". theories that are probably close to the reality are as follows male, related to royal family, some form or medical training, deranged but highly intelligent, and most likely was probably assassinated by a Scotland Yard inspector who know that he couldn't arrest the bastard but he'd be damned if after mary kelly he would let it continue. those are theories not facts but those are most likely and what took place back then. but honestly it doesn't matter its over so let it rest. like the Titanic it is what it is let it be.

      Magdalene 3 years ago

      Jack the Ripper was thought to have had both genders but was sewn up to grow up as a man but later developed as a woman and became so angry at women, whom could have children and grow up as respectable women of England, but decided to throw their lives away and spent their time in the beds of sex-hungered men who were more than happy to pay for their services, and started to cut out their uterus's because he was unable to grow up as a normal adult of either gender.

      fenceline 3 years ago

      Jason Assasinated by a Scotland Yard detective???? Hardly a theory, more like a hypothesis formed out of whole cloth. The royal conspiracy is based on Stephen Knight's book. The Duke of Clarence (Fondly known as "Prince Eddie") had allegedly married a commoner named Annie Cook (or Crook depending on which book you read). Knight alleged that Cook was Catholic and the marriage had been witnessed by the 5 canonical victims (Nichols, Chapman, Stride, Eddowes and Kelly). The Royal Hierocy had supposedly sent the queens physician (Sir William Gull) out to kill the victims to keep them quiet. There's no evidence that the victims knew each other and no marriage certificate has ever surfaced indicating the marriage. Also no baptismal certificate has ever surfaced indicating Cook was a Catholic. There is some evidence that she attended protestant services near Whitechapel however. Prince Eddie was 24 years old at the time of the Whitechapel murders. According to a royal statute anyone in line to the throne who is under the age of 25 and marries a commoner (Catholic or otherwise) that marriage can be annulled by royal decree. Why on earth would Queen Victoria or anyone else in the royal family send someone out to butcher half a dozen women when the whole matter could be resolved by simply signing a document? As I posted before Gull was 72 years old at the time of the murders, had suffered a stroke the year before and was dead within two years after having two more. Hardly someone who could run around Whitechapel during the night committing a bunch of murders. My source is Robin O'dell's book "Ripperology", which was endorsed by Donald Rumblow who's considered among the best authorities on Jack the Ripper. O'dell doesn't name a suspect (nor did Rumblow) but his book is very down to earth and provides much needed common sense to the subject.

      fenceline 3 years ago

      I know the Mason theory has been kicked around quite a bit but I don't know what it would have to do with JTR. George Washington was a Mason as was Thomas Jefferson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. What I'm implying is that what one believes is not necessarily how one behaves. Adolf Hitler and Jack Kennedy were both born Catholics but they sure as hell weren't much alike.

      Yamishita Kumiko 3 years ago

      Ok. My opinion is that jack the ripper obviosly did wrong yet he only targeted whores, drunks, and prostitutes selling themselves for money. Sometimes a combination of both or all. I don't think he was a doctor but I do think he had some type of medical expieriance with this. Because if he knew nothing about the human body then how did he take out half a kidney or cut out a womb. -thats just my opinion anyway sorry for the bad spelling and grammer

      fenceline 3 years ago

      Yamishita Kumiko

      You make some good points. I sort of wonder how he knew which body parts to take. Maybe he just took whatever he saw (or felt). The crime scene photo of Mary Kelly certainly doesn't indicate any medical knowledge. More like the work of a drunken butcher. Prostitutes back then (As now) tend to be looked down upon but what about the "Gentlemen" who paid for them? Those arragont morons called them pince bricks, bagtails and what not yet they themselves indulged in the "favors" those women brought. They weren't high paid call girls. They were just trying to survive where there wasn't much chance to do so. Few things irritate me more than a pimp or a "trick". They literally define the word hypocrisy with their own conduct. I have no sympathy whatsoever for those who managed to contract syphilis thanks to their own irresponsible behavior. I like sex as much as most men but if you're going to be a self serving jerk then keep it in your pants or you just might lose it.

      Brendan 3 years ago

      I like Dr. H. H. Holmes for it, but although that is a novelty, I am not so sure that It is true. In fact-- and don't attack me for saying this because I am no expert but nor are any of you-- I don't think the murders were even related by one man. I believe two subsequent deaths in a rather unsavory part of town sparked interest and possible sparked copy cats to a murderer who didn't even exist. Prostitutes have been prime targets since forever and I think it was just by sheer closeness in time of two murders that the press-- hungry for stories-- made the facade of the Whitechapel Ripper, which then influenced bored, insane people to look for meaning in their life in this Whitechapel Ripper. This would explain the increasing gore in later murders. the first two were killed and by the last victim, the body was completely mutilated. This indicates that the first two may have been crimes of passion, but in the final, the murderer had expectations to meet, so he played himself as the specific, gruesome Ripper.

      fenceline 3 years ago

      The murders attributed to JTR run as many as 11 and as few as 3 depending on who's book you're reading. The majority of authors agree on the so called "canonical five", not due to the mutilations but to the M.O. Each of them was killed by two cuts to the neck. The mutilations of course occurred afterwords (or in the case of Stride not at all). It's true that many prostitutes were killed by their "clients". Others were killed by their pimps. Some in fact killed each other but those facts alone raise the question of what made the Ripper murders so different. The authorities had to have seen something unique about them. There's little doubt that he'd have been caught today with the forensics of fingerprinting, blood typing, DNA and other evidence but those things didn't exist back then or were at least in their infancy and not reliable or even usable.

      randhir 3 years ago

      From wat i read i can safely say that JTR mother was a prostitute. and at a very young age he must have been abuse or even worse to a point that he felt justified to do tis to a women aged 45 or so. he had no curiosity for the human body. he just wanted revenge.

      714raine 3 years ago

      And might I add just extremely sad, these were people, who suffered in ways we could never imagine...Your Comment...

      fenceline 3 years ago

      Good point 714 raine.

      I've mentioned this before but it's worth saying again. These women weren't high priced call girls. They were just trying to live in an enviorment which didn't give much chance to do so. Some of these clowns who rip them for being prostitutes ought to take a page ought of that book "Walk a mile in my shoes".

      stuart 3 years ago

      It's funny how many of you say it was a skilled or semi skilled surgeon yet the evidence of the cuts shows it to be someone with no medical knowledge. Jagged cuts, sloppy work even if someone just wanted certain items from inside the body. I don't believe it was royalty or anyone linked to royalty. I do think they had something to do with either the medical profession or biology. In fact, there was a man from Canada that was in London at that time and had asked for female genitalia to take back to Canada for medical studies. They refused him and he floated around for a few months. Then, shortly after the 5th murder he boarded a ship to the USA and then traveled to Canada from New York. After he left New York he was never heard of again. Coincidence??? i don't think so.

      mandy misery 3 years ago

      He was brilliant and a legend. It was wrong for what he did but i find his murders very interesting.

      Juliyah 3 years ago

      Well a Canadian you say what was his name? Have you ever read the book Prince Jack. Has very compelling evidence from the reports of the royal physician William Gull. Shows to be Prince Albert. The Queen tried to ban this book when it first came out. Good reading. Also a sick mind is a very intelligent mind. Most people that are mentaly ill have way above average iqs. Some are brilliant in fact.

      fenceline 3 years ago

      To Ryan, If you can get it you might try reading Robin O'dell's "Ripperology". He doesn't name a suspect but he adds a lot of common sense to the mystery. Most authors formulate their own theories. O'dell doesn't do that which I think lends some credibility to him since he doesn't insert his own ego into it.

      candimonster 2 years ago

      I 100% believe jack the ripper was Aaron Kanwinski. He hated women and even more so prostitutions. He owned a leather aapron that was found beside the body of Annie chapman. He was a hairdresser so he would have the skills of using sisscors and maybe knives. He was reported to be a very violent man. But more so he was sent to the nut house and then the killings stopped. also the two lead investigators truly believed he was there man. Today with all that evidence that would of been enough to arrest him.

      Tommy 2 years ago

      A couple of people here have already alluded to it, but having been interested in the history of Jack since I saw the 1988 TV mini series with lewis Collins and Michael Caine, I picked up Patricia Cornwells book "Portrait Of A Serial Killer".

      I've read and considered pretty much every whacko theory that's been written on the subject, but la Cornwells tome has me convinced that she found the killer.

      fenceline 2 years ago

      Cornwell may or may not have been right but as I said before her evidence is not as solid as her book indicates. Look up the difference between Primary (Nuclear) DNA and Mitocondrial (secondary) DNA (which Cornwell used) and you'll see what I mean.

      Oliver Kirkland 2 years ago

      Jack the Ripper is a very interesting case. The victims were prostitutes. I could see why he would want to kill them. It also very strange how no one could think of looking at who all lived in London at the time and figure out if they worked a certain day or hours and at least one of them would have a good schedule where "Jack" would be able to kill them and not be noticed.

      Jeff 2 years ago

      Jack the Ripper was just a serial killer who never got caught. There's no need for any conspiracy, free-masons, royalty and so on. Because his identity remains unknown, there is a vacuum left which seems to suck up every crazy theory imaginable. He would have appeared to have been an ordinary guy and not some romantic, historical figure. Take a look at just a few serial killer documentaries on You Tube and you will see that they don't stand out. It's their anonymity which makes them hard to catch. Visit for more on this way of thinking.

      Jessica Laffin profile image

      Jessica Laffin 2 years ago

      It said it was a surgeon the only hospital was the royal London hospital. An ordinary man couldn't cut out a kidney and not know where it would be at. A surgeon or a student in the practice would have known. A man who had always kept quiet and easily not been seen. He would go through alleyways and sneak up on his victims and cover their mouths with his left hand and his weapon which would be in his right hand and would slit their throat. He probably didn't have a enough time with his first victim, because he only had cut her abdomen and her throat. But with his second victim he had cut his throat and he had cut out her teeth. Just look at the autopsy. You'll get answers quickly and summit up too. All five of them were prostitutes. I maybe young, but I know how the mind of a criminal can work...

      sara 2 years ago

      i think hi was doctor that had a sik wife or child needing a kidny so he tryed to save him/her by taking the womens kidny and taking theyr blood. i found a wab cyte where it sad that all the victems was almost draind of blood

      sp 2 years ago

      interesting that this article is entitled "the five known victims of jack the ripper" - many believe eddowes and kelly weren't actually ripper crimes - doesn't bode well for the rest of the article below it

      Alper 2 years ago

      I am 100% convinced it was Jacob Levy (and not Kanwinski)! Please read below.

      Kanwinski was incoherent to talk to and ate scraps off the street. Not the kind of man who could get a prostitute to go with him or be good at dodging the police. He was also a compulsive masterbator but no semen was ever found on or near the victims. But biggest of all, he was committed in March1889

      The Ripper showed signs of anger against female genitalia. He performed mutilations in the genital area of four of his victims, he may not have had a chance to do this with Catherine Eddowes the exception.

      The Hell letter he tries to hard to hide himself but actually gives part of himself away! Because the only three words relevant to a butcher, kidney, preserved and knife are spelt wrongly. Yep he was trying trying to hide his occupation.

      And if the Ripper indeed ate a diseased piece of kidney (kidney of Eddows was diseased and looked like it too) then was it because he didn't care for he was already diseased like a syphilitic?

      When Mary Ann Nicholls was murdered it was determined that the knife used to mutilate her was moderately sharp. A medical student or a surgeon would have a very sharp knife. A butcher would have a blunter one that needs frequent sharpening. That was why the knife was sharper later.

      Also when Annie Chapman was murdered, why didn't the Ripper use the water tap where a leather apron was found in the yard to clean his hands? There is only one possible answer. He was afraid that if people thought he used the tap, that the apron might be his!

      A doctor or surgeon cuts into bodies slowly for they have to take their time. A butcher would be an expert at cutting with some skill rapidly. If the Ripper had been a doctor or surgeon he would have shown more concern for giving himself time to cut up his victims. Annie Chapman was extensively mutilated in about two minutes. Only an expert at cutting flesh up fast could manage all this. And only a butcher would have that kind of practice.

      At the night of the double event (killing of both Miss Stride and Miss Eddows) things almost went wrong for him, he was seen several times and witness tastified he had a Jewish appearance. So the writing on the wall of the "Juwes are The men that Will not be Blamed for nothing", he deliberately spelt it incorrectly to make it seem that he wasn’t a Jew reasoning that detectives would think a Jew wouldn’t misspell Jews. But could also be he tried to rub it out having had second thoughts, but that seem unlikely I think.

      The Ripper was good at talking to prostitutes, he was able to charm them and approach them and even make them feel safe with him. This was a man who had used prostitutes a lot in the past. 100% he caught syphilis from Whitechapel prostitute. This would explain him not having sex with the victims and only had 2 children with his wife in a time where people had much more kids especially at the lower classes. He got physically seriously ill only after the last murder, incapable to continue his work. Syphilis took his life in 1891.

      There is strong indication he was motivated by his Jewish religion as he was doing Gods work. A torso was found and people thought it was another victim of Jack, further investigation showed someone's wife had gone missing and presumed dead. Some time after this event the central news agency got this letter:

      "In the name of God hear me I swear I did not kill the female whose body was found at Whitehall. If she was an honest woman I will hunt down and destroy her murderer. If she was a whore God will bless the hand that slew her, for the women of Moab and Midian shall die and their blood shall mingle with the dust. I never harm any others or the Divine power that protects and helps me in my grand work would quit for ever. Do as I do and the light of glory shall shine upon you. I must get to work tomorrow treble event this time yes yes three must be ripped. will send you a bit of face by post I promise this dear old Boss. The police now reckon my work a practical joke well well Jacky’s a very practical joker ha ha ha Keep this back till three are wiped out and you can show the cold meat

      Yours truly

      Jack the Ripper"

      The interpretation of this letter is that the Ripper believed that God approved of his murders and was a Jew for he knew of Jewish doctrine and the curse on the women of Moab and Midian. He knew the Old Testament well

      The killer was outraged for he was killing only sinfull women and this was a stain on his name he did not do.

      karl67 2 years ago

      Scotland Yard and The Metropolitan Police have all the paperwork for the infamous Jack the Ripper case and it was stated that the true identity would be made public after the death of The Queen Mother!....why?....because there is evidence pointing towards the Royal Family,why you ask?....well everytime a murder was committed;a coach was seen nearby,with the royal crest on;each time;not only was Edward VII a punter round Whitechapel,but his son Albert Victor(Duke of Clarence was to),also both Father & Son had contracted Syphilis and the clapp...even Edward VII's wife contracted Syphilis,due to her husbands there's a clue in itself...but it was said that Albert Victor had developed Syphilis of the brain and was institutionalised for a while;Albert Victor wasn't of sound mind and I believe revenge was on his mind,because of his Father's love of loose women and what his father had contracted and passed on to his mother,also it could explain why Albert Victor wasn't fully sound of mind as a child.....The Royal Family are above the law and can never be imprisoned and that is fact!....I believe Queen Victoria ordered her son Edward VII to sign an agreement to basically have his son put to sleep to protect the royal family..simple as that,plus it does explain a lot,plus Albert Victor was fascinated with the human body and surgery...the truth with leak out eventually!!

      Quirkily 2 years ago

      MysteryQuest uncovered some interesting information. Check out the episode on this subject.

      2 years ago

      it was me

      andy nicholas 2 years ago

      All the theories and speculation have completely engulfed and clouded the few facts about the case. Most theories and suspects are complete nonsense. There are a few viable suspects who sadly get largely overlooked on the grounds of not being 'trendy' enough.

      People like William Bury, Carl Figenbaum and the recently suggested Charles Lechmere aka Cross who was found by Robert Paul standing beside Polly Nichols but claimed he had found this woman while walking to work. Why this man wasn't investigated by the police at the time beggars belief. I still believe Bury to be the likeliest but there are several others who are good calls other than those I've mentioned that have been mentioned by others on this forum.

      Prince Eddy? William Gull? Montague Druitt? Francis Tumblety? Walter Sickert? Lewis Carroll? Thomas Barnardo? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not in a million years.

      Mrs Zorro 2 years ago

      I saw this and wondered if they'd gotten your permission to copy and paste your article as the copy neither links to your hubpage or has your name on it:

      someone 23 months ago

      Who had something to gain by distroying the evidence. the can be no crime without motive.

      Jack 23 months ago

      Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was the kille

      I'm 12&im a goth 22 months ago

      Hell no, he wasn't!

      Last September they found out that JACK THE RIPPER was actually...

      Aaron Kosminski, a Jewish, Polish immigrant.


      Brian Williams 21 months ago

      I was there.

      Grey 17 months ago

      25 yrs service as a police officer. Put it to bed as the unsolved Murder numbers keep growing

      billy 14 months ago

      Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper—Case Closed (ISBN 0-425-19273-3) is a 2002 nonfiction book by crime novelist Patricia Cornwell which presents the theory that Walter Sickert, a British painter, was the 19th-century serial killer known as Jack the Ripper.

      Jean Overton Fuller, in her 1990 book Sickert and the Ripper Crimes, had maintained that Sickert was Jack the Ripper. Prior to that, Stephen Knight, in his 1976 book Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution, had maintained that Sickert had been forced to be an accomplice of the Ripper. Neither of these two books is mentioned in Cornwell's book. I think it was Walter Sickert also and that there were more than five victims.

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