9 signs a shy guy likes you


1. He tends to stare but look away when you look back


This classical symptom may apply to both guys and girls. Guys can't help to admire at your beauty but look away when you look back. If the guy is a bit bolder he may just keep looking at you and smile.

2. Talks to his friends about you

If you have a common friend you can ask if he talks a lot about you.

3. Does any favors for you

A guy will try to do anything for you. Simple favors such as carrying materials or just about anything you ask. Believe me, if he starts helping you out even when you don't need it, it's definitely a sign that he likes you.


4. He ends up in the same places you frequent

If you happen to go to the library at certain times, you may see him there. If you frequent the Starbucks, you may run into him. Not a coincidence that he happens to find him there often ordering your favorite drink.


5. Compliments you when others don't

If you got a really bad hair day or a humongous zit on your nose, he will still go out of his way to compliment you. He will be love blind.

6. If you go, he goes. If you stay, he stays


If your group of friends decides to leave to go somewhere, he will try to go with you guys as well, even if he doesn't want too.

7. He will appear to be at loss for words

If sometimes he can talk really well with others but then he seems to stumble or be at loss for words, it may be a good sign that he's all over you. After all, you can't talk when you are nervous.

anonymous notes
anonymous notes

8. Finding anonymous notes

Whether in your notebook, email, or anywhere, you may find anonymous notes such as "you are beautiful", "i love you", etc.

9. Try to touch you

If you know him a little bit, he'll try to accidentally bump you or touch you whenever he can. He may say a joke and push you in a friendly manner.

If you want to be with him too, tell him that you care! Don't miss the opportunity, you may never find a guy like him! HE may be the PERFECT GUY, just too shy to admit it.

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Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago

These are so true, good hub!

XOARXO 8 years ago

OMG there's this guy in a few of my classes who is shy and I was 99% sure he like me before, but after reading this, I am 100% positive! OMG he is always staring at me and he always sits next to me, even if there are other seats open! He has THE most GORGEOUS eyes! He flirts with me sometimes- OMG he is so cute! At the next dance I have to conjure up the bravery to ask him to dance!!!!!! :D

uhu 8 years ago

i like it

theshyguy 8 years ago

If a shy guy does the following he definitely have a crush on you:

1. Looks at you when you are not looking (looks away when you look at him)

2. Doesn't talk to you when with your friends

3. When trying to initiate converstaion, asks dead end questions -

e.g "Did you do your homework?" instead of "How did you get on with your homework?"

4. Ignores you -

This is the most misinterpereted. If he completely ignores you in a public setting he likes you. If he converses with you and politly excuses himself in a hurry with no real reason he doesn't like you.

5. If he puts you on the spot when conversing with his friends he likes you.

6. If you flirt with each other via text/ msn etc frequently and you agree to go on a date and he suddenly stops texting/msn'ing he is too shy/scared or broke. He still likes you but will be embaressed from then on.

7. If he flirts with you via eye contact, you approach him and he says very little but has no intention of ending the converstation, he likes you.

8. If he has known you for a long period of time and is now randomly initiating conversation with you when it is not required (ie. group work in school etc), he likes you.

9. If you casually mention your boyfriend and he takes longer than usual to reply or add on to the conversation, he likes you.

10. If you think you are polar opposites and he keeps initiating conversation with you, he likes you.

11. If he acts different towards you than anybody else, even guys lol, he likes you.

How do you let him know to make a move:

1. Give a subtle/cheeky smile and a quick/little wave - if he doesn't act on it he is definitely not interested

2. Ask of his future plans (ie. for the weekend etc) and when he is free. If he responds using the word "nothing", he is interested. All you have to say is "me too" with an awkward silence after, he should ask you out.

3. Initiate conversation when no other friends are around. With no pressure he should talk freely. A simple "Hey. It's freezing/roasting today isn't it?" should do the trick.

You should also know:

1. Shy guys don't reject girls harshly, we would rather make up a polite excuse as to why we would not go out with her.

So to conclude, I hople this helps girls that are unsure about us. The best advice I can give is approach us when there are no peers around.

C ya.

kenzie 7 years ago

very helpful!!! (:

lovely 7 years ago

I have had a crush on a guy for 2 years and i havnt talked to him since i don't no what 2 do and its weird because he wears the same colore close as me i no im weird but you cant blame me

7 years ago

I like this guy (he's my neighbor), and he always comes over to my house and asks if I want to hang, but I'm always unasure if he likes me too, or if he's just being a friendly neighbor. But now I'm pretty sure that he likes me!

Carrie 7 years ago

So I have a wired thing with a guy. I have been interested with him for three years now. I don't know if he is really interested in me. He has done some things that you would totally think were signs, but he keeps a lot to himself doesn't share anything with anyone unless he fills the need to so it's hard to know if he likes you or not. One of those times when you wish you were a mind reader

melody 7 years ago

lovely you and me r the same cuz ive like this boy for 2 years too but his goes to my church and is very shy when i say "hey"and looks away when i stare at him and mostly everything that theshyguy said happens to me weird huh

shygurl:) 7 years ago

i REALLY like TRULLY like this guy and he's shy and stuff but one day he randomly texted me and then stopped..whut duz tht mean?? and ive cot him staring at me one and he looked away blushing and smiling. so i don't know if he likes me anymore

Nicole  7 years ago

This is actually some good advice. But at the same time, I don't want to read into things because my friend Megan told me that James (not saying his real name), her friend, saids that he thinks that his older brother Drew (not saying his real name) likes me because he followed me and sat next to me on a few of the rides when there was a rehiring thing at an amusement park that I'm going to be working at (it's a seasonal job, and it's for Halloween).

We don't have each other's number or anything, but we have seen each other a lot since Drew's working with us. Yet I did see a few of these signs; he talks to my friend a lot and occasionally looked at me when we were at the job fair for the non-employees. But again, I don't want to assume that Drew likes me.

Elma 7 years ago

I liked this guy for about a year and he alwaya looks and me but never says anything when we see each other... i keep saying hi and he says hi back but the conversation doesn't go anywhere... sometimes i wish i was a mind reader...lol

Can anyone help me?


tina 7 years ago

what if he talks to a whole latta girls and when it comes to you he ignores you.... and he kinda stares at you a little bit when he gets the chance.... is he interested???

Annoyed 7 years ago

There's a guy i've known for 2 years but i don't know if i should like him or not anymore...

his friend once told me that the guy who i'll call "sam" liked me. I noticed that sam looked flustered and all so his friend took it back. then months later, my friend said that she overheard sam saying that i was "really ugly". I was so hurt. But then the next year, my guy friend told me that sam said he liked me. He's never actually talked to me...and he's a shy shy guy...so can u all pls help me make the rite choice?

Unknown 7 years ago

I really like this guy in a year above me. All my friends think he likes me too.

Here is a few things i found out about a guy... I hope this helps!

1.He turns and stairs at you for EVER.. Until you look round and he almost falls over because he turned away too quick.

2. Sometimes he pretends to look past you but if you look closely you can see it in his eyes he's looking at you. That is a good sign too.

3. Contently comes up to you for pointless convocations.The guy I like comes up to me and says ''Ya'right?'' then walks away.

4. He will look for you in a crowed- if you notis this, he is lovin' you up ;)

5.he tells you that he likes somebody else. This is common so don't think he doesn't like you, he is properly just trying to make you jealous .

6.if you get the bus and he gets the same he will sit, next to, infront or behind just to be near you for that extra little bit of time.

7. If he teases you. You may not notis this but the main reason boys tease you is so you hit them- and they would DIE for your touch. Think about it.

8. Try stepping a little closer into his persinal space. If he lets you stand that close he obviously likes you!

9. just smile at him nicely and give him a little wave when you see him in the street. If he smiles and waves back- there is something there. But don't automaticly assume he likes you because of that, some people are just friendly.

10. if his friends constantly say that you to should get to gether or that he was meaning to ask you out all week... That could be a good sign.

Presuming you OK pales with his mates, ask them who he fancies- you might just find out he likes you!

pinky 7 years ago

it helped me a lot.thanx 4 dis lovely tips.i gonna rely try dis.see ya.

brittney 7 years ago

thanks! this is rly helpful!

Danielle 7 years ago

This is helpful...i like this guy at my school, we're both shy and don't see each other often, like only once or twice a week. I'll definitely look out for these signs now

M J 7 years ago

Man, I wish I knew if these applied to me! I gota start to talk to him... and not just via text! Thank you, though :)

Lana 7 years ago

omg this is so true. but i dont know what to do. i like to kick it oldschool but i think he would never ask me out that way cause he's way too shy though im very sure he likes me.

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    ciara 6 years ago

    oh my guys u might think this is crazy but IM IN 3RD grade yea and this boy zachary hecka flirts with me im totally in love with him he knows im tryin to find out if he likes me oh my god im soo fricken confused cuz he flirts with samantha but come to me and says i luv u after and i know i said i don't know if he likes me but now i do and the scary part is i always see him when i went to church today he was ther and well last year i found out he went and now HE IS IN MY CLASS ONG RIGHT!!!!!

    ShyGirlLexi14 6 years ago

    I've had so much experience with super-shy guys(and ones that aren't!), and I could be what you call an "expert". Shy guys really appreciate you letting them know that you like them, but you might not want to be too up-front about it, this could push them away and make them feel uncomfortable of how to approach you after, and they may think that never approaching you again is the best idea. So let me give you some hints or ideas to see if a guy likes you.

    1. He asks of your hobbies or job(if you have one):

    Trust me, it seems like an innocent question about your place of work, but if he shows up there every Saturday and Tuesday at 5 PM because that's your hours, and always hangs around, it isn't because he's interested in the summer sale on potted ferns. Maybe you volunteer at a church event, and you might have told him about it weeks before, and he shows up unannounced and pretends it's an absolute coincidence that YOU'RE there. He likes you.

    2. He asks you who you like:

    If he does, then he might just want a perspective on "this guy" you like. He may question you about "him" and ask what his hobbies are, what "he" looks like etc... And to your complete surprise he may even bad-mouth him! Saying oh, "He's not as good at this video game as me", or, "What's his name? Maybe I've heard of him?" He wants to let you know in a small way that your "guy" isn't as good as him and you should just forget about "him" and date him instead. Or if he's heard of the guy, maybe he'll ask around to see what he's like and why you like him. He wants to be what what you like, not completely change himself, but if there's a chance of you liking him, he'll jump on it.

    3. He blushes profusely when you look and/or speak to him:

    Guys can't be read like a book, but they can certainly bring the color wheel into perspective. When you look at him, does he blush and look down? This is the most obvious one, he is embarrassed that you caught him showing his most secret emotion to you, he feels revealed, like a ten-yer-old-girl-who-had-her-diary-read-by-her-crush kinda feeling. So you should feel flattered when a guy blushes when you look at them, they usually don't express their emotion as openly as they wish they could, so that's as close as they'll get unless they are an extrovert.

    4. He stutters when you talk to him:

    Guys usually know what they want to say and who they'll say it to. So if he keeps looking away and down and won't finish sentances, or trip over words and blush, he obviously feels embarrassed that he even tried to talk in the first place. When you talk, you say the words in your head as you say them out loud. How can you talk about math homework when you are looking at the person you fancy? Of course his thoughts aren't on parabolic equations when he's trying to have a conversation with you. He is nervous about whether you might like him or not. *Some people have a physical problem with stuttering, so make sure he isn't just talking normally to you before you jump to conclusions*

    5. He makes excuses to be near you:

    There are at least another five seats open in the classroom, he insists that he sit behind you. If he does this every day, and waves to you when he comes in and maybe taps you on the shoulder to intiate convo with you routiinely, you can be pretty sure he likes you. Or maybe you ride the same bus home, he will try to get a seat behind you or front of you. He will insist that all the other seats are full and he needs to sit down "right now" or his backpack will "break his shoulders". A guy that likes you in a good way, will fear of crossing your boundaries and edge in a tiny bit each time they see you to see your limit. Don't scare him away forever if he gets too close to you at some point, just let him know in some non-chalant way that you think he was a little too close that time, and he should stop. He will take the hint and respect that rule from here-on-out unless you revoke it at some later date.

    6. He does little things for you:

    You're carrying your heavy science book and he's walking the same way, he says, "That heavy?" You nod or say "Yeah". He'll take it without asking and carry it for you even if he's out-of-arms. Guys want you to know that they wil be there for you if you need help. They like the feeling of rescuing you or aiding you, it makes them think they look compassionate and caring for you(I'm not saying all guys fake it, some really do care and don't want you possibly hurting yourself). If a guy that you are pretty sure likes you asks if you need help on a regular basis, don't deny him and make him feel stupid for asking! Let him help! *Some people are naturally nice and caring, so don't get them confused unless you do detect some interest on their part in you*

    7. He tells you:

    The least likey one of the bunch that a shy guy will use to tell you they like you. If they don't think you're picking up their other hints, they might just tell you instead to make it easier. But be careful, you need to have picked up hints from them that they like you, they might just give up and move on completley if you don't act soon. Don't stand there waiting, reciprocate! You might only have one chance!!

    Hope this has helped! ;D

    Carmen 6 years ago

    OK. At least I'm not the only one with this problem. I have thought a certain guy has liked me for months. My friends have even said he definitely likes you, even though he is shy. I am going through a divorce right now and it seems that he is suddenly ignoring me. Is he trying to just give me space to deal with my divorce, or has he lost interest now that I'll be free. Would it be wrong to invite him out to coffee and just ask him if he likes me as more than a friend and tell him that I am attracted to him? He has always been very helpful, given me looks, etc... but we are in the same church group and it has been a little awkward with everything that I and my husband are going through.I like him a lot and have a hard time not thinking about him constantly.

    ShyGirlLexi14 6 years ago

    I'm not the greatest at advice(I can't even use my own cause I'm kinda gutless), but it would be good to give him time Carmen. Maybe he was interested because he couldn't have you? A lot of guys are just interested in the chase. You'll never know till he comes out and tells himself. If you push him you risk pushing him away forever. When you feel it's been long enough, go ahead and ask him out to coffee etc. Or maybe he feels you need space and doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable or hurt that he goes straight after you after the divorce, if he sees that you are acting normally and ok, he'll assume it would be an appropriate time to ask you out. That's my advice if you want it! :)

    Soconfused 6 years ago

    I like this boy.. a lot. Ive like him for about a year and a half. The only thing that keeps me going is that the hope that he might like me back. I feel him always staring at me and sometimes we accidently lock eyes for a moment. It's such a good feeling but i don't know if its just me feeling it.. He sometimes makes small talk with me in class but we don't sit next to each other anymore so he never says anything . Were not in the same friend group so its hard to socialize otherwise. We never say anything when we pass each other in the fall but its awkward because we both kind of look down. Once his friend who sits next to me told me he liked me even though my crush was right behind me. He said it laughing, i don't know if their just trying to fool around with me? or if it was actually true. i hope it was! he's the perfect guy, gorgeous eyes, smart, 6-pack, hot, rich, popular, sweet the whole package. every girl likes him and he hasn't dated anyone for like the pass 3 years! he most have some one special in mind ,, could it be me?

    Jess 6 years ago

    Hey guys can someone please help me .. i know this guy he's a friend of the family .. so i see him n family meeting . we used to be buddys when we were young .. we used to do a lot of things 2gther .. but after a couple of years each one of us took his way n life , but still i see him in family meetings .. the problem is since last year i noticed him so nervous around me .. and all he say to me is hi , or how r u ? then just walk away .. he avoid being with me in the same place .. and my cousin has noticed this on him too..he's a realy nice guy and i think he's shy .. but there is that huge diff in age between us .. like 5 or 6 years !!!

    im 16 , and he's 22 ..

    on my side i have no feelings for him and im sure of that , i just wanna know why is he doing this ?!!

    it's realy annoying !! cuz this happen every week !!

    help please ..

    ramdon 6 years ago

    jess im a guy and i think you should invite him to do something like an activity so he starts feeling more confortable around you

    ShyGirlLexi14 6 years ago

    I'm not even a guy and I agree totally. Maybe he'll loosen up??

    berry b 6 years ago

    gosh! this help me a BUNCH! ha there this guy he was new at my skool this year and the very first day i saw him we met eyes awkwardly ha :) then looked away oddly enough the teacher assigned his seat right next to me! i couldn't breathe and i started to get the feeling hew as watching me, like i couldn't move or talk or nothing cuz i knew if i turned around he would be right there. hes really shy tho and which is pretty odd i just moved and it turned out he lives like two houses down i had no IDEA! and i was shocked he was really nice to me when we got off at are bus stop togethor hed compliment me. i tend to dye mmy hair allot and he would tell me how he thinks the other style was better and small things like that. i really like him altough we really never talk but we always meet eyes then awkwardly look away its sort of emabressing. his "pals" will come up to me and tease him for something and attepmt to tell me something before he leaches them off of me and runs away BRIGHT RED. im pretty sure he likes me allot and for about the whole year now. its not very fun though becuase hes so shy he wont tell me and hes really popular with the girls because of his good looks so its hard to talke to him without being almost stabbed in the gut :( but do u think he could like me? im not so sure? i really want to ask him!

    idk what my name should be girl! 6 years ago

    berry b im pretty sure this guy likes you. i mean he compliments you a lot and his friends tease him about something when your around so i think he is totally into you. i would wait for him to make the move first though. and while your waiting theres no harm in moving on or talking to other guys because if he never makes the move then its his lose! :)

    shygirl12 6 years ago

    hey i am in high school and i like one guy from the other class and i haven't talked to him ever...!! he's so shy and me too but he gives some signs that show he likes me... like his friends tease him when i am around and he keeps staring me in my eyes in a weird way... but sometimes he completely ignores me!! can anyone tell me if he really likes me or not.

    TheShyAdvice 6 years ago

    Well shygirl12, when two shy people like each other it tends to be more akward then a shy guy liking a normal girl or a shy girl liking a normal guy. here is a few things i would like to point out to you that leans toward him liking you. First; usually when his friends start teasing him is because he told them and they can't help but tease him. course the "true" friends would try to keep it a secret. Second; when a guy truly likes you(and I mean Truly), his favorite thing would be looking into your eyes in a strange way. The strange part could be from where he is thinking about you and not realizing he is doing it and he could be thnking about and he is realizing. Last but not least, when he is completely ignoring you it is probably because he is at a point where he wants to talk to you but can't talk himself into it. Or he feels awkward around you. Well, that is my opinion to your questions. if you or anyone else has a question conserning this type of stuff and you want a answer in a Christain perspective. please email TheShyAdvice@yahoo.com

    Thanks for reading

    lovesuks 6 years ago

    Well I am happy for those who found their girl or guy. Ive never had a bf before because I am shy. I think I like someone but, I don't think that person likes me!

    shygirl12 6 years ago


    thanks for telling me all this and from what you told me, i am starting to believe that he likes me...!! As you said that '"true" friends would try and keep it a secret', his friends mostly do that only and few times when i am actually near him, they tease him. And yes, he looks in my eyes in a strange way and sometimes for a long time and i don't know about the ignoring thing but i guess you are probably right...

    so thanks again..!!

    ShyLover06 6 years ago

    So there's this boy and lately, he's all Ive been thinking about... I broke up with my now ex-bf about 2months ago. This shy guy of mine keeps showing me hints that he likes me off and on. Just a week ago, he was flirting all kinds with me, infront of his friends too. I know him for 4 years now and I know him pretty well...thing is he was doing all this when he was high...so I was wondering, does the truth come out when you're high like, when you're drunk...cause that would explain a lot..lol Well he still acts flirtish when he's sober at school or whateveer...maybe he's finally openning up to me again... but I'm confused if he likes me or not..maybe he's just being friendly...either way I really like him..and can't stop thinking of him..

    poet_in_ 6 years ago

    shylover06 . . .just keep looking fr those things on the list. also, wait until he is steadily flirting with you, not just at certain times.. you don't want him to be showingoff in front of his friends tht he can flirt with you or you don't want him flirting when no one is around (cuz then he's sorta ashamed of you?) idk if this answered your question at all.. anyways my friends brother is amazingly cute and im not sure if he looks at me like the list said, but i do know he talks to me more than his other sister's friends but tht could be cuz we both like playing lacrosse together. even if he did like me idk if "we" would work out because we don't go to the same school. ahhhhh! i wish he knew my feelings, but i could totally be reading him wrong. i wish (she or not) a guy would tell you if e liked you, cuz most girls wont reject a guy... we find it flattering, but we just arent into everyone and will just wanna keep it at friends.... write back anyone =)

    shygirl12 6 years ago


    looks like he likes you..!! if he talks to you more than any other girl, it means he wants to know more about you. and it doesn't matter he goes to other school if you like each other...

    Daniel 6 years ago

    Aw damnit, I do all of these.

    Shybeyoundalldoubt 6 years ago

    Ok so I've liked this guy for 3 years now... He does some of these things but some of them he doesn't. He's 2 years older than me and he is about to head off to college. We both go to the same church and for awhile he came to the high school class both Sunday and Wednesday but then we started a new trimester and he only came on Wednesdays. At first he sat in a pew behind me but then one day he moved up to my pew. He kept glancing over at me but I was too afraid to look back at him, then a couple of weeks later I was sitting in the pew and I had my hands in the sleeves of my jacket and crossed my arms over my stomach and a little while later he was doing the same thing. And when I was at school I would see him walking to class and I would walk behind him. He would walk really slow and turn his head every now and then and when he turned his head back around his face would be super red. And this other time I was walking down the side walk thinking of how weird that would be to see him and I looked up and stopped because he was right in front of me, he started to reach out his hand but then I dashed off because I was really red. I talk to him every now and then but he seems to be annoyed by it... I'm not sure if I should still like him or get over him... Everytime I think of getting over him I think of him 10x more... Does he like me? What should I do?

    Nya 6 years ago

    i think this guy likes me!!! he says hi all the time and walks away every day at school and he says it like 10 times a day and he does stumble on words when hes talking to me with any1 else he talks fine

    profile image

    roxie2106 6 years ago

    does he like this girl?

    we where playing chess, he helped me against this girl. And he poked her with a pencil once and she went for him and his eyes went huge and he was grinning, but i think he mightbe quite scared of her cause shes very overpowering...i was sitting next to him once and she sat the other side of him and he started talking to her in a very deep convosations, this boy said something nasty about this girl the boy frowned at the boy who said it what does that mean???

    does this guy like me?

    we start staring at eaach other and i am the one who always looks away and one someone told me that once i looked up and he turned away quickly, i don't know if this is true but it might be. Once i was minding my own buissness and this guy said hi i looked up and he was staring right at me, so i said helloo and then silence... i came in school with a new hairstyle, and he said your hair looks nice, i said thanks and then there was silence again. I was sitting in the taxi nect to him and i had trouble putting my seatbelt on. Finally when i done it he said well done good girl and i gave him the evils and he was grinning until i looked away, and i said to him your very quiet he said i dunno what to say and he said, , i said i don't know either..its horrible isent it he said and i said yeh...silence. When i try to talk to him he doesent seem to know what to say, but he seems to talk to others good.i look at him and don't mean it sometimes he just smils at me oe just stars...what do you think?

    ShyLover06 6 years ago


    thanks for the advice you are probably right, im gonna wait a bit, and see how things go...just don't wanna wait forever.. but yeah wow if girls could read guys minds, it would be so much easier!.

    LoveSuks 6 years ago


    Ruby 6 years ago

    Ok I am in high school and i am a really shy girl but only when near the guy i like and he just do the things given in point 1 & 2. We haven't ever talked to each other because we both are not in same classes and i think he is also shy basically around me but not when with his friends. I think he likes me because-

    I often find staring at me and when I look into his eyes but I can't hold it for long so I am the one who quickly looks away so I don't know whether he do the same or not. And many times I found his friends teasing him when I go near him or pass him. And also his friends also stare me whenever this guy is not with them and some of them are really nice to me even when I don't know them much.

    And i think he don't likes me because-

    He completely ignores me usually when he is near me and one time when we were alone, he avoided my eye contact and ran away to his friends. And also there would be times when I didn't even see him even when his class is near mine and at the end I come to know that he has come to school and only I didn't see him.

    I can't talk to him directly and when I do indirectly then he also replies in an indirect manner (i.e. through his friend). And I don't know if he will ever talk to me or not. I guess he knows I like him because his one friend knows that and probably has told him.


    janet 6 years ago


    Boys flirt with many girls but it doesn't mean that he likes every girl and he likes you probably and feels awkward around you so that's why most of your talking is followed by silence and boys can't help themselves but to see the one they like without much realizing and when they see that the one they like is looking back, most probably he will look away. And like I said the guy you likes probably feels awkward so good luck and just try talking to him more..!!! ^^

    izi 6 years ago

    i have had all of those except for has done favors and im only 12

    ... 6 years ago

    I an POSITIVE that this guy likes me now...

    Kristen 6 years ago

    So, im in this progrm for the summer with a bunch of other kids that i'll be attending high school with this fall. We took a little field trip Friday and for like only the second time in almost a month, i noticed this guy. (he goes to the same high school as me and is in the program as well.) i don't know him at all since we don't have any classes together, but when i talked to him Friday it seemed like one of those instant connections! And for some reason i couldn't help but smile through the WHOLE conversation! He didn't seem to mind when i stepped a little close either. (not purposely) i don't know if he likes me just yet, but i'll definetly take these tips and try them out!! :)

    Mz lovely 6 years ago

    Can't find comment

    JoJo 6 years ago

    So I like a boy from my fencing class, and he is shy. He has some of the behaviors mentioned above, but he doesnt know any of my friends or anything, lives in a different town, and goes to school in a deifferent district. He's also taking a break from fencing rignt now because he has his summer league basketball. But when he gets back I want to tell him how I feel...however I'm shy as well. I've told a few friends about his behavior around me, especialy a guy friend of mine that's shy too, and they think he likes me, but I still can't summon up the currage. I don't know if it will be like a spur of the moment, decide to tell him right then, but does any one have any advise?

    nessa 6 years ago

    this weird guy in my school keeps in staring at me. every where i go i see him...one day at class i was talking with my friend, and all he does is staring at me and smiling. every time i look at him he looked away, and every time i walk past him he smile and pretend hez soo. cool (can't explain how he act)Even my sister notice that he is staring at me. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. DOES IT MEAN HE LIKES ME????

    Mz lovely 6 years ago

    So i like this guy I want to know if these signs means he likes me

    1. He protects me from lil things

    2. He knows where I Live

    3. He is always staring at me

    4. He always smiles at me even if am not looking

    5. His sister talked to him about me and he said why she likes me as soon as she mentioned my name

    6. When ne and my friends are walkingg he a

    waits to walk in front of him

    7. He rides by me smiling riding his bike with 1 hand

    8. When were walking and talking I look at him and he looks at the floor

    Plz can any1 tell me what these signs mean

    AYUSHRI 6 years ago

    I TOO M A SHY GIRL but i cant help it when i come near the SHY GUY i.e ANIRBAN CHATTERJEE whom i admire .I m in love wid him since last 2 years .HE has never talked to me personally as luck did not permitted but somewhere down my heart i hv strong faith that he also love me .I often find him staring me but when i suppose to look back ,he turns somewhere else .He is really a cute guy .i want to talk to him but i cant. this is our last year ,i want to tell him about my feelings but HOW SHOULD I START?HOW CAN KNOW IF HE FEELS THE SAME FOR ME?PPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE..............HELP ME OUT

    Mz lovely 6 years ago

    Hello AYUSHIR u just like went over my question WTF

    Neeeeed hellllpī‡ 6 years ago

    Omg therebisbthis guy i really like... And here r sum signs I happnd to point out about this very shy boy... Can anyone tell me if they mean anything?

    1. He ALWAYS looks at me...and wen I luk back he almost always Luuks away as soon as I catch him

    2. He shows off: he always rides by on his bmx bike...and wen he sees I'm looking...he does a wheelie or sumthing

    3. He sort of told me? I asked who he liked and he sed he Wudnt tell...and then he sed I like u alil I guess... But nothing hapnd between us after

    4. He invites me places and wen we go...he ignores me

    5. He wished me happy Birthday 3 times on my birthday and 1 time the day before

    6. He had one of his friends ask if I liked him

    7. At a dance (slow dance) he walked toward me and then walked away

    8. He flirts wwith me allllllll the time!!

    9. He always is concerned about me wen I don't feel good

    And soooooooo much more!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone out ther tel me if this means anything??!?!?! Thnx for hearin me out ?

    sarah 6 years ago

    ther is a guy who stars at me evrytime he see me and when i look at him he said hi with a so btful smile

    evrytime he see me he can't stop looking at me

    does that mean anyting ?

    i like him so much ?

    Shygirl318 6 years ago

    Ive liked this shy guy for about 2 years. Idk I like everything about him how he's smart but lazy and how he's so shy even though he's really cute. My friend said that me and him are so alike and that we would get along easily but there's just one problem im shy too. So me and him cant be ourselves when we're around each other. My friend said that there are some signs that he likes me maybe if I knew if he did I could be more of myself around him. He treats me different then other girls and get tense whenever im around. He's a lot more quite when im around. I catch him starting at me a lot but when I do he quickly looks away. We talk but its always about school. He always brags about his classes and test scores to me. He listens carefully when I talk to him and only thinks nice things about me. He always seems to be close by me and my friends. When we're around each other I get the feeling that he wants to tell me something but just doesn't. My gut tells me that he likes me back but I don't want to get my hopes up. I think that these signs could mean that he likes me or maybe its just wishful thinking. I NEED HELP!!!!! Please any advice would be nice a want to know if there's a chance for a relationship and if i should just go for it.

    Um... 6 years ago

    Right please please help me I really need to know. Right there is this guy that I liked and I told my friends who he was and usualy I can trust them but this time they decided to go straight up to him and ask him I he likes me etc. He didn't say no (or yes for that matter of fact) because he said he dosnt know me but after that insident it was all around the school(in yr 11 just so you know were I'm coming from). 3 weeks later (now in the summer holidays) he startes to talk to me on facebook wanting to know everything about me . We tell each other everything an at one point we even had a 2 hour convo about our underwear:/ anyway he asked who I like told him it was him asked him who he liked and he said nobody. But some of his friends say he does but you can't really trust his mates so my question is does he like me or will he after a time? Thanks xx

    KrazzieRage 6 years ago

    Alright just speaking about me. Im what you would consider a shy guy. Little older then most of the guys you seem to talk about on here, but most still applies. Not all of us "Shy Guys" are the same. So I will tell about my experiences and what I put myself through because Im too shy to move forward cares everytime I have it crushs me.

    1- I find a girl I like. I will star and look away if she looks. If I have no way of avoiding making it obvious I was looking. Then i will act as if there was something behind them that I needed or wanted. Just to avoid talking to them.

    2- I put aside my love for the girl. To give her advice on how to help her relationship with another guy just so I can be a part of her life. Even though it destroys me insde. You can control who you fall for and shy guys get it the worse.

    3- I do stupid things just to make her laugh, smile, when she has a bad day. When you like someone as much as I do or as long as I have. Then you will know without talking to them when your needed to cheer that girl up.

    4- As a shy guy. We usually have a more female friends then guy friends. Can't act mocho when your a quite romantic. So you avoid making a lot of friends.

    5- Most shy guys are good with words, poems, and things of those nature. Drawings and the right ways to treat a girl. So if a shy guy likes you he will usually have something he does that he will keep to himself. Every now and then he will share them with you and just pretend he is doing it for someone else. Trust me if I write a poem for a girl. They are never that great, but they always express how I few her.

    6- Common fears a shy guy has. What if I am not a good enough kisser for her. What if I am not good enough in bed for her. What if I can't think of anything to say when we are out. What if someone sees us together. What if she thinks of me just as a "friend or like a brother." What if I don't got enough money to show her a good time. And there are more..

    7- I am there for her no matter how much pain she puts me through. If its the last 100 dollars to my name and she needs it, she usually gets it.

    8- Shy guys usually hate having their picture taken. But look having lots of pictures of the girl they like. Even though they hate pics. It means a lot when the girl takes a picture together with him and puts it somewhere for others to see she isn't ashamed he is in her life.

    9- A shy guy is usually made from being hurt a lot when they are younger by girls. Cause girls can be cold and heartless and not realized they are hurting someone. A simple crush. If you made the guy feel he isn't good enough for you even though he does everything in the world for you. It leaves a mark on him. The more it happens the farther he sinks.

    10- The easiest way to know if a shy guy really likes you. Just think no matter what happens to yourself. Break up with a bf, family member dies, ect.. Usually he is one of the first people you think of and contact. Why because you know he has always been there for you no matter how bad you treat him.

    Those are just some of the things I have been through in my life. I hope this helps someone of you shy guys get that girl of your dreams so you don't grow up and have the empty feeling of lonliness like me.

    Lovergirl 6 years ago

    I know there have been a ton of stories already but I need some help. I've read everything but I still don't really know if he likes me or not. I will list the things he has done.

    1. Last school year (only 3 months ago) he would turn to me and talk to me in math. And when he knew who I liked then and would always ask me why I liked him and said he was gay even when they are like best friends.

    2. This year for our 1st day of school he was in another group and when are two groups meet by the lockers he smiled and looked at me.

    3. Yesturday my friends sat in the front of the bus and I had to to sit in the back alone. So this guy I like and his friends came onto the bus. They came back to where I was and the guy I liked said to me he was sitting with me. Even when there was a seat behind me empty and the one in front of me had only one person in it.

    4. Today I caught him looking at me across the room in english and yesturday too. When I looked at him he turned away quick and almost every time I looked at him he looked at me.

    So please help me I'm really confused! I don't know if he's to shy to ask me out even though he's not that shy of a guy....

    Jas 6 years ago

    what if your looking to the boy you like in almost a year, but is looking at your sister? what do i do??

    it's ok if its others, cause i cant blame him for that, but not my SISTER!

    HELP pls..

    Kristie 6 years ago

    yeah I have been like so confused for like 5-6 months because there was this kid in my woodshop and literature class and Like I really started noticing that he would start whispering to this other kid whenever I got up to use one of the machines or whenever my name was called in literature, and Like one day we had a presentation and the next day the teacher told everyone to pick a leader for this book we were reading and he was like I think Kristie should be the leader like a week or so later maybe it was longer I was passing back papers and he asked me if his hair looked good the way he had it but I didn't say anythng because I thought he was just messing with me because all the guys had their hair in a mowhawk style for a while, and as I was walking away I heard him say to someone she didn't hear me... but I clearly did haha, back in june I wrote cool picture on one of his picture on facebook and he was like uhh thanks but do I even know you and I was like uhhh yeah you do and he was like uhhh don't since I've never talked to you a day in my life, we just have a class together and I was like btw its two classes and he was like oh cool but I have to go do homework now so cya, And I know it was kind of stupid and all but I deleted everything I wrote because I didnt want anyone seeing it and someone who doesn't even know me wrote after haha rejected and then the kid wrote nahhh someone deleted what they wrote in between my comments and then the other person was like Ik I was talking about that person, so I wrote I have a name you know! The next day I heard him in Lit because he was sitting like directly across from me but a little ways back and he was whispering to this girl who is his friend why did you tell my secret and she was like its not a secret For some reason I had a sense that he might of wrote something about me so I went down his facebook profile before he added me as a friend and on march 7th they were talking about one of the test we had and then that girl wrote ..._____ Kristie has a facebook you know she can read what you sent to me. and He was like I aint scared I didn't even put her last name, also in woodshop he would try to purposely go in the storage room whenever I went in there and in the hall way when I was on my way to history he would make it look like he didn't notice me but he would try to rub up against my shoulder. I started doing those like my status and I'll tell you what I think about you things and he liked them both times and like three weeks ago he poked me on facebook so I poked back and he poked back a couple times and then we quit, so I waited like a week because I wanted to poke him back to see if he would do it back but he didn't so I deleted him as a friend on there to see if he notices but I was at my locker the other morning and he walked by with one of his friends and I quickly looked the other way because I got scared but on monday If he goes by I am going to try to smile and say hi but I am a little nervous and Kind of confused because there is so many signs that he likes me but he wont say anything to me

    unknownP_86 profile image

    unknownP_86 6 years ago

    theres this guy i liked for two years and he's really sweet and i think he likes me but im not sure

    i caught him looking at me constantly and he always tried walking by me and he did that all yea

    anyway he goes to my church and i saw him talking to his ex! now he wont look at me anymore any advice?

    kilee 6 years ago

    Well where do I start I have this HUGE crush with a man I don't even no the name of. my bus stop is outside where he works basically I'm a complete stranger to him. what's happen In the past he used to stare and me and I just used to give him the cold shoulder I am super super shy and just didn't know how to act and what to do there's even been times where he's tryed to approach me at my bus stop but I'd walk off and he would go bak into his shop he even used to whistle at me and do that thing where u walk off and you look back at some1. A week or so ago I saw him and I was looking at him he was looking at me and he smiled at me seriously I was soooo happy coz everytime I tried to smile at him he wouldn't smile back did he only smile at me coz I was looking at him and he fort I was strange lol. But now I see him its like I don't even exist and I dunno but maybe he liked me b4 but not anymore can some plzzz plzz plzzzz tell me what to do and why he isn't showing interest afta that sexy smile is it coz he's shy or coz he's just not that into me anymore.

    cassidy 6 years ago

    i have this boy in my class and everytime i glance at him he looks away i asked his best friend if he hated me and he yes but smiled and told me to get away...plus when were in gym if we are winning in a game when i'm on a different team i'll like haha he will laugh and make a funny face a me like stick out his toungue like one of my friends would do

    kayla:p 6 years ago

    I have this guy in my grade and we've been friends FOREVER!! We always laugh together when we are together and stuff... anyways. There is a dance on Friday and my bbbbbbb..ffl is going to ask her crush to dance. she is so brave but my crush is shy around his friends when i'm with him usually but i really want him to dance with me or hang with me. I'm in 6th grade so anybody older got any advice? thanks so much!!

    help me :/ . 6 years ago

    Ohkay , so theres this guy who i've liked for some time now . I'm living with my uncle and he's my neighbor and the very first day that i moved in he started to show interest . We exchanged numbers and started we texting . We texted for a few days then just stopped :/ . And then he came over for a little bit when my family wasn't home and he was so sweet he casually asked for a hug then he asked for a kiss , yes he asked lol and i was like i don't know lol so then we just started talking and i couldn't help myself i had to kiss him lol and he kissed back . But here is where it starts to get weird , we stopped talking for like 3 weeks then we were outside , just me && him . Well , we kissed again , and it was longer this time . Well it gets even weirder . We completely stop talking for a while then i go over his house cuz me and his little brother are like really close . Wel , his lil bro is always wanting me to go over there when he isn't home and then when im there a very very short time after he walks in ; coincidence ? lol then we were at a football game , not together tho . And he completely ignored me . And it gets even weirder , I caught him looking at me quite a few times and like i would catch him standing the same way i was , i would just stand random ways to see if he would too , and he did lol And just yesterday i was in my room just listening to my ipod and he randomly walks in and sits down he didn say much but i caught him looking a few times . then he walks out, didn't say bye or nothin . Then today i seen him and we actually locked eyes for like 3 seconds then i just looked away , then it happened again and he was listening to his ipod and he was mouthing the song he was listening to , to me . And hes always doing something to make me laugh . But he's not shy around other girls, just me . And when he try's to talk to me its like he is at a loss for words . I'm sorry that this is soooo long but our "relationship" is jus so darn complicated ! This has been going on for about 4 months now . I need some major help !

    ted 6 years ago

    He is sooo into you!!! there are two options that I can see

    1 he likes you a lot and just has a hard time expressing his emotions in front of people (or he's not suppoes to be dating and just wants it to stay on the DL)

    2 or (this is not so likeley if he's a nice guy) he wants to start the relashionship "backwards" if you know what I mean... but he doesn't sound like that kind of guy still keep your eyes on him, your heart open and good luck :)!

    confused-a  6 years ago

    theres this guy. hes cute and everything but its one of those guys that you've known for a long time. Just this year is when we've actually started talking not just "hey did you do this" or "hey can i copy?" but somewhat more than that. he put his arm around me twice, but that was just to make fun of my other friends that were being smushy. he was like, "This was you man!" and he put his arm around me. the second time though his arm stayed on longer and he kinda stroked my shoulder. IDK hes one of those popular jocks but he isn't a big flirt.

    PLZZZZZ HELP!! 6 years ago

    okay deres dis really shy guy in my school. i have known him from the time i was old enough to knw someone, but we "actually" started talkin only a year back. he texts me a lot but he hardly talks face to face. when he texts he acts like some long lost friend but then when we happen to be in front of each other he tries to ignore me.

    he had also told me once that he had this huge crush on me a few years back but since i was head over heels for someone else then, he never tried to tell me anything about it and gave up. he also added.."funny, how times change."

    now the thing is.....i think i really like him :O :< and i dont know if he still likes me. only yesterday, i went out with my friends and even he was there. as usual...he was ignoring me. i tried a few times to draw his attention..but m not sure if it worked. but when it was time to go...he didnt say bye to any of the girls but me( with a...as i felt...an "intense" smile )

    m sorry for typin in such a long problem but..i really need help. this is sssssoooo frustrating.

    p.s. he's a very shy guy...n he dsnt really talk to girls.

    marianne. 6 years ago

    hey people...

    ohkay i've dis guy in my class whom i really like a lot, but i'm not sure if he likes me too.

    1. i haven't noticed if ever stares at me or not.

    2. he hardly talks to girls, he's really shy. but texts me a lllot.

    3. he ignores me when infront of me.

    4. very rarely he talks to me about unnecessary things.

    5. he's shy of me too...cuz he tries not to be near me.

    6. he smiles at me like i'm all that matters.

    now another thing is dat...he is my boyfrnd's frnd. things havnt been workin out properly btween me and my boyfrnd for quite a long time now and i'm sure we'll be breaking up soon. neway, now THE GUY m talkin bout is not "very comfortable with me and my boyfriend" .

    what's all dis supposed to mean??

    please help me.... :/ :/

    marianne 6 years ago

    for jas

    i cn understand....but deres not much u can do. if u tell nething to ur sister, she myt think u r being a bitch. plus, if u talk to ur sister about it ...it myt turn out to be a heart break..for u may find out dat ur sister likes him too.

    u cant possibly tell nething to him...cz den he'll know u lyk him, which will be embarrassing.

    so...extremely hard yet d best thing to do in dis case is to let go. try to find sum1 else for urself. if that dsnt seem to help, hunt down all d vices of dat guy n start hating him.

    FFL 6 years ago

    I used to do all of it....

    hey people 6 years ago

    ok, so cool we know if a shy guy likes us. but what about a confident one?

    Gaby 6 years ago


    Richgirl7689 6 years ago

    What if a popular guy likes you ands teases you but doesn't touch or bump into you or only really talks to you around somebody else?

    Meggie 6 years ago

    theres this guy i really like these are good notes but i dnt think he likes me and one of my bffs likes him too but didn't tell me tht what do i dooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im so sad and a lot of guys like me like four guys like me i use to like one of them but hes being a total JERK now and A GEEK too and the guy who doesn't like me but i like him doesn't even notice me what do i do im really sad and IM JUST IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :( IS SO SADAND IM LOSEING MY POPULARITY BECAUSE I CHOSE THE WRONG FRIENDS BUT I STILL WANT TO BE POPULAR AND THEY ALL MAKE ME FEEL GOOD STILL I NEED HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!

    Erika P 6 years ago

    I met this guy who I've made awesome friends with. I think I'm falling for him but I keep getting mixed signals from him. And we go to different schools so that doesn't help..

    1. Everyday we talk on msn ALOTT and he makes sure he always says goodnight to me.

    2. He always brings up 11:11 and reminds me if i forget.

    3. He likes girls who make him feel special, and recently he told me I boost his self confidence with what i say.

    4. If I ever have a problem i want to talk to him about it, and get his opinion. But he hasn't really opened up to me yet. He used to confide in me about this girl he liked but after he stopped liking her, NOTHING.

    5. If we're alone the conversation is flowing, but when his friends are there he completely ignores me like we're not good friends. But he and his close friend told me he talks about me.

    6. It's always me who has to initiate the conversation. He has never called, texted, or messaged first. I feel like if he doesn't want to initiate conversation, why waste my time? But everytime i do, he always replies leading to our long conversations.

    7. I told him i dreamt of him and he realllyyyy wanted to know what they were about.

    I've NEVER liked a shy guy before but we have a lot in common. I just want to know how he feels.

    Megan 6 years ago

    Well everyone go tell your friends u like him tell them to ask him out 4 u . my story is my friends heelped us go out then one day he passed me a note that said were over so ya now he lkes my friend so ya if he breaks ure heart u mght wannna jump of a cliff like bells from twlight just do wat i did turn EMO!

    Jess 6 years ago

    OMG this is so true. a boy always stares at me and he has a twinkle in his eye. he always stares at me. he always wants to do favours for me and always bumbs into me and touches me. i am 100% sure now he likes me

    meiry 6 years ago

    Ok can someone help me ok.my boyfreind is shy so he doesent talk 2 me and me and my guy friend were playing truth or dare i piked dare hes all like a dare u to ask me out so i did he said ya sure i was like WAT i said im going on with someone already then he said 2 dump him wat do i do plz i don't know who to pick plz help :(

    Margar 6 years ago

    I feel for all of you guys, now my story is a little odd...

    I have had a mad crush on a guy since pre-school! And uhmm i am barely 4 ffot 5 at 12 and hes 6 foot 5 uhmm help??!!

    Danni :) 6 years ago

    There is this guy I know, and I'm pretty sure he likes me. But just recently, maybe a few months ago, I noticed his friend kept looking at me. My family and I were at a party and his family was there too. I'm a pretty observant person so I look around to see who was there and I catch him looking at me. He won't talk to me unless were in a group, but I'm okay with that. Is this because his friend likes me? Or does he like me? (I hope he doesn't, he's two years younger than me....)

    Ross 6 years ago

    Great article, never look past the shy guy, trust me! They might seem like they're not interested but if you catch them looking at you often, then he most likely is =]

    :( 6 years ago


    ShyBoy 6 years ago

    Damn, i hope these signs arent obvious i do like 7 out of 9 of them.

    Confused!!! 6 years ago

    There is this guy who sits next to me in class. I always say Hi to him when I come into the room, if I don't, he says Hi to me. He helps me sometimes with my classwork, and we usually talk about little non-important random things the whole time. He has high fived me once in class for getting something right and said "Im so proud of you" (don't know if he was joking or not), and once when we passed each other in the hall (there were few people around). But when in public, around a lot of people, he will just kinda look really quick at me, then pretend he did not see me. Is he embarrassed cause he doesn't like me, or just shy? I say hey to him whenever I see him and he says hi back. Don't know what to think and he is driving me crazy. It's like we talk a lot during class, but he dissapears as quickly as he can when the bell rings. Another thing, he drinks his drink constantly when he is around me..... don't know what that means. Should I just tell him that I like him, or wait for him to tell me? If I should just tell him, how should I do it? Please give me advice!!!!

    advice please! 6 years ago

    I'm in 6th grade and there's this guy that told me through one of my friends in 5th grade that he likes me. I was so confused because when we were younger he said that he hated me. It's obvious that he still likes me, and I like him back, but were both really shy and we never get a chance to talk to each other. I try to not be so shy to him when I do get the chance, but when I try to talk to him he doesn't reply. I've tried to tell him through body language, but I don't think he's noticed. He was too shy to ask me to slow dance, too. I'm too shy to tell him in a very direct way, and I don't want any of my friends to know either. He looks at me a lot, but I just don't know what to do. Any advice please??????????????????????

    loly 6 years ago

    so k.. i'm usually good at figuring out if someone likes me but in this case i really need an opinion.. i know this guy and we hang out.. A lot. we never go out to clubs or stuff like that we just chill in my car & talk and have so much fun.. and recently i've noticed i wanna be more than just friends but i'm having trouble figuring out whether he likes me to or if it is just me :/ he smiles at me all the time looks at me a lot to but i'm thinking he just thinks of me as one of the guys cuz we hang out so much.. we have such a nice time so i would hate it if i said something to him & he wouldn't feel the same way which would consequently ruin our great friendship. so please help me figure out if he's just shy and really likes me deep down or if he just wants to be my friend so i don't go out of my way to ruin what we have now that's really great :) thx

    hgdhsghag 6 years ago


    i used to have this guy friend, and one day he told me he had feelings for me and i told him it wasn't gonna work out but he said fine maybe i could just imagine it did, and then after that we stoped talking or I stoped cause it was sooooooo awkward because anytime i talked to him i cant help but think anytime he dazes off tht he is imagining tht he is kissing me or touching me which i found rlly disgusting and irritating , so our friendship faded i feel rlly upset about it sometimes but he wasn't rlly one of my close friends... my advise 2 u is 2 keep it cool. make him do the first move or an obvious hint than u can have a relation ship

    jushjkd 6 years ago

    @ confused

    if i were you id tell him either you talk to me where ever or when ever or you just don't at all... and then maybe you could find out how much you rlly mean to him..and the drinking thing i dunno what it means but i think its kinda funny =P

    @advise please

    ur in 6th grade? arent u a lil bit young

    profile image

    Iliketomove 6 years ago

    hello everyone I am 14 and very confused

    There is this boy called Darren (fake name)and he's in my school he always says hi to me and looks at me quickly. In sport he was standing next to me really close, we were touching, He always asks me to borrow my things ie: erasers, pens, pencils. and he basically finds anyway to get closer to me.. his friends were talking to me asking me about my self.. very randomly

    His friend was taking a photo and he asked me to be in it, Darren was just standing there looking at me to see if I'd say yes or no and I said yes and I realised that Darren's friend wanted me in the picture because Darren was in it.. so in the picture was Darrens friend, Darren, and me. Darren put his arm around me for a pose in the picture. I instantly thought he'd at least like me a little bit.. He always looked away when I caught him looking at me.

    So now I texted him and told him that I liked him, at first he didn't belive it was me and he thought it was a joke.. then my friend convinced him that it was actually me and he told her that he didn't like me :/ I really dont understand.. could somebody help me? xxx

    Erin 6 years ago

    Thanks very helpful!!! Mabye I'll get the nerve to ask the guy I've liked since 6th grade!!!

    profile image

    Bernadette Griego 6 years ago

    Well Liketomove it seems this guy is scared, maybe he's waiting for you to make a move. You will have to move quickly because he might move on to someone who isn't afraid to make the first move. Maybe he got hurt in the past when he made the firstmove and now he's reluctant. Have confidence inyourself.

    profile image

    true0love 6 years ago

    guys plz help me!

    I'm a big edward fan & wished tht in my life i could have a guy who could be protective of me & its b been 2 months in this new school i started noticing that this guy jst keeps staring at me & when i look back at him i jst feel shy & ignore bt when we pass each other in p.e he was like so close to my face also looks straight as if he's not looking at me and last time he flirted with a girl in front of me i have lik butterflies in my stomach when i see him cuz his face is lik perfect as edward & the walking style is lik rush and awkward i jst dunno tht he has smth for me or not?plz help me!!!!

    SHY GUY!!!!!  6 years ago

    I like this girl that I talk to a lot but our classes changed so I don't talk to her anymore I just text her but I don't see her anymore around school and I have her for lunch now and she told me I'f I wanted to sit with her and I said maybe cuz it would be weird around her friends so please any advice on how to tell her that I have feelings for her ??????

    SHY GUY!!!!!  6 years ago

    I like this girl that I talk to a lot but our classes changed so I don't talk to her anymore I just text her but I don't see her anymore around school and I have her for lunch now and she told me I'f I wanted to sit with her and I said maybe cuz it would be weird around her friends so please any advice on how to tell her that I have feelings for her ??????

    @shy guy 6 years ago

    i think u have to make the first move..........

    SHY GUY!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago

    Really cause she said hey to me a couple days ago then looked down wat does that mean

    Ashley 6 years ago

    Hey I like this guy and he sits next to me in math and he's really funny and always make jokes and stuff, well we are getting to be good friends and we sometimes poke eachother in the side to be funny but when he talks to me or teases me I NEVER know wat to say cuz I'm REALLY shy so Plz help!!! Does he lime me by the way?

    Aaliyah3 6 years ago

    I Really Like This Guy,In Highschool With Me We HAve The Ssame Class Together,And He Said He Likes Me Too.But He's The Shy Type And Talks Tew Me Only On Thee Internet...Help Me Please...Any Advice!

    Thanx 6 years ago

    Thanks this helped a lot

    confused 6 years ago

    sooo, i like REALLY like this guy, but i only see him once a week and i get mixed signals a lot. he'll say hi and stuff but he kinda ignores me in public the few times we're not in public he'll say stuff that makes me laugh. he never starts conversation via text (except two times and that was to wish me a merry Christmas) and half the time he doesn't even reply. whenever my name gets called by someone (for my attention) he always is like the second person to call my name. when i come and join in a group conversation he'll always say my name and hi (but he does that for everyone) and he hugs me for little things all the time. a lot of times when he sees me he'll act nervous and sometimes walk away. everytime i tell him i love him in a friendly way he acts weird and gets quiet and uncomfortable. I'M SOOO CONFUSED PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    Kayla 6 years ago

    Aaliyah, I would day that he's probably just shy ulin person and maybe you should try talking to him. Just smile and act confident. Avoid acting all awkward, try to keep it light at first.

    confused- it doesn't sound to me like thus guy really likes you or at least not much. Maybe you should step back and let him come to you.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Okay well im sorry but this is probably gonna be really long. I don't even know where to start. Umm, so there's this guy, obviously, and he's been at my school since the 1st grade, but I hadn't really started noticing him until last year. That's when it all started. The 1st sign was that he stared at me at lunch. My friend first noticed, and after that I pretty much had it hanging over me. Then one day in pe we were playing capture the flag. 3 things happened that day. 2 of my friends kissed, I won for our team, and this guy asked me out. He didn't exactly ask me out, this herd of girls kinda just asked me out for him. It was loud and there were things going on and it was like the heat of the moment. I didn't even know him. All i noticed was him shaking his head. I was really flustered and confused, so I just shook my head and ran away. Now, a yer later, i think that ws the wrong choice. This guy is popular and tall and kinda cute and i know him a little more now, though I really haven't talked to him. But he's been more suddle with his signs, but they're still there. Then for some reason he showed up at my moms work after school, and I was crossing the room, which is really big, and I noticed him walking through the tables. My shoe was squeaking. Great. He was literally saying something when I slipped into a bathroom that branched off. I really didn't know what to do. I was FREAKING OUT. I managed to get up enough courage to walk out of the bathroom, and as soon as I did that he asked me if i still went to his school. But he was like, stuttering. I just nodded my head, but now I really hope he didn't see i was blushing. Then just yesterday we had this thing where gt had to dress up like freaks in front of the whole school, and all I could think about was how he could completely make up for the stuttering thing by calling me a name or something. But oddly enough, during my speech he was trying not to pay attention. I noticed him trying to look like he wqs looking over to the other people dressed like freaks, and I think that was really sweet of him. But it's kinda awkward, cuz a couple months before that he called me a geek, so i called him a fag. I wasn't gonna take that. Anyways, I wanna try to confront him Monday, since he was sweet about when i was dressed up like a freak, but I don't know how. Thing is im really shy 2, and he isn't in any of my classes but pe when he's with his friends, and last I heard he was going out with a girl 2 years younger than him and i guess he broke up with her cuz he now likes another girl who's name ironically is very close to mine. Anyways, if you could help, that would be great.

    Angela 6 years ago


    Happychick 6 years ago

    There this guy in my school he's older than me about a year maybe two. I started noticing he stares at me when i walk past him in the hallway. (he smells really good...) Sometimes i notice some of his friends look at me too like in the lunchroom and stuff. Weird. Anyways one time i was talking to my friends and he was coming down the stairs and he looked at me shocked i guess then i realized his friends locker was right next to my friend's. He started talking to his friend and i kept talking to mine from the corner of my eye i saw him starring at me the whole time and there was no one else in the hallway. The problem is im way to shy to talk to him... Do you think he likes me or im just reading to much into it?

    Angela 6 years ago

    Happychick- I think its possible he likes you, but Its kinda hard to tell. Now that i think about it, a lot of guys stare or glance. It could mean anything. I'm confronted with the same problem of being too shy. I think if you haven't known him for that long, i think you could just say hi or if he stares at you and you catch him look up and try to smile at him before he turns away. Is there anything else you might be worried about?

    happychick 6 years ago

    I'll say hi next time i see him.thanks. Its funny b'cuz i started noticing him staring at me like two weeks ago. I don't like him or at least i think i don't. lmao Why are guys so complicated?! You know there a a couple of guys like 5 or 6 that like me and i know cuz they have asked me out and stuff but i don't like them in that way and i have told them numerous times yet they don't back off. Funny right? Life is retarded lol Thanks for answering :) For your situation i think you should definatly confront him. and see how he responds i know its hard lol heppens to me or rather its happening to me. start being friends with him since you guys have PE together or you know what say hi and ask some random question like "Hey uhm who do you have for chem or (w.e class pops up in your mind)? and then if he follows up to your convo just keep talking you know. Then wait for the next day and see if he says hi... Don't push it you start and then let him come to you

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Angela what does your gut feelling tell you. Most of the time its right... trust me

    Angela 6 years ago

    Well it took me a while but i think now i actually might like him. Thanks! I'll post what happens if anything. Its weird though cuz at first i thought I liked this other guy that im friends with but now I believe it would completely ruin our friendship. You're completely right when you say guys qre complicated. And the exact same thing with me there are at least 3 other guys that won't back off. Thanx.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Happychick- btw you seem pretty cool I mean most of these other girls went completely phsyco like these other people need serious help. One said they made out with a guy and never saw him again can you believe that?

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Thanks you seem pretty cool to. As for the girl, happens i guess, but it all depends on how the person is. you know i have friends that are like that. I don't asociate with them as much as i used to at the beggining of the school year because well i was new and i made new friends whom i have more things in common.But they're still cool. We just don't think a like i guess. Hey good luck with your guy.

    Jaylyn:) 6 years ago

    Well at school all the time I see this really hit guy with gorgeous eyes staring at me and when I notice it he doesn't look away he just keeps staring at me with a straight face and if I turn my head to the side he will turn his head to the opposite side its soooooo weird Lol. He's really cute has the prettiest eyes but there is a downfall to all of this... He has a girlfriend:( and whenever I see him and he's with like anyone he'll notice me and stare me down! What dies this mean? Oh btw when he dies this he's not diong it in a mean way he will smell at me and sometimes laugh because he can't keep a straight face long enough!;) What does this mean?!?!?!?!?!?! Please tell me if you know!

    Angela 6 years ago

    happychick- hope you find out more qbout your guy too.

    Jaylyn- it seems to me like he could like you more than his gf, and if that is true, he's gonna dump her soon. Atleastt until he gets enough time to figure you out. But next time you catch him staring, try to smile. And if you can get him alone for long enough, try to strike up a conversation. But whatever you do, don't get caught up in his eyes! And don't look too gun hoe over him! He still might not yet like you in that way. Although he may be interested, it doesn't mean he can't just be interested in you as a friend. Shy guys are hard to figure out. My advice to you is to get to know him a little better, and with that comes patience, so don't give up hope!

    happychick 6 years ago

    Jaylyn: anglea's right you should talk to him but also when you see him starring and you feel like you can't talk to him just yet smile or wave at him and see what he does.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Happychick-Okay I didn't see the guy today when he wasn't with his friends, plus he's kinda intimidating, and I didn't say anything to him. But maybe he's not so shy, cuz one thing that did happen was his friend pod the back of my knee and they busted out laughing. What doee this mean?

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Okay so is it possible for you to tell me the grade your in?

    Because different ages act diffrently. What i would recommend you is: When you see him if he's starring ask "you need something?". then check how he reacts... His friends I wouldn't give much credit to them. Next time something like that happens Stand up to them so "the guy" will be like "WoW". Now if you want to know the truth I would befriend "The guy" first instead of taking it second hand from his friends... If the "Guy" Is just like w.e then then in my opinion you should just let it go. His friends could be playing w/ u but like i said go to the source "The guy"

    As for me I didn't see my "guy" lol But i did see his friends and the were starring at me and one said hi which was really weird... But w.e

    Angela 6 years ago

    Oh ok thanks. Its just hard cuz like i said hes always with his friends and if i talk to him he'll b on the up side and can prolly insult me or tell his friends or something. But i guess he wanted to see how i react or something when he called me a geek but i still cant tell... Anyways thanks its great to have someone who can help with this because well you know you cant trust anybody with that kind of info or else it'll get out. In my opinion it wouldn't b the smartest thing to trust even your friends with that kind of info. but you know i have no clue who you are or even where you are and you don't know who or where i am so thanks. as for my grade, i really don't think that it would make too much a difference.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Your right about friends its best to not tell anyone in your school about you're crush or w.e cuz eventually it'llget out. Which suks cuz their supposed to be your friends. As for your "guy" if he called you a geek I honestly think you should let it go. Besides if he likes you he'll come to you (in the end). I would recommend you ignore him and his buddies. Either way if your in the same grade you have at least a semester together left if ur a senior in HS if not well you have more time with the individual. Don't focus just on him though explore all the other guys in your school. Check them out. Have fun! I'm assuming you're probably young so don't worry there are a lot more where he came from... now its the time to have "fun", make mistakes, and start over.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Just out of curiosity, what grade r u in. I wouldn't exactly consider myself 1 of those young type of ppl.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Btw though he called me a geek I think it Was just a test cuz it's still soo obvious but I would consider him a jerk in the long run. Anyways I guess it impressed him that I called him a fag? Lol.

    spongebobfan XD 6 years ago

    hey guys:

    ok, so i have this huge crush on this guy, but here's the thing, i don't know him!:( However, whenever i look at him, he'll smile a 1 second smile and totally not look at me. One time, my friends were guessing what age i was, and he was there, bu he didn't utter a peep. However, one time, he was sitting behind me, and his dad said, in a low voice, "you got a crush!you got a cruuuuch!" of course, he denied it. But, please help!I got to know if he likes me! Someone please!

    Angela 6 years ago

    well, if you don't know him, it's easy. you can just talk to him if you aren't shy too. then it'll be easier to tell if he likes you or not. just look at his reaction when you're talking to him. if he takes a while to reply, or kind of says words twice in a row, or uses the word "like" a lot, he probably likes you. but if he doesn't have the staring thing going on, and other signs are there, it would be best for you to talk to them, if you're too shy to, well, i have the same problem.

    spongebob fan XD 6 years ago

    well, how do u get yourself to talk to him?:)

    spongebob fan XD 6 years ago

    WELL, never mind that question. i am going to try today! at my church.he goes there :) thanks for the tips, angela :)

    spongebob XD 6 years ago

    Also wanted to pinpoint, whenever i pass around, that guy whispers to his friends. I really don't know why butas u said, angela, i'll talk to him. tell u the results :)

    Angela 6 years ago

    Honestly, I don't know how you get yourself to talk to him. I guess it's just one of those reasons why the guy is supposed to make the first move. And you can't talk to him through a friend, i know how that goes. And let me tell you it does not go good. Your friends will end up twisting your words around to make you seem desperate most of the time. But if he's majorly popular, and you are confronted with my ultimate problem, just keep a low profile. That's what I have TRIED to do. God knows if it's worked. But overall, I would suggest you start with hi and/ or a smile. If he slightly blushes, looks panicked, or says hi or smile back, pretty much if he does anything BUT completely ignore you, chances are he likes you back. But if he ignores you completely, it doesn't particularly mean he dislikes you, it just means he's gonna be harder to read in the future if you would like to continue with the flirting. Just don't make your feelings obvious under any surcumstqnces but this : he tells you he likes you. Then you should tell him you like him back. Hope things turn out good.

    Happychick  6 years ago

    @Angela:Im a Junior.And good Jobe calling him a fag.

    @Spongebob: Angela's right you should talk to him. Just dare yoursaelf that works for me... I recommend you become friends first to make sure that you really like him. And Friends its always a good start. Though if you or he aske eachother out go for it!

    spongebobfan XD 6 years ago

    OK, u c, i couldn't find the chance to talk to him, he's not popular, but hey, let's hope things go out right. he treats his girl friends nicely and treats them like he's their brother. i'll squezze in :) oh yeah, goof job calling him a fag too angela. thanks for the tip, happychick :)

    spongebob fan XD 6 years ago

    um, also, angela or happychick, how to you know if a guy's shy or not? does he talk or what? thanks.

    P.S. I am hopelessly in love with him, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Tony 6 years ago

    Nice :)

    Check out these tips:

    It’s hard to tell in your case but have a look at this list of signs:

    He asks someone - If he asked some of your closest friends to ask YOU what you think about him and stuff... He likes you. It’s a lame technique but yeah, some guys just REALLY wanna be sure you know :) That’s why they do this :) So anyway, if he asked any of your friends your opinion of him - it’s pretty obvious...

    Offering help - If the guy offers to help you with something, like really excitedly “Hey, I can help you with that!” that is also a sign that he likes you. He wants to do something nice to you, to help you out, it’s also pretty obvious no :) ?

    Carries on conversation - Have you noticed that he sometimes wants to just extend a conversation that has led to a dead end? If he really doesn’t want to end the talk and comes up with new topics, ideas, jokes, and if you determine that he does it deliberately - you’re right :) HE LIKES YOU :)

    Not mentioning other women - This can be a pretty clear giveaway. If he normally talks about women and mentions his female friends but when he talks to you - he doesn’t - then that can be a sign. Why does he do that? Well he just does not want you to think that he might like any of those girls... It’s weird, but guys do it subconsciously...

    Pupils dilate – I didn’t want to write “pupil dilation” here, I think it would just sound plain stupid and scientific kind of xD. So scientists have proven this already, your pupils dilate when you see somebody you like! That’s an easy one, but you have to catch it. It happens in the beginning of the conversation usually, or after a compliment per se… So try to catch that when you bump into him next time

    Well those are SOME of many signs if a guy likes you, but if you wanna know more, there’s a whole website covering the topic of how to tell if a guy likes you, so check it out --> http://www.ifaguylikesyou.com/

    Good luck :)

    spongebob fan XD 6 years ago

    OK, i'll try. thanks for the tip, tony, i'll try. it's just that he's available in wednesday and sunday, so i'll patiently wait :)

    angela 6 years ago

    ok so tony reminded me of a whole dif subject: if he has a lot of friends that are girls. that pretty much means that if hes comfortable around them, he won't be as comfortable when he talks to you. and you will know by that if he likes you too. but its a complicated subject, and there's no way to really tell. but just don't let it make you jealous, its actually a good thing. if he is open to having friends as girls, then he will be more comfortable when you enter the friendship stage.

    angela 6 years ago

    spongebob fan: i think the most obvious ways to tell if hes a shy guy is if he doesn't seem comfortable around strangers, or even as comfortable as normal around his friends. all the symptoms of girl shyness, but with one extra twist. if he's shy there will probably be less ways to contact him. normally, if you like a guy and he likes you back, you'll exchange #s and chat on facebook or whatever. but if he's shy, chances are he probably won't be that easy. i think you're guy isn't really that shy, mostly because he has a lot of friends that are girls. but he might be a little shy around you if he likes you, everyone is. that's one thing i know for positive. i still couldn't tell you if he's shy or not, but chances are its a little of both. good luck sunday.

    gfKUSYF 6 years ago

    hahah all of these were common sense....

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Spongebob Fan: Honestly, you don't really know if a guy is shy unless you talk to him... You can assume he is by what he does. lol I would recommend you just throw yourself out there start talking to his friends or better yet him. Get to know him... The problem is breaking the ice... If your in school and you have clases together just aks for homework or something.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Yes! That is exactly right! Happychick just put it all into perspective.

    elaine 6 years ago

    .,derz sum1 i reli luv but i don't think if he luvs me too.but sumtymz he stares at me,.,and i just looked to the floor.,.he also talked with other girls ,.but he doesn't talk to me much.,.,.,and sumtymz he encourage me ,.in somethings that i will do.,.,.OMG

    can't help falling in luv with him,.,.i alwalys dreamed about him

    elaine 6 years ago

    .,derz sum1 i reli luv but i don't think if he luvs me too.but sumtymz he stares at me,.,and i just looked to the floor.,.he also talked with other girls ,.but he doesn't talk to me much.,.,.,and sumtymz he encourage me ,.in somethings that i will do.,.,.OMG

    can't help falling in luv with him,.,.i alwalys dreamed about him

    Angela 6 years ago

    U hav 2 talk to him to figure out that, and I don't no how to do that so I'm not the 1 to giv u advice.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Agela's right talk to him,but becareful that happened to me once and i asked him out, but turned out he was player. he made fun of me with his friend. I could careless and he backed off. As for love I don't think you 'love' him... It takes more to love a person. I think your like him very much because now he seems to you the best, most wonderful person in the world... So i would recommend you just talk to him, get to know him better and then think again if you really like him or not. The dreaming is kust your subconsious mind tellin you that you like him and summarizing what you think about the most. Also when you talk to him try not to give anything away -that you like him- but don't be an ass -pardon my french- to him either. I'msorry if i'm being really blunt, but im talking from experience. Now, he might not be the same as the guy i met so don't feel hopless or down with what i said here.

    oneconfusedchick 6 years ago

    So I like this guy I have for 2 years now..he used to flirt with me. It seemed like he liked me. I ran into him ALL THE TIME even 4 miles away from home one time. He followed me at a dance one time, and when my friends left me I said "No one will talk to me" He said "I will"...he steals my hat off my head...(: (I know this is good) . Now a few weeks ago my friends all go up to him and tell him I like him..I let them. He stops talking to me! ): and I really am disapointed...he will say bad stuff about me when someone says she loves you. So I am a good friend with his best friend ever and I told his friend to tell him I was over him and found a dude who had a 6 pack (which of course isn't true) and he said "oh thats to bad tell her I have a 4 pack" . Next day at school he starts "running into me", poking me, and when our classes were in the computer lab instead of sitting with his friends he sat across from me and stared(I could see him) I ignored him he said my name and I say "what" he smiled and turned around. (I shake bad when I get near him so I was shaking A LOT) and at the dance later that night he came and sat on my lap, then my friend goes off like a retard says will you dance with her he said No and then acted like he hated me. later that night I walked out ALONe he came up behind me and jumped on my back (kinda like a jump/hug kinda thing) and followed me out the door, when mom pulled up to get me he disapears.. He is different from other shy guys..he tries to make me jelous, it works, I make him jealous too and it makes him LOVE me ? so what can I do to make this shy guy fall for me ? (:

    Mad hatter (aka Happychick) 6 years ago

    I think he likes you! Have you tried telling him you like him yourself or is it always your friends? Cuz maybe he doesn't like your friends getting invovled.

    Mad hatter 6 years ago

    Seems to me like: He LIKES you. Is it always your friends the ones that talk to him about you? If so i would recommend that you tell him yourself, because maybe he doesn't like having your friends getting involved.

    mayb4u 6 years ago

    So there is this guy I REALLY REALLY like except i don't know how he feels. One time I looked over at him and he was looking at me out of the corner of his eyes(I think!!)

    and I constantly think hes looking at me. Help!!

    Angela 6 years ago

    Not to be a downer or anything, but maybe since you like him so much, it makes you want him to be staring at you. That way when you think he's actually staring at you, he might be staring at something past yup. But you'll never know unless you look back, which im sure you have, so if he sees you he might think you like Him, and if he likes you back he'll say something. Just try your best to do good and don't give up never!

    spongebobfan XD 6 years ago

    OK, so now i said hi to him. and guess what? he smiled, which was a little creepy, and then said, "hey". then, later on, he bumped into me real hard. but, the thing is that i think he did it on purpose, because he knew i was there. anyhow, he started showing off, but i didn't want to say anything because i was waiting for the right moment. and then, when all my friends left, i had a book and started reading, and he sort of hung out next to me (of course, walking other places but still staying next to me. his friends left.) until his dad told him, "let's go." i rlly don't know what was going on. does he have a crush on me???

    spongebob 6 years ago

    ok, so the thing is that now he's treating me like i'm his new best friend. he smiles at me, acts cool around me, even on occasion, touching me. and the thing is this: whenever i pass by, he'll whisper to his friends, and giggle like a girl! yesterday i asked why he keeps on whispering whenever i pass by (believe me, i don't have a wedgie or anything embarassing), and u know wat he did? he blushed, and walked off. while his girl friend kept on telling me, "he's the one." and also, today, i touched him on purpose, and he started playing around with me saying in an accent, "girl, don't touch me!" omg, i blushed and he blushed, and then, apparently, my little sister broke up the moment by tugging down on his pants! it was a little funny, because they slid down a little :) and when that happened, he blushed and RAN! I have a feeling that he likes me.

    spongebob 6 years ago

    oh yeah, this is the same ol' spongebob. it really happened. i was totally shocked i taught it would take time!!!!!!! omg!

    Miranda 6 years ago

    Alright advice would be greatly appreciated. I know many many others ask for advice, and heck, I bet their dilemmas are more important then mine but honestly I am not too sure whether he likes me. Here's my problem:

    I am in middle school, and well guys aren't as open as they are in high school. I know this one guy, who only has two classes with. I've caugt him looking at me, but not excessively. He is the most quiet guy I know. He rarely talks to anyone. But one time, as I was sitting outside waiting for my parents to arrive, his group of friends and him walk up and all stand close to me. The guy asks for then to guess who he likes and they keep tryig to guess but never get it right. Suddenly he looks over and greets me. I greeted him and then they all walk away... Could these signs mean he likes me? I can't stop thinking about it.

    spongebob 6 years ago

    well, miranda, it could mean different things. id o have a feeling that he likes you. he's probably trying to show off. why don't you research on the internet and type "signs a shy guy likes you." also, get to know him. try juicing it out of him if he likes you. i'm in middle school too, though

    Angela 6 years ago

    Ok I'm. Pretty sure he likes you . . . Though you can never be sure. I think that if he stares at you, even if not excessively, means he's thinking something about you. It doesn't mean he likes you, if just means he's intersested. I think it makes it even more possible that he likes you if its not excessive staring. That has happened to me and it makes sense if you think about it. Just keep your eye on him, but don't make it obvious. It really depends on if you like him back. Make it obvious so he'll know your feelings. It will help him know if he really likes you or not if he is unsure.

    Miranda 6 years ago

    The thing is I'm not too sure myself. Thanks Spongebob (heh :P) and Angela for the advice. I'll definitely keep my eye on him...

    Angela 6 years ago

    Well I guess we can really relate then because I can't seem to figure out if i like him or not either. My advice is to just wait and see how things play out. You may surprise yourself. Meanwhile its Valentine's Day and NOTHING happened. How boring.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Angela remember the guy i told you about? Well his friends are now sitting with me at my lunch table or hang out with me in the morning... I caught him glancing at me like 3 times today.Its kinda weird cuz while his friends talk to me he doesn't lol. Funny thing is that his friends approached me when i was in gym. He's a Lacrosse player i believe and he's also very smart from what i've been told...

    Angela 6 years ago

    Well do you think you like him? You can ask his friends about him or something. But don't make anything obvious just say something like " how come so and so doesn't sit with y'all?" but if they do end up questioning you just go with the flow, deny it at first, but if they end up saying he likes you then you might want to ask more about it. If you like each other his friends could hook y'all up or something. Hardest but most important part about all this kind of stuff is to talk. I know its hard but you have to. And possibly it's making him jealous that his friends qre hanging out with you so much. Who knows? Just tell me if anything happens. Ill tell you something that recently happened to me. I think it was Friday. We were playing dodgeball in pe and my friends and I can't throw so we were kind of feeding the dodge balls to all the good players. Well I really didn't want to look him in the eye so I tried to throw it to him with my bqck turned and like I id I'm not a good player so it ended up flying a few yards to the left and he went out of his way to go and get it when there were plenty of other dodge balls that were easier to get. I really don't think its that important it could mean anything but i just thought you nted to know.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    hey maybe he's playing hard to get lol let him come to you. According to man women i know us girls have complete power over boyz and it is true! I recommend you either start talking to him or just smile when he's looking at you and say "Is there something wrong?!" cuz something similar happened to me in begining of the year except a the ball was thrown at me i didn't realize and this guy threw himself infront of me to catch the ball lol then he was like r u ok? i was like yea... lol The funny thing is i can talk to practically anybody but i cant talk to him. lol ironic right

    spongebob 6 years ago

    omg, omg , omg, omg! ok, where should i start? alright, well finally, Jordan(not real name) is in 1 of my classes. he came up to me and asked if i had a cell phone. i said yes, and then he said, ok!!h-h-ha-happy valentine's day! ok, so i came home and saw a text message. guess wat it was from?? jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so this is wat he txted to me, "hey. i just wanted to let u know that i...........welll........ok, i like u. i didn't talk t u at 1rst cause u looked like u hatedd me, but know u're sooooo nice. well, plz text me back and tell me if u llliiike me. be honest. also, this is my valentine's gift from me to u. XOXOXOXOXO I was STUNNED! I txted back, "ok :) on wed., we can talk about it. love, (name not shown). omg, tell u what happened on wednesday. oh yeah, he txted to me this one word, "blush". best valentine's ever!!!!!!!!

    Angela 6 years ago

    See that's me I can talk to anybody but him. Its like I cant do anything but nod or completely ignore him. Like the other day we were moving around in our class and he came in to get something out of that class and evidently i was in the way so he was being all polite and said excuse me and all I could do was move I didn't say sorry or sure or anything. Which I thought it was odd of him to be polite in the first place. Makes no sense. And guys think were the complicated ones lol.whts up with that anyways? We are only human it ain't like were a complete different race.

    happychick 6 years ago

    I know right? why can't they just make the first move like a guy i meet at an icescating ring lol

    Angela 6 years ago

    Okay that last one was for happychick. Spongebob, you are sooo lucky. Valentines day this year was like okay when qre you going to ask me out already? And now you got ur guy that's great I'm happy for you. You got it easy. Here I am always second guessing myself and its evidently as easy as " hey you're hot can i have your #?" lol. But seriously I am happy for you.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Happychick wht happened at the iceskating rink? I have to admit i don't get out that much so things such as that don't happen often, and Im a curious person.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Ooh you know what scratch that i'm not really here mentally today. I get it now. Its just been one of those days.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    well i couldn't really skate cuz i was on crutches. So i was standing next to the girls bathroom and a guy came upto and was like "did you skate?" i was like "No" then he said "Did you mess up ur ankle? I was like eh no my knee. How did you do it? So i told him the story and well he was flirty with me lol i got his name, age...

    Angela 6 years ago

    Well sometimes things are easy, but about 80% of the time they aren't. I wish guys could just flirt with you whenever wherever get your number and be dome with it instead of all this guessing crud. If only things were easier. In my opinion, guys make the first move, not the girls. If your shy you need to get gut and hurry cause this is the dating prime of your life before college you know what I mean? More than half the girls where i come from ask the guy out. Its very untraditional.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    i know lol and he's a senior so i have barely anytime left lol :) Ill keep u posted and keep me posted to with ur guy

    Angela 6 years ago

    Yeah we gotta keep in touch ill tell you what happens. If anything. Today kinda stunk though to be honest. Some valentines day. Shoot, if I had to bet he's going out with somebody. But I really just wanna be friends I mean I don't want to be scared of him any more. He and all his friends are so freaking intimidating you can't even look at em. The barriers kinda starting to break though. I hope. I'm really sick and tired of it. Anyway I'll keep you u updated.

    spongebob 6 years ago

    gee, congrats. happychick. and maybe u'll find someone angela. i'm rooting for u!!:)

    C-C-confused :( 6 years ago

    Okay, that advice helps a-little for me... I've liked this really shy and extremely quiet guy for about 5-6months. After he fought with this guy and he was quite hurt.. I felt like part of me was getting ripped out! I felt terrible.. But I couldn't exactly run and help him that would just make my secret crush completely obvious! Soo I kep quiet and suffered the pain i had to watch, after that day my best boy friend gave me his number (I asked for it) and once I told him who was texting him, we texted a lot.. Then one day I lost my phone I was out with some friends and he was there too, he was so helpful! He kept phoning my phone, it was like he wasn't going too give up until I found it; thanks too 19 missed calls from him I found my phone the next day. We texted a lot after that, (but rumours are he has a long distant relationship but his "friends" think it's just a made up kinda thing.) but then he stopped texting me. So I thought maybe he needs some space so I left him for a couple of days -1week and we texted a lot again! I've just went throo a major back operation so I've missed out on school since November and I've been out of contact with him since tonight. It was my parents evening at school. Just as we drove up he was standing waiting for his mum. I got the biggest smile and a shy look from him but when I was about to return the smile he quickly looked away, tonight after the meeting I texted him saying it was good to see him and he said he was sorry for not speaking, and he was curious about why I have been of school. I felt so happy that I've been on his mind hehe. He doesn't even speak much too his friends, he's extremely shy! His friends always make a big deal when he sees me or when i smile at him, and my friend thinks he's got a soft spot for me, this just makes me feel soo happy honestly! But I need advice or someone elses point of view, because my friends could just be saying that to boost my confidence since I was heartbroken last year, heeeelp! :( x

    Maria 6 years ago

    OMG!My lucky number is 4 and the second comment after the article says:4.He has a crush on you if he ignores you!And that's what happening to me!I hope he feels that way!Though he's not very shy...

    angela 6 years ago

    c-c-confused & maria - i wouldn't be so fast to say he likes you. if you text a lot and are pretty good friends, and in confused's case he cares about you, it doesn't exactly means he likes you in that way - yet. the most important thing is . . . WAIT FOR HIM TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE! when taking it out of the friendship level, always let him make the first move. if he is only a SUPER good friend, and you told him you liked him or asked him out, he might think you don't like him anymore if he turns you down, and that would be a friendship goes to waste. or he might feel obligated to accept and it wouldn't be a real relationship, which makes it completely useless to date if someone involved thinks the other person isn't right for him. so you can get your flirt on, that is, if you like him, and whatch how he reacts. if he seams like he is uncomfortable, he might not be comfortable in a relationship. if he turns more onto the shy side, or flirts back, he likes you. if he asks you on a date or tells you his feelings, it's pretty obvious. hope this helped yall.

    C-c-confused 6 years ago

    Thanks Angela, that's helped a lot, but why do his friends like slag him if I walk passt or even when I smile at him? I dunnno I think I like him but, I don't know if I would go out with him he's just faaaaaar too quiet, fair enough he is a really good friend, and some funny bugger thought it would be good to tell him I like him.. He's not been the same guy I knew since. Whaat does this mean? :( x

    Angela 6 years ago

    I think a person changes when feelings for them are revealed. The best thing to do in that situation is to just tell the truth. Say that it was just mindless gossip and you had no say in the matter. Had you, you would have said you deffinately did like him, no question, but not in that way. And since that last part was a big turn off, you could say something like, " but I could possibly in the future." or "... Yet". If he's been more quiet since he was told you liked him, it is definitely a sign that the likes you. But the question I cant answer is the most inevitable one... How? Does he like you as a friend, a girlfriend, or even just thinks you're pretty cool. As for the friends bugging him when you're around, that's completely normal. I couldn't say how its normal, I just know it is. It could mean anything. It could also mean nothing whatsoever. Maybe he's just the type of guy that jokes around a lot. But if you can, listen as closely as possible next time that happens. You never know anything until you find living proof. Also, i think if you get more comfortable around him, he may get more comfortable around you. Think about it. You said you think he's too quiet, but it might just be because he has too many feelings for you. If you were confused with your feelings for someone, not sure if you liked them, resented them, and was just completely confused on how to figure that person out, wouldn't the best thing to do just be to keep to yourself until you were completely sure? I would try to get to know him better, and his friends, because if you do end up in a relationship with him his friends might be jealous or just plain out be mean to you about the whole senario. Its you to decide what to do about it, since you have the exact situation, details included. But these are some obvious solutions to start on the rout to a better friendship. And not just for you, but for everybody.

    1. The most reasonable and effective is if you catch him staring, which is the most common sign he is interested in something about you, Is to just give him a quick smile or if he's the type to stare at you for as Long as a minute, you could just wave or say hi.

    2. If you are more outgoing and not as shy, you could just flat-out ask him or talk to him about nearly anything.

    3. If you don't see him frequently at school, you could just bump into him in the wall. Don't nock him over, thats a definate turn off. Just lightly bump him. But the most important thing about this tequnique is ... SAY SORRY! The whole thing is screwed if you forget that important part. And if you knock a couple things out of his hands, definitely help pick it up. If he responds to the sorry or the help of picking his stuff up ( in the heat of the moment they forget you knocked it out in the first place) there's something between you. Or just a friendship

    But for you, confused, I would say if you were already friends to just ask him why he got out of touch. Sure don't say it like that because that sounds wrong, but just ask "what happened?" he will totally understand you wanna be friends.

    Angela 6 years ago

    Btw I have an example of what happens when you smile. Today I was smiling in his direction (not actually to him but to my friend nearby) and his facial expression completely changed. It was like, " does that chick like me?" then when he noticed I wasn't smiling at him it went back to regular facial expression. It works I'm telling you

    spongebob 6 years ago

    yup, c-confused, it's true. Btw, angela, jordan and i had a blast last wednesday. in fact (thanks to his friends) we hugged and kissed (on the cheek). he almost fainted! so now, jordan's friends r inviting me everywhere they go. for ex., they invited me to go watch "just go with it", and they singled me and jordan out. to make matters worse, they sat waaay in the back while me and him sat in the front. it was fun.

    angela 6 years ago

    good. i have one question though. are you the only one in his crowd of friends? like are you the only girl there? if so i have advice to make matters easier, and it doesn't include bringing one of your friends with you. that would make jordan seem awkward. if its you he wants to be with, take into mind how he feels about your friends.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Hey Angela, today the guy asked me to sit with him at lunch! him noto his friends!! lol we talked his friends we're acting weird. :)))

    nano 6 years ago

    I like ma cousin he is very quiet guy but i don't knw if he likes me or not but he start asking me if we can ve coffee together asking me on some serious stuff related 2 him I ma shy in da sametime cuz he is ma cousin and he should tell me that he likes 2 be able to go out with him 2 knw him better i need ans is this guy likes me or not?

    nano 6 years ago

    I like ma cousin he is very quiet guy but i don't knw if he likes me or not but he start asking me if we can ve coffee together asking me on some serious stuff related 2 him I ma shy in da sametime cuz he is ma cousin and he should tell me that he likes 2 be able to go out with him 2 knw him better i need ans is this guy likes me or not?

    najess 6 years ago

    oh my goshhh, this is definitely my boyfriend! XD

    Back then before we were together I did misinterpret his acts a lot. I thought he's not interested in me because he's kind of ignoring me, and when I tried to start a conversation he's quiet most of the time. I'm glad that he finally confessed to me lol

    Just do it 6 years ago

    Jessica I hope you can tell who I am have some thing to say?

    angela 6 years ago

    happychick, im glad he asked you to eat with him. no doubt hes gonna ask you out soon. just be ready for it. i wouldn't want to eat with a guy i like though because you might look like a slob. nano, i bet your cousin doesn't like you, he's just trying to be friendly. he is your cousin after all. a lot of these signs mean other things too, not just that he likes you. just be more careful before making judgements

    Emily 6 years ago

    Hey, I am confused about a few things...and need advice. Obviously I think a very shy guy likes me, or why else would I have visited this page? But anyway, I began thinking and thinking about whether he likes me...and so much so I don't know if I actually fell in love with him. I don't know at all whether he likes me, the only clues I have is the fact that he mentioned liking someone (not to me, I just overheard it) and looked at me a few times. I just realized I liked him, and I hope he likes me back but I don't know if he does. If he doesn't...that would utterly break my heart.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Angela: It was fun, but today he didn't say hi to me he just smiled... his friends & him sat at my table and were like so did you like talking to"him" *pointing at the guy* yesterday? i was like uhm yes, you guys are quite a character. Then the friends were like oh us i meant him. I was like "yes i liked talking to him"... he got all RED lmao it was so funny!!

    Emily: I don't think you can love someone that fast but very likely you like him. smile at him every once in a while. see what he does.

    angela 6 years ago

    happychick - okay he definitely likes you now there's no question. if you're comfortable around him ask him out. sit with him a couple more times to get to know eachother a little better. then just flat out ask him if he likes you. but wait until you're alone. friends transmit things differently so if his friends are around they might get some dumb rumor started about countless things. but i know he likes you but only you will ever know if you like him back. and you're the only one who can confirm my knowledge of his feelings. just do what you think is right.

    emily - only advice i can give you is to talk to him. or just move closer to him in rooms and things. sorry that sounds weird let me give you an example. if you're in the caffeteria and he's at another table across the room, move to a table closer to him.

    Happychick 6 years ago

    Angela: Yes i guess its time for me to do that...

    Emily: or you can just ask to sit at his table...

    Ama 6 years ago

    I like a guy, he's a barman, I 'v gone there for 4 days and stay all night just because I want to speak to him.

    * He's younger than me, but because of his behavior (he's kind of classy, hot and classy) I feel like he's older

    I don't like people who smoke , but it's my first time seeing someone so sexy while smoking ...

    *I'm black and french , he's korean .. it doesn't look like an obstacle but we know that international love can be difficult ..

    *He's not too shy, but really quiet , that's his character while I'm outgoing and very sociable, but because of that I became really shy and dunno what to do

    * I saw him glancing at me, and changing his attitude towards me, ask questions, about my tastes .. he was the first one to ask If I like somebody or not !

    *He started playing a little with my heart seeing that I was melting for his gaze .. but still...

    *He will not directly come for me .. it's as if words are not necessary for him !

    I'm going crazy over there, what should I do ??

    lovergirl 6 years ago

    i could tell he liked me when i read this. so i totally went for it and we r now dating, had whoooo whooooo, and always love each other. if u no what i mean

    angela 6 years ago

    okay so ama, just don't start the conversation. thats a way to see if he atleast likes you as a friend, which is the most important thing if you think you like him as something more. if you sit there and talk to someone else, and there's a break in the conversation, if he wants to talk to you he would start up a conversation. if you're always starting it it might make you seem desperate or make him feel less comfortable. my advice is to just BE YOURSELF. if he doesn't like you're personality then he's not the right one for you. i can't tell you how to break the boundry of shyness, just do what you think best. hope this helped.

    angela 6 years ago

    also, the fact that you're of a different race shouldn't matter at all. if it's love, who the heck cares? but first you have to find out if he likes you back. don't let the opportunity pass by just because you're too shy to talk to him or because you're of a different race. if you can communicate well, that's all that matters. if it's real you should know that. things like that seem small and unimportant. me, i have time. but i don't know how much you have. live life to the fullest. go with your heart. don't let things like this get away just because you're afraid of little things.

    Ama 6 years ago

    I 'm very sociable so lots of people ( most boys) come to speak to me.

    I'm sitting at the bar ( and since he's working , he's behind it)

    He always come in front or me but don't do anything, I feel like he wants to speak to me but he will not ..

    When I'm with girls he will come and talk , but when I'm with boys, he will rarely come,only to do his job ..

    thanks for your advice .. I will try !!

    ooh , I have to leave for one week (or so) should I do or say something before ?

    How to initiate a fisrt text message ?

    Ama 6 years ago

    yeah , and I don't have much time ..

    angela 6 years ago

    okay, so the best thing to do when you're going somewhere is ... nothing. it will make him suspicious and when you get back he might be curious enough to anitiate conversation. the best way to start a texting thing with him is to get his number, but from somebody else. that way he wont know you have his number. say hi, and he will want to know who it is, so you'll start a guessing game. after he figures out who you are, you will have already started a friendship by him just trying to figure out who you were. chances are he will continue to text you after that.

    Ama  6 years ago

    I have his number but I couldn't send one .. cant' ask , what did you do today ? since he's sleeping at day time ..

    But I went there with my friends and I didn't pay much attention to him, looks like he was curious about it .. will see tomorrow ^^

    Thanks a lot !!!!

    Ama 6 years ago

    Is it a good Idea to send him text while I'm away , or should I let him wait to make him curious ?

    angela 5 years ago

    wait in all ways possible. don't speak to him, do not text him, do not communicate with him in any shape form or fashion until you come back from your trip.

    Amelia 5 years ago

    i like this guy

    , when i went to educational institute (iam still going),

    he is gud looking ,smart student ..i am also an intelligent student in class ,,

    First, iwas not intrested , but my frnds always relate my name with him..

    After 2 months,(in a free period,he and his frnds were in a class room and we girls in another room,those room were infront of each other) i observed he sits( doors were open) in a same way that i was , he looked at me and i shut the door .......then in a class i used to sit with my frnds and sits on the same row where iwas sitting( still this is happening).. Home time , he used to stand on a gate and wathched me every day ( it is happening till now)

    , then i began to like him , he used to tell jokes 2 smile . and ( he is actually teacher'spet)act weird to take attention of people....


    spongebob 5 years ago

    sorry, angela. i'm am not the only girl. many girls and guys r with me.

    nikki so liking him 5 years ago

    i have red some of your guyses comments and i have a few of my own

    1:im in love with this guy at my school but he is on a different team ive known him for 2 yers

    2: i catch him starring at me on the bus but when i look at him he still stares

    3: the last time i talked tro him was 4months ago

    4: one time at lunch the kids kept on saying my name and every time i looked up they would all say ooooooo and i would catch HIM looking at me

    does any of this stuff mean he likes me?

    Happychick 5 years ago

    So I'm officially his gf and he envited me to prom!!! lol

    this is so cheesy hahaha :)

    Brendon 5 years ago

    Hahaha, I search lyrics and I find this. This is hilarious, but I'm not one of these guys. Interesting though.

    angela 5 years ago

    omg happychick serious? that is sooo cool im seriously happy for you. but be on the look out, im glad that you mentioned prom, because if you're there with somebody you have got to make positively absolutely sure you don't make him jelous. or anything of the sort.

    nikki he could or could not like you they're just the regular signs. they're the obvious ones, but they're also the ones that mean nothing. or everything. that's the point. you don't know what they mean. keep watching though, he could give you the signs that mean something good is coming.

    angela 5 years ago

    spongebob - good it's better to go on group dates particularly for your age. just hang out with him like one of your regular friends.

    amelia - chances are if he sits on his fence every day and watches you every day he likes you. but there's still the small 20% chance he's staring past you. with that you have the other things he does to fall back on. though those are very unreliable. hope more signs from him come your way.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Well we're going together that is of course if we're still together. Which i hope so cuz i really like him. We are taking it slow tho so no worries.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    ok, thanx angela. guess now it iis it. goodbye forever, angela and happychick. bye.

    angela 5 years ago

    im glad you like him and he likes you and you're dating.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    it's a good thing that i am hanging out, u know, but i can step it up by high school. im in 8th grade. by high school guys and girls kiss. to tell u the truth, jordan sures takes it up. he is rlly comfotable with me and kind of gets close to my lips......one time, he was this close to "Accidentally" putting his lips against mines.kewl, but totally not ready

    spongebob 5 years ago

    jordan likes going out with me only. he stalks me a lot. like i'm at starbucks and i saw him there. girl, if i knew he was there, i'd have chosen another outfit. but, he said i looked cute. we're going on a gathering together. some salsa thing. jordan said that i'd be his partner for the salsa, which is amazing! yup.holding hands. oh yeah, we were in a movie theatre wit my friends. and he kind of held my hand. now, we're holding hands. he's interested in everything i'm interested in. luv it. he's a rlly nice guy. cares. abobut your feelings. like one time his friend slapped me in the but real hard, and then he noticed i had a pad!! he started making so much fun of me that i went in the restroom and cried. when i came out, he put his arm around me and said, "it's alright" listen, my girl friends are very nice, but he was the 1rst to tell me that. amazing!

    angela 5 years ago

    alright getting a little personal there. But you can still kiss him even if you're only in the 8th grade. I know a lot of people who do that. It won't hurt a bit. Just be alone. If you want it to count there can't be people to go "Oooh she just kissed Jordan!" That would be completely embarrasing. Just go with the flow unless you're uncomfortable with it just go for it.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    ok, so i and jordan were by ourselves in my mom's house (she was asleep) we were talking, and it kind of got romantic when he placed his arm around me and i placed my head in his shoulder. we looked like one nice couple. so, then we were talking, and then he made the move. he kissed me!!!!!! i was stunned at 1rst, and it looked like jordan expected me to dump him. but i did my math. i researched how to kiss a guy, and i practiced it on him..before u know it, we were kissing like crazy. thanx for the tip. can't wait for the salsa partnership. thank goodness both me and jordan brushed our teeth real good, though.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Thats great and romantic! I'm happy for you!Your only in 8th grade and the guy put the moves on you damn High school guys have to get on track lol my guy and me are pretty good. He's actually right next to me right now... he's like did you really do that. and i was like yup : ) and lol he smiled.

    From Edward(bf):you guys if you like someone go for it flirt with them so they know your interested.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    awwwwwwwwwww.....how sweet...tell him that he has a rlly good girlfriend right now. and yeah...i know....but it was pirvate, not going to get embarasssed over it. but, it lasted a few seconds...thanx for the thought though. an't wait for the salsa dance. :)

    good luck

    SPONGEBOB 5 years ago

    Edrward, i'd recommend u be nice to your now new girlfriend. many girlfriends dump their boyfriends just cause they hurt the girlfriend's feelings. not saying u're mean, just bringing up a point. be careful of the words u say.....oh yeah jordan's here. he's a little embarassed of me writing down this experience, but he'll be ok...

    jordan: hey, to all u guys out there..tell your crush u like her. of ourse, get to know her, but tell her, u like her. if i didn't, i wouldn't have gotten such a beautiful girlfriend....i had a girlfriend who i dumped cause of the way she treated me. so i was a little reluctant to tell spongebob i like u....but, DO IT!!!!It will create less hassle.......:)sighhhhhh.....she's the best girlfriend i ever had.........

    Happychick 5 years ago

    true true.


    spongebob 5 years ago

    :) he's not rlly embarassed anymore. he's actually still next to me....and gee, didn't know he wrote that.......blush...

    angela 5 years ago

    God a bunch of things happened since i last commented. I don't know what to say. Im glad you guys got together it didn't take very long AT ALL. Everythings all great and a happy ending and stuff. Things are going good for me too.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    rlly? wat happened, angela? that's good though

    i know. it took like 2 wks. happy for happychick and me. but, one thing i can say is that once u got your first kiss, it's like, "ooh, ooh, i want to kiss more!" that's NOT happening with me, but it is with jordan....(haha)

    jordan: i hope she didn't write anything TOO personal. butm yeah, wat's up, angela? got a boyfriend?

    angela 5 years ago

    no and im dad gum glad i don't. I don't know about where yall are, I'm 100% positive it's different from here. Here it's only for the drama. Nobody really cares for you, it's just publicity. Guys wanna see how many gfs they can get. Girls wanna be used. If it's gonna be real, you have to move. It's kinda getting better, but I'm not going to chance getting caught up in THAT. Put yourself in my shoes. Would you??? I'm doing good because YALL are doing good. And im happy to hear from the dudes. You must like her a lot to actually do this. Ha! But, it's hard to except the reality of it all. It's only been two weeks and BAM! We're all happier! though there are things i don't feel worthy of mention.

    angela 5 years ago

    but... if you are still curious, "the guy", let's call him jake, started getting more interested. Yesterday he did one of those things like on the movies when they lean back in their chair and chew on something while staring, like they're curious. But, I don't know what to do if he asks me out, which is a big possibility because along with the staring there were a lot of other things that i didn't mention because of the lack of yall being able to relate. I don't want to be like a jerk, cuz then everyone will hate me. I don't want that. But I don't wanna date him because like i said it's like battle of the best. very depressing. so if something happens what should i do?

    SPONGEBOB 5 years ago

    Well, i'm not bragging, but in my school, i'm actually the prettiest girl in the classroom. so, believe me, i got a lot of bad boyfriends....Really, u need to get to know him...u know, know how he behaves around his family. It's rlly up to u, and only u. does he act nice around his classmates, especially girls, or is he mean and cruel. it doesn't matter how cute that guy is, if he got a real mean personality, that won't make him cute at all, not matter if he's as hot as taylor lautener:) the point is getting to know him...but it's up to u if u're comfortable.

    jordan: spongebob's right. u got to know wat the boy is like....like one time, i had a girlfriend, but i just took her cause she was cute, but she was the rudest creauture u could ever meet. spongebob made a point. no matter how cute she is, she's not cute at all with her rudeness. it takes out all the cuteness. it take out a flat stomach, sexy legs, and beautiful hair. :)

    spongebob 5 years ago

    now, i'd recommend u date him. it shows that he's rlly interested.

    angela 5 years ago

    yeah, he's nice to other girls and his friends. but he seems like a player. I don't know it's complicated.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Angela: you know what if i were you play hard to get.guys don't usually like that, and if he continues to try and talk or idk be with you after a while then you got your answer. But if he just gives up after a couple tries eh the he's a player.

    and btww: Guys that just wanna get in the girl's pants are everywhere trust me i know a crap load of them but then there are others that if they like you or respect you they usually want more than get in ur pants andthey take it slow... Edward agrees with me for this part.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    happychik is right. guys won't waste their time trying to lure you in. it's like the guy is a fisherman and u;re the fish. maybe he doesn't like the looks of the fish, so he tries to lure you in. but, u don't get lured in. finally, he just focuses his attetion on another fish. u should keep us updated.

    jordan: spongebob's right. :) also, if a guy wants to keep on kissing u on and on, it could mean he's taking advantage of u. Luckiliy, with my girlfriend, i don't try to use her....

    spongebob :blush...

    Happychich 5 years ago

    Jordan you better not take advantage of her! Or else...

    spongebob 5 years ago

    jordan: girl, i'm the one who is innocent! With every girlfriend i got, it's always the girlfriend's fault. I have a really awsome girlfriend, and i am not going to leave her. if she dumps me, i'm going to implore her to come back. i will do anything to bring her back. Hey, aybe we'll kiss once in a while, but i have my limits. i won't kiss and kisss and kisss and whatever. she got her limits 2, and whenever i take it too far, she tells me. and i stop

    spongebob: tru, true :) really, u can't let a guy use u. like, if edward was pushing it more and u rlly don't want it to go that far (not saying he will. not some fortune teller), u got 2 let him know, in a kind but firm way. i know, in this case, that jordan didn't mean to go that far, because when i let him know, he stops at command. yup, good guy. hope ur guy is 2. i also hope angela gets that guy. she should follow what me and happychick are saying... Remember, to all u girls, if a guy is trying to take it 2 far. u got 2 stop him. it actually shows the relationship and if the guy really luvs u. in this case, jordan does......sighhhhhh. now, if u're asking about kissing, i don't know, but search it on the internet. it's a little complicated.

    jordan: didn't know she researched it. she sure dos it well...

    Happychick 5 years ago

    the kissing just comes and if u like someone ull like the kissing if you don't then you wont like it lol Thats all there is i think.

    Eddie is cool he's a year older and we have the same priorities. So he know's what goes first and what goes second. we'll both soon be leaving for college and thats going to be a huge bump in the relationship. So we'll see. He's pretty respectfull and loving and cute/hot...

    And i hope Angela gets her guy and she will!

    spongebob 5 years ago

    same here, my guy's respectful, and hot to my eyes. and yes, i do like it when we kiss. righ now i'm in 8th grade, and lucklily me and jordan are going to the same school. We actuallly go over each other house quite often. we're always partners for something. and i got to admit, he and i do make good partners. i'm creative and he's a nerd, well a hot nerd. But, everyone knows that we're together. jordan's dad luvs to play with us, he'll say, do u want me to save spongebob's seat? jordan is a shy guy, so he doesn't like it being public. but, everyone's saying how we'll be a good couple. and yeah, me and jrdan enjjoy kissing. we're not kissing each other like crazy, but we do kiss once in a while. and happy chick u got a good one. respectful, loving, hot... everythings going well. now the real test is when there are conflicts. one time, he came over and we had a dispute on whether to put something her or i don't know, but he's pretty good at that...settles dispute as easy as 1,2,3. and angela will get the guy. got a feeling that the guy is right. she's just a little hessistant...don't worry angela u will. i got my guy and we're kssing like crzy, but it took like 3-5 wks. u'll get him!

    spongebob 5 years ago

    oh yeah, forgot to say, the salsa was awwwwwwsssoooommmeee. it was so much fun, and jordan made it seem like only me and him were there. It was great. the best thing when u get a boyfriend is showing your dance moves!! :) angela, u got to show that u're interested, because if the guy invites u to dance, it's the best feeling in the world!!!

    jordan: she's right. and yeah, it was exciting. believe me, angela, u're gonna have to let the guy know. hope it turns out well

    good luck ;)

    Angela 5 years ago

    Well I'm glad the salsa went good, you've seemed excited about it for a while. As for the guy, I'm begining to not really Carr much anymore. Sure I'd he says something ill think it over a couple hours and probably, hopefully, make a good decision. But his friends are also kind of opening uP a bit more to me and my grOup of friends. If anything they'll say something first. But I'm a strong believer in the guy making the firs move, and I kn

    Angela 5 years ago

    know that makes me sound like a way too picky kind of jerk, but we aren't far from something happening. Been checking the stars. Anyways, I'll just sit back and watch for n

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Angela its not stupid lol i also am a strong believer the guy should always make the first more. I pretty old fashion when it comes to thaykinda stuff

    angela 5 years ago

    yea, it's supposed to be traditional but now it's old fashioned. plus we're girls we have enough to worry about they can have one more thing to deal with lol. but seriously they need to make the first move.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Agreed! If anything happens we get pregnant and they leave so they should at least do the first move!

    Eddie says He was to nervous to but i was like dude do u think i wasn't? He said "thats y i got my friends to start hanging out with you so I'd have an excuse to be around you." thatwas cute but the guyshould definatly do the first move cuz we have more to loose than they do

    angela 5 years ago

    that's right we have to go through child labor, don't even want to think about it right now, and the least they could do is make the first move. But Edward seems clever it was a good idea he had. Plus it gave you time to think about it. I remember you didn't know what to think about him at the beginning. It gave you both time but he still made the first move. Smart guy.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    same thing with my guy. u c, i was the 1 who had to make the 1rst move. But, it's true, we're the ppl who have to get pregnant. andu never know if the guy will be mean enough and leave u. who knows, angela? maybe u'll find another 1.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    ppl these days can be meanm though. u think they're ur best friend or boyfriend, and then u know, u have the s word with them. then they realize oh she's pregnant. not going through this trouble. but, at least my guy is not so smart. he made me go 1rst. but i totally understand. he had a broken heart from his previous girlfriend and was scared to even come back.

    jordan: yeah, but if i was bolder i would have told her. :) good ting she accepted me.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Angela: Yup Eddie's cool I'mhappy and he's happy. yet i dread to think we'r going to diffrent universities in diffrent states soon. Idk how thats gonna work out but hopefully good. Btw Angela sometimes guys tend to tease or annoy the girls they like to a point were it gets annoying trust me on that.

    Spongebob: Yes thats why you have to act smart think first before do.

    Jordan: You should have but you know what you got your girl and thats what counts.

    angela 5 years ago

    yeah most are duds. but some count. trust me. jordan, how many times do you go over to spongebob's house? It's like you're always there. or are you???

    spongebob 5 years ago

    jordan: technically every week. her mom and my mom are girlfriends......so close together!!!! so that's good 4 us. like when they're going out, she'll text me and say," r u going with ur mom?" i'll say yes or no. and we go. our moms are very boring so we'll stray aside and go off by ourselves in the mall... :)

    JORDAN 5 years ago

    We'll also go off, spending our allowance on whatever we want. we're like 14 and we're pretty tall, so we look like teenagers. and i'm kind of getting out of my shell, so we're kissing in public. and now my mom doesn't have to bather us, because i am big and don't have to have my mom around me. rlly both our moms and us r happy.

    spongebob: true. we also play a game called hide-and-seek, where we like hide in the mall and text each other, telling the person where we are. jordan's good at hiding....i got 2 admit.....and we go eat out. our moms let us go anywhere, except out the mall. though my mom always calls me 24/7 to c if i'm not kidnapped.....how weird...

    jordan 5 years ago

    oh yeah, if u get suspicous, just to let u know my mom and spongebob's mom just became girlfrinds.

    spongebob: jordan!!!! gosh, sorry! he won't let me delete this. stupid.......:)

    what should I do !!!!! :S 5 years ago

    hey guys i need help...

    this boy in my class is shy, but he talks to everyone, but when im in class (next to him) he allways seems to make thing really awkward, like were copying out of a text book and he glanses at me literally every minitue. plus everyone talking apart from us and he allways looks like he wants to talk, like if he asks me something, i answer with a question like, did you get the same? and he would get all blushey and ignore me...

    when i saw him the other day he called me over like he knew me but because i was talking i said "1minitue" a after he is ignored me even when i wen over there... he keeps starring at me in class so im pretty freaked out if you know wat i mean,,,


    please right under this and let me know !!!

    (im more outgoing than him but i would never ask him out, i would want him to do it !! help me !!!)

    spongebob 5 years ago

    well, that's simple....get to know him...like say "hi, (whatever his name is)" u just have to be aptient cause some guys can be a little scared. make it know that u r a rlly nice girl. and 1 thing that helps is 2 search on the internet "signs a shy guy likes you" bottom line: get to know him" that's how i got my guy

    spongebob 5 years ago

    he's shy. he's just like a bird. they want to be your friend, but they are 2 scared. just got 2 show him that y're sweet. the guy has to not be interested if he ignores u. as i said be4, that's how i got my guy. then, u could go on a little farther, like going over each other's houses, talking contantly, and maybe kissing (it depends whether u're comfortable and wat grade u're in).

    spongebb 5 years ago

    but.....i think he likes u! good luck! ;)

    angela 5 years ago

    OMG i completely embarrassed myself today and i can't stop thinking about what i did and what the guy thinks about it and i know it doesn't matter and I shouldn't think too much about it because it doesn't matter what other people think but i keep going over it in my head and i'm so embarrassed!!!! anyway i don't know what to do and it's driving me to tears!!!! PLEASE HELP GUYS!!!

    spongebob 5 years ago

    there, there, angela. tell us way happened, and we'd be more than happy to help, kk?

    jordan: yup, be more than happy. wat's up? told him u like him??

    angela 5 years ago

    no no i didn't confront him like that or anything. i don't want to seem like i'm freeking out that much or anything, it's happened before, i just hate it when it does. i don't like him, not that i can say, considering i don't know him. If i told him i liked him i would probably pass out. i don't think it would be a good outcome. i really did a series of embarrassing things, but i don't know if he noticed any of them. really, i know i'm probably freeking out over nothing. if you could tell me the most embarrassing thing you've done, or just think about it, and then try to picture something about half of that, and then think of doing it all infront of jordan before yall started hanging. i don't know if this guy is a total nemesis to me or my perfect match. now, if i could tell what he was thinking i could realize whether to let it go completely and try not to embarrass myself infront of the most popular person in the school ever again, or i could keep going like im going without embarrassing myself ever again either. i don't know though, because i'm not sure what he's thinking. ok jordan, if you were him, what would you do? u know what guys think and stuff. i know i sound like a pitiful little person, but honestly, tell me what you would or wouldn't think. Honestly, i don't care if what you say is bad. i just want you to be completely and totaly HONEST. otherwise your advice wouldn't mean anything. thank you for being there too.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    well, i can understand that u must be overwhelmed. but, i couldn't rlly understand...plz explain again :)

    jordan: well.....i'd probably not make it noticable. when i first got to know spongebob, i was totally shy i mena my guyfriends had to teach me how to impress girls. so i would make it not noticable.

    angela 5 years ago

    yes thank you jordan that makes a lot of sence. Again though I just wish I knew what he was thinking because I'm not completely sure if he's gotten his dramatic life mixed up with his friends. I know i'm not the only girl, positive with that. He has more friends then I do, a bigger life then i do, and over all more socail than I am. Spongebob, it is very overwhelming. I just hope something good happens tomorrow to make up for today. Like I said, I did many unintentional overwhelmingly embarrassing things today, and he was within eye shot every time. Each time was like about a quarter of the most embarrassing thing you've ever done. Now, I could understand your confusion, honestly, and I would rather not pile it all on you, so don't worry about it. Really, tomorrow I'll be fine. Everything will be different. I'll tell you as soon as possible. I've had a little time to think about it. If you had any suggestions, what could I do tomorrow to make up for it, without confronting this intimidating person. I know it's stupid i don't want to talk to him, but it's scary being around a person you're not sure about that could completely ruin your life. So, is this a little better? Is there any possible thing I could do? I know you probably know how scary it is starting the first conversation with the person you like, and since I'm not sure I like him yet I don't find it necessary to take the next step to friendship yet. Please understand my reasoning, I don't want to seem like some picky jerk or anything.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    oh, stop that! :) listen, this discussion was set up to help people discuss about their problems, so don't think u're a jerk. u aren't, esp. to me, cause u helped me find my guy. now, about that, u have to show that u're frindly. u can't just go on in a shell 4 th rest of your life. You just got 2 say hi to him. I know it may seem a little scary'it was totally 4 me! but, u just have to show that you're fridnly. Smile, act natural. jordan was telling me the other day that he thought i was weird. the way that i didn't talk 2 him. he said, "i was wondering if my outfit was it. but, then, u know, once u said hi to me, i was like, 'oh, she's not weird. let me take my chance.' guys r like that. now, keep doing that till he warms up to u, and then u'll see if he's good

    spongebob 5 years ago

    good luck....now, if u like him, keep the relationship and rise it 2 new levels. if u don't, then maybe it's nice to just be friends with him, u know saying hi once in a while. it's like tasting cupcakes(which r btw my fav. dessert). u don't know if this one will taste good, so u taste it. if it does taste good, then huray! u eat it. now, if it's doesn't, well, then throw it away.

    good luck!

    jordan: she's right. just "taste" him and c how good he is. it won't hurt truning back if u don't like him.

    angela 5 years ago

    well, i already dug a really deap hole in this anyway. It's a difficult web we weave. i kinda figured id just say sorry. anyway, it wouldn't hurt. it's just hard because i don't know if he's gonna tell me off or be my friend. i've ignored him since last year and now he has his click and it's a very intimidating one. I can't even be myself around him because he's too scary.

    angela 5 years ago

    by the way if you keep a good long relationship with jordan, you might really have something. if you don't argue or don't have anything to argue about, then you're great. but, i have do warn you, there are going to be it's ups and downs. Think about it, most people don't stay together from 8th to graduation. but i think you will.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    well, i know that...and yes, we do have our ups and downs. i tend 2 be a liittle 2 possesive of him, so whenever he's talking 2 a girl, i'll get all crabby. that's the way it will be.

    jordan: and i'm a little bossy. but, we let each other know how we feel, and we settle it. now about that, u c, we both luuuv animals, so we're going to a university on biology. but, u made a point. not many relationships go alllll the way to graduation, but hey, let's c how things turn out. now, did u follow what spongebob said. aat least say hi to him.

    Sdchick 5 years ago

    Hey it's me hope that u like the advice

    spongebob 5 years ago

    uhhhh, is that u happy chick??

    kait  5 years ago

    i think this guy likes me my freind katelyn says that when we talk at luch he watches us but then i have gym with him right after that he rlly dosent say much lik ecpept for the other day we were talking and his watch wouldnt work so he talked to me when i fixed it for him but he really dosent say much but if we talk after school he talks to me and we joke around but with each other but any other time he dosent say much i like him but idk if he likes me somtimes i think i cetch him looking at me but im not shure its so hard to tell if he liks me ik he trys to irritate me w/little aguements like he says you can smell cold but idk we talk on facebook somtimes but somtimes even if he jus says hi and i say hi back i feel like im anoying him so i try to keep somwhat of a distance and it dosent help that my freind alexadria likes him too and shes all over him although i can tell that he dosent much like her.

    spongebob 5 years ago

    think he likes yo kait! you have to show that u r rlly nice girl. then, he'll get out of his shelll and talk to u more often. say hi, warmly greet him when u pass by him, and once e's warmed up to u, search in your internet engine "signs a shy guy likes you" or simply read this again. remember, it doesn't have to have all og the signs listed in her. if there r like 3 or more signs that shows that he likes u, then he likes u!!!

    good luck!!! ;) believe me, u'll get your man!! keep us updated! thats how i got mine!!;)

    kait 5 years ago

    haha ok i will i promise and thank you! =]

    spongebob 5 years ago

    np. can't wait 4 monday! ;)

    supergirl 5 years ago

    my boyfriend is a shy guy hehe whenever we were in a group i could feel his eyes on me but i always looked at the floor hehe, and he would always look for ways to talk to me, and usually use his friend like "hey did you hear what jake said about you?!" since jake wouldnt tell me, id go after him asking him what it was so i that i would have an excuse to hit him :DD

    Happychick  5 years ago

    Spongebob wasn't me lol haven't been on in a long time hahah my internet was still is down... anyhow Angela and every other girl out there who can't talk to the guy Stop thinking about it just do it. We girls have a power whcih is we can get, keep, or dump a guy just by looking at em or saying the words... lol lure him in hahahaha that sounded really cliche but w.e just talk to him show him what kinda person your are cuz in the end thats wat counts. Guys are stupid (no offence) most of the time and they don't realize it. in order for you to get one you need to talk to him and like i said before show him who you really are.

    angela 5 years ago

    well in this case i'm the stupid one he gave me a lot of chances and i blew every one of em. every time he talked to me, and those weren't many, i got stage fright and just ran away. those times aren't frequent enough for me to blow em off every time and im practically begging on hands and knees for another oportunity like those so i can fix everything. im seriously not outgoing and have a huge thick shell, so i just need him to say something!!! if it's mean i can just say "well i completely deserved that for being such a jerk toward you." and walk away. if it's nice well i'll start a nice friendly convo with him. there's just not any time i mean no classes with him, and even if i did well there's a big chance he won't be willing to talk to the person who pracically ripped his heart out last year. i'll stay in my shell and let the little confidence i have in the matter go away, things will go back to the normal ignorance they used to be. i put my hope in that at least.

    btw kait he likes you so if he starts an argument DON'T go along with it try to fix things even if you're 100% positive he's right. guys like to think they're right, wich we all know they practically never are. i know from my guy friend. he's cool but that happens all the time and it's really not worth it. so just tell him, you're right. when the argumentative thing stops he might realize how cool the non-argumentative side of you is and wonder why he didn't notice before. he'll like you a lot more. chances are he might even ask you on a date.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Angela: Wait wat do u mean by "the person who pracically ripped his heart out last year"?

    angela 5 years ago

    sorry bit dramatic there. doing something that had dramatic stuff in it. kind of like reading Jane Eyre while talking about this. what i'm saying is, poor thing was mobbed into asking me out last year, and it was one of those times i got stage fright, and i turned him down as you know. i don't know what he did after that, was a little nauseated, but what if you were turned down after you asked Edward out? can't imagine how that feels. wouldn't you be a little embarrassed to talk to him after that? unless he understood my stage fright, which is very unlikely. . . but in short what i meant by that was he probably didn't talk the rest of the day

    profile image

    sammierosie 5 years ago

    ok im 14 and im in 8th grade and im falling for this guy hard..... hes the shyist guy in school i know he is sweet...... ok so i have liked him since 4th and everyone says i should stop likeing him,..... i think they are wrong so i do it anyways he gives me signals and says he dosent like me/go out with me but lately me and him have hung out...... i have looked up research and it didnt help and im looking for advice because i need to know like soon because it is been to long...... they say i should ask him one on one but i cant talk to him because he is way way to shy..... help!!!!

    angela 5 years ago

    okay, so you said you've been hanging. if he knows you like him, i don't really think asking him out is an option. hanging involves talking though. so when you're talking just yourselves bring up the subject and he'll probably try to get uncomfortable but don't make it awkward if he's not ready for that yet wait and bring it up later on in your friendship. if you hang a lot, i think you are developing a good friendship that could result in a relationship. just be cool around him and don't be the freakish girl that's desperate and makes her feelings WAY too obvious. just casually bring it up, and if he's not ready then the relationship still isn't ready to really come together yet. but it probably will eventually if he gave you the chance to hang and hasn't stopped, thats a really good sign. just don't get into a big argument like i have and keep hanging. he'll start to care for you in time. be patient. don't listen to what other people say, that you should stop liking him. if you've liked him for that long there might be an actual connection. and don't go too much by signs, a lot of times there's one sign and your brain is thinking about something else and it changes the meaning of the sign completely. My advice in whole, just keep doing what you're doing . . . for now.

    smith  5 years ago

    i like this guy but he is a total stranger , i think he likes me im not sure , i catch him staring at me but as soon as i look he turns away. The last time i saw him in the store he works at he totally ignored me . i want to say something to him , but he is like in his 20s and im 16, and he is also very shy, what should i do?

    Angela 5 years ago

    I understand. Have you tried the Facebook or twitter aproach. Like add him see if accepts and talk to him online. Say everything you feel like saying to him ask him "hey wen u askd me out last year was that real or not?" If it makes it easier just copy past what i just wrote and send it to him.

    angela 5 years ago

    smith - i don't think it is a good idea or very safe to like a guy in his 20s at such a young age. wait a couple years and if you still like him after you graduate and if you still like him then you can try to get to know him. he probably didn't pay any specail attention to you because he doesn't know you. that's a good quality in a guy, because if they start liking you only because you're pretty that means there's nothing between you. he might not be shy either, you never know with guys. just wait a couple years.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Angela sorry the other Angela the one that said: I understand. Have you tried the Facebook or twitter aproach. Like add him see if accepts and talk to him online. Say everything you feel like saying to him ask him "hey wen u askd me out last year was that real or not?" If it makes it easier just copy past what i just wrote and send it to him.

    That was me lol Sorry i was trying to say @Angela bt apparently i wrote it in the wrong spot. sorry

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Smith: I agree it might not be a good idea dating a 20 year old if ur 16. But hey sometimes it works. Since he works at a shop why don't you just ask him for help. Like lets say "Hey what do you recomend this or that?" You know something in that context.

    angela 5 years ago

    i figured it was you when i noticed the "when you asked me out was that real or not?" I really can't try the facebook approach though because when i looked him up there were so many people with his name, i figured it impossible to find him. but i couldn't copy that either because it wasn't really him who asked me out he was sweeped up by a bunch of girls who knew and they asked me out for him. he was really denying it the whole time. i don't want to make him feel bad by bringing it up either, if you could understand

    Happychick 5 years ago

    in the contrary bring it up and tell him you regret saying and that you thought he was just playing with you. Trust me on this one last year likd this guy but i moved and hee liked me too he just didn't tell me but he did things. I never told him i liked and now i regret it. Not that being with Eddie isn't great it is, but he's now. i mean im not into the other guy anymore its just that before EdWARD CAME IN THE PICTURE i wondered what it would've been...

    angela 5 years ago

    well it doesn't matter anyways i can't find him on facebook. how is it going with edward anyways?

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Its going pretty good. In school he waits for me after our clases are over and takes me to my next class. once we'r there he kises me and leaves and we usually hang out after school to 'study'. He's fun and he seems to really like me and i like him hahaha so for now everythings great

    smith 5 years ago

    hey this is smith again , im not allowed to use facebook ar any other form of chatting on line, not that i would want to any way , but i understand about the whole dating a 20 yr old, this is the first guy iv ever really liked , i mean iv never had a boyfriend before , im just scared that if i dont let him know that i like him that maybe he will think that i dont and move on thanks for your advice .

    smith  5 years ago

    this guy i like is actually really thoughtful i mean i was trying to lift this box that wieghed around 150 lb and there were a bunch of other other guys standing around just watching when he walked by and just started to help with out me asking him , then later on i heard him talking to the other guys telling them that they shouldve helped me instead of just watching , (and he is not a manager). About my being 16 and all , i dont think he realizes that part , i heard one of his friends ask him how old he thought i was , and he said 18 or 19, does that make any difference?

    Happychick 5 years ago

    I guess it depends when i was 15 i dated a 19 year old. I think the thing is more as to wat he excpects of you and wat ur ready to give. that it, and never do anything ur not comfortable with. He seems nice talk to him that way u get to know him and you'll see if u really like him or if its just his looks or w.e. either way talk to him. And if you end up together then my advice is don't rush into things because well ur still young and he's older. U must make him wait if u know what i mean...

    smith 5 years ago

    Thanks for your advice happychick, but like i said earlier iv never liked a guy this way before , i cant seem to find anything to say to him, without it sounding weird , is that normal? any advice on how to approach him?

    smith  5 years ago

    sorry about two comments in a row but i wasnt able to finish the first one, but about what angela said earlier , about him being just into looks, i get that sort of attention from a lot of guys,(i hate it) , but he seems different im not quite sure how but i can kida tell when a guy only like me for my looks , but it seems like it doesnt matter that much. im shy by nature so i really cant see myself starting a conversation with him i prefer to just mind my own and be ignored. i mean i get teased alot for not having a boyfriend and i have never really let it bother me , cause i know when i find the right guy , then i will now that i didnt bother with all the heartache of breaking up with a bunch of different guys, so when this guy came up it just sort of hit me. sorry for the long comment .

    Confusedone 5 years ago

    Ok so i know this guy he is a yr older than me and i know he likes me he told me one saturday night.... Well my friend called me n said he wanted me to call him and i did it was actualy like 45 mins ago lol but anyway we like always talk at school i mean everytime we see eachother we talk but when i called him we hardly talked i sware there was atleast 5 or 6 times wheere it was akward and silent idk what to do if i should call him back i want to because i really kinda like him and he has asked me out b4 but i wasnt sure then and now im starting to like him more but a friend of mine likes him 2 and if he asks me out again im not sure what i'll do because i dont want to hurt my friend especially when she's had my back when i got in fights with other friends she was always there n idk what to do please HELP ME WHAT SHOULD I DO ??????? im sooo confused????

    helping friend 5 years ago

    confusedone: you and your friend should talk tell each other how you feel.tell her that u don't want this guy to be the reason for a bad frienship, and if you two are really that close then i'm sure she'll understand, and also he asked you out first, and so far not her. i've heard of guys dating two girls at one time, maybe if he asks u out (then go out with him ) and if u dont have a problem sharing with ur friend then tell him about her and/or ur problem . best of luck to u.

    selena 5 years ago

    that is sooo true!!!!!!!!

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Smith: Just ask him to help with something and like persay he works @ a clothing store ask him hey doyou have this in a small? or what do you think?

    Confusedone: If you're best friends with the girls id talk to her but smothly just like helping friend said. Otherwise he's the one to make the choice if he likes you or her. Either way if u like him who gives just go out with him and your friends if she's a real friend then she'll understand

    angela 5 years ago

    smith - i would talk to him more . . . but if things start getting better and you become buds don't lie to him about your age!!! that's the worst thing you can do, because if he thinks you will do it consistantly he'll keep you at arms length for the rest of the time. I know he might think "Oh well she's too young for me," but if he really likes you then it won't make a difference. I know a lot of parents that are farther apart than 5 years, it really doesn't make a difference if you're ready to date someone that old. btw, it doesn't matter how long your comments are. we're trying to help you and we can't if you don't tell us everything ... so don't worry about it :)

    confusedone - well if you know he likes you then call him. it wouldn't hurt. you could make up something like, "i needed help on this algebra problem and no one else knows..." and you would eventually get into a conversation. if there's an awkward silence don't be afraid to end the phone call. you can always say you've got to go and you can tell him you might call him tomorrow, unless there are any signs pointing otherwise. remember to look for signs and make sure they're legit, because i don't know what you're going through exactly and if you do what i say and he has a gf well that would be weird. if you like him then give him signs. if you're still okay after everything. that's my problem. good luck and when the time comes you'll always know exactly what to do, i'm confident.

    happychick - i'm glad everything's going good he seems like a great guy. he's seems very considerate over everything.

    smith  5 years ago

    thanks for your advice happychick and angela . fyi he works at costco , he is mostly out doing cart patrol, though a couple of times he's stocked shelves, so i dont know how to really get a conversation started over food , but i guess i could figure something out. and i would have told him my real age ,except we are strangers , and i dont think i was suppose to hear them talking. but if anything does happen i will tell him how old i am . and maybe im wrong about his age , i saw him again and he actually looked like he was 18 or 19 which isn't as bad.but like i said i'm rather shy , i find myself trying to avoid going down the same aisle , is that weird ? so it mught be a while before i summon the courage to ask him a question. thanks again for the advice.

    Angela 5 years ago

    I completely understand about the courage and being afraid to walk down the same isle thing. My advice is gradually get closer to the inevitable. There's really nothing that could go wrong from nicely saying hello in your situation. If he says hi back u can either just walk away like it was just a friendly gesture or start the convo. U hav 2 remember there will always be the situation where u can start the convo again, so it doesn't matter when u do it. Just take your time and do whatever you need to do to make urself more comfortable. U can practice on some1 else first if u want to, or think it would help.

    smith 5 years ago

    thanks angela , i just don't know what to say after hello , i can't think of any convo that wouldn't sound weird.any advice? thanks again.

    angela 5 years ago

    you could ask him how work is going. or you could complient him on something. (shoes, etc.) just really have fun with it, because after the nervous passes over, everything is fun.

    smith  5 years ago

    thanks angela , we might be going today , i guess i could try to say something today (if he's working today.)

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Aangela: Yeah he is :)

    Smith: You don't have to say anything... just say hi and let him continue

    angela 5 years ago

    happychick's right, if he really wants to know you, he'll start the convo. but tell us how it goes if you end up going to the store.

    smith  5 years ago

    we went to the store , but he wasn't there. we are going again on monday, so maybe he'll be there then. thanks so much for your help.

    angela 5 years ago

    aw, he'll be there i'm sure cuz it's a weekday. i bet he doesn't want to work on the weekends, would you?

    smith  5 years ago

    well i don't really get the weekend or weekday off i have school and then my grandma has ne doin yard work all day , i don't really mind(i live with my grandparents). but i went last week on saturday and he was working , but it was earlier in the day.

    anglea 5 years ago

    i understand. tell me how today went, im really curious and am anxious to see how everything goes. but always remember we won't judge you in any way by your decisions. if you're too scared, so what? there's always tomorrow. just take all the confidence you can muster and put it into this one thing.

    Anessa 5 years ago

    Please can somebody help me?

    i know these signs but theres a guy in my class, he does almost the same things but looks at my friend(who he does the same things too) mostly when we 3 conversating??

    helping friend  5 years ago

    Anessa : how does he react to your friend when he doesn't think your watching,( he could be trying to make you jealous) .

    smith  5 years ago

    we went to the costco yesterday , and he was there , he was stocking shelves , but i didnt say anything to him , because there was a bunch of other guys with him and they were all talking to him. all i managed to do was smile at him when i caught him staring at me . usually he turns away quickly, but this time he kinda of stared a little bit longer and smiled back.does that mean anything? hopefully next time he wont have so many other guys around.thanks for everything.

    craze 5 years ago

    What r u guyes talking about? Anywho.... i got my own problems. two boys in my class are fighting over me! there both cute but there both younger than me!:* i wanna kiss them both!!!!!

    angela 5 years ago

    okay smith that's AWESOME! if he smiled back that's a really good sign. it's a sign that NOTHING can go wrong when you have a conversation, because it's a sign he TOTALLY likes you! at least in 1 way, because he smiled back. if you made eye contact and he didn't act like you were just a weird stranger, he likes you in some way. i'm sure he wants to talk to you a lot, probably as much as you want to talk to him. im glad you didn't talk to him when his friends were around though, because that would be a definate no. it's such an obvious mistake. You did great and make sure you don't stop visiting costco. just know not to visit too regularly, or else it'll be a little more obvious something's going on. just keep doing what you're doing, cuz right now you're doing great.

    smith 5 years ago

    thanks angela , i go to costco with my grandparents, about 1 or 2 a week so i don't go that often (unless they are having a sale). he always looks at my eyes whenever i catch him staring so i don't quite understand what u mean by that. but i was watching him how he looks at other people , and i noticed that he looks at me a little bit different.( not sure how just different.)thanks again.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Smith: Angela is right it is a good sign that he smiled back but let me tell you guys can be really stupid (even older ones). that is why you have to talk to him.Because if he smiles at you it means either he wants to talk to you and in that case i would recomend you talk to him.Or he could have just been smilling back because you smilled at though i would doubt this one because he has already noticed you.

    smith  5 years ago

    thanks happychick um i guess the next time i go to costco i could try saying something to him. i just get really nervous and find my self backing down, any idea of how to get over that ?

    smith  5 years ago

    we are going to costco again today ,i guess we do go more than 1or2 times a week lol never really kept track of it . hopefully i will be able to say something to him today. i tell you later if i managed to do it.

    angela 5 years ago

    cool don't forget to tell us what happens asap. but the way i overcome my fears, which isn't very often i must admit, is that i don't think about doing it before i do it. people always say to think about what you say before you say it, but that rule doesn't apply here.

    smith  5 years ago

    we just got back from costco . and he was there , but i didnt speak to him, because he was at the door checking receipts, but as i was walking up (to hand him mine) i saw him keep glancing at me, so i smiled at him and he smiled back, and kept his eyes on me till i got up to him.then he said hi and handed me my receipt. is that a good sign?

    smith  5 years ago

    okay i don't get what happychick means when she said the smiling part was good but guys can be really stupid even the older ones. would u mind explaining.

    Leah 5 years ago

    There is a guy and he is 17 and I'm 15 we had a class together and he didn't know anyone in the class and I was the first person to talk to him and I asked him to be in a group with me for this project he said yes and he talked to me alot during the project then when the project was done he ignored me and then out of the blue he sat next to me I didnt know what to say so I just ignored him but then it started happening more and the days when he didn't sit next to me he would stare at me or pretend he was lookin at the clock And then I realized I started to like him so I tried talking to him and we had a lot in common and we always laughed at eachothers jokes and he used to make fun of me cuz i loose my voice alot but when we aren't in class he never says a word to me and he told he was gunna post a video he wanted me to see on my facebook but then he never did and but still people would say that they thought he liked me cuz he was always looking at me but I don't know if he does and now we don't have the class together but I still like him and I kinda just want to get over him but I can't I just like him too much and now this other guy likes me and I feel bad cuz I can't reciprocate the feelings cuz I still like the other guy. Should I just facebook the one guy. About how I feel and get some closure? Or should I leave him alone and try to move on?

    helping friend 5 years ago

    leah:if u like the other guy so much i really don't think u should just forget about him . u could try talking to him during breaktime or lunch , talk about things that ur both interested in . or ask him if he would mind helping u with a certain problem in math ect. just try to get to know him better and maybe u'll find u don't like him or he'll find that he likes u. and be honest with the 2nd guy . and if he doesn't understand that then maybe he really isn't all that great.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Smith: What I meant is that lots of guys are stupid and smilling is good but you need to start a dialog. As hows business today? or something like that. Otherwise he's gonna think that you don't like him. Smilling at you is a good sign but like i said are stupid!: guys can have the girl they want infront of them and not do shit.

    Leah: Lets call the guy you like: Joe (cuz itll be easier explaining)the one you don't like Dan

    The most direct way to know is facebooking Joe.

    As for the other guy, Dan, I'd say give him a chance see how it goes, but make it clear that you don't like him in that way but you'd like to go out and get to know Joe better. Thats what dating is. If anything you have a chance of making the guy u like jealous without hurting Dan because you'd make it clear to him.

    smith  5 years ago

    ok i understand what u mean , just seems that whenever i get the courage to talk to him he is surrounded by his friends. thanks for the explanation though.

    Leah 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for the input! I think I'll talk to "Joe" haha :)

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Smith: Who cares talk to his friends to but make sure that you look at him everyonce in a while... And you could also ask if they have some random product see which one will go out and take you to it... Like a book. If its him thats great.

    Leah. No prob

    Both: Good Luck!!

    smith  5 years ago

    actually i did talk to his friends the last time i was there. i asked one of the guys there if they could help me find a certain product and he kept looking at me , then they all sorta got up to help me until the guy i 1st asked said he would take me to it. so i guess he would have if the other guy didn't volunteer. but there was this 1 time before all of this when i asked quinn if he had something and he took me down an aisle and he started to kinda stutter when he asked me what it was for. does that mean anything?

    angela 5 years ago

    it depends on who quinn is. i guess they all might be curious about you just this unimportant pretty girl who seems interested in this particular group of guys at a random store. they all want to get to know you, so you should maybe make friends with them. you could just act like you're looking at products and make it seem completely a consequence you happened upon his friends and him, and when you act like you notice them you would just say hi hows work? or something like that

    smith 5 years ago

    quinn is the guy i like. if i make friends with all of them would that make quinn think that i don't like him anymore than i like the others? i kinda have a problem talking to anyone espiacially guys , i a couple of older brothers who kinda of turned me off of guys ( im NOT a lesbian) . just sorta stay away from everyone type.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    They are ur bros they rnt supposed to turn you on lol. Angela's right tho talk to all of them befriend them so it becomes natural to talk to them and then eventually mayb exchaange phone numbers. Its a good start.And if ur scared itll make him feel like he's like the others trust me it won't happen. They'll notice you like him because without you even knowing ur body sorta sends out signs to the one guy even tho ur talking to all of them.

    angela 5 years ago

    yeah, you make friends with em all, but at times you can single him out. but that doesn't matter at the moment. first you've got to make friends with them. you can either make friends with quinn by himself or you could make friends with them all. after you can just ask us and we'll all figure it out then. just tell us what happens after each instance and we'll help you to the best of our abbilities.

    smith 5 years ago

    okay 1st off i didn't mean my brothers were suppose to turn me on , they did things to me that just made me kind of shy away from guys. im not allowed to us the phone and i don't have a cell phone so exchanging # is not goin to work. so i guess i'll just try making friends with all of them and see were that gets me . thanks for your help, i can't talk to anyone else about this so your guys help means alot .

    angela 5 years ago

    well exchanging numbers when you fist meet would be a bit of a bold approach, so making friends fist would not make it seem like you like them. if you exchange numbers a while after it would be like you're friends, and then he'll ask you out and such. it's like clockwork.

    smith  5 years ago

    thanks angela yeah i didn't mean to make it sound like exchnging # when we 1st meet , but my grandma is very controlling . so i probably won't be getting a cellphone with in the next 2 years or so . i probably should have brought this up alot sooner , but nobody else knows that i like this guy. and the asking out would most likely not be allowed. i m not allowed in the front of my house without an adult watching we live in the woods (so not many people come by.)we might be going today or tomorrow, to costco , i'll try talking to him then.

    angela 5 years ago

    well if you do your chances of the conversation turning out good are good. you should know though that if the conversation gets deep though to not make your feelings obvious because for all we know he could have a girlfriend. just keep it light the "how's the weather?" sort of conversation.

    smith 5 years ago

    i think we r going 2morrow to costco. i don't think that i would have the courage to talk about something that deep for a while lol . buti just hope that i don't back out again.i think that saying hi or something like that always sounds so stupid when it comes out of me , will he think that also? thanks for ur help.

    angela 5 years ago

    if he really likes you he won't think it's stupid at all, it'll just make him think you're cute. everything stupid sounds cute to a guy if he likes you. like if you blush, it's cute. if you trip, it's cute. tell me what happens though, i'm soo curious.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    totally and some will tell you. The worst one is when your really pissed about something and they tell you "You look even hotter when your pissed".

    smith  5 years ago

    ok this might sound stupid but do mean that they will actually tell u that u look hot , sorry for my ignorance, but haven't heard a guy ever say that to a girl before.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Like i said it depends on the guy. My BF does that when i get pissed at my friends or at him when he knows I'm having a bad day, since he was there with the Universities and ACTs/SAT scores coming and all that crap lol. Its really weird how a guys mind works.

    smith 5 years ago

    haha we laugh at that now but at the time it only makes u madder , my younger brother loves to make jokes about how mad i look and it gets really annoying. well anyway quinn doesn't seem like the type to do that . i know i said that i was going to costco 2 already but my grandma is almost done with her tax business and she keeps putting it off though, it sounds like we are probably going tomorrow which i don't mind because i know quinn works on thursdays,( unless we go to the 1 in gilroy.) i so hope we don't. i'll tell u if anything happens. why can't the guy be the 1 to come out and tell u if he likes u ?!!. that would fix all my problems. i heard someone say that they don't like girls to be the 1 to hint about her likeing the guy ,i hope that he isn't like that lol , that might ruin the whole attempt.thanks again.

    happychick 5 years ago

    it all depends on the guy... if only they cae with a manual

    smith  5 years ago

    that'll be the day , maybe we could get the flying cars then too lol.

    Help 5 years ago

    Ok I have a question? Theirs this girl I like and today we had a tornado drill in our school so we had to go down stairs to a class room full with ppl I sat next to one of her friends and she sat infront. And heard her say something but I ignored her but I heard her again and told her friend that was next to me.(hey he's thier and said his name and thenen looked at me,I just looked away. So whats up with her.she tried talking to me about a class but I kept it simple and finished the conv.and talked to her friend.

    helping friend 5 years ago

    so if ur ? is if she likes u or not , it sounds like shes curios about u. and if u do like her then maybe u should try to talk to her more not her friend or u might give her the idea that u dont like her. if this wasn't ur ? then sorry i didn't quite understand what u meant.

    angela 5 years ago

    yes she might just want to be your friend because she's interested in that way but you'll never know unless you talk to her. Do you want her to like you? In other words do you like her?

    smith 5 years ago

    we went to costco yesterday but we got there late , so he wasn't there . it seems like every time i get the courage to say something , he isn't there or he's surrounded by his friends. haha kinda of aggravating, hopefully he'll be there the next time we go.

    Angela 5 years ago

    I hope so too. But I know it's not that every time you get up the courage that he's not there. It's that he's not there that you have the courage. But if anythings ever going to happen, and it could take years to do this, you'll have to take the courage and keep it in you until you're sure every thing has gone perfectly. Then when you have the satisfaction of that, it feels like you can do anything in the world and the courage comes back. And thats how you keep the courage in you.

    smith 5 years ago

    thanks, yeah i started to think about that after i posted it. usually i don't mind saying something to somebody , cause i probably won't see them again , but with quinn its more embarrasing if i say something stupid cause whenever he sees me thats probably all he would think about. i go to costco quite often, and it would be kinda hard to keep seeing him after wards.

    Autumn 5 years ago

    OK guys. This guy I like at school is SO adorable and I'm starting to think I'm falling in LOVE. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me cuz every time my friends ask him he either cussees at them, tells them no, or cusses at me... sometimes we start staring at me in math tho :) he tries to get my attention sometimes too by doing random hilarious things, and he knows i like him... we also tease eachother alot in a little meanish but funny way... He told me he doesnt feel that way for me but is he just hiding his feelings??? PLEASE HELP im sooo confused right now I love him so much

    Angela 5 years ago

    No if he tells you he doesnt like you multiple times and cussed at you and you're mean to each other no he probably doesn't like you. And you're not in love if he doesn't like you and you're not old enough to be ilove either I mean if you haven't been in a long relationship it's a big thing to say you're in love. I think you should just get over him if he's not interested. I'm sure there are plenty of other people that won't treat you harshly when you try to express your feelings.

    Angela 5 years ago

    Ok well today was pretty awesome for me. The guy started staring again... I don't know anymore I thought he was away and done with but now it's taken a remarkable turn not for the better but also not for the worse. At least now I know he doesnt completely hate my guts. I'm glad he doesn't. That's a good thing, huh?

    liz 5 years ago

    there is this teller at the bank where i save who has exhibited all these signs but though he has my contact, he has nerver called me before what could be the problem? cos i like him

    Angela 5 years ago

    Okay like i've said before these signs aren't exactly reliable. Teller's obviously have to be nice around people because their job involves so many people. You understand that he would smile at you because that's what the job involves. If he has your contact, it could be for work perposes only and the reason he hasn't called you is that he doesn't understant what the meaning of the number was. If you need to do something it would be to make it clear you like him so he knows and can wrap his head around it to come to the simple conclusion... Do you seem like a probable gf or is it just not going to work out because you have to many differences.

    no one 5 years ago

    okay ik this is retarded but i used to think i hated this guy and we argue alot but sum how it makes me more attracted to him its crazy rite but he stays at me sumtimes and one time he kept saying my name alot of times like rly loud and he says stuff but im the type of person that takes it seriously but i dont think he gets that but i dont know if he likes me and i think i might have fucked it up cuz he prob thinks i could care less wut he thinks ugh help@

    Happychick 5 years ago

    no one: He probably does like you. Some guys like to bother the girl they like just to get her to talk to them. It becomes annoying as hell i understand. But next time he talks to you just say something like Dude why are you like this all the time?

    kitkat123 5 years ago

    Ok so im very confused about this shy guy I know. Well I've had a crush on him since 8th grade and halfway through 9th until i told him I liked him. He said he didn't feel the same and it got really awkward. He kept avoiding me! But now we're both in 10th grade, I got over him, but now I think he likes me. I keep catching him looking at me, but he never comes up to actually talk to me. In art class, he always comes near me, looking at what I'm doing. I thought he was just visiting everyone at my table in general..but when i sat with him and his friends at his table, he never came to my table. he's always nice to me now and he teases me. I'm soo confused. My friends all say he likes me. Even some of my guy friends, they tease me about him. I'm just not sure though cuz I liked him in the past, so that might be the reason. but they stopped that a while back, so why now? Ahh help!! Hes just so quiet and he keeps to himself a lot. Am I just imagining things, or does he like me?????

    Happychick 5 years ago

    he might like you... The best way to know is if you ask him directly like hey do you like me? he'll b lik yes/no (idk) but be cool about it. If he says yes you gotta think about if you still like him or not. and Then if you do decide you like him (i think you might) be ready to get crushed... Ask him with you know still keeping in your head & heart that he might not like you that. So that you don't get hurt again.

    If you don't want to do this then just wait ime will tell you. ofcourse during that time don't ignore, avoid or treat him any diffrent than you usually do.

    Angela 5 years ago

    Yes exactly what she said. Time mends things on it's own. When it comes to being late to something, it's not on your side. But overall it's helping you through your everyday-think-about-it problems. And if something goes wrong, you just wait a couple years and he'll have forgot and forgiven by then. So don't sweat it.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    what is also really come on (at least with me)is that the guy tells one they like you after you stopped liking him... which in reality places and emphasis on the fact that guys: If you like a girl tell her or vice versa.

    HAs it happened to y'all?

    Kitkat123 5 years ago

    Hey thanks for the great advice you two. From what I see above, you two give great advice!! I guess for now, I'll just let things play through and see what happens. He's a pretty cool guy to hangout with, so I guess I wouldn't mind being friends with him. And no, I don't think that's ever happened to me..well not that I know of! Well anyways, if anything happens, I'll let you guys know. You two seem like really awesome people! if you don't mind me asking, what grade are you guys in? I'm in 10th, so that makes me a junior right?

    angela 5 years ago

    I'm around yalls age. And i don't know if it's happened to me either Happychick... I think so. I don't like too many guys... So that makes it impossible for it to happen often. We're still only in high school anyway so we have plenty of time. Once college comes around, we'll have plenty of crushes and heartbreaks. Why rush? LOL. Thanks by the way Kitkat, you seem pretty cool too.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Im in 11th but im graduation in 2 months its weird lol and thanks

    Kitkat123 5 years ago

    I know this may be the opposite of what everyone else is asking, but what is the best way to tell a guy you're not interested? There's this guy I know that likes me but I don't t feel the same way. In fact, he's starting to get into my personal space and it's uncomfortable! He's a nice guy and I dont want to hurt his feeling...I tried showing signs that I'm not interested, but it doesnt seem like hes getting the message.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Kitkat123: The best way to tell them is just saying it. "Hey you're great guy but i don't like you that way"

    Its better to just tell him straight but nicely.

    Angela 5 years ago

    Yeah it is better that way because for example you start talking about the relationship between you or whatever and before you can get to the part where you don't feel the same he already has the impression you do so it's really just egging him on when you try to do it the long and complicated way rather than the short and easy way.

    Angela 5 years ago

    Ok I saw him staring again I'm not sure Bout the newfound curiosity. Is it just because he sees me glancing? I try to be conspicuous and use my peripheral vision but maybe he sees me and is staring back like "what the heck is this chick crazy?" can you give me your opinion?

    happychick 5 years ago

    i don't know about that. But you could:

    If you feel as if he is looking just make eye contact and look away before he does. If he keeps staring glance away as fast as you looked. try to look uncomfortable

    Angela 5 years ago

    Thanks I think that's what I did but I'm not sure. I tried to look like I was looking away somewhere behind him but I'm not sure it worked I don't know how I looked it could've just seemed like I glanced or i could've been staring without noticing. I normally try to hold everything in when it feels like someone's staring I try not to look back and if I do and they weren't I would look stupid so if that makes sense you'll understand. But thanks that gives me good advice.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    well the best advice honestly is go with what you gut tells you it is practically always right.

    Shy guy 5 years ago

    I like this girl but im to shy to talk to her i like her alot too

    profile image

    salma2 5 years ago

    i fink dis guy stile likes we liked each for like 2 years buh he never asked me out and know h heard dat he has gf and idon't know what do bug don't wanna aske him out cuz i fink is not gud to aske a gut out some plzz tele me wat to plzzzzzzz

    profile image

    salma2 5 years ago

    i fink dis guy stile likes me we liked each for like 2 years buh he never asked me out and know he stile likes i heard dat he has gf and idon't know what do buh i don't wanna aske him out cuz i fink is not gud to aske a guy out.... some one plzz tele me wat to plzzzzzzz

    profile image

    salma2 5 years ago

    bplzzzz ignore de frist comment

    Vanz 5 years ago

    Ok so this guy from my college keept staring at me for about 4 months now and i noticed him too so we finally got to talk and he abit shy and quiet but he mentioned how he noticed me from last year so then he asked for my number and and i gave it its been a day and he hasnt called yet and he also asked my friend if i had a boyfriend ? Am i stressin too much and he come to my colly too ?

    profile image

    vanzya 5 years ago

    Ok so this guy from my college keept staring at me for about 4 months now and i noticed him too so we finally got to talk and he abit shy and quiet but he mentioned how he noticed me from last year so then he asked for my number and and i gave it its been a day and he hasnt called yet and he also asked my friend if i had a boyfriend ? Am i stressin too much ?

    5 years ago

    I thik=bk this guy I go to school with likes me but I not sure. He gives me mixed signals. Foe example when we pass eachother in the hall we would look at eachother and i would smile at him. then we would not see eachother for awhile and he would ignore me. Then a weel ago I was in the studio painting and he comes in and i look up to see who it is and it him. He is with 2 of his friends and then he leaves and comes back. I hear him talking with his freinds then they get really quite like they are whispering then a few minents later he comres over to where I am siting and says hi and i say hi back and then he goes back to his friends. I am not sure if he likes me are he is just being friendly.

    Kaili 5 years ago

    I am also a shy girl and I really really like this guy Who is shy and I just can't get up the nerve to talkto him but inthe lunchroom I constantly find him talking to his friends and his friends will always look over at me and my crush looks away and blushes or when we make eyecontact he will quickly look down and I don't know if he likes me or not because he is an amazing athlete someone please help me!!!!!!! By the way I'm 12 and in the 6th grade and like I said NEED HELP!!!!!!!

    Elizabeth 5 years ago

    I am fond of this shy guy I know (at least I think he's shy). The only thing is, I'm shy too...unfortunately. Although I try to show him that I like him, in my own way, it doesn't seem like it's registering in his mind at all. Or it is, but since he's too shy he doesn't know what to do. Bummer...a true bummer. I guess I'll have to keep trying the. He's so worth it!

    Angela 5 years ago

    Okay there are alot of unanswered questions but I unfortunately don't have enough time to answer them all and so I will only answer the last one asked. Kaili, I have been in ur situation before, and if you are shy and there's nothing you can do to talk to him and are too shy to do frankly anything for fear of judgement, you should only start to do simple things thT will get you noticed more, and be patient and wait until he comes to you. For example, you see him walking in the hall, but hes on the other side. Wht you do is you go over to his side of the hall. And if ur in the cafeteria and ur table is all the way across the cafeteria, move to a table closer to his. Then it will be easier to read the signs if he likes you or not, and he will notice you more. Are you an athlete? If so, you should try to impress him by your athletic hights. If you aren't, you could always just compliment him his player performance when you get up enough confidence to talk to him. In all I would have to say he probably likes you, but don't trust a strangers judgement. I don't know exactly what he does and I could always be wrong. Don't jump to any conclusions and get yourself in trouble. Good luck, and remember to post if anything happens.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Don't take this the wrong way anyone:

    If you're in middle school don't date you're to young besides have fun don't waste your time with make ups and breakups. Just be friends with person and see were it takes you later

    angela 5 years ago

    i agree it's not a game.

    HI!!! 5 years ago

    This totally works!

    This boy that has a crush on me fits all of these perfectly!!

    spinster 5 years ago

    I'm a shy girl and I liked a shy guy at my university...he was the kind of guy that didn't really talk to people, avoided the lecturer's gaze, etc.....he used to try to leave class at the same time as me sometimes so he could talk to me on the way out, he would try to stand next to me so he could talk to me during the breaks, he even sat in the exact seat i was sitting in so i had to sit beside him...once when I was talking to a really good-looking, confident guy who had just given a presentation in our class, and the shy guy waited around and didn't want to leave until i had finished talking to the guy and could walk back with the shy guy, even though it meant that the shy guy would miss his free dinner......also when i talked about some of my friends back home e.g. one friend who had a pilot's licence, he made a very strong point to say that he also had one...it was comical even :) ...so anyway, i thought he was interested but shy...of course i was really shy too so i didn't do much except for try to become better friends with him and asked him if he wanted to study together, or hang out with some friends, etc....but he would always say no, mostly because he said he had to study by himself....that's fine, i thought he was just stressed out & he doesn't like working together, some people are like that...but obviously it hurt my feelings because usually i didn't really approach guys....i always waited for them to approach me! (and even when they did, i was super shy!)...anyway, eventually (a few days ago) i read some information online in various forums about shy guys and the signs if they like you.....so i texted him and told him that i would be in class working on a paper, and if he felt like coming to distract me, he would be more than welcome....he came, and we were talking about class etc, and then he mentioned that he was not going out to an event because one guy was going there that he didn't like...i thought that was weird...who cares if you don't like the guy, just go....so i made a joke to him saying "you're not gay are you?" DA DUM....he went a bit red and said no...so later when he was leaving i asked him if he wanted to join a friend and me for dinner as we were just going to get a quick bite before finishing the paper...he said no, and i asked him why not, and he made some excuses about studying at home....anyway, i kind of got sick of all this rejection so i sent him a message a few minutes later saying "i think it's better that we don't speak until i hand up this paper, as i am a very shy person, so if i ask you to hang out and you say no, i think it's rude and it really hurts my feelings" to which he replied that he is gay & he has a boyfriend and he only likes me as a friend!!! so for those of you in the forum who think you have a shy guy that is interested....think again and i really hope the same thing doesn't happen to you as it did to me!!!!! :(

    spinster 5 years ago

    oh he also used to go red when we made eye contact and theb would look down...and he used to do little things for me like look up information on the internet for me, etc..

    Angela 5 years ago

    Well at least you weren't really the one that was being embarrassed by rejection but he ended up the one that was embarrassed bY the fact that he was gay. So I figure it's an experience to teach you things or whatever. Are you still friends?

    spinster 5 years ago

    I guess you are right..it must be hard for him being gay because he keeps it such a secret! After that incident, i figured that i had been wasting so much time worrying about him and so i contacted this other guy i had a big crush on and asked him to hang out! he said yes and he came and brought me some candies. he is sweet and also shy, so i think i will pursue that. i think the gay guy & will probably become better friends now since i know his secret, but only friends, and will be fine in time

    profile image

    Micah S 5 years ago

    Hey im a shy guy big time only around this one girl...i know theres no way she likes me...i see why....but ive liked her for about 4 months now i just have never spoken to her other than "Excuse Me".....cuz i about ran into her walking in the halls (I dont know how cuz im always looking at her)......But anyone have any advice Shes a GENIUS, beautiful, nice, sweet, a great personality, (i know all this from people that know her, including teachers), and shes quiet like me i think but i need help PLEASE its killing me

    profile image

    Micah S 5 years ago

    Hey im a shy guy big time only around this one girl...i know theres no way she likes me...i see why....but ive liked her for about 4 months now i just have never spoken to her other than "Excuse Me".....cuz i about ran into her walking in the halls (I dont know how cuz im always looking at her)......But anyone have any advice Shes a GENIUS, beautiful, nice, sweet, a great personality, (i know all this from people that know her, including teachers), and shes quiet like me i think but i need help PLEASE its killing me

    profile image

    Micah S 5 years ago

    Shes a year younger than me....but other than that "Excuse Me", i have never spoken to her but recently i sky break in order to get to walk by her and see her again....Dang is beuatiful.....I cant stop thinking about her.....i dont think she has a cell phone either...but im to shy to ask or go up and talk to her but i need some help.....all she has said to me is "No your Fine" cuz i said excuse me i need help PLEASE!!!!1

    LACEY VON ERIC 5 years ago


    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    hey this guy that i like does all of the following:

    1. looks toward the ground and blushs when people talk about me around him

    2.does things i ask him to do.

    3. is VERY poilet when he talks to me

    4. stares at me all the time

    5. asked me to slow dance last febuary

    6. his bff says that nick likes me but nick doesnt tell anyone who he likes

    7. but he never talks to me!

    8. when asked if he likes me he either says nothing or rarely says no.

    9. he is always faced toward me in class when he can

    10. he will denfends me when someone tells him that i like him he sees that im hurt so he tells them to shut up and leaves his friends.

    11. alot of people think he likes me.

    12. he mirrors me in class

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    hey this guy that i like does all of the following:

    1. looks toward the ground and blushs when people talk about me around him

    2.does things i ask him to do.

    3. is VERY poilet when he talks to me

    4. stares at me all the time

    5. asked me to slow dance last febuary

    6. his bff says that nick likes me but nick doesnt tell anyone who he likes

    7. but he never talks to me!

    8. when asked if he likes me he either says nothing or rarely says no.

    9. he is always faced toward me in class when he can

    10. he will denfends me when someone tells him that i like him he sees that im hurt so he tells them to shut up and leaves his friends.

    11. alot of people think he likes me.

    12. he mirrors me in class

    angela 5 years ago

    okay micah here's what you have to do... first, think positive. don't be like, oh she could never like me because im such a loser and... NO! you're not a loser and she would be happy to have someone like you! people who think like they are for real become real in prospect. what you have to do is first walk closer to her maybe bump into her again if you think you need a little more confidence before talking to her. maybe that's the way you could start your fist conversation, bump into her and start talking. but make sure before you ask her out to make sure she's not dating anyone at the moment!!! important! because that could be the most embarrassing thing you ever do... so do small tasks to build up confidence in yourself before you try talking to her, because something like that might slip out if you don't learn to control yourself first. good luck, im ruting for you!

    profile image

    caughtup 5 years ago

    Hi, I hope someone can help me, I've really fallen for this man at work. We used to work together on the night shift and became friends. We have a lot in common and used to talk together a lot, the conversation was free flowing. Also, because our job was quite physical, it was impossible not to touch on occasions and it happened naturally. Then I realised I'd fallen for him, it seems to have grown on me, without my permission, so to speak.

    He gave me a present at Christmas which was really thoughtful and not the sort of thing you'd come across by accident. There was a secret santa at work so I was really surprised and hugged him, but I noticed that he kind of held himself away when he hugged me back so that we barely touched. It was the best present I recieved last Christmas by the way!

    Since Christmas we have both been moved to different sections but if we are both working we will go for the bus together in the morning. When I walk outside, if he is already there, waiting for me, we both grin like idiots and when we walk together, talking, if our eyes meet we both look away quickly and stare at our feet. And we both tend to get a little giggly around each other when neither of us do with other people. When we get on the bus, even if there are other colleagues/friends there he will sit next to me, but what I can't understand is that he seems to be very careful not to let our arms or legs touch. I mean it's glaringly obvious that he's avoiding touching me!

    We went out once, just the two of us, to see a national event, but even though we sat together for a 2hour plus train journey he made a point of us not touching, and managed not to bump into me in the crowds. I had forgotten my camera, so he took pics of me and I took pick of him on his, and gave him my email so he could send them to me, which he did, the ones of me anyway, with a little message saying he'd sent the best ones!

    I live far from home with a husband I'm trying to separate from, he lives far from home and is single. I told him the other day that I'm making plans to leave my husband (I would be doing so anyway, he's nasty and controlling and we have no physical relationship at all), by text message and asked if he was free to go out on Saturday as I was meant to be going out with friends and I don't have many, I've never felt the need. He replied that if he wasn't working he would and we could make plans, but told me later that he was working and we could do something another time, if I wanted, when we'd checked our rota's. So I told him when I'm free but he didn't reply.

    It's always me that texts him first and usually he will reply but sometimes, frustratingly, he doesn't and just leaves me hanging and trying to resist sending another message to ask why.

    I would appreciate any comments or observations as sometimes an outsider can see things more clearly, also any advice on how to proceed. I've been put down for so long that I have very little confidence left, and I value having this man in my life in whatever capacity and don't want to mess up the relationship we do have.


    angela 5 years ago

    okay, so i know a couple answers to your questions. the texting one is obvious, and it has happened to me before too. only, it was just with my friend! it depends on the type of person, but it's not anything to do with you that he doesn't text back, he probably is just a busy person, or doesn't like texting very much. I'm not entirely sure the reason, i just know that it's not your fault as it has also happened to me countless times. So don't stress out, it's only natural. also, the reason he may be avoiding touching you is because he knew you were still married, and was afraid you may not approve. and since there hasn't been anymore instances where you were together for a period of time since you told him you were getting divorced, you haven't been able to conclude that that was the only problem. so i hope you end up happy together, and don't be afraid to ask him to any more dates, it seems like he is interested!

    profile image

    caughtup 5 years ago

    Do you know angela, you were exactly right! As soon as we spoke and he realised I was absolutely serious about leaving my husband, he asked me out! I will now have butterflies in my stomach until Tuesday night but hell I'm sooooo happy!

    smith 5 years ago

    i know its been a really long time since i last talked to u guys, but ive been busy and studing for the chspe test but i wentto costco yesterday and i have not been there since te last time i talked to u guys so, i saw quinn and i thought that he wouldnt remember me but i saw him before he saw me and he kinda looked alittle tired,then when he saw me he kinda brightened up and had a big grin on his face ,and he asked me how my day was going, i said fine does that mean anything?

    Aster 5 years ago

    haha well I was reading the entire page, and I gotta say, I got respect for you, Angela. :)

    and well yeah I have a case too. will try to keep It simple XDDDD

    so basically in late january I started chatting with him on our homeroom's group chat page with my friend. in February we moved up to private chat. ever since he's been starting chats, saying random things, acting all silly, acting all open arnd me. it's pretty cool. we've been talking for like 5 months now. and my friends who don't know him that well have started chats to see his reaction. he's all formal and polite (they forwarded convos to me) but yah...to them he acts NOTHING like the way he acts to me. he's always complimenting me and we chat for hours at a time. we even stayed up till 1 am chatting. we also have private jokes that only we get ;)

    and so I started from not really knowing him in January to a friendship in February to a crush in middle of February ;) and yes I'm picky with crushes. and well I sit facing him, and he always sneaks looks at me. I'm his friend at school now, so we talk. he's shy and extremely polite arnd random ppl, and really open with his friends. as for me, he is open online and blushes and fidgets with hands in life. he also looks at me and down at his feet again.

    and tada....I have competition. LOL. one girl named Ana who is from Ukraine, extremely clingy, I spend a lot of my time helping him fend off Ana. Minnie is the girl I HATE. she's freaking obsessive and she tries to act all unjealous when everyone can see that she's jealous that the boy in my story likes me (says everyone, even his best friend). Minnie tries to chat with him on fb but it never works. he hates chatting with him. and yeah I'm the only girl he enjoys chatting with and believe me, so many girls try. he's a cute guy whom lots of girls like, but just for looks >____< they think he's cute but srsly his personality is what counts! ehh.

    I get good grades, pretty sporty. he's the REALLY sporty type, not that academic. but despite that we get along extremely well (haha I'm still popular).

    so I'm pretty sure he likes me. what do you think?

    sorry that it's long XDDDDD

    Aster 5 years ago

    crappppp Minnie isn't a boy XDDD oops it's he hates chatting with HER not him. hehe oops typo XDDDDD

    and lol I should edit my comments.

    *and lol I'm still popular although I'm "nerdy"

    ^ that's what I meant in the third to last paragraph.

    gl decoding my case XDDDD tyyyyy!!!!!

    happychick 5 years ago

    girl i think you know what you gotta do. flirt and ask him out. and the other girl she'll get it eventually.

    @ Angela: My Edward and i partially broke up. We are in an open relationship through college and if we don't like anyone else as much after that we'll move our relationship to a whole new level as an living together.

    angela 5 years ago

    happychick: well that seems like it makes since to do. i mean it would be hard for him meating a lot of new people and making a lot of new friends. i bet in about a year if he hasn't met anyone he is serious about in a year you can get back together and in two more years you could move together. though a smarter way to look at it would be just both get a dooroom then you could hang out whenever. if you live together there will be a lot of conflicting fights like a married couple about not putting the clothes in the hamper, leaving dirty dishes out when there's company, etc.

    Aster: i agree with happychick that does seem like a resonable thing to do to end everything with minnie. but, if he answers no then you have a problem. if everyone knows he likes you, tell your friends that you might like him too. then they might tell his friends who tells him and if he doesn't react weirdly to it then you could ask him out, or if he realizes you like him he might ask you out before you can get to it. ;)

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Angela: Nah we cant be in the same dorm cuz' we r going to diffrent Univ

    Angela 5 years ago

    Oh well that could be a problem. :D

    Angela 5 years ago

    Oh okay I read it back and everything makes much more since to me now. Sorry about that I'm not really thinking lately. Yeah after you both get out of college yeah sure it sounds like a good idea. If you stay together that long its gotta be worth it.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    I hope so cuz i really like him and he seems to really like me too. I mean we're out of school. He comes over to my house at like 9am picks me up and takes me to the beach or out to eat or to stroll and other stuff. we do have our days off though bt he still comes at night around 10pm to bid me goodnight. my parentsa seem to like him yet they're complaining that im spending to much time with him i told its better no that its the summer than when school starts. And trust me i intend to spend as much time with him as I can b4 school starts again

    smith 5 years ago

    we went to costco today and i saw quinn there so i finally got the chance to say talk to him , he sorta backed into me and apologized i said that it was allright and then he commentd on my sun burn ad i said that i was doing alot of yard work and he startd talking about how was finally starting to feel like summer, then he had to go and help his friend and apologized for backing into me again . is that a good thing? then i had another employee who was leaving on his bike tell me qoute that i was a very strong girl he saw me earlier and keep it up you are very nice . that seemed really weird what do u think he meant by that,my grandma kept laughing and wouldnt say.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Honey i think thats a great thing! cuz generally I think he would have just say "oh sorry" and then get back to what he was doing.

    smith 5 years ago

    i hope so , but its kinda strange it seems like sometimes he wont stop staring and other times he acts as if im not even there. why is that ?

    Happychick 5 years ago

    thats just because they run hot and cold. just keep "talking" to him. Bump into him and get him to start. Or ask him bout a product

    Kaili 5 years ago

    THANK U SO MUCH ANGELA i followed ur advice and now i pretty much talk to kendall on a regular basis =D and at my last softball game kendall was in the bleachers and even congradulated me after the game was over!!! =D ur advice really helped!!srry bout all the questions but do u think its good or bad that wen kendall is talking to me he always looks at the ground or is just generally really nervous

    Angela 5 years ago

    That's a really good thing it means he's nervous around you which means he doesn't want to mess up around you which means he values you opinion which means he thinks you're special and people tend to like special people which means he likes you. It's a complicated system.

    Happy chick: I am happy to know you are spending a lot of time together and that your parents approve of him, because if they didn't well that narrows your chances of continuing to date down to about nothing.

    Smith: yay he likes you! The reason he acts like you're not there is partly because of what happy chick said but also because of the fact that he is trying to impress you by how calm he is in your presence. it is really awesome that you had a real conversation with him because now it will be easier for you to communicate with him in the future. I don't know about the other employee, but by his comment it seems that he is interested, so you may have a lot of drama in the future if things go well between you and Quinn. Who knows, you may end up liking the other guy better. But, be on guard because the biker employee and Quinn might not be the only people at costco interested in you. Good luck, though.

    Kaili 5 years ago

    haha thanks Angela =D ill post again if anything happens with kendall =D

    profile image

    AsterxD 5 years ago


    (sorry for the late reply)

    Yeh I'm pretty sure he likes me now xD (more clues and more drama from last two weeks of school xD)

    can I stay and talk on this post? xDD


    SMITH 5 years ago


    Lesly  5 years ago

    I like someone or rather I'm interested in someone. He's my brother's friend.he's cute, kind off an ass by times but he makes me smile, and tries to make me laugh. he chose to play tennis in my team instead of playing with my brother baseball. he started throwing fire crackers at me and even tried running after me lol to throw one lol. but when i wanted to light up a fire cracker he was the first one to gave me his (and even offer one to me) and even lit it lol and in the end i hugged him good bye and he gave a second one which was kinda weird bt nice. he also said we shouold do hang out again. what do you think?

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Asterx: thanks lol and yes i guess u can talk in this blog lol :)

    Smith: that's great now just say hi to and start talking you know if he's not with a client ofcourse.

    jasmine 5 years ago

    thanks alot but i still have a problem he states at me alot and we can talk in a convation together and he will not get nervous... but he talk to my friend alot not me! i am so stuck if he likes me or not...

    smith 5 years ago

    i still get kinda flustered when i talk to him , but i keep trying. but now ive got this other guy always saying hi to me or following me down aisles , i hope that doesnt make quinn think that i like him that way , is there anyway to stop it nicely?

    Micah S 5 years ago

    Okay Angela thats seems doable but for me its like ill tell myself im gonna do that in my head then when when school was still in session i would be like oh GOD THATS Her.......and then try notto get in the way..but the reason i dont give up is cuz shes so beautiful in her own way and smart and athletic for real but i dont think she has a boyfriend....either i dont want to be her first and worst regret or something cuz ive had two bad breakups and geeeesss their not fun at all

    Dontknowwhattodo? 5 years ago

    I like this boy for over 2 years now we haven't talked ever face to face. My friends tell me he is looking at me and I then look back at him but then he turns around so I tell me friends I'm going to turn around tell me if his look. I turn around then they tell me his looking at me. One day one of my friends over heard his friends talking about him and they said he likes a girl. My friend asked them if she new the girl and they replied saying yeh your with here some times and I think they age talking about me because he knows I like him. But I dint know if he likes me. Please help me. 

    Geckogirl 5 years ago

    I’ve had a massive crush on this boy in sixth form (one year above me) for about 6 months now and I really want to do something about it – as in pursue it, not let it fade. Trouble is I’m a really really shy person and it seems that he is too. He’s always in the library at break times and on his own, too. I have a friend in sixth form who’s in some of his classes and she catches the same bus as him so she knows him quite well. Just last week she introduced me to him very briefly (I wish I’d said more!!!). He smiled at me and I totally melted! Lol. My friend told me he’s really shy and you have to try and lead the conversation if you wanna talk.

    Before i got introduced, i kept trying (and failing) to pluck up the courage to smile at him whenever our paths crossed to show him I’m interested. We made eye contact a few times but nothing more. Every time I see him I get a really warm feeling inside and it makes me really happy that I’d seen him but also sad cos I don’t really believe I have a chance (or the luck) to get the guy I really want. I’m 16 and I’ve never had a boyfriend before. This is really something I want. I guess Katy Perry says it all for me in the song “ET” lol.

    Another problem is that now I’ve completely finished school until September cos I’m in year 11 but I will be returning to the sixth form in the same school and he will be in his final year. So until then, I can’t really do anything until then and its driving me mad!

    I will make it clear – I don’t actually know him! I just kept seeing him in the library and the attraction developed from there and then i was seeing him everywhere all over the school! I became really extra aware of him and whenever he passed it was like i felt electricity in the air, like a buzz or a hum!

    My friend did me a favour and brought me up in one of their conversations (on the bus i guess) to see if he knew about me (I virtually live in the school library) but he said he wasn’t sure who I was. Up until the intro thats all thats happened.

    Any advice or tips would be highly appreciated! This is a first for me.



    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    can you plz anwser my question? i sumitted it 7 weeks ago and noone has anwsered! plz help!! thxz ;]

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Kaitlyn: To be honest I think he likes you but tell me does he know you like him?or his friends are just being annoying?

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Micah S:Forget about the fact that you might be her first or w.e. If you like the girl and you can't talk to her try Facebook or just tell yourself that you gotta ask her out otherwise you'll never know and you'll always be wondering What if? and guess what its not fun. You if she says yes then thats awesome if she says no well you know there are other girls out there and even tho it seems like the end of the world it isn't. some months later you'll like someone else and so on... The point is you gotta ask her out. It's hard but if you don't do it she probably isn't either...

    Happychick 5 years ago


    Possobility #1: He likes and you gotta at least say hi or smile when you see him.

    Possabilty #2: You friends are messing with you.

    In either case I would highly suggest you smile or say hi to you know let him know you wanna be his friend

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Geckogirl: He probably didnt know you by name when your friend spoke to him keep in mind if it was only eye contact then he doesnt know your name until you friend introduced you guys. Now that you were formally introduced when you see him smile or if you have Facebook add him and start talking from there and transfer to face to face after.

    I remeber wen i was in 9 there was a boy i liked (i knew him somewhat only because he was friends with a friend) i added him on FB and spoke to him and since i was to shy to speak to him face to face he told me you know you should talk to me or come see me in the morning so i can hug you... lol (we ended up being really good friendS). The other wasa guy i liked after that and pretty much started by FB but i we had a class together and well he knew who i was obviously and vice versa so anyway the day after I started the conversation with my he came upto me in the hallway in the morning and kissed me lol (bt we ended up remaining friends cuz I moved to another country)

    So i recomend you just add him cuz you techniaclly know each other

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Jasmine: He might like but he also might like your friend so hwat i would do is keep talking to him and time will tell...

    kait 5 years ago

    well, you told me t keep you posted on jordan well, one of my freinds told him somthings i done know what they were but what ever it was made him deffinatliy bad and he began to avoid me like the pleage how ever my best freind bryce he was like my brother and actually i found out liked me and i am currentliy dating him i have been for a couple months and hes really nice and i like him alot (: and hes shy!

    HappyChick 5 years ago

    Kait: If you're happy with Bryce then thats grea. But if you still kind of like Jordan then catch him in the hall and give 'em a piece of your mind so to speak

    Willow Jordan 5 years ago

    I read this & i called up my crush & asked if he liked me& guess what he did i got the bravery from this text !! no we been dating 4 likr 5 Monthes

    happychick 5 years ago

    Wow! thats Awesome! See you nvr know what can happens thats great!

    Angela 5 years ago

    Ok I know it's been a while since I've helped anybody and I'm sorry for that, but I figured I would make up for it with some advice for everybody. Because I have noticed that with basically everyone the problem is having enough courage to talk to their crush. So sometimes we try to act like we don't like them and we don't want anyone to know that we like them. The problem with this is, if they really did like you at the beginning, they may not like you when they realize you are trying to avoid them and they may move on. The logic to stopping this would be to talk to them! It doesn't matter if it's texting or Facebook or over the phone or face to face. You just have to hurry up and do it before the consequences of losing them happen. And now that you know the consequences, it may encourage you to talk to them before it's too late. And I know this from experience,so I'm not just shooting the gun. Talk to them, and if you still don't think this is enough for the courage just practice with other people that you don't have a crush on because I know it makes it harder when you're talking to somebody you like.

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Couldn't agree more! Or just flirt with them. I suck talking to people if I don't know them specially guys but once I get over that I flirt and don't even notice

    Lesly 5 years ago

    I like someone or rather I'm interested in someone. He's my brother's friend.he's cute, kind off an ass by times but he makes me smile, and tries to make me laugh. he chose to play tennis in my team instead of playing with my brother baseball. he started throwing fire crackers at me and even tried running after me lol to throw one lol. but when i wanted to light up a fire cracker he was the first one to gave me his (and even offer one to me) and even lit it lol and in the end i hugged him good bye and he gave a second one which was kinda weird bt nice. he also said we shouold do hang out again. what do you think?

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    to happychick. he does know i like him. yesterday i saw him at the gym and paniced so i left but my friends whent up to him and started talking about me and his face got red. did i already tell u that his mom said to my mom that he talks about me alot. does that mean he likes meif he is telling my family good things about me when we have only talked to each other a couple times over a year?! thank you very much!!!!;]]

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Its good, but you need not to panic. Jsut go with your friends even if you don't say anything

    Happychick 5 years ago

    Lesly: sounds like he likes you. have you seen him since?

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    hey guys,

    I have read all ur comments and believe me it took me a while to do, but now I need some help myself and I hope I will find it here. So this is my case:

    I have know this guy for quite a while now and I really don't know what to think anymore. I am not even sure he likes me. Even tho I knew him we didn't talk until last year when we got a class together. At first we didn't talk at all, but then it all changed. We started chatting on fb, we could chat for 30 minutes, but in rl when I saw him at school he didn't even say hi. But as my friends said he was just staring at me.It was all going great we were chatting talking about school, music anything! But then he stopped. Believe me I tried, but it just doesn't work. But then he started talking to me in class ( my friend says he was to me more than other girls).Once he sat next to me and was trying to talk to me was making jokes and all kinds of stuff but then that changed too. It stopped and there was nothing for some time, I was ready to give up when out of sudden he just said hi, and started staring again. And then came the horrible day in class when he had to sit next to me. I was really awkward and to make it even worst the teacher was like pushing us closer and saying: "get closer, u need to do this" and I try to turn it on the fun side I was making jokes, it didn't help tht much. But then he suddenly leaned his leg on me and I thought it was a accident but when he did it again not once but twice i knew it wasn't.

    I really hope u read it all and help me,by the way I didn't write everything cause I thought it would be 2 long.

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    thanks happychick for everything i have another question though. if a guy i really polite to you [like he says please and thank you] but isnt that polite to everyone else does that mean he likes you? thanks

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    @Kaitlyn as far as I know if he is different to you it is a good sign, I think he just wants you think better of him so he does tht, just my opinion :)

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    thanks tamara but i have ANOTHER question. if a guy talks about you with his family and friends but it is ALWAYS good thing does that mean he likes you. oh and we have only talked about 6 times trough the whole school year. thanks!!! ;]

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    lol keep them coming :)

    I mean if a guy talks about u it means u r on his mind, but with his family it means even more, I think he really likes ya

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    thanks. i have ANOTHER question. he kinda avoids me though.is that a bad thing? btw thanks for anwsering. ;]

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    to tamara i definatly think he likes you. if you think he does then i am sure he does. thanks for all your help!! ;]

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    np, and ty

    and about ur question I really don't know y boys do tht it seems like as it gets more serious and obvious they just distant. But it doesn't hav to be a bad sign. Maybe he is just avoiding u cause he is afraid to make a fool out of himself in front of u

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    And about my problem, some of my friends say he likes me but I am not sure. I don't know y , with all tht I read from u girls u haven't really talked to them so talking means a step ahead. But I know him so it makes it harder for me. But the worst part is we have NO mutual friends

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    yeah. well i have tried to talk to him but every time i try to my face gets red and so does his.sigh .....

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    It will get better, trust me! When I talked to my guy I got really red, not like blushing, really red and as a fool as I am I started laughing cause tht is what I do when I get nervous but I just made a joke of it and it all turned out fine. Just take deep breaths and when you talk try to relax and get rid of the tension cause it will make it easier for both of you. As soon as u find a topic ur both interested in it will just be fine.

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    ok thanks.

    Emma 5 years ago

    can someone help me decide if he likes me or not. the thing is when people ask him if he likes me he doesnt say anything. but when someone asks him if he likes a different girl he says no right away. oh and one time during class this guy who sits between us said oh Emma likes nick. so my face got sooo red and i just turned away and told him to shut up. but someone else hear him and he started joining in to. well the guy i like saw how hurt i was and told them to knock it off. so they turned to him and said oh so you like Emma! his face got sooo red too and he just walked away. right after that i saw him staring at me and when i caught him he blushed. does that mean anything?! thanks

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    Well to be honest I am not really 100% percent sure but I think he likes you. Have you talked to him. Maybe the ppl make him nervous. Just try talking to him, doesn't have to be about u liking him or tht

    Emma 5 years ago

    cool i hope he does. thanks Tamara so much! but i get kinda nervous when i talk to him and i can tell he gets nervous talking to me. he doesnt talk to me much but he talks to ALL of my friends. is that a good sign or no?

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    About the nervousness I wrote something about it earlier so check it out i think it was a day ago. And what goes about the talking, u hav to put yourself in his skin he has feelings too. Imagine yourself talking to him u would be nervous 2, maybe he is just afraid to say the wrong thing. Guys hav feelings 2 :)

    Emma 5 years ago

    Ok thanks for the helpful tips. oh and i read your story and i think he likes ya. you are lucky!

    profile image

    tamara 2011 5 years ago

    Thank you, I hope he does.

    Brooke 5 years ago

    hey umm i have a question. i have this little voice in my head saying that me crush likes me but my brain second guesses myself. and all my friends think that he likes me. should i go with my inution and my friends or my brain. plz help. thanks

    Karma 5 years ago

    Man i hope someone can help me.

    So here it goes..

    I met a guy who seems to be the most shyest person I've ever met. I met him through my best friend who is of the opposite sex. So the guy who happens to be my best friends cousin, I found out likes me and pretty much carried a flame for me for me over 6 years now and even though he lived majority of his life living in Washington, I'm flattered but most of all confused. He's shy not to talk to me but he tells my best friend that he likes me as well as his other friends. He flirts with me all the time I'm around but what I don't get is that he won't own up to his emotions and tell me. I mean don't get me wrong, I also have to consider my best friend. My best friend, Jeff, tells me it's fine but i can't help but read his expressions saying no. I just want to know if I should pursue what could be a good option.

    Angela 5 years ago

    ok, so brooke. it's always best to listen to what your heart is telling you, not your friends or your brain. because if your heart tells your brain you like this guy and he likes you back, your brain is going to second guess yourself because you're afraid of the worst. but sometimes you have to take a chance. if he does like you, there are endless posibilities. but if you're too afraid to open up, who knows, he could get over you because he thinks you don't like him. and still your friends would be the better option against your brain, your heart is still probably the best thing to listen to.

    angela 5 years ago

    and karma, okay so the best thing to do would ask your friend jeff what he thinks, and tell him to be honest. and if he stsill tells you the same, then go for it. if you realize he really isn't okay with it, then end the relationship. at least you were able to try something, and you could have the possiblity of actually liking this person. and if you find jeff doesn't like the idea of you dating his cousin, then there's a 51% chance he probably likes you as more than a friend. and i know that this possibility could be a bit scary, but you have to consider it.

    Jamie 5 years ago

    OK i am pretty sure this boy at my church likes me


    1.stares then looks away

    2.follows and hangs out with me whenever he can

    3.anything i ask him he always says "sure"

    4.whenever i walk into the room he smiles really big

    5.and i got an "anymous note"

    but my downs:

    1.he shows lots of attetion to other girls at times

    2.sometimes ignores me

    3.and he sometimes says im "yuck or if i wear a dress im funny"

    he is really really shy but he talks 2 me alot, just let me kno what u think....

    Angela 5 years ago

    Ok, so Jamie, this could mean a lot of things. He could just like you as a friend, according to your notes and observations. That note could be from another person. You never know. But, it could be him being modest and might have a crush on you, but he's just kind of scared what you'll think if he tells you. So keep hanging out with him and make him more comfortable around you, and with time he'll realize that he has nothing to lose, and if he doesn't, well, you'll know when the time comes. Perhaps by then you'll like another guy. No telling how much time will pass between now and then.

    Jamie 5 years ago

    ok thanks. Uh a couple other things, the note i waz talking about..i have read somewhere where is says shy boys give you notes if there to scared 2 say something.

    so...? Oh and here latley i have been hanging out with him more than my bff..cuz he wants me 2. (my bff is his sister) sooo its like i stay around him and if i dont..he "stalks" me and his sister.

    Jamie 5 years ago

    Plus your not the first person to tell me he is scared of my reaction. The boy i like has never had a girl-friend before and prob wont for atleast another years or so. Another signs he likes me i have caught on to is he "flirts" with a girl then looks back 2 see my reaction..and makes it really obvious!

    Angela 5 years ago

    Well, the thing about notes are that sure shy guys may give them to you, but no telling who else might. Sense notes are the universal language of people who want to be anonymous, a shy guy could give you one, but it's just as possible as any other person. Who knows, maybe somebody knew you liked him or something and is just trying to play a nasty joke on you or something. I guess people think anonymous notes tend to come more from shy guys sense it's harder for shy guys to talk to girls they have a crush on. The part about wanting to hang out with you more and stalking you when you hang out with his sister, that means there's about an 80% chance he likes you and 20% chance he just thinks you're cool and wants to spend more time with you for different reasons. So thats a big sign saying he likes you. Since he isn't particularly ready for a girlfriend yet, I wouldn't confront him about his feelings for you soon. Maybe in a couple months he may be better. Plus, if he's flirting with other girls it must mean he can't take TOO long. And with that said, when he looks back at you when he flirts, there's about a 70% chance he's looking to see your reaction, and a 30% chance he's just wondering what you think of him flirting, like " see! I'm a big boy now!" or maybe he values your opinion on how he's flirting. Those examples were bad but you get the idea. So to round it All up, he probably likes you. So next time you see him ask him questions like, " why are you hanging out with me more than ______." or if he stalks you ask him why. Like simple things.

    jamie 5 years ago

    ok. Well i asked him why he hung out with me and his only exuse waz "because i can" and i said but why..but he just kept saying that. But im 13 and me and him are going in to the youth class in the next month or so...so no more "kiddie class" my mom said she thinks he is fixen to go through the stage of "girls arent gross anymore" also im tryin to observe how he acts around me more and I have noticed alot of staring then looking away and whenever he tells a joke his eyes convenently flicker my way. And every once in a while blushing when i arive at church. So ya just alot of mixed messages, guess thats a part of teenage love.

    Jamie 5 years ago

    plus i have been doing research on his hand writing and it looks extremly familar 2 tha note

    jamie 5 years ago

    and there waz at the time only 2 other boys and i asked 1 of them and they said no

    jamie 5 years ago

    and there waz at the time only 2 other boys and i asked 1 of them and they said no

    Angela 5 years ago

    Alright, well like I said he almost definately likes you and if u like him then there's really nothing to be scared of all this happening an such. So just go with the flow. I'm really glad u asked him too why he was hanging out with u because that almost confirms everything. Good luck and keep me updated!

    Angela 5 years ago

    And also I think he probably blushes when you walk into church because you're dressed up and such. I think he values what you think of his jokes, which could mean as a friend or as a crush. I think that he looks away because he ws caught staring, and trust me I know from eerience that is something you should DEFINATELY take into mind. Because one day I caught this completely random dude staring and the next he asked me out and I was completely unprepared and the next year It made that part of my life a disaster. So the string thing could REALLY mean something, or it could mean nothing at all. Just really pay attention like you said y ou were and you might find out a lot of things about him you didn't even know about before.

    sophie 5 years ago

    well when im in school he doesnt talk to me he sometimes makes eye contact then when i look at him he looks away then when were on facebook he can talk to me for ages then he says i love you and he will talk to me tommorow and then he doesnt what does that mean does he really like me or is he just messing about just for his friends?

    jamie 5 years ago

    angela thanks so much!

    Jamie 5 years ago

    I wanted 2 add in june i said a boy was staring at me and before i finished he stammerd "YA i know a girl waz doing the same 2 me!" ~a bit jelous ..goood news is we r hanging out alot so (fingers crossed)

    Angela 5 years ago

    That's great! But he might have just said that to make u jealous too, u nevr know. So I'm crossing my fingers for u too.

    Addie, 7th grade 5 years ago

    :) I've liked this guy for like two years. I tried to hang out with him so I could get to know him better but my stepdad said no and my mom said yes so eventually I didn't go… I am so sad. He's such a great guy. Pretty hot. He'd do anything for me at school :-D. I'm honestly hypnotized by him. Puppy love? Maybe. he stares at me a lot, I wanna stare right back! FINGERS CROSSED.

    Jamie 5 years ago

    yep. thats wat i thought! weeeelllll i guess thats all i got 2 say. If i have more Questions ill ask you. Thanks again!!!!

    missymissy07 5 years ago

    Omg...a guy I know goes to the same highschool as me. We go to the same bus stop, we go to lunch together, we get on the same bus, and we live around the corner from one another. He is kind of a total shy guy. And soo.. he watches me walking to the stop sometimes. I catch him staring at me on the bus. He doesn't really reacts to anyone unless they talk him but he just starts talking to me when we're sitting next to eachother. We always, and I mean ALWAYS pretty strong eye contact between us both when we're talking. He for some reason just starts talking to me. But I like him so I enjoy talking to him but like I said, he's a shy guy. And he's a well mannered guy! But I'm wondering if he likes me..

    Angela 5 years ago

    Well from what u said it's hard to tell if he likes you or if he is just trying to be friendly. But, and I've said this before, only YOU cN judge because you are the one going through this experience. I will try to help to my farthest extent, but if you update me on if anything big I can help with one step at a time. But yeah theres like a 60 to 40% chance. The 60 is if he likes you... I can tell you hAve a journey ahead of you! Just stay calm and go with the flow. Good luck!

    SillySusie 5 years ago

    Ok so I hope you can help.:) I’m a sophomore in college and on the first day of class I was late and my biology teacher made me sit next to this random guy. I was in a happy relationship( that ended yesterday) so I never even looked at him but midway threw the class that day. I got that strange pulling feeling toward him so i casually looked at him to find that he was looking too we both looked away in imbursement. Or so it seemed. We started talking and I told him that I had already taken the class and was retaking it to improve my grade. Well he said that I should be his biology buddy and we exchanged phone numbers. Well it’s been 5 weeks of classes 2 times a week sitting together. I don’t know if he has a crush too or not but he moved seats one day and when I got to class I sat in the old spot and he came and explained that he liked the other seats better and asked if I wanted to sit there with him. I did so a few classes came and went and I decided to test the waters so I moved a few rows up and when he got to class he stopped where he normally sat and then came and sat next to me. I would completely think he likes me cuz he is always saying things that don’t fit the situation but I have invited him to several things that he always turns me down for and I always text first and he directly answers the question and nothing else. My group of friends and i ran in to him this weekend and we share a mutual friend ( that he asked last week why I text him so much) he told our friend that we should go sit with him and his friends .Whenever we are not in class he doesn’t talk directly to me I’m very social well liked and outgoing so when our friend said hey to him I did too he replied to my friend normally but to my hey he froze before saying my name all of the friends around us joked and picked on him for not knowing my name and he responded that he wasn’t sure who said it but we talk in class all the time so he knows my voice and I was also the only girl there that knew him.. Does this mean he likes me? If the fact that I have a crush on him gets out and he doesn’t like me back bio class is going to become very uncomfortable. Do you have and suggestions?

    Thank you so much,


    Gigi 5 years ago

    This guy I like was standing beside me and his friends in front of me. He reaches ova and pinches his friends butt and blames it on me. He did tht a few more times and him an his friends all turn around and say my name but I don't kno his friends. And the rest of the day he was staring at me and earlier in the day I was looking his way and he saw me an smiled really big. Does he like me and if he does should I ask him out or sholud I wait for him to ask me out?

    to gigi 5 years ago

    Gigi, tbh I don´t really think he likes you...I don´t wanna sound rude but it just seems like 2 guys having fun...try to find a mutual friend and tell him/her to ask the boy what he thinks about you...cause asking him out now could be a bit risky :/...wait for some sighns :)

    whale500 5 years ago

    do u have some more signs a boy likes you??

    ... 5 years ago

    Well the main signs r tht he looks @ u more than it is usual. some boys try to be friends first...so they will be hanging out with u more...just look for something that is unusual..or a bit strange :D ... ask someone about him...or if u have a mutual friend tell him/her to ask about you. But there is no certain way to know...just trust your instinct :)

    whale500 5 years ago

    ok thanks

    sppd1275 5 years ago

    What would you guess the averge time span for a boy to keep a "crush?"

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    if a guy bushes when ever someone says your name and then acts seird does that mean he likes you even though he denies it? ps his face does get red with other peoples names just mine.thanks

    woot woot 5 years ago

    Hey guys, so I was already on this site...and I left my story..and even tho I got a lot of positive comments I decided to stop crushin n the guy...an no it wasnt easy...but I can happily say that I found a guy that likes me too...so to all of the girls that are not sure about their crush...wait some time..try giving them signs but the best way is trough a mutual friend, tht is what hapened to me.

    p.s. we went out last night(no alone with 2 friends) just relax and it will be ok. Just be yourself. It was the best night of my life. And my friend called me this morning and said:

    "when you left we were talking and he said that you are really nice and wanted to know more about you". And while we were on the date he showed my friend a message that was adressed to his gf:

    " U r cute and all, but I dont really like you".

    So my advice is wait for it! It will happen!!!

    Jillian 5 years ago

    he is sooo cute, he lives next door and hes not outside, i dont want to knock on the door..and idk if he likes me!!! so i just ask him out?!?!?! ugh i literally love him!!!!

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    to jillian. just ask him out if he says no then u can move on to someone even better. dont be scared of rejection! can u plz help me out with my last question plz and thnxs

    anonymous 5 years ago

    to kaitlyn. Uh im not a professional im just a teenage girl too but if you ask me i say it does kinda shows he likes you. If i were you i would look for more ways like... if he tries to keep a convorsation going with you or ...stares at u. Anything really. My crush shows all the signs of it but denies it 2 so..not sweat :)

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    well he does stare at me but when i pass him in the halls he looks the other way. My mom knows him mom and they were talking and his mom said that he talks alot about me in their house when ive really never spoken to him. is that a good thing or not?!

    anonymous 5 years ago

    to kaitlyn. Well if you ask me i say yeah,it is good. But it depends on how he talks about you lol. But im sure its good stuff, however most shy boys keep there crushes to themselves so maby he is more out going then you thought.

    My crush, when i walk by him he will look at me instead of away but every boy is different. ...So you dont really talk to him much?

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    well he was sayin good things an i dont really have clases with him any more but i see him everyday before and after school. yesterday i got the courage to say hi to him becuase we were the only two people in the hallway and it would have been weird! i was like "hi nick!" [and the smiled] hes like "hey" and didnt even look at me he just looked at the ground and his face got red. is that a bad thing that he didnt look at me? oh and things have been akward since he asked me to dance last year and i was to scared so said no. then he asked me to dance last febuary and i said yes. so he wont really talk to me all he does is stare, blush, and talk to EVERYONE but me. is that a bad thing too? sorry for all the questoons but thank you sooo much for anwsering them! ;]

    anonymous 5 years ago

    lol im here for ya :D, anyway if its not to much to ask what grade are you in? Im in the 7th and homeschooled so my crush and I really dont have "dances". But i see him at church every wednday and sunday. SO, i say he is really nervous around you and thats alot of the reason why he doesnt talk to you as much as others. The whole dance thing i say he gets huge points for asking you more than once so, hes trying. Ill tell you what everyone tells me, dont rush it...i mean it depends on how long u have liked him. I have liked mine for 3 years and plan on waiting till we are 16 till we can date. :) Honestly alot of times girls just think they are in love so if you think you really like him, he should be worth the wait! :D

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    well i am actually two years older than u im a ninth grader. it just bugs me that he doesnt really talk to me. when we slow danced last feb. he opened up to me instantly and told me that his friends mess with him alot and that he doesnt really like it, he told me this when this was our first real convostaion! he is overall a quiet person.

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    the weird thing is guys usually dont talk about their feelings do they? We had a really long conversation at the dance about nothing in particular. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! he like kept the conversation going forever! even though we have only said a couple words to each other before that.

    anonymous 5 years ago

    no they dont ushally talk about feelings. And its funny you said that because my crush has spells where we will talk for hours and other times he wont. And people tell me thats a good thing he trys to keep the covo going.. its a sign he wants to talk to you. So how long have you liked him? Your story kinda confuses me though cause its like he is scared to talk to you, sooo do you text him? idk

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    well i am too scared to text him..... the only real convosation i have had with him was when he asked me to dance. the other times ive talk to him was simple things like "excuse me." and "can i have a peice of paper" u know stuff like that. las year i had almost all of my classes with him and i would always talk to one of his friends so he would come up and sit right next to me or this friend and listen to our convosation but only talk to his friend! why would he be doing that! he totally ignores me but he will listen to what i say but not say anything to me!!!!!!! is that a bad thing?

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    oh and the guy i likes name is nick and ive like him for almost a year now.

    Kate 5 years ago

    i keep seeing this guy in my school and he's always looking right at me. even when i'm the only one i the hall. he's cute but idk what to do... suggestions?

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    i know it hard but just say hi when u see him [ trust me it took me 9 months just to say hi to my crush in the hallway!] but if u keep talking to him he might open up and talk to u back.

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Katlin, thats just what shy boy do they confuse you. But the thing is they are very confused themselves about feelings toward girls.Has he had a gf before or talked about other girls? Well i dunno why he ignores you and only talked to his friend...maby he is hiding any and all feelings toward you. I think you should find an exuse to talk to him because me and my crush are super close so there for he talks and talks to me. Maby you need to start being a friend first. :)

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    no he hasent had a gf before but he does talk to other girls but he wont talk to me! i dont think he hates me cuasehe is super nice and he asked me to dance so idk. i am trying to be his friend but i am first trying to talk to him more.

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Yeah. Well most boys dont like to talk to girls,(not trying to be mean but its the truth.)

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    idk why i am even on theis site busecause i am pretty sure he does like me. i am going to ask him out. maybe......

    anonymous 5 years ago

    go for it, youll never know it till you try!!

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    k so do u at least think he is interested in me?

    anonymous 5 years ago

    55% yes .. 30% i dont know/mixed signals and 15% i think hes shy so go 4 it if u wanna.

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    thats good enough for me!! ;] my mom, brother, crushs friends, my friends, and alot of other people think that he likes me. so i might go for it......... what if he says no i dont like you? what then?!

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Im gunna tel you, i asked my crush through my friend but he said no..yet he still shows all signs of liking me. if he says no he is prob scared but go for it! :D

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    il take a deep breath and go for it

    anonymous 5 years ago

    tell me how it go's

    Juustmee 5 years ago

    I really need help, so please share your opinions or what you think and i would love to get advice from you guys. (:

    I've been liking this guy for 5 months now. He is really shy and he is in my bestfriend's class. He never talks to girls and doesn't pay attention to them at all. My friends used to think that he is gay because he talks and smiles to other guys a lot.

    I never look at him straight in his eyes because i was scared that he might find out or something. I tried to look for him at lunch and recess. When i see him, he always walks and look down in any situations. Once i walked passed him and he looked up but looked back down straight away, i think he probaly is just checking to see who walk pass him?? And when we walk pass each other, he soemtimes looks down or look straight but his eyes aren't on me, at all.

    There was once when he walked passd me then latyer when i turned around i saw him smiling.

    When i lined up for class, his class was right next to mine and he was lining up too. I did not look straight but i think he was looking at me. When i am near him, he just look down and i see him looking at me soemtimes

    . I am not in any of his class and he doesn't know me either, i think.

    So i really need you rhelp and tlel me what to do because i think i relaly liek this guy...

    Thanks if you're reading this and please help.

    PS: we are really oposite to each other, he is relaly quite and shy. I am loud, confident and very talkitive too, but when i see him, i kinda get shy and stuff.. :/

    anyomus 5 years ago

    to juustmee. Look like i have said before to girls are you sure you "like" him? I mean 5 months is not THAT long..how much do you know about him? Before you think about a relationship i think you should work on talking to him and being his friend for a while first. Ive known my crush for 3 years and just in the past years we have started talking.

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    well im kinda a chicken and am scared so ill just wait and look for more signs and talk to him more

    Juustmee 5 years ago

    To anyomus, thanks and yeh i migth hav eto work on talking to him and stuff. (:

    Dntfeelsafesaying 5 years ago

    So im in the 10th grade, and ive liked this boy since the 6th grade!! And even though alot of these signs occur, im still not 100% sure of he likes me :(

    This guy is so confusing, one day he'll talk to me or hit me an walk off then the next he completely walks right past me straight up ignoring me for weeks!! Then say hi again!!

    He also says he likes my best friends, like every year he either ends up knowing the person im closest too or liking them! Also sometimes when i glance at him he's always looking at me but i look away. Anyway sure this all sounds like signs but there are exceptions first of all he's popular and idk if i am... I just know ALOT of ppl. 2nd im not that pretty and im a bit chubby but i hve a good personality. 3rd He flirts with alot if other girls but idk if thats for his reputation cuz i can tell he cares what other ppl think... But i dnt. 4th he isnt the shy type at all! At least not on the outside lol. Anway the problem 1 sec i'd assume he'd like me but the next i find something that completely contradicts the idea of him liking me! Im so srry this is so long, and bless ur heart if u actually read this but wat do i do???!?!?!

    We were vest friends when we were little then we grew apart slowly but we still acknowkedge each other, also keep in mind that im a very shy girl when it comes to romance:) also i just wanted to say that i LOVE this guy and I mean it... I dnt think anything will make me ever stop loving him.. And i know this because he isnt even cute, he's just a bit below average but i love his personality, also i think alot of guys are hott and rlly nice but ive never liked anyone like this! Ive even though of a situation of where i had to choose him or a celebertie (justin bieber XD) that i would marry and it was him!! I cant get him out of my mind at all and i would do (almost) anything for him, and unknowingly i smile while talking to him, and my heart litterally skips a beat when i see him or hear his name! To be honest I dnt care who he will be in my life i just want him to be in my life some how some way. He's the only thing I could never part with. I rlly honestly love him

    Anoymnus 5 years ago

    Wow lol. Ok so um like i have said before im only in the 7th grade but i get tons of advice so take mine or leave it. Well please dont feel alone because my crush keeps me confused with mixed emotions 2! After 3 years liking him i still dont understand. Im just happy to hear you have liked him more than 3 weeks like most these girls. ANYWAY, uh well i think you have done all what u can do already. And dont be conserned about "chubbness" or being pretty because i believe every girl is beautiful in there own way. ;) I would pay more attetion to his body laungue like...look for staring and stuff more. Um has he had a Gf latley? Talked about wanting one?

    Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    k so nick the guy i like totally avoids me but doesnt do that to other girls! he talks to other girls too but when im around his face gets kinda red and he wont talk unless i say something first! oh and when ever people say my name in frount of him his face will get red and he will act weird. do u think he likes me? and if he does WHY WONT HE TALK TO ME!!

    Dntfeelsafesaying 5 years ago


    Well..yeah i was on a 3way phone call over summer with him and he kept saying he wanted a girlfriend and then mu friend was like aye.. She wanna go with you (she was teasing me cuz she know i like him..) and i say pshhh wateva u know you want that ( i played it off and teased her bak) so he has taljed abt wanting one but i cnt remember the lastvtime he had 1. Idk if he even has one now cuz i seen him talking to this girl (frequently) but im not 100% sure. Also thanks ill do my best to look for that more:)

    anonymous 5 years ago

    : dntfeelsafesaying

    Well i think you should fine out if he has a GF or not then come ask. :)

    kaitlyn 5 years ago

    can someone plz anwser my question

    Emily 5 years ago

    k so i read ALL the comments on here and i notices that i kinda have the same probs that other people do. so i like this guy and he is REALLY shy but very nice. ther prob is that he wont talk to me. he will talk to every single other person but me! when people ask him if he likes me he looks torard the ground and either says nothing or say no but his face gets redder than his hair! do u think he likes me?

    Anonymous 5 years ago

    well if he gets red faced by that question there us a great posobilty. But once again how long have you known him? Does he talk about a girlfriend or had one before?

    Emily 5 years ago

    i have know him since i was born. and his face always gets red around me. and hes never had a gf before

    Anonymous 5 years ago

    Have you been close friends? And idk he might not be able 2 have a gf?

    Emily 5 years ago

    he can have a gf but hes to shy. we have never been close friends but our parents grew up together so they r really good friends.

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