A Best Friend's Secret

Looking at you means a lot of closeness

‘have bond that friendship is always the horizon of heaven

The angel’s smile that was tattooed on my mind

I can almost hear every breath you take, feel every beat of your heart

It’s a damn afternoon since the eclipse darken the day

Where everything has came to its end and a start of something different

The moon and the sun collide and two links have to separate

But goin’ back to the old days, where everything was as clear as the blue sky

The laughter that fled the area of companionship

The endless stories, stories that seems to fly a million times

The shaggy dog story that malice itself set aside

The tears that shed in a gloomy road

The sweet concerns that glance even if it’s almost obscure

The silent stuff we carve up, knowing not if it’s black or white

After the eclipse, an immense realization blog my mind

I thought friends are just friends and no other feelings, JUST FRIENDS

That time was a strange feeling, emptiness

And I never told anyone about this funny, stupid nor can I say, damn sentiment for her

Just this time, to anonymous


In a rainy afternoon,

Everything turned 179 degrees

As the clock runs as fast as we chase it and as slow as we kill it

It always appear to be unusual, well it fact, it has to be real

Just a single detachment of thread in the old days

And everything will be fine

I forgot to disclose my crush on her, a friend of mine

I never had the courage to spill it out

Maybe I’m too afraid of rejection, or maybe unfavorable reaction,

Or to see her looking so funny and that will slap into my face.

I really don’t know.

I can feel the hardness of “WHAT IF” and the bitterness of regrets.

But I guess it’s never obvious, never been obvious or will never be obvious

A good dramatic actor lies on me.

Just Obvious in this crap


But one thing will never change,

The thing that I’m wishing for everyday

Her happiness

And I’m pretty sure

She’s happy right now, having a circle tied around her finger.

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brewskitimeguy profile image

brewskitimeguy 4 years ago from Maine

absolutely beautifully written..your sentiments come through like the bright sunshine of the morning. thank you for sharing

niceandcool profile image

niceandcool 4 years ago from Philippines Author

brewskitimeguy... thanks for reading and you are always welcome...

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