A Lover's Guide to bliss! 5 essential skills!

A Lover's Guide to bliss! 5 essential skills!


Its one of the most important life skills I know of.
It is important in every sphere of life and love is no different.

the ability, the desire and the willingness to listen is a key differentiators, between ordinary lovers and the ones whose memories haunt you forever.

- Appreciate

if you can appreciate every small act your lover may do for you, it would be amazing.
make it genuine though. false appreciation is worse than no appreciation.

the toast may have burnt but they tried.
the drive wasn't perfect, but its was wonderful.

- remember

the first kiss, the first date, the first fight? why not.
remember the small small things that make knowing someone, loving someone special.

- be loyal

if you love someone this should come naturally.
but if you are someone who finds this hard to manage, try harder.
for love to blossom, you have to give it all to a single bud.

- be sincere

in compliments and in reproach.
in fun and in all seriousness
sincerity of thought, married to your actions will endear you to your love one.

you are blesses to be loved, now, just become thankful and thankfully better at it!

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