A Recipe for a Happy, Loving and Peaceful Home

Handed down from generations

1 Whole Bunch  of Communication

1 Whole Bunch of Honesty

1 Whole Bunch of Compromise

1/2 Heap Shared  Interests

1/2 Heap Shared Chores

1 Whole Bunch of Patience

   Whenever together, always mix honesty, patience, communication and tolerance.  Set aside, and let flavors mix slowly until all ingrediants begin to work with each other.  Let cool until a problem surfaces.

   Separately, mix common interests, and shared chores.

   Always have a batch of this in your refridgerator to have at anytime, or whenever you have a taste for it.

   Top this with your favorite sweet, and serve with a special suprise.  Always eat this dish together.

   Can and should be stored to be used anytime, for it remains good on the shelf or freezer for 40-50 years.


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