A Spoiled 23 Year Old Boy is Starved to Death at Home


It is a joke to learn that a normal 23 year old boy was starved to death at home.
A villager who helped the boy said, " he is such a grown up that if you feed him, he would even ask you to put the food in his month."
Seeking the root, we know that spoiled love of his parents turned the boy into "the laziest man ever" and finally drove him to a death road.
The movie called "guilty love" was started shooting in the hometown of this boy, based on the true story.
Yesterday, Chen han zhang, who played as the boy said "I don't fear fatigues, I will make him alive in the movie."
8 months ago, the protagonist, who named Yang suo was starved to death 4 kilometers away from the movie shooting scene. Now movie shooting began here to warn people of the story and make Yang suo "alive".

Weird News: Yang suo was Starved to Death

The cousin of Yang suo said: "i've never seen such a lazy man." pointing at a collapsed house where Yang suo previously lived in, " he is the smartest, the most handsome and also the laziest in my cousins." " In december, 2000, it had been snowing for a few days, I thought he hadn't had any food for some time and when I was taking him the cover, his body was rigid and he was dead." Villagers talked over his death, " the boy was spoiled by his parents, so far he can't do anything." "never seen such a man, who would rather starving to death than going to work."

"When he was 8, his parents carried him on a pole, he didn't work." Yang yu de, his cousin said.
" Yang suo was a clever boy, but didn't want to learn and did the work neither. If I go strict with him, he would tell his parents who will go to school next day."
" sometimes he did some work, but his parents on seeing that, would tell him to stay aside."
At 13, his father died of liver disease. His mother continued to spoil him and let him do nothing. Later his mother's heath deteriorated and have to let him do the work, but he wouldn't and beat his mother if displeased.

Yang suo was idling everyday, but his mother did all of the work and as a result, she was ill with fatigue. At 18, his mother also passed away because of disease.

He Never Washed Any Clothes

After death, Yang suo went to live with his cousin, Yang de yu. Yang de yu worked in a construction team in the county, and told Yang suo to go with him. "he said it was too hot and wanted to do nothing. Returned home himself."
" he was introduced to work in a small restaurant as a waiter, but he wouldn't do anything and even was taken care of by others." 65 year old Yang de an said.
After the death of his mother, he sold everything at home and had to beg from families of the villages. " he never washed clothes, he would change a new one if it got dirty. The meat and dishes given by the villages were always hanged from the eave, he never bothered to cook it." "he slept for a day or two after filling his stomach, continue to beg if he starved."
When it was cold, he was even reluctant to go outside and dig to cover his shit after defecating. He burn all of the combustible belongings to stay warm, even his bed.

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valeriebelew profile image

valeriebelew 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

Strange story. Hard to believe someone could be that lazy. I wonder if this guy had mental problems. He sounds mentally ill. (:v

cyberwriter profile image

cyberwriter 6 years ago from Beijing,China Author

No, I think spoiled love of his parents is the main reason why he is so lazy.

dawnM profile image

dawnM 6 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

yes sounds like mental problems to me to Valerie, not normal behavior at all, something is missing from this boys life...not sure what ,but never the less interesting read.

Sonia 6 years ago

ofcourse he was mentally ill..some people are soo ignorant

Lala 6 years ago

Sounds just like my lazy brother.

zzzzz 5 years ago

lolol you are so easy to call people mental :) No, he wasn't mental, he was human. That's how behaviorism works.

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