A powerful seduction technique

How to make a girl feel like you have a strong connection

Unless I clearly state otherwise, every seduction technique I am going to explain on these hubs is original content, unlike virtually all other information on picking up women on the web which comes from the same half-a-dozen books and webpages. Reading these articles will give your game a significant edge very few other people have.

The first method I'd like to explain is one of the strongest, though it cannot be used in all situations. You must have already approached the girl and spoken to her for at least a few minutes, ie you must have some kind of rapport going. An expert PUA might be able to use it as an opening gambit but it is not recommended.

The principle behind the technique is that human beings are much more motivated by fear of loss than fear of gain. As an example, it is well known that when a couple seeking to adopt they held a child in their arms it was impossible to give that child up whatever their original plans were. The bonding experience and the subsequent fear of loss had a very strong psychological effect.

After having established rapport with a girl ask her if she wants to play a game. Generally speaking she will say yes, in fact game-playing is a crucial part of the seduction process. Then tell her to close her eyes and imagine a brilliant white light in her hands. Tell her to imagine it is your soul. Ask her how it feels in her hands, does it feel warm, pure or electric (perhaps it tingles her hands like a starfish, be evocative with the imagery you use).

After a while take back the light from her hands (this helps create the illusion in her mind that it was actually physically there in the first place). Now tell her you were testing her to see if there was trust between you, and reading her reactions.

The real goal, of course, was to get her imagining the two of you connected together in a spiritual and emotional way. Having done so, it makes it much harder for her to imagine walking away for you. In addition by getting her to imagine pleasurable situations (this is a hypnotic technique) you will often arouse her. Finally, by telling her you were testing her for trust you establish yourself as a high-quality male who requires more than just beauty in a woman in order to be with her.

Naturally this technique works best with more artistic, open-minded and creative women and is much more appropriate for day-time scenarios, though it is also very effective in night-time scenarios where there are not too many distractions.

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