Abuse: Words are damaging

Growing up you have may heard the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me." That saying is not always true.

Some people think that words are just words. Any name calling or yelling is a sign of abuse. Making fun of someone because of a reason is also another form of abuse. You are damaging ones persons self-esteem.

The more someone is a victim of a bully or dating someone who is abusing them, the worse it gets. Sometimes those words can end up becomming physical abuse. Something that can be a joke can end up in a drastic matter.

With technology now there is such a thing as cyberbullying. The cyber bullies think it's fun make calling and hurting someone. It may be fun to them but they do not know what they are doing to the other person.

Even if you escape or get out of being verbally abused the wounds can last a lifetime. You could go through years with being scared of being abused or that people are out to hurt you. You could have a low self-esteem. With a past of abuse that low self-esteem is hard to get back. With the right help one could

If you are being the victim of someone who is verbally abusing you put a stop to it. Tell someone and try to have strength in numbers. It may be hard but it is better to take care of it now then to be in a worse situation at the end.

Have you ever verbally abused someone before?

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Were you ever verbally abused before?

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How did you deal with it?

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Is Cyber Bullying increasing or decreasing?

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