Advantages Of Staying In And Cuddling Vs. Going Out And Partying, A Woman's View

This has been one of those days. It was a long day at work. I really enjoy what I do (I'm a teacher) but there are times when I come home and just feel exhausted. I came home earlier today with this throbbing headache that I haven't been able to shake. The thought of going out and doing something - anything - social tonight ranks right up there with being tied to a chair while someone shaves my eyebrows off. I just want to curl up in bed and relax.

I'm not a party animal. Sure, I like to get out and get wild every once in a while, but more often than not, I'd rather stay home and cuddle with the dog. Or my husband.


Everybody needs a little alone time.

When I've had a bad day, I'd rather not complain and obsess over it. I don't really like to hear other people's complaints, and I honestly don't like to drag people down with the details of what's bothering me on a day to day basis. So I'd rather stay home and cozy up - take a bubble bath to relax, maybe curl up in bed with a book (and my dog!) or find a movie on pay-per-view that I've been wanting to watch... one that I know my husband wouldn't want to watch with me, anyway. These kinds of things help me unwind and eventually, whatever's bothering me works its way out on its own - without me having to vent or make someone suffer and deal with my crabby mood. Nobody wants you to go out if you're not in the mood to go out. Who wants to deal with your sourpuss sitting in a corner, bitching and complaining about what's bothering you, when you're supposed to be out enjoying yourself?

Quality, not quantity...

My husband and I have pretty hectic schedules. During the week, we both work, and he's got poker/bowling/softball. I spend a lot of nights reading, grading papers, going to dance classes, and attempting to write. There are days when it doesn't seem like we spend a whole lot of time together, but this doesn't really seem to bother us like it might some couples. We both have things that we enjoy doing and are important to us, and we do them. On the weekends, we usually spend a lot of time with our friends - cookouts, sporting events, dinners, going out, etc. So while we might be spending time together, we don't always have a lot of one-on-one time.

That's why it's so nice to take advantage of a night where we're both home and spend some "just the two of us" time together. We can kind of shut ourselves in for a few hours, attempt to ignore our packed schedules, and make up for that "lost time" that we've been missing out on.

Our "quality time" together is especially nice because it doesn't happen all the time - so we are really able to savor each other's company. A lot of times, we will plan a nice dinner that we {attempt to} cook together. Then we might find a movie or something on TV to watch, and just snuggle on the couch. Sometimes we make popcorn, or we make ice cream sundaes. It doesn't sound particularly thrilling or exciting, but we really like being able to just relax and be lazy together for awhile with no other demands or distractions. We don't have to go out or do much together to appreciate the time we spend together. I think that's what makes our relationship work.

The Science Behind The Snuggle...

Cuddling and snuggling can be beneficial for the body and mind. Check the link to the right for details on a study that shows that cuddling and snuggling can reduce blood pressure and increase oxytocin (a stress-relieving chemical) in the body.

There's always the dog.

If I'm home by myself, the dog seems to be suction-cupped to my side. I love it. I might be home alone, or in bed all by myself, but I have this little ball of heat and fur tucked up against me. He seems to love playing with my husband, and snoozing with me. That's just fine with me. Like I said, there are a lot of nights where I'd rather stay home and cuddle with the dog anyway.

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Mr Love Doctor profile image

Mr Love Doctor 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

Good stuff. You sound like a no-nonsense, low drama woman. Your hubby is lucky to have you.

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