Ah! Salman Taseer

Ah! Salman Taseer

What a tragedy, a sane voice was silenced by the brute bullet of the base in men; the hateful ignorant, the breaker of the laws of God. And how belligerent and the sinner of the Ashab-e Nar category Mumtaz Qadri is, and yet he is smartening as saviour of the faith. If this man is not publicly hanged, then Pakistan is a lawless and a failed state. He has heard Asia Bibi, the accused of blasphemy say on the TV; ‘how could she say a word of unbecoming nature for the Prophet SAWW, he is my Prophet,’ yet he is calling her Gustakh-e Rasool - disrespecting the Prophet and finding excuse to say he had to kill the supporter of the Gustakh-e Rasool.

What disgrace this man in his features of a swine has brought to the name of the Muslims: He breaks the contract of his duty of guard and betrays the confidence reposed in elite force and murders an undefended human who stood for truth with his only defense the sword of sublimity in hand vying demolish hypocrisy. And this sinner after his spray of bullets creates so many sinners who rush with the petals of rose in their hands for him; what travesty of Islamic law and what easy prey of disdain Islam has become in the hands of these novices of Islam.

Anyone a Muslim and he has not been heard to have praised the enemies of the infallible Imams of the House of the Prophet SAWW and held allegiance to them, if killed violently and accidently is a Shaheed. Salman Taseer is a Shaheed. Let not the Islamists forget that.

And the culture of Islam is that people are not abandoned in death and they are given a decent shouldering of the Janaza. And the Momin says in the Namaz-e Janaza he only knows of the good of the dead. And this is imperative on the Muslims to speak only of good of their dead, not of the murderer addressed at the TV channel with respectful pronouns of Urdu.

It is imperative on the Muslim to ignore anything untoward of the dead, but two guards were heard, one congratulating the other and the other praising the valour of the murderer and the murderer prepared and prompted by the fiery talk of the people like Mufti Munibur Rahman chairman Roet-e Hilal Committee, and Mufti Mohammad Naeem, Mohtamim Jama-ay Banoria Site. All of them are directly or indirectly responsible in this murder, and they ought to be taken in custody.

Two things the nation must do if it has any flare for justice; they should raise campaign to have these men arrested and tried and second bestow the title of Shaheed on Salman Taseer since he stood against injustice. And let it not be a faceless media, but a media with character.

And the state must demolish myths and fallacies. The waywardness of the mob carrying placards and banners, eulogising a murderer must be ripped with the spiky boots of the army. The state must not shirk in its responsibility whether it meets its own Karbala. It will carry the pride of having pursued righteousness.

And the army must not be an onlooker but a moral backer of the government, ensuring the orderliness of behaviour is infused in the mob. The army is raised for not only Jihad Fi Sabilallh on the battle front to face tanks and guns but also for the battle fronts confronting the display of immoral behaviour as well. If this sinisterism is not stopped, these with barbarism of 27 bullets from close range where one would have done will consume the nation.

And what duality in the character of the Muslim they show; the Muslim who said to the Prophet SAWW, ‘he is talking Hizyan – gone delirious’; he is adored and admired and the one who called an indiscreet, excessive and liberal blasphemy law warranting XYZ - anyone to blame anyone - a black law, he is fired at with 27 bullets in his chest and none raise a fig of a sigh for justice. The murder of Marhoom Salman Taseer has thrown the entire range of the Muslims, Shias and the Sunnis in turmoil, biting their nails in shame with their varying views on the anti blasphemy law latitudes, save the black hearted lukewarm Muslims who justify the murder and are celebrating it. And the Shias must catch the fallacious, extremist Sunnis on this occasion by the throat and bleed them of their foul blood and be righting them.

When Ibn Muljim, on the 19th of Ramazan, 40 AH, struck at Hazrat Ali Als, he also like Mumtaz Qadri posed as a Muslim. Hazrat Ali Als said of his sentence; ‘He has struck me one strike, he should also be struck once only in sentence if I die.' The tyrant Qadri has hit Salman Taseer with 27 bullets; he should also be hit with a bevy of fire of 27 bullets. There was no court trial needed, since the aggressor was caught and he confessed and there were witnesses and evidences in place. No judiciary is involved in this case of Mumtaz Qadri and it is mockery of justice, if the judge gives long dates between hearings. In this case the President of the country should be the judge and pass the unflinching judgement of firm sentence. Hazrat Ali Als when struck by the assassin had said; Fazt Bay RabbilKaaba – By the Lord of Kaaba I have succeeded. Let the people of Pakistan say we have succeeded after doing justice with the murderer by punishing him by his own measures.

And as to the Shias; they cannot remain seated in the cosy enclave of the Moharram mourning. They have to come out and partake in the blasphemy discussion hitting the nation and assert their views. And Shaheed Governor Salman Taseer was a greater Shia of Ali for laying his life in pursuance of justice than eye sees.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)



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Muhammad Fasial 5 years ago

Sorry to say this but Sir there is no one before Allah and Prophet S.A.W.W if there is any truth then Government of Pakistan should reveal that and Every Religion of the world follow the blasphemy Law and May I ask you please that our Sister Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is almost killed in American jails then where are you and your whole Muslim Pakistani's to release her but for fame We Support Lady like Asia bibi because Europe and America is with her and Shaheed means alot please don't put that word before every killed person..


Sajid Hussain 5 years ago

Its shame you are portraying shias as non lover of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

To Sajid Hussain, You have not understood, what is written in the article. Shias are lovers of Prophet SAWW, only it is being said they cannot sit on the fence and must come forward and support Governor Salman Taseer in righting the blasphemy law and save chaos in Pakistan.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Dear Muhammad Faisal,

Anyone who dies for God is a Shaheed. Anyone disrespectful to the Prophet SAWW had to be tried under the blasphemy law. But it does not mean anyone innocent and implicated and he be tried for it. Asia Bibi’s case seems to be a similar case; she was punished on the strength of the witnesses. I have followed the case on the Pkpolitics sites. Governor Salamn Taseer wanted an amendment in the law. Rana Sanaullah, the law minister of Punjab said the same thing on the TV. He lives and Governor Taseer was killed. He died in God’s cause and he is Shaheed – met a higher form of death and we are recognising so.

I stand for Dr Afia’s rights as a Pakistani.

Kind regards

Sayed Athar Husain

Khalid Masood Butt 5 years ago

See my blog http://blogderah.blogspot.com/ to find out the questions I have asked Abbas Ather of the Daily Express.

davidseeger profile image

davidseeger 5 years ago from Bethany, OK

As a non-Muslim, it is difficult for many to fully understand many of the references here. However, I understand that the author of this hub is condeming the murder that took place. I am pleased to read this general condemnation of a murder, but regret to see that some find any justification for the faithless murder of one who unfortunately put his confidence in his murderer. The murder is the more horrendous due to that faith be putting into someone so faithless that he could murder someone whom he had pledge to progect with his own life. This is a sin against the most basic laws of civilization what ever the religion.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

What you are saying is about deredation of faith (an absolute content of truth is faith)to the extent that it is anti-faith and the deformed faith holder thinks it is superior faith. In Pakistan those who infested the minds to kill the innocent, including the governor Salman Taseer are today freely expressing opinion that the murder was justified because of the blasphemous talk of the governor according to their standard, although the talk was right according to the humanitarian issue. This is a catastrophy we have to live with, since the majority population in Pakistan thinks in anti to what the governor thought and because state power is weak, and nothing can be done.

Thank you Davidseegar for taking interest in these issues. The issue is more related with breakdown of self discipline, making people sinner and killer.

Asahab-e Nar: this word is from Quran. It means the people of hell.

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