Alone In The Dark - A Sad Poem


Lays in bed, eyes wide open, heart full of love.

Need him, want him.

Smiles, rolls over, arm reaching.

Hand smooths over cold sheets.

Eyes open, no ones there.

Smile fades.

Rolls over, eyes open wide, stares blankly.

Need him, want him.


Reaches out, hand grasping, brown polyester fur.

Moose with empty eyes, stares back the same cold glance.

Clutches tight, in warm embrace. Moose stares blankly away.


A poor substitute.

Like cherry kool aid for a blood transfusion, I guess you’ll do.

Eyes shut, breath slows.

Hoping to see him grace her dreams.

Fingers cross.

He enters her dreams almost as oft as he lies on the cold, empty bedside.

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