An Enjoyable Evening With Your Date

Many dates traditionally follow the "dinner and a movie" formula. This makes for a nice date, but it isn't very original. Here are a few ideas for fun and romantic dates:

1. Homemade Dinner- This can make for a very romantic date. Homemade food topped with candles and romance music may be somewhat cliche or cheesy, but it offers a sencirety and willingness to actively please one's date that cannot be expressed as well with a resturant dinner.

2. Dance Club- This is another cliche type date, but it offers a good time.

3. Mini Golf/Amusement Park- This is a rather fun date activity. You can also score extra brownie points by letting your date win.

4. Ice Skating/Roller Skating- For those who love to skate, this offers a fun and unique date experience.

These are just a few of the many possible ways to have a fun or romantic date.

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