Are You Secretly in Love?

Are You Secretly in Love?



                                                            -           by Jenn

My Dearest Love-
I never ever want to keep secrets from you.
But this is one secret I cannot share.
I love you with all my heart,
And never want to do anything to hurt you.
But if I told you this one little thing,
I am not sure how you would take it.
I love you so much and I am not willing to take the chance on opening my mouth,
And scaring you away,
Never in my life have I ever felt this way.
You are my one and only.
You are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.
You are the one I want to marry,
To fall asleep in your arms-
To wake up to in the morning.
But how do I tell you all this,
Not knowing how you would react.
You are my Dearest Love-
I never ever want to keep secrets from you,
But I know that this is one secret that I cannot share with you-
At least for now.

Have you ever been secretly in love with someone and are afraid to tell? You spend every waking hours thinking and fantasizing about him or her and even in your dreams that person shows up. When you are with that person, you do not want the time to end, and when it does, you watch him or her walk away, and perhaps you whisper softly “I love you.”

Sounds familiar?

What should you do if this happens  to you? Do you confront the person and let your feelings be known? Or, do you keep it to yourself and suffer the pain and longing? If you choose to let the person know, think long and hard before you make your feelings known. Be certain that it is not a  crush. Is the person  single?  You would not want to ruin a relationship now, would you? If the person is available, then  be honest and  straight-forward. Be brave and ask the person if he or she wants  to go out with you on a date, somewhere private. Maybe you could start  by telling  how much you admire him or her and that you have developed deep feelings. Follow these positive statements with expressing your love in whatever way you feel best. For example: "I feel I've come to love you," "I realize I love you," "I feel so much love for you," "I've fallen in love with you," or simply, "I love you." Then ask  if the feeling is mutual. Give the person time to respond, and listen to what he or she has to say.

Be prepared  mentally and emotionally for a “no”. If you are hoping for an "I love you" in return, what if the feeling is not mutual, can you handle it?

Decide if you are ready to bare your heart and be that vulnerable. If you think that you are, then go for it if you feel ready to take the risk. Love is risky.

 Do you tell, or do you keep it to yourself? The choice is yours.

Secret Love

                                    Once I had a secret love
                                    That lived within the heart of me
                                    All too soon my secret love
                                    Became impatient to be free

                                    So I told a friendly star
                                    The way that dreamers often do
                                    Just how wonderful you are
                                    And why I am so in love with you

                                    Now I shout it from the highest hills
                                    Even told the golden daffodils

                                    At last my heart's an open door
                                    And my secret love's no secret anymore

                                                            - Doris Day

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Comments 17 comments

Janet 6 years ago

I do not think it wise to reveal your feelings too early.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 6 years ago Author

Thank you for your response Janet. I do agree with you and that is why I said that one should think long and hard before revelation. Thank you for visiting my hub!

Cheryl 5 years ago

I think you should take it slow, give yourself enough time to know more about the person's background etc.

FEMI 5 years ago

umm quite interesting

Deidra 5 years ago

an eye opener!!! I share ur sentiment

V Kumar profile image

V Kumar 5 years ago

Very interesting. Love is an eternal intrigue - sometimes you get the feeling that somewhere along our technological and economic rise, it seems to have been lost. And then, suddenly it will reappear, almost out of nowhere..... Whether it is a crush ? or an infatuation ? or just harmones and basic instincts ? or have you found a true soulmate ?

I guess, a life may be too short to understand all this ... fascinating though !!

Nice article, thanks.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thank you for your comment and visit V Kumar. I do agree with you, love is an eternal intrigue. I will be following you.

HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

Very beautiful!

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thanks for your visit HattiMattieMae. Will be following you.

Treasuresofheaven profile image

Treasuresofheaven 5 years ago from Michigan

Hi Dr. Ope, I like this hub. Your instruction is profound. You wrote with strength, yet kept it light. I'll follow you. I also like the poem at the end by Doris Day.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Treasuresotheaven, thank you for your comments and for following me. I will follow you too. Looking forward to reading your hubs.

Brinafr3sh profile image

Brinafr3sh 5 years ago from West Coast, United States

Hi Dr.Ope, thanks for this hub. Love wins over all things, only if the feelings are mutual.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thank you Brunafre3sh. I do agree with you. Thanks for your visit and all the best

paulynice roldens profile image

paulynice roldens 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida

Dr. Ope you are a tremendous writer...Thank you for sharing this hub. That happens to me more than two times...

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thank you again. I have not written for a while, but with all your kind praises, I feel like getting back to my computer right away! Most of us have experienced secret love at some point in our lives. I strongly believe in telling the person though it may not turn out favorably. I owe you a visit. All the best and thanks for stopping by- again!

Juliet Christie profile image

Juliet Christie 4 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

Hi Dr. hope Your hubs are so great . I like the poems you have chosen too. Keep writing to heal many broken or would be broken hearts. God Bless.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 4 years ago Author

Hi Juliet Christie. Thank you for visiting my hub.I am happy that you enjoyed reading my hubs. My purpose in life is to heal persons and so this is one way of doing so. I will be visiting your hubs. All the best to you!

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