Areas that Require Adjustments in Marriage

Areas that Require Adjustments in Marriage

The early period of marriage requires or needs a lot of adjustment between the couple. Today, marital adjustment is more complex than it has been in the past. It is more difficult to react on internal and external stress in interpersonal relationship. To make married life lasting consider the following areas that require adjustments:

1. Sex - sexual expectations should be laid down to prevent incompatibility

2. Pattern of authority - when raising the children, each couple plays his/her role

3. Working mother - when both are employed, designate man's from woman's work or share household chores

4. Financial problems - priorities and proper budgeting to avoid trouble

5. In-laws and extended family - loyalty to each other all the time in case of family


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MickS profile image

MickS 6 years ago from March, Cambridgeshire, England

Sorry, this is very poor, you haven't said anything of any substance, it is just a series of assertions (which may well be true) with no evidence or argument to support them.

A scholarly subject needs a scholarly approach, this wouldn't see the light of day in a print magazine.

alonica 5 years ago

Oh...this article is same as what in my book said. Really same just like a copy paste.

ernie 4 years ago

give me some specific example

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