Asian Men Are Hot

Jeremy Lin Is Not The Only Good-Looking Guy of Asian Descent

I've been checking out cute Asian guys for quite some time now. Actually, my thing is checking out good-looking guys - period. The view is great and quite enjoyable.

Jeremy Lin's current popularity has raised some issues about stereotypes and Asian men - they're short, nerdy, unsexy, and unattractive. Where did these stereotypes come from? After all, considering the number of Asian peoples in the world, *somebody* must be finding Asian men attractive, 51% of over 6 billion people can't be wrong. For anyone who's been living under a rock for the past month, Jeremy Lin is the hot, new basketball player for the New York Knicks. He's tall, good-looking, articulate, funny, good-humored, and well-educated (Harvard). He's also a darn good basketball player. Unfortunately, Lin's current success has brought out the usual stupid remarks steeped in stereotypes about Asians and Asian men. I won't repeat any of them here because they're not worth repeating.

Recently, I've taken to drooling over actor Tim Kang on the television show, ey're"The Mentalist". Good-looking, employed, and a Harvard graduate. Who could pass that up? But why doesn't he ever smile?

Check out actor Russell Wong. This guy is 6'0" tall and good-looking as all get out. Check him out in the movie, "The Joy Luck Club". Yeah, he plays an SOB, but he plays a gorgeous SOB. He can come over to my place and mistreat me any time he wants. Uh, and ladies, watch what he does to a slice a watermelon. Oh boy!

Jackie Chan is as cute as a button and who can argue that he doesn't have the right moves?

Byung-hun Lee's (aka Brian) upcoming movie is "GI Joe: Retaliation". This 5' 10" handsome cutie also appeared in 2009's "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra".

Donnie Yen plays tough guys in mostly Asian films. And he is a bad-___, having started learning martial arts at the tender age of four.

Ken Watabee is 6' 3/4" (okay Ken what's with the listing of an extra 3/4 inch on your IMDB page? Men. Always have to add that extra inch!) of hunka-hunka man.

I was introduced to the beautiful Bin Wong when he played the handsome but simple-minded son of one tough mother in the Korean Film, "Mother" (aka "Madeo"). Check it out. Besides the eye candy of Wong, it's a great film.

Rain (nee Jeong Ji-Hoon) is a dancer with the nickname "Puppy" and with those dreamy, innocent puppy eyes I can see why. Hey girls, he collects shoes for a hobby. A cute guy with a taste for shoes. What girl can resist a date where shoe shopping plays a part?

John Cho plays slacker, Harold, in the "Harold & Kumar" movies, but he's also played a sensitive guy in the sleeper hit "American Beauty. Beauty *and* a sense of humor.

Takeshi Kaneshiro is half Chinese, half Japanese. He has smoldering eyes and plays smoldering characters.

Hiroyuki Sanada does Shakespeare and movies. Dad died when he was eleven. I bet he needs some tender loving care.

These are just a few excellent example of good-looking accomplished Asian men. They are at least 49% of the six billion plus Asians around the world - you do the math.

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feenix profile image

feenix 4 years ago

Hello, Paulie,

This is a real cool and hip hub.

One of the reasons why I find this article to be very interesting is I am a native of Southern California, which probably has the largest concentration of Americans of Asian descent in the U.S.

And not only are Asian men hot, Asian women are hot.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 4 years ago Author

I'm a native of northern California. Beautiful state. Beautiful people. And great food, too.

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