Assuming all of your essential needs are met (food, water, shelter, clothing) what non-essentials would you still...

I have to have the ocean! Florida! Rah!

Ten Things I Must Have

 1.  Friends and family - guess that's a given, but couldn't live without them, even though they drive me crazy sometimes.

2. Pets and animals.  I guess they are almost up there with friends and family.

3. Photos -  all those memories would be hard to live without!

4.   My computer - I spent a lot of time alone and would be lost without my computer - how would i write for HUB?!

5. Art supplies - I'm a painter and cannot imagine a world without my art supplies!

6. My camera - it's one of my 'bets friends' and I love to take photos and have the memories to look back on.

7.  Garden - one of my great joys can comforts is gardening.  I have to have plants!

8.  Chocolate - I know it's not a necessity, but it sure helps me feel better and I love it so!

9.  My kitchen gadgets.  This may sound lame, but I love to cook and my food processor, blender, mixer, bread machine and other kitchen gadgets make life more fun and cooking so enjoyable!

10.  The ocean.  I love the ocean, especially the gulf-coast of Florida  I don't get to spend much time there - but when I do I'm in heaven!

Stuff I Must Have!

Cuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick Plus Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender
Cuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick Plus Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

// favorite kitchen toy - I make my own salad dressings, smoothies and cream soups in seconds!

Emeril by T-fal OW5005001 3-Pound Automatic Bread Machine - Baguette and Br
Emeril by T-fal OW5005001 3-Pound Automatic Bread Machine - Baguette and Br

// little beauty has paid for itself in no time. It's very strong so I can make glueten-free bread, cakes and even my own jam with it! Small space saving too!


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