Astrology Secrets about Scorpio Men | What Gifts to Buy Your Scorpio Man

Astrological Advice on What to Buy Scorpio Men

Are you stuck, wondering what to buy your Scorpio Man for Christmas or for his birthday (Scorpio: 24th October - 22nd November) or any other occasion? Consult this guide for some new ideas and to be sure you buy him something he wants! PLUS tell us about what you have already bought for the Scorpio man in your life. Also includes what not to buy a Scorpio man under any circumstances!

Gifts Scorpio Men Always Appreciate

Secretive Scorpios enjoy mysteries and investigations. If your Scorpio man doesn't own any high-powered binoculars or listening and spying devices he'll treasure you for equipping him with these. Each time he puts his eyes to the binoculars lenses he'll be thanking you inside - so most days. Buy his books about spies, mysteries, ghost stories, historical events and phenomenon such as UFOs. Buy a murder mystery weekend a la Agatha Christie at a quaint English hotel. Like their opposite sign Taurus, Scorpios like pampering but rather than mud they like massage with oils.

Expensive Gift Ideas for Scorpio Men

They like sports cars. They would like ponds with waterfalls in their gardens. These must not be ornamental but rather naturalistic.

What Not to Buy Scorpio Men

Family saloons, ornamental water features for gardens.

What Gifts Have You Bought for Scorpio Men?

Please tell us about successful and unsuccessful gifts you have bought for Scorpio men in the past. What did they love and what did they hate? Add you gift ideas for Scorpio men in the comments section below.

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s. 7 years ago

I'm still searching for the perfect gift for him though.

Ruby 5 years ago

I bought my bf a pebbled chocolate Coach wallet. HE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India

Perfectly said. I would always treasure a book on mysteries, ghosts, UFO and that sort. And of course, if the girls dad is rich, I would't mind a Sports car either :)

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