Astrology Secrets - How to Attract Aries Men!

How to Attract Aries Men

This quickly assesses which physical, mental or other female attributes attract Aries men. It also gives suggestions about how to make you more attractive to them.

What Attracts Aries Men?

Aries men are attracted by independent, extroverted women. They usually go for athletic women and can hanker after assertive women.

How to Attract Aries Men:

If you haven’t got your own company or high powered position within a company perhaps you should consider a career change. Another idea is to pretend you run a PR company on the side. To do this have some fake business cards printed up. Make use of your mobile phone and take calls from people who need a good telling off – humiliate a pretend caller in front of him – then give him one of your cards and tell him he “must get in touch – I need to attend to your PR”. Carried out well this will have him calling you within 24 hours.

If you can’t be bothered to go to the extent described above ask yourself: is he worth it?

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