How to Attract Sagittarius Men | Secret Astrology Tips about Sag Men

How to Attract Sagittarian Men

This article quickly assesses which physical, mental or other female attributes attract Sagittarius men. It also gives suggestions about how to make you more attractive to them.

Sagittarius: 23rd November - 21st December:

What Attracts Sagittarius Men?

The Sagittarian bloke is attracted to the happy-go-lucky women. Women who enjoy easy platonic relationships with men. He is not only looking for a beautiful partner but his new best friend too. He is attracted by straightforward approaches, punctuality and reliability. He looks for a woman who can play and debate and he's a sucker for a good smile.

How to Attract Sagittarius Men:

There's a party in the future and you know your Sagittarian man will be there. How do you maximise the likelihood that you'll pull him? Get your teeth fixed up so you can smile, smile, smile at the party! Gargle with mouthwash and talk, talk, talk. Remind people so they won't be late - in front of him. Skip around, la-de-dar, but stop from time to time to chat. Finally ask him if he wants to come back to your place - dead pan as if you're asking him any old question. I know you risk rejection with this strategy but the Sagittarian man appreciates the direct approach.

If you can't be bothered to go to the extent described above ask yourself: is he worth it?

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