How to Attract Scorpio Men | Astrology Tips What to do to Pull an Aquarius Man

Secrets to Attract Scorpio Men

Which physical, mental, or other female attributes attract Scorpio men? Also, suggestions about how to make you more attractive to them.

What Attracts Scorpio Men?

Passionate, intense, liable to erupt, volcanic, strong willed and strong and defined characters. He likes women who tells it as it is and loves those who stand up for what they believe. Ideally he wants someone who'll fit in well with him as an equal team member - other team members will be members of his close and extended families and friends he has collected throughout his life.

How to Attract Scorpio Men

Make friends with his mother first - she'll never be far away. Another good strategy is to make friends with his sisters - he puts store by their opinions and assessments. If you really want to make an impression become a political activist and receive wide press and media coverage when you're chained to a sacred tree or have climbed a monument, dressed as Wonder-Woman, and unfurled a banner demanding rights for a cause close to his heart.

If you can't be bothered to go to the extent described above ask yourself: is he worth it?

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Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 7 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

You are talking about a positive Pisces man - negative Pisces are prone to alcoholism and drug addiction

elisabeth 2 years ago

well that is true about making friends with the mother, but it has tobe genuine. I mean, if the mother and you dont get's going to be difficult. however, if he loves you, not even mother can do anything. But usually, and always, the mother of a scorpio loves her son so much she wont ever get in the way of his love choices. That's my take.

elisabeth 2 years ago

why do you have how to get an Aquarius man alongside scorpio man?

it is very confusing...

as for Aquarius man, you'd have to look at the entire chart. Air sun usually is weak in the sun, ifyou go into astrology deeper, the opposite is fire - leo, and it's dignified. Therefore not as strong in the sun of Aquarius but stronger in Saturn & Uranus. So yes, look into the entire chart and most especially his mercury, venus and mars & moon for emotions.

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