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How to Attract Taurus Men

This article quickly assesses which physical, mental or other female attributes attract Taurus men. It also gives suggestions about how to make you more attractive to them.

What Attracts Taurus Men?

Taurus: April 21st - May 21st: What Attracts Taurus Men?

Aries men are attracted to sweet, caring and curvaceous women. They are not attracted to independent women and not at all keen on assertive women. They don't enjoy being in the company of energetic or overly enthusiastic women.

How to Attract Taurus Men:

For a start of you might need to dumb yourself down. Don't mention your degrees! Talk in a soft voice. Move slowly. Eliminate competition by talking about the other women in your company - make him think that you feel yourself to be nowhere near as clever than them. Talk about puppies and kittens. Tell the silly moo that you're frightened in the dark. In some case you might fir the bill mentally but you aren't naturally curvy. Perhaps you should consider, bust, buttock and calf implants.

If you can't be bothered to go to the extent described above ask yourself: is he worth it?

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bog 7 years ago

this is bull-crap! no good guy wants a dumb-ed down girl. even me, and im a taurus ;P

Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 7 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

Dear Bog,

May I call you that?  Whatever...

You state that no man wants a dumb downed woman.  Do you live on this planet?

Joking apart, these very brief outlines are meant as a quick guide, are for fun and, although many a true word is spoken in jest, they really can only apply to a Taurus with no complications in their chart.  You, apparently have planets in Air signs - and despite your poor punctuation - have some intellect. 

Also joking apart: many men marry women for their looks and live to regret it.  Conversation, intelligence and a good sense of humour are important but many men only realise this later in life.  

Angel  7 years ago

i know that every man wants that dumb blond with big boobs but taurus does not want that i know he gets attracted to women who are like that sometimes but that doesn't mean that they should be stupid i mean i've read alot about a taurus male and what he likes in women as far as i can see he does like those type of women but if you ingage them with talking about kittens and stuff like that i assure you he will be fed up with that women pronto so i disagree about talking about these subject i suggest talking about finances and bussiness and money some things that intrest them and about childhood memories of his and of yours but not about stupid stuff like that im not he to controdict im just had been researching alot and found out that those are the real things that attract a taurus in a conversation..

Nesianlady99 5 years ago

Wow... This is the most judgemental, harsh and untrue summary I've come across about a Taurus man yet, and thats coming from me--an aquarius female. No wonder there are hardly any comments on this. If this was supposed to be humorous you should have put a disclaimer ahead of the article, because it ISNT funny at all; its just a plain-old mean cheap-shot probably from someone who is irresponsible and thin-skinned anyway. Shame on you for posting hot garbage like this and labeling as assistance.

Nesianlady99 5 years ago

There are also typos in this article as well, so you should practice what you preach before calling someone else out. I'm going to guess that you're a scorpio since the self-rightous trait is obvious.

Nic 4 years ago

Perhaps you should consider, bust, buttock and calf implants.

Lol- Taurus men hate anything that is aritficical, and superfical in a woman.Taurus men love a woman, who is natural with little or no make up at all.So the very idea of implants of any kind is ridiculous.

They look for a woman who is genuinely caring,understanding and loving.Among other qualities that inspires in them, total devotion to their loved one.

I am not going to say this is garbage at all.But, to say just uninformed on how a Taurus man truly Thinks!

And that is what a Taurus man does alot-He is a thinker!

Who is very smart and who knows when he is being played and or when someone is being untruthul.They have the memory of Elephants.They never forget anything and can recall things that have happened years ago.So, if you are with a Taurus man Never Lie!

smartgirl 4 years ago

I do not know where this writer got their info but a drummed down woman acting like she has no brain cells pleasing a Taurus man is a sure fire winner to make this man run the opposite direction. They are looking for a life partner, plain and simple. I am sure every Taurus Man has their own preferences and not all are the same. They love a beautiful woman but they are not going to take the her if she has the lowest IQ. Taurus Men have their own set of rules. They are loving, deeply caring, sensual, possessive, jealous, & stubborn men. Trust me, I have seen it and still dealing with it. Lol The key is alot of patience with this man & it is true that it is their way or the highway with most Taurus Men. Be supportive towards him but stand up for yourselves if you think he is in the wrong. No yelling at him but be calm when you want to get your opinion accross to him. He will respect you enough to listen to what you have to say even if it does not change his mind or move mountains. Taurus Men are very routine & stubborn about any kind of change. Your best approach if you want him to do something is to try bringing up your ideal every once in awhile. After so many trys well, you mise well figure his mind is set on it & to just stop for the moment. Career, Family, Possessions(can include his woman) in that order are prized & protected to a Taurus Man. My Taurus Man drives me crazy at times but you have to be very understanding with him & have the patience to be in it for the long haul. After all, Taurus Men are very sexy and sweet individuals...but manageable. They kind of remind me of the caveman/cowboy. Lol

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