Avoiding Making a Commitment in a Relationship Holds Danger That May Come Back to Haunt You!

Why Commit to Your Partner?

A Commitments is the fundamental bond that holds a relationships together. It's that guarantee that no matter what, you'll do what's necessary to protect the relationship you've entered into. It's the foundation upon which all solid relationships are built. It's one of the most important ways one person says I love you to another. Most of all, it's that enduring principle upon which home and family are based.

Regretfully, many fall far short of making this type of obligation to the intimate partner they claim they love. In so doing, they undermine the entire structure of their relationship. This often leads to devastating insecurity for that member of the relationship who desires such a commitment, along with eventual breakup.

When asked why they refuse to commit, many argue that they're too young to settle down and that making a commitment calls for just that - settling down and establishing a life and family with someone. They often claim that they haven't fully explored their options and why settle down with someone you might come to hate tomorrow. To an extent their arguments makes sense. To hastily enter into a committed relationship can be a sure recipe for disaster that may end it before it has a chance to truly begin.

However, many overlook the fact that time continues to move on whether we are prepared for it to do so or not. The choices a person has when young often disappear with the passage of time. Many a man and woman wait to find the perfect mate to commit to, without realizing that such an animal simply doesn't exist. In doing this, they often overlook those who would make the ideal husband or wife. Others, think it's somehow cool to play the field, never realizing that they are dealing themselves a blow they'll most likely never recover from.

In many a park or community center, you'll find members of our older generations lamenting about the love they allowed to get away. Comments such as, if I new then what I know now I would have married him/her, tend to be common. Regret, unfortunately, takes a center place in their lives as they speak fondly of the love they didn't make room for.

Like it or not, commitment to things more than oneself is the corner stone of our existence as human beings. Men and women commit to establish a network of security and support for one another and most of all, enduring love. Committing constitutes a sharing of oneself with others. It's a basic part of survival that can not be ignored.


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