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Before, start writing about the benefits of listening I would like to share with you from where and how I learn this quality. In early days me also like all other bad listeners; used to speak in between others dialogue. Sit's like listening but inside getting ready to answer before the speaker complete his dialogue, its goes like this. But my attitude to listening changed through one of my best friend named SHIBU KARRIPAI.

One day when he was talking with me, like usually doing with others, I interrupted his speech on the middle. That time in a firm voice he says, Raja, first you hear me clearly, i will give time to reply. If you are talking in the middle, you can't understand my point clearly. So whenever you are in a conversation, first  listen carefully what the speaker says, then only you can understand his correct feeling or what he says. Listening is the most important quality for a good relationship. From that time onwards, whenever others talk to me, I try to listen him/her very carefully and attentively. Then i comes to know the difference of a good and bad listener. If we watch very carefully and if we can see that matter from the speaker side, I promise you,  we can know what he is unsaid also.

The second person who surprised me through her listening quality is my very best friend NITHA VINOD. Whenever i'm in trouble or in the middle of big problems i used to talk with her. Without saying a single word she will hear me for half an hour or more than that. Even if she don't say a single word in reply i feel so relaxed or calm after talking with her. That is the magic of good listening.

If we are patiently listening to a person, we are silently saying to him/her " MY FRIEND, YOU ARE WORTH LISTENING TO".

Listen to yourself

You are worth listening

The Lord gave us two eyes to see with, two ears to hear with and only one tongue. He intended us to do twice as listening as talking. So try to listen more. Here are some of the benefits we can earn by becoming a good listener.

  • Patience- So if you are trying to become a good listener, sure you will become more patience. Because without patience you can't be a good listener.
  • Attentiveness- Listening is giving total attention to what other person is saying. It requires attentiveness to the verbal as well as the non-verbal message being conveyed.
  • Brings back your child like quality- A good listener needs a child like mind, he want to listen his/her speaker without any prejudice on mind.
  • Make you more Empathatic- Because only an empathic person can master the art of real listening. Empathy is getting inside the skin of the speaker, walking in his/her shoes, seeing and experiencing reality as it looks through his or her eyes

There are more benefits you can gain by learning the art of listening. So lets make a try. Always remember, by your patient listening to a person you say to him, "YOU ARE WORTH LISTENING TO".

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