When Friends Betray You and Me

When tear drops fall
When tear drops fall | Source

Betrayal is not a happy time

I always thought best friends were supposed to be there for you no matter what but then I came to realize over my lifetime how many true friends that I had and the number shocked me because it was none.

Every single friend who had claimed to be my best friend had betrayed me in some way and the one that hurt the most was someone who stopped talking to me over something so trivial that I now knew I didn't need friends any longer to get on with life.

The only thing that it has given me is no one to worry about except my husband, children, and pets and you know what it feels pretty darn good. So why do people want to be your friends and then turn around and stab you in the back anyway? I think everyone has their own agenda in life and when it doesn't do anything for them then they can walk away like nothing ever happened.

Of course it hurts and it bites hard but when all is said and done what is it we really need friends for? Some say they will be there for you when no one else will but I have found out the hard way that is not true either.

The old song "Friends how many of us have them" was one fine song.

People if you can't be a good and loving friend and you can't be trusted then don't hurt others because you don't know what true friendship is.

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Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

Well that is sad. They were not your friends to begin with

GallyGal 4 years ago

I live in Malaysia, KK, where celebrities seldom comes. Greyson Chance came before, but I wasn't in town to catch his concert. Then, there was a Pixie Lott concert, and my 'friends" called a radio station and got four tickets, and they didn't even tell me about it until the last day. One of my "friends" said that she'll give me her autograph, BUT I DON'T SEE THAT HAPPENING! And now they are ignoring me on Facebook. And now, I know who my real friends are.

Mynarne 4 years ago

People who have professed to be my friend over the years have never ceased to amaze me by their betrayal.

I have no real friends, although I know they count me as one because I listen and I entertain them with anecdotes and stories! I never judge, interfere or pester. What a pity there is no reciprocation!

brandee 4 years ago

she thought i was never going to have any friends so she pretended to be my friend for half a school year.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 5 years ago Author

Amen Girl I agree with that one. I have come this far in my life because of me and will continue to be at the top until I choose to come down. Where I am is because of me and no one else of course except the good Lord above.

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reeltaulk 5 years ago

This is the question of the hour, people usually "want to be your friend" if you've peeked their interest in anyway. They need to get close enough to gain a level of trust from you. To find out what you know, what you own, what you possess and "what's your plans". Most of the time this is because more than likely they envy you, or maybe even want to be you and the most repulsive one of them all is, some of them even want to take what you have as well as possess (like that's actually possible) because they probably hate themselves and their too dumb to realize everyone possesses something it's all a matter of earning and deserving it. These types don't understand the power of friendship as well as the power of Karma. A good person will always encounter negative individuals to be tested (both parties) I remember someone told me to my face all of the above that I mentioned. I mean who really believes they can take in an instant what you have earned for YOUR life time. It's not only pathetic but sad. Like you said, you only have your children and husband to worry about and be thankful that you have that, because at the end of the day you were smart not to put trash before what is important as well as priority!

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