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All small small fights create big affection on friends. Always
laughing does not create a true friendship. Sometimes fight; crying, scolding, all mischief activities have a better friendship... So don’t laugh from your lip...



A real friend
is one who walks in
when the rest
of the world walks out



Smile a while,
when U smile,
smile another smile
soon there will b miles
miles of smile
bcoz you smiled .
i wish your day is full of SMILE



I made a list of SPECIAL FRIEND in MY LIFE..

I wrote them in pencil and...

I included your name but I used permanent ink..

because I decided to keep YOU on MY LIST FOREVER ..



Never ignore a person who luvs U cares 4 U and misses U becoz....One day U may wake up from ur sleep and realize that u've lost the moon while counting the stars....!!!

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shinujohn2008 7 years ago

Loveing mesage write more and more

kunika 7 years ago

Honestly meet your friend you will get what ever you want..

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