Being content with your "current" partner / lover

They say that the foundation of a very successful relationship is "Love" and "Trust". One cannot exist without the other and a relationship cannot definitely last long if either one diminishes.

One of the many reasons of failing relationships / marriages is infidelity or being unfaithful towards your partner by loving someone else or having sex with someone else.

Now what would drive a person to be unfaithful to his/her lover? Is it because of boredom? Excitement or satisfaction diminishes with each passing month? One cannot really determine the factor except for the one who commits the act itself. And often times, you cannot rely on their answers as well. Though most people would often admit that they "cheated" because they missed the "spark" in a relationship.

Let me ask you this: Is cheating a result of love lost? or the feeling of contentment towards your partner lessens? Or are there other factors which might contribute to the act?

I will not focus my topic on the first question, but rather on the second. How do you really maintain the level of contentment you once felt for your partner? For those of you who have had or are currently in a long relationship for long periods of time, you might want to add in your thoughts as well. For those of you who are still entering that phase, please read on. Be advised that I am only saying these things based on experience, and not what I read from books or any articles.

1.) Ask yourself if you're happy with your partner - the answer that you give yourself is definitely a major factor because if you answer NO, chances are you won't be staying with your partner for long.

2.) Do you and your partner go into a heated argument frequently? Do you forgive easily or are you forgiven easily? - When two couples fight, its because of a misunderstanding between ideas, wants, needs or simply pathetic reasons like forgetting to record your favorite soap opera, doing the laundry and all that. If your partner is ranting about something else, do your best to just listen, not match his/her temper. It hurts to be the receiving end of a rant, but it never hurts to release bottled up anger. Let him/her cool off by just listening. If you're the one at fault, never insist that you are right. Admit to your faults, and ask for forgiveness. This is what love is all about. It's not how quick you forget, but how quick you forgive. If your partner committed a mistake, then forgive him/her when he/she asks for it. Don't let anger go untended. It's true that saying sorry is hard, but it does one heck of a job.

3.)Do you or your partner give each other time to see each other? - . Sometimes the feeling of missing your partner's company can result in unhappiness in a relationship or marriage. Give yourself a break from your hectic work schedule and simply spend time with your partner. Whether its going to church, shopping at the mall or just spending your day at home watching TV, as long as you're primary focus and attention is towards your partner. Just don't make the mistake of tending something else (like work) if you are spending quality time.

Never look for a reason why you should be never contented with your partner and never give your partner a reason why he/she should lose interest in you.

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jeLLai` 8 years ago

Naks! Yeah! The topic is great!

The important thing in this world is "TIME." Because that's only the best thing you can give to your love ones. Remember you cannot turn back the time. So be wiser enough to spend your time. Life is too short! Make your time worthy with someone! ;)

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