Best Country Music for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Country Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

Are you planning a wedding with a country theme? A country style wedding can be a lot of fun. Finding the right music can be a challenge sometimes. The song you choose for your wedding ceremony will set the mood of the wedding. Finding the perfect country song to walk down the aisle to, can be the most time consuming part of your wedding plan. To help save you some time, I have compiled a list of some of the best Love songs that country music has to offer.

You should choose a song together, one that speaks to both of you and the kind of relationship that you have.

Processional Ceremony Music - Click Links

Fun Country Music for Your Wedding Recessional

Choosing music for the recessional after your wedding ceremony, is probably the most challenging part of selecting the music. Everyone is probably a little emotional after the ceremony they have just witnessed. It's time to get the party started, so you may find playing something a little more upbeat is appropriate for the celebration that is about to begin.

If your wedding party is a fun loving group, you can have a great time dancing back down the isle to something a little crazy.

I have listed some songs that are fun as well as appropriate for that dance back down the isle. Click on the links I have provided to hear them. Have Fun!

Country Wedding Recessional Music - Click Links

Perfect Country Music for Your First Dance

The first dance as man and wife is so special, the song that you dance to should be special as well. The lyrics should be something that speaks to both of you. If you already have a special song that you share, that would be an obvious choice.

Years from now you will look back and remember the song you danced to at your wedding reception. Make sure you choose something that really means something to you.

If you are still searching for just the right song, and nothing has quite caught your attention yet, I have listed some of the best country love songs I could find. I have provided links below each song, just click on the link and enjoy.

You will know when you hear it, if it is "the one", so don't settle for just any song. Make it count.

First Dance Country Music - Click Links

Learn To Line Dance

The wedding reception is the best part of the wedding. It can be so much fun to let loose and do some dancing. I don't know about you but I we don't get to dance a whole lot anymore, so I've forgotten how to do a lot of the dances we used to do when we went to the Country Western Clubs. When my daughter was getting married we decided to practice some of the line dances that I knew the DJ would be having us do. It sure helped and we had a blast at the reception.

You can find a lot of "How To" videos at Youtube. I have posted a couple below to get you started. Have fun with it.

Alan Jackson Line Dance Tutorial

Country Music for Your Father Daughter Dance

The father daughter dance is a very emotional part of your wedding reception. Finding just the right song for this important moment is not always easy. You Father has protected and loved you since the day you were born, and now he's giving you up to another man. The songs I have found talk about the special relationship you have had with your father as you were growing up. Listen to the words, and find just the right one that speaks to the relationship you and your father have.

A father has a hard time giving up his little girl to someone else. I have always felt like this is the real point during the wedding, that your father actually let's you go. I hope you can find a song among the list that I have provided. There are some very beautiful choices. Enjoy listening.

Father Daughter Dance Music - Click Links

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