Best Selling Pearls - Valentine Gift ideas for Girl Friend or Wife

Enhance your partner style with pearl jewelry

Pearls, the most finest of stones that the world has ever seen, is one of the most sold pieces of jewelry. The best pearl is shaped in a perfect round and is smooth. WE can also find pearls of various shapes and sizes. The most supreme and ideal pearls, called natural pearls, are found in the wild which are very rare. The pearls that are mostly sold now-a-days are the ones that are cultured and farmed from oysters and mussels. Be it farmed or natural, good quality pearl gems are widely used in jewelry and were also stitched into cloths.

The best thing about pearls is that it just works well with any attire, be it an elegant dinner wear, or a Saturday shopping outfit. It is also one of the best gift options you could buy for your loved one!! Let’s see what options we have.

No, when you buy a pearl, firstly you need to decide what kind of pearl are you looking for, small, large, white or dark colored. Once you get this decided, it eases the process of purchase. Given below are few varieties of pearl that can be found.

Pearls are precious and very classic. The emotional lot would surely remember the person you gifted them one of these. So without wasting much time, go out there get your loved ones a precious gift.

Varieties of Pearls

Akoya Pearls: These are small saltwater farmed pearls as small as peas. They are from Japanese pearl oyster Pinctada Fucata and are usually white or cream in color. As these pearls have high luster, they are more expensive than the freshwater pearls. You also have the black Akoya pearl which had a midnight black color. These are not naturally black in color, but they are color treated.

South Sea Pearls: These are the largest cultured and highly prized pearl jewelry available in today’s market and they are the size of marble. They are known for their satiny luster and are usually used in high quality pendants and pearl earrings. These pearls are sold in their natural color that is usually gold or white and are also available with gold studs, dangles or clip-ons.

Tahitian pearls: These are cultured pearls with size range from medium to large sized marbles. What’s attractive in this pearl is its color variations ranging from black to silver also including colors like peacock, green, cherry, blue and pistachio. Tahitian pearl necklaces are made from Tahitian pearls or of baroque shaped Tahitian pearls, which are highly appealing to the eye, because the unusual shapes.

Freshwater Pearls: Most of the pearl jewelry we see today is made of freshwater pearls. Their luster is soft compared to the saltwater pearls giving an impression of being delicate. These pearls glow with light from within that brings a sense a being calm. They come naturally in several colors like pink, peach lavender, cream and even white, which are very much in demand. The second in line would be the black pearl jewelry. Although rare, they are mostly seen to worn by the rich. The reason why these jewelries are often gifted is because they are approachable and affordable to the common man.

Best Jewlery Idesa in Pearl

  • Fresh water pearl and 0.15 ct. Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold: Your girlfriend will gleam with these luminous pearls studs that are accented by round cut diamonds cast in lustrous 14k white gold.
  • 14k White Gold Blue Chalcedony and Pearl Briolette Pendant, 17": A nice-looking combination of Blue chalcedony and white freshwater pearl. The pendant is featured on a 17-inch light curb chain and made up of 14k white gold.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Chocolate Fresh Water Pearl Necklace - 18'': This is a trendy chocolate pearl necklace in 14k yellow gold which looks great with any set of clothes.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Baroque Fresh Water Cultured Pearl and Murano Glass Bead Bracelet - 7.5": A superbly crafted pearl bracelet, set in lustrous 14k yellow gold, can boost up your girlfriends style statement in an evening party.

  • 14k Yellow Gold Quartz and Dyed Bronze Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Strand Necklace: This is a gorgeous 16 inch, multi-strand woven necklace with a total of over 500 pearl and quartz beads giving luxurious texture to the piece.
  • 14K Yellow Gold Black Fresh Water Pearl Jewelry Set: A jewelry set with fashion necklace and earrings set in glittering 14k yellow gold perfect for any occasion.
  • Sterling Silver 8.50 MM Fresh Water Cultured Pearl Ring: This classic ring set in 14k yellow gold and sterling silver with freshwater pearlwould be an ideal gift idea for your girlfriend this valentine.

A Woman would love to receive pearl jewelry as a gift. They are precious and girls like to wear them. Be aware of your partner preferences in jewelry and choose a piece according to her needs, she will positively appreciate this.

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gr82bme 5 years ago from USA

I love my pearls

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Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi gr82bme,

What kind of pearls do you possess. Was it gifted to you? Like to know more about it.

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