Best friend quotes for girls

Best friend quotes for girls

- A true friend is someone who comes when everyone else is gone, and that istays when everyone else disappeared. Thanks for being my friend.

- A friend is someone who believes in you even when you stopped believing in yourself. I will always be your friend.

- Friendship improves happiness and decreases the sadness, because through a friend joys are duplicated and problems are divided.

- Even if people change their lives and reorganize, the friends should be friends forever, even if they have nothing in common, besides sharing the same memories.

Best friend quotes for girls

- The friend is the answer to your desires. But do not seek to kill time! Search her always for alive hours. Because it should fill your needs, but not your emptiness.

- It's so good to share the most important moments of life with a friend like you. Congratulations!

- Friend like you I'll never forget because that kind of friend will always be in the heart and all that is in the heart for me it is everlasting, unforgettable!

- A friend is not one that says:
Go straight
A friend is the one that says:
I am going with you

best friend quotes for girls
best friend quotes for girls

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charley 6 years ago

for every broken heart, theres a best friend with a gluegun

6 years ago

we're not best friends because we spend all day together, or because we wear the same clothes, or because we spend hours on the phone; we're best friends because when one is hurting the other feels there pain

Marketing Sucesso profile image

Marketing Sucesso 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hello Charley, that´s a very nice metaphor :)

Hello X, I totally agree with that.

iyya 6 years ago

Hi that's orginol

Kaitlin Nikki 6 years ago

love ya like a fat kid loves chocolate(:

rosie and lynn 6 years ago

ok so the two of us rosie and lynn are bffs have been since we were super little and still are. our favorite quote is

God made us best friends because he knew our parnets couldnt handle us as sisters.

??? 5 years ago

Unlike Barbies, me and my girls, aren't sold seperately.

Rapunzell 5 years ago

love the quotes!

Ashley 5 years ago

The Greatest Treasures are not gold nor jewels,they can not be held in ur hands,They are held within ur heart.For worldly things will fade away as sesons come and go.But the treasure of true FRIENDSHIP will never lose it's GLOW!

anisha 5 years ago

if u were a flower i would have pick u up

Marketing Sucesso profile image

Marketing Sucesso 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Rapunzell.

Marketing Sucesso profile image

Marketing Sucesso 3 years ago from Portugal Author

I totally agree! :)

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