Bitter Words of Love

It takes a pair of souls to be in love. But funny enough, it just takes only one to break it.

Unlike in fairy tales, love journey of two people may not always end with the happily ever after sealed with a kiss. Beside, fairy tales never show us what happened years after the kissing scene aren't they?

The pain feeling of breaking up with someone is comparable to losing someone over a death. You wont be able to spent time the way you used to do with him/her, anymore.
You wish you could turn back the time to change something, fix something, but you can't. It's over.

The following are quotes of heartaches, a little wisdom and encouragement... Dedicated for those whose heart are broken at the moment.

"Don't be sad he's/she's gone, be happy he/she was once yours.
Don't be sad for what is over, just be glad that he/she was once happy, with you."

"I hate to see the one I love happy with somebody else.
But I hate it more to see the one I love unhappy with me"

"The hardest part of loving someone is knowing now it's the time to let go and to say goodbye"

Holding you, I held everything
For a moment wasn't I a king
But if I'd only known how the king would fall
- The Dance, Garth Brooks

If you are honest, I'll be the happiest person in the world.
But if you are lying, I hope you'll lie forever.
But you didn't.

If someone you love hurts you and you cry a river, built a bridge and get over it.

There'll be no string to bind yourhand
Nor if my love can bind your heart....
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me
Oh my baby
- Angel of The Morning, The Pretenders

I'm in tears....., and the crying that I do it's for you.
- Angel, Aerosmith

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houssam  7 years ago

sweet words .lovely . God blees you

profile image

ftgfmom 7 years ago

I love what you said, "But surely I hate it more to see the one I love unhappy with me." Awesome hub!

KING KISSES 7 years ago


xyong 7 years ago

i was hoping all the thing she said are meant for me..

and am just to unsure for everything after she hurted me...

i was sad... i cried almost every night.. i want to get rid of this feeling.. but i just cant do it... i just want to be with her even just for a little while...




venny 7 years ago

santai ajaaa

delonge 6 years ago

couple is trouble.

BOB 6 years ago

First time I saw you….

Felt like I knew you….

First time I touched you….

My all burned for you….

But I always desired you….

Not for what you do….!!!

But just to be with you….

I looked into your eyes….

And found a big surprise….

You said you love and that you care….

Believed you once to get out of my hell ….

Now it burns so bad, much more that I could tell….

I believed your surprise….

Now I know its all bunch of lies….

Can’t stop wanting this…..

And can’t take it anymore….

It was like hell near a heavenly shore….

Now it’s the moment I knew….

You’re not for me anymore….

“Sorry my love!!!”

I have to hate more and more….

Can’t see you like I did before

That’s our end….!!? THAT’S YOUR END

It has never been mine





siida denis 6 years ago

some guys give us outdated words on this site, why cant they just style up abit

seval 6 years ago

My heart wrote everywhere with tears:? love you so much!

TULIP 6 years ago



BAAGA 6 years ago

i just love this!!!! its crazzy

Mohamed 6 years ago

Love doesn't require two people look at each other, but that they look together in the same direction....

zawit ossama  6 years ago

hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

shabi phummie 6 years ago

luv is lyk a river dat flows,wen it comes 2 u accept it ad if it doesn't den u leave it

lexito 6 years ago

love is bullshit .. just people saying things rhey don't mean ... love is a losing game

Vimbai Muvambwi 6 years ago

Love is all what it takes us to be happy and hurt but stil demanding for more

sedia 5 years ago

Nyc words indeed...:)

DH 5 years ago

LOve is love

Axieta 5 years ago

I never forget to remember u and i never remember to forget u..that is my love.

yram 5 years ago

i love it :) 5 years ago

love is good sumtimes. But bad mostly wen in love with somebody who does not care.

Hajar 5 years ago

Yeah i luv diz,Luv iz a CRAZY Word.

ashleigh 5 years ago

For someone that you have lost , for something that will cost to get you back . Falling in Love with you was a big mistake because every word you said to me was fake. :(

farsky 5 years ago

:( don't be sad plz .... ooohhhhh thy don't dizrv it

cima 5 years ago

it feels great 2 b inlove

ally shabz 5 years ago

i luv u xo much such that im gona do anything 2 make u happy as long as i could, but u jst don understand!!! ur xo stubborn!!!!

Neha 5 years ago

Love s oceans of emotions surrounded by expenses!The way u speak with me,and d way u behave with others made me to fall in love:)love u so much:)be mine

Lius 5 years ago

i am basically a Buddhist, and learn to know how we live our life with good understanding. i know love really hurts, and i find it after learning my religion. the more i learn, the more i can help falling in love. that's why i never stop to find what the essence of living my life with good understanding. now i am falling in love again, what am i supposed to do?

SumiNoush 5 years ago

Love is much more than physical s also an emotional.. Who ignores emotional needs and expects warm response is inviting frustration

Shema Fabrice 5 years ago

Love is a loss of time!

Rexford Baffoe 5 years ago

Luv is the greatest thing on earth

PRESELY UKEKE 5 years ago

Sumtimes luvin someone can be so painful.But no matter how hard it's....luvin someone is still the simplest way why you will find urself smilein

Mangala 5 years ago

I thing love is like building a new relation with the bricks of belief and care. I love my love more than i love myself.

By the way my love is Sharath.

Said hud jama' 4 years ago

Well done guyz !

darshini 4 years ago

Love is true but the lovers are bullshit

cynthia 4 years ago

luv is stronger than every other thing on earth so keep luving!!!

Prince hassan ali 4 years ago

Love is cheap

J nee 4 years ago

Falling in love is an awesome experience...n i love my lover like anything....i cant xpress in words....he is my whole world 4 me.....

yheric 4 years ago

love is a misteriouz feelling

k iqbal 4 years ago

Love is blind x

CHARLES 4 years ago


MG IHSAN GUSAU 4 years ago

Th love i mean 4 u can not be expre

Niket Saraf 4 years ago

Love doesn't require two people look at each other, but that they look together in the same direction... Love is a connection of heart...:)

Cristine 4 years ago

The most eloquence silence is when two mouths meet together..;-)

Heaventh 4 years ago

love is 100x sweetest than honey,believe that.

A girls are flowers of heaven.


Bigboy 4 years ago

Love is blind....But marriage is the eye opener.....

ABAIN 4 years ago


kintu david 4 years ago

love does not get expired as amanufactured product

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 4 years ago

Love is like a funny joke.You love it so much you can't wait to share. When you think you remembered it you haven't.So you listen and enjoy it again.You keep practicing your whole life until you get it right.Very good hub.

dodo6431 4 years ago

until u get ur soulmate,u can not fullfill ur love cause is a worst thing to love somebody and the person don't love you back.

Yhpandora 4 years ago

Love makes ppl irrational , love makes ppl blind , love makes us ignore all the facts and believe the lies.

nees 3 years ago

a,m fuully agre with a nyou in somme pintes but in the other hand no and y knaw about what am i talking

Ali 3 years ago

Love is love...

Zindabad 3 years ago

Love is a sickness no doctor can cure...

Dora 2 years ago

It's pain a lot when you find out all this time you been deserved with someone who you truly loved

oll 2 years ago

Love is awesome

danny dave 21 months ago

luv is believing a person blindly and trusting beyond da recommended limit, luv is da greatest thing u can give a person

Dikano 19 months ago

how to empress a lady

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