Signs A Guy Does Not Like You

Signs a guy does not like you
Signs a guy does not like you

How To Tell If A Guy Doesn't Like You

A picture is worth thousand words, that is what they say and that theory can as well be used in the world of love, dating and relationships which seems to be complicated for most people. Knowing or telling whether a guy or girl likes or is interested in you is not always known by the “I love you” saying alone but many other factors are involved as well. Being told I love you or other similar words and expressions isn’t a guarantee that the guy or the girl really loves you to the later because after all it is nothing more than a word of mouth which can be said and changed any time depending on the situation one is in.

This is where the science of body language attraction comes in. body language attraction is simply the show of noticeable body signs that point towards the kind of feeling (be it love or something else) someone shows towards you. A guy or girl you like or you are interested in can for example show physical signs of attraction which can give you a clue on whether he/she is into you or not. Body language attraction signs are becoming an important component in the game of dating because reading and interpreting them can give you a clue on whether a man or woman loves you or is just a normal friend.

Signs He's Not Interested in You

I already talked about body language attraction signs guys show when they are interested in a girl for either friendship or marriage and the signs a man likes you but for now though let us focus on an entirely different but related topic that may be of great importance to girls or women who need advice on dating, hookup and relationships. To be specific I will be talking about some of the common body language signs shown by men that can signify or tell of their disinterest in you. Knowing whether a guy likes you or not in advance is important in that it gives you time to prepare well and focus on dating other guys who may be having feelings for you. I guess you don’t want to be told “sorry I don’t like you” when all along you were of the belief that he was interested in you.

Signs that he is not interested in you
Signs that he is not interested in you

Keeping Distance

Keeping distance between you and him is a sure body language sign that tells you a guy isn’t interested in you or whatever you do. He could be your workmate, classmate and you most likely know one another but your relationship is limited to the public domain. When you meet him, he will obviously say hi to you but nothing more than that. He will keep on doing things that are important to him and he will only come to your side when he has a general thing (may be work related) to discuss with you. As we know closeness where you allow your bodies to physically contact can only be possible when two people have feelings for one another. A guy who is interested in you or who likes you for a reason may find it tempting to be most of the times very close to you and come in contact with your body. However, this isn’t the case when he doesn’t like you. Simply put, he will be far away from you because he has no feeling for you at all.

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Avoiding Eye Contact

You meet this guy who interests you and you are probably wondering if he is also interested in you but can you verify that? By simply observing his eye contact with you, you are in a good position to judge whether he likes you or not. Eye contact is an important component of our conversations and how it takes place can be interpreted to mean something. In normal conversations with people our eyes meet once or twice and blink away to another direction or object which means they don’t last for so long. When a guy isn’t interested in you he will most likely adopt this strategy of limiting the eye contact and from that you can tell he is simply not into you. If he likes you, his eye contact would have been for an extended time because of his interest in your body but the opposite is true if he isn’t interested in you.

Concealing His Hands

Does the guy you are interested in conceal or hide his hands when you are with him? if yes, it can be interpreted to mean his disinterest in you. Concealing or hiding his hands on his pockets when talking to him can mean he isn’t comfortable in being seen and around you. A good conversation is always aided by making expressions with your hands but in the case of a man who isn’t interested in you, he will rarely show his hands because he has nothing useful to discuss with you.

Crossing His Arms

Does he cross his arms whether he is sitting or standing and you are around him? If yes, it could be a strong indication that he isn’t interested in you. It could mean an unconscious sign that tells you that his heart is closed and isn’t ready for any more relationships. Arms crossing are significant because they mean something which the average woman who is dating can’t understand what they mean until at a later date. If he is fond of crossing his arms when you are around him it could be a strong indication that he is in love with another girl and not you.

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