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Have you ever heard the expression uttered by men when having a meal 'This is real Mans Food'?, well this hub is dedicated to everything 'guy stuff' or in a metaphorical sense 'boys food'. Perhaps it is a stereotype which some men and women believe that 'manliness' equates to constantly working out and taking body building supplements, this type of 'strong' and 'tough' representation is something that was hyped up in the media during the nineteen eighties with films such as 'A.W.O.L' starring Jean Claude Van Damme and the Rambo films with Sylvester Stallone.

Although I am not a muscle man and I spend all my days sitting at a computer screen not getting exercise, I would say I enjoy the above type of films to some degree and its probably the fact that the characters portrayed in the films represent 'heros' is why a lot of guys still like these movies.

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The Body Builder Type Guy

Many guys place a lot of emphasis on their physical shape and they combine this interest with a passion for cooking. Some guys have few interests besides the gym and try to cheat by taking steroids, while my close friend does his work outs at home and eats the right food, he has a good knowledge of the right vitamins and proteins found in different foods for staying healthy.

Girls and Sports

An interesting topic I noticed in the forums recently was regarding 'The Lingerie League', this is a sport I'd never heard about before and the discussion was whether it is to be considered sexist? In some regards I can see how it is a little shallow, however, there are worse things for women to be part-taking in and they are simply earning from their appearance without going all the way. I believe if they want to part-take in this then shouldn't be protested against,I think it is actually more insulting by suggesting they don't have mind of their own to choose.

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Guys and Technology

Many guys have an interest in some kind of technology, whether it is Cars, Motorbikes or Computers such as I do. Although a lot guys are members of musical bands they still usually have one interest in technology, unless they are hippies...not that there is anything wrong with that. I have a very strong bond with music and I like a lot of different genres, old and new and this influenced me to buy a classic MGB GT sports car.

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Classic MGA like my friends. Has a Wooden Floor!
Classic MGA like my friends. Has a Wooden Floor!


One hobby which guys usually take presidency over is fixing cars, probably because it is a messy job but also because of their love cars. I learned a lot when I owned my classic car, I watched an entire Head Gasket being changed and I helped. At times I would be able to get my car to start if I broke down by the side of the road, for example if the starter sticks you simply tap it loose.

The great thing about older cars is they are easier to fix than new models which have a lot of electronic parts or are installed difficultly, it is common knowledge that manufacturers do this so you must pay to have them replaced.

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johncimble profile image

johncimble 5 years ago from Bangkok

great!! thanks for sharing :)

bonny2010 profile image

bonny2010 5 years ago from outback queensland

interesting reading - while Iam not a boy - i love to sit back and enjoy those old super hero movies - claude van damme isnt much to my liking - but I did enjoy his first one - cant remeber its title - it was set in the future - love stallone even though he cant act - anyway enjoyed your hub

Richieb799 profile image

Richieb799 5 years ago from Cardiff, Wales UK Author

Thanks guys! Men only comment :P

mathair profile image

mathair 5 years ago from Ireland

I liked this Hub. I often joke with my Husband about the type of movies he chooses when he heads to the DVD store. Action, Thriller, sports type of movies. Me, I choose comedy, romantic, type movies.

Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

OMG. I want to join the Lingerie League. It wouldn't look pretty, but the idea of combining panties with football gear is AWESOME.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago

Yeah, I tend to agree with you completely about the Lingerie Football league. Granted, it's not a sporting event that I ever plan on watching myself, but I do applaud the girls in that league for competing if that's truly what they want to do. I think it is kind of insulting to them to say they don't deserve respect because they're not doing something else, or because of what they're wearing during these games. Besides, at least they're doing something they're passionate about; which is a lot more than you can say about most people these days.

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading your hub on this issue, and I think you're a pretty nice guy yourself. Be sure to keep up the good work.

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