How To Break Up With Someone (Nicely)

When you've got to get out, here's how.

I think we should just be friends. Let’s take a break. I just need space right now. I miss being happy. I’ve met someone else. The sex is great, but I just don’t love you. Life is too short to make mistakes. You’re someone, just not the one. Yes, I love you, but I really, really hate you too.

When that “It’s not you, it’s me” moment comes in your relationship, don’t kid yourself. You know it’s them. They know it’s them. You might as well have just admitted,” It’s not me, it’s you.” That’s the truth of it. Breaking up is hard to do, but it’s a whole lot easier that staying in a bad relationship.

So how exactly do you break-up with someone without being a bull-shitter or a douche bag? Well, the first step is admitting that most likely the other person is going to be hurt. Chances are you both know that things haven’t been ideal recently, however she or he hasn’t taken the step that you’re about to take, which means they might still have hope. This is the part where you go in and crush that hope because you want to be happy. The fun part comes when you realize that you’re actually freeing them to be happy too—however, for some odd reason, they never seem to see it like that.

Expect at least an hour of “breaking-up-ness.” Tell your gf/bf that you need to have a serious conversation. If he or she asks “why” or “what about,” feel free to say that you’ve decided that you need to end the relationship. Don’t jump around the topic, it’s best to just be straight-forward.

What? Why? How could you? Don’t leave me! What did I do? You asshole!

Yup, you’re most likely going to hear some of this when you do the deed. First things first, try to dump your soon-to-be-ex in person. It makes things a little easier, even though you probably don’t care to see them again. However, breaking things off in person will at least show that you respected the relationship you had. If they try to talk you back into the relationship, hold your ground. There are reasons that you want out and you need to be true to yourself, it’s not fair to go back to dating someone that you have no feelings for anymore just because you feel guilty.

In the end, the best that you can do is to be true to yourself and be respectful of the other person. Once the healing process is over, the two of you will be a lot happier. And happiness, after all, is what it’s all about…

Tips For Breaking Up:

*Make sure you tell your boyfriend and girlfriend that you’re breaking up first. Yes, you’ve probably discussed it with close friends, but before you say “we’re done,” make sure you actually are.

*Try to break-up with the other person in person as opposed to email, text messages, etc. It might be harder to do, but at least there will be respect for the relationship you once had.

*Find a private place to break-up. Don’t do it in front of friends or in an unfamiliar place. If possible, do it on their turf so that they can have a familiar location to be vulnerable in.

*Even though he or she might ask for details, try not to be too specific when it comes to explaining why you want to break-up. No one likes to be hit with the why-you-suck bomb. |

*Don’t break-up by just ignoring or disappearing on the person. That’s just disrespectful.

*The sooner you can tell the other person, the better. However, if you find out that they are having a particularly bad day or are hit with a lot of things—try to wait and give them time to sort that out. 1-2 days max. You have a right to move on.

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heather 7 years ago

tell them it was fun but not that i need my space.......................thank you come again

laflamme 7 years ago

umm im really just nit ready for a serious realtion ship i think it would be better if we just remain friends............really really good friends if you know what i mean

deen 7 years ago

whoa! you opened my mind ;) thanx. gtg to break up with my guy. I like him, but I don't think I love him... I just enjoy his company.

pine orange 7 years ago

thanks a lot for the tip of advice.

it's a big help :)

brittney  7 years ago

my boyfriend's dick is broken and on top of all of this he is 26 and im 16 he's really needy and i just don't like him like that but my problem is that his friends run security at all the raves so what do i do because i love to rave and im sure if i broke his heart like i want to he will end my raving career please what do i do .......? so he wont be mad or feel like getting revenge on me?

snarlmkiv profile image

snarlmkiv 7 years ago

Nice article you have here and I am impressed with the way you wrote this.

Also, I definitely agree that breaking up is the best thing in a relationship when things are no longer going the way they are supposed to. It sucks but it's the remedy for a long time heartache.

But, did you know that getting your ex back is a tad easier than breaking up? And how will you know that you're meant to go back to your ex? Take the quiz and find out if you really should get back with your ex.

bree_22 7 years ago

this article is really. good. i finally know a way to break up with my boy friend. i like him and i enjoy his company but he just isn't the one it is one of those more friend friend relationships

Need-Ta-Know 7 years ago

thanks for the advice.

this really helped. my boyfriend always says sorry to me and hes always trying to keep me happy. but its not working. it just gets on my nerves.

and we've been friends for a year and a half and hes really nice and i don't wanna hurt him but i feel like i have too.

what up 7 years ago

my girl is always hugging other guys in front of me vyo0r5

Evin 7 years ago

hi and thanks for the help, think it'll come in useful

Evin 7 years ago

hi and thanks for the help, think it'll come in useful

beck 7 years ago

This is allot of help thankyou. My bf is really gd with me, but he just gets on my damn nerves coz hes so freeking clingy, big headed, over the top and sooo cheesy. Need to get rid soon!!!!!

alexander 7 years ago

hello. its just not working. he says that as long as were friends, he'll try to win me back ):

patsyccnt 6 years ago

naxora. i feel the same way. i am very interested in someone but my relationship with my girl has gotten stale. we ve been together 2 1/2 years, and shes still crazy about me, but she doesn't take joy in life and is very negative, the opposite of me. I want to meet smeone who enjoys life and makes the best of it.

:(): 6 years ago

ok, here it goes. My boyfriend and i have been dating 6 months and it feels like 6 years. He's such a damn kid when he gets around my nephews or cousins. He's 18 and acts like he's 12. he's pretty devoted (clingy/obssessed/bum) cause i wrecked my car and hes been my ride everywhere. but that's not a big problem. he's extremely jealous. i pay for our movie tickets, his cigarettes, his gas, and his freaking food. he has no job and is very pathetic. but the catch is, he wasn't right before we started dating.. ugh... ADVICE PLEASE.. i told him today that i needed "me" time and he started to cry so i hung up. i know that when i break up with him he's going to look like a lost dog walking around in school. how do i avoid that? i do i rid myself from feeling so guilty? comment on here or write me at

Ashleigh 6 years ago

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for only 3 months, but he's already seriousish. im 16, and he's 15!! he told me he loved me and i said it back, but i just don't feel it for real. he's had it hard lately and i don't want to make it worse, what should i do???

Haley 6 years ago

ok i have a boyfriend that ive been dating for almost two months. but im in love with my ex.... me and my ex were on and off for a year. and he wass a asswhole to me. he says when he dumped me a week later he knew he was wrong cuz he thought i cheated. but he was to stubburn to admit it. so he painted this evil girl so he can get over me. well i have a boyfriend that i like but my ex says he likes me. and now im confused. idk if hes just playing tricks with me to get me to break up with him so he can say he dont really like me or hes serious about still liking me. i love my ex like really alot but i dont want to hurt my bf. or should i stay with my bf and risk losing my love of my life in hopes and falling for my bf? HELP ME??????

Haley 6 years ago

ok i have a boyfriend that ive been dating for almost two months. but im in love with my ex.... me and my ex were on and off for a year. and he wass a asswhole to me. he says when he dumped me a week later he knew he was wrong cuz he thought i cheated. but he was to stubburn to admit it. so he painted this evil girl so he can get over me. well i have a boyfriend that i like but my ex says he likes me. and now im confused. idk if hes just playing tricks with me to get me to break up with him so he can say he don't really like me or hes serious about still liking me. i love my ex like really a lot but i don't want to hurt my bf. or should i stay with my bf and risk losing my love of my life in hopes and falling for my bf? HELP ME??????

elle 6 years ago

i have only been seeing my boyfriend for nearly 2 months and it feels like years he is so serious planning years ahead and im just thinking about that day! he is so clingy so i just cant take it any more! i really don't want to hurt him but what makes it harder is that we live in the same flat in our student halls so i still want to be friends but i don't want to be with him! any advice??

sadgirl 6 years ago

Elle i know what you mean. I have the exact same situation but he's so nice and i don't want to hurt him. :( plus i'm falling for one of my best guy friends. If i dump him everyone will be mad at me because he's so sweet, but if i don't, i'm unhappy. no one wins. of course, no one ever really does.

BkBella 6 years ago

ok so i have a boyfriend and we have been on and off 3 years,i really really love him, but i feel as though im on a whole new different level in everything.He's 25 and im 18 and i just feel that im just more mature when it comes to certain situations than he is.In conclusion i just feel the need to just single and see what more life has to offer but its hard to let him go because we have been through a lot.what should i do??

Jennifer 6 years ago

i'm going out with a guy, i really liked him atfirst and he i nicest thing every. i jusdont like him anymore

shenay-nay 6 years ago

break-ups r so dffclt but if ur not happy or just dnt see the need to be with some1 then don't make ur own life miserable just bcoz u dnt wanna hurt that person, its hard at 1st but u'll get ova it we all do sooner or later...dnt date sum1 jst for the sake of dating them, coz u culd be goin in2 a dark tunnel nt knwing wat to expect...wen i mean for the sake of dating them it just means that u like them ryt naaw coz ther so hot or ther so funny blah blah blah, bt in that case u gtta think long term,nd i dnt mean a whole year, just that: am i datng this person coz i really want 2, do i see myself being with this person for a mnth or 2, or wuld this realtionship be like a slice of cake,that ur nt really hungry for bt it lookz so yummy uve jt gt to hve it, but then one slice away u realize that u dnt really want it any more...

Alice 6 years ago

That helps me a lot!! I'm going to break up with him 2morow in school.. I like him actually and he's kinda nice to me.. But I just hate him!! Ergghh!

not willing to share 6 years ago

this helped me a lot! i just found out my boyfriend has been hanging with other girls, and don't get me wrong, he is not cheating on me. he is a nice guy and would not cheat on me but he is way too flirt to have a girlfriend and makes me feel like crap a lot

1 so yeah hate to ending it

Claire 6 years ago

thanks for the help... this article has sorted a lot of things out for me.

My boyfriend is way too clingy, and he's making plans for five ten years down the line... I'm sixteen, and he's only seventeen, I need to love my life, and now I realise that I can't do that with him...

I've never really broken up with anyone before, I've just been a bit of a bitch for a few days and they've told me to back off... it made me feel better because I wasn't the one to be causing the hurt... now I know how wrong of me that was, and my current bf just doesn't want to take the hint.

I know what I'm going to do, and thank you for giving me hints on how to do it. :)

??? 6 years ago

MY bf and i have been going out for 4 months and i like him.. only like him. He told me he loved me a day after he asked me out!!! he is extremely clingy and he is always by my side... at first i thought it was sweet, but now its just annoying. Also, all my friends HATE him.. and im starting to see why. I wanna break up with him.. but im gonna feel bad becuz he has a bad home life and says that... i am the best thing that happened to him... btw im 14 and hes 15.. if u can help.. i would appreciate it! THANKS!

Lizzie 6 years ago

I've been dating a guy who said he liked me about three days ago. Yeah, a short time, I know. I have always been really bad at relationships - I find them so awkward. Anyway, I thik he really likes me, and I try to play along, but somehow I just can't seem to like him.

I thought that maybe if I gave it time, we would be comfortable with each other, but I know that this is not the case. I've been here before. Truth is, I like him, but I don't like him enough to date him, and I don't want to continue this relationship.

I know, maybe I should try it out a bit longer, but I KNOW this will NOT get anywhere, and the longer I postpone it, the more it well hurt when I end it. I know that three days is SO short - but this is how I feel, and I feel AWKWARD.

He's really nice, but he's also really sensitive when it comes to break-ups. What's a really good way of breaking up with him, and making HIM look like the cool one who's being treated unfairly?

Brian 6 years ago

Hey, i no this duznt rlly hav much to do with this topic.. but.. i need help. my gf is perfect. i love her. i havnt told her yetbut i was going to. but then one day i just happun to find out that she is moving halfway across this country, on the day i found out. at first i thout it waz a joke. she didn't even tell me she waz moving. i gess tht meant tht our relationship was over. i am crushed. and i still am after 1 year now. im heartbroken/worthless/ and i feel terrible. i love her soo much and i always will. wat shood i do? PLEASE!?

Confused... 6 years ago

I've been going out with this guy for a little over a month and he's really clingy. I like him but i just liked being single. It's weird hanging with him and my friends cause all he wants to do is hold me nd stuff but i want to hang with my friends nd he just doesn't get that. I really wanna break up with him but im not sure what to say. Please help?? :\

Jimmy  6 years ago

Hi Confused,

Just tell him straight that he is not that kind of men that you like. But do it at a right place and right time.

Frankly, there is no painless of breaking up. But there are some rules that you can follow so that this "pain" could be minimized.

leena 6 years ago

i met a guy 3weeks ago i do like him but he told me his been in prison for 6years .he has not told me what for he says he likes me a lot but i dnt now if i want to be with him or if i can trust him im confused

Teardrop.. 6 years ago

Well im 20 and my boyfriend is going to be 26 soon, we been dating for 4 months but i feel like he wants to settle and im not ready for that, i wanna go out and do my thing. how do i break up with him?? he just seems so perfect for me and at my age i want to experience life and have fun. what do i do???please

Jimmy  6 years ago

Hi Teardrop,

My thinking is, you got to be sure whether you want to end this relationship or not before taking any further actions.

There are few pointers that you can think it over:

i) do you and your boyfriend has a common and achievable goal?

ii) do you communicate well with him?

iii) are you able to solve your disagreements together? In your case, you might want to let him know about your plan that you wanna go out and do your own thing. See what he says.

iv) do you feel good with this relationship?

The above are just some of the pointers. In fact, there are a lot more that you need to think over...

help 6 years ago

been in a relationship for 4 years and i just don't love her anymore this is not going to be nice but it has to be done

Jimmy  6 years ago

Hi Help,

My view is, it doesn't matter how long have you been in the relationship. To me, if it is an unhappy relationship, you just have to do it even though it is not going to be easy.

Silent 6 years ago

I have just told this lad I didn't like him at the start. So he is now saying he will never talk to me again... I really hate him now but can't get over it!!! Btw he's 14 I'm 15. Please helpp!!! x

Help? 6 years ago

Yeah umm, I need to break up with my boyfriend.

He's just so clingy- to the point where he would actually follow me around a room like a lost puppy, especially at parties where I just want to socialize and he's constantly on my trail. I don't want to hurt him since he's done nothing wrong to me it's just I've go to the point where I can't bare him any longer. He's 18 and I'm 16 and I'm his everything but ild rather let him go than lead him on anylonger. I just need the perfect way just to say "let's just be friends" since ild hate to permanently block him ou of my life since he's such a lovley person.

H.E.L.P 6 years ago

Hi, this article really opened my eyes on my relationship. Thank You. Well, the thing is, I've been with this guy for nealy one month and he was the one to ask me out. I said ''Yes'' but now i'm starting to regret it. He's kind of clingy and stuff but he's shy too. I'm realising that i don't love him ... And i wanna break up. I really really miss being single because right now i feel tied down to him. :( But i don't want to break his heart and i'll really feel guilty but i'm can't stop imagining myself single and HAPPY. But the other thing is everybody in my school will judge me, like saying i'm a ''heartbreaker'' or something like that... I'm only 14 but i don't see him and i going anywhere. What should i do ??? I'm lost. Completley.

Wolfy 6 years ago

Thank you so much for writing this article. I have been with my b for about 6 years. I really care abou him, and now I know how to break up with him in a less hurtful way, thank u sooooo much!!! =]

CoCo 6 years ago

me and my bf have only been going out for like a week, but now that I think about it I liked him more just as a friend, but he really likes me like A lot! what should I do?? :/

mav 6 years ago

this might not help me it is a useless and it will brake my boyfriend's heart... and i love him but at the same time i hate him. so help me here.

Flirter 6 years ago

Hey! Well I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 months, and he REALLY LOVES me… A lot. I mean, everyone thinks of me as one of the first class girls in the school, and my boyfriend is probably in the third class. And everyone tells me, "you KNOW you can get a better guy than him!!" or "You're outta his league!!" and I know that's true but I'm the best thing that happened to him. But th truth is... I'm still in love with my ex. I don't know why because it's been almost 4 months since my ex broke up with me but it's SO FRICKEN HARD to get over him... And my boyfriend right now... He told me he loves me since the day he asked me out and I did love him since the day he asked me out too but when he says he loves me now, all I say is "aw" to give him hints that I don't really love him but he's so lovestruck with me that he can't see me not loving him.

And the reason I don't love him but just like him alittle is that whenever I talk about my ex he always suspects I like my ex, or when I talk about my best guy friends he always is like "Ugh, I'm a little jealous that you like him."

the second reason is that he always wants to touch me and kiss me infront of my friends to tell them that we are really in love but he told EVERYONE in the school that we kissed and I didn't want everyone to know.

And if I break up with him he's going to cry and tell everyone all these lies about me and I don't want him to. So how should I break up with him?

James  6 years ago

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for 6 months on the 5th of this month and i love her to bits and all but it just aint working, we are arguing near enough every night. I felt so lucky at first to have her but now its not the same its just a big mess. She said if i ever left her she wont be able to love again and she will end up doing something stupid and that's what im scared of. i feel as if i need to be with her forever now that she said that and i need some freedom, im not allowed to go to my school prom because she thinkgs ill end up doing something :/ but im not like that and she doesn't believe me.. please helps guys its breaking me insidee.

katrinky923 6 years ago

the most important aspect in any relationship is being truthful to yourself and whom you are dating, whether it be a day, a week, a month, a year, etc. If you are no longer interested in being with that person, the longer you take to break it off, the more painful it will be for both parties (you will feel extreme guilt and the other will obviously feel pain). No two people are always meant to be together and you will know when you find the right person. Sometimes, things just don't work out. The smarter and more kind, caring, and thought-out you are about yours and the other person's feelings, the better relationship karma you will have in the future!

Confused 6 years ago

My boyfriend & I have been dating for 4 years & we have a child together. I really don't want to be with him anymore, but all of his family lives in another state. I feel sorry for him, he has no where to go, no family & he's really shy. But I can't do it anymore. I have love for him, but I'm not in love with him. I'm tired of suffering & pretending to be happy when I'm not. How do I go about this? I can't just kick him to the curb with no place to go..

nay-nay 6 years ago

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 4 yrs now. He is driving me crazy. He has severe OCD. He gets mad at everything. punches himself in the head repeatedly and cleans cleans cleans obsessively. He won't let me have friends or let me see my family. He tries to controll everything I do. He has no job and takes all of my money. We both have kids from previous marriges and he treats my younger son like complete shit. But his little girl can do no wrong. She gets away with everything. He is always mean to me when I make honest mistakes. I have no life. I want to leave but he threatens me. Can someone give me some advice?

Britt 6 years ago

um nay nay, sorry but it sounds like you need to dump your boyfriend, he sounds like an ass whole and its one thing to mess with u but with ur son, if i were u i wuld dump him, live with ur family till u find a new home for a fresh start! and if he asks why....bitch slap him (actually don't, that culd make things worse) just give him a dirty or something...he is an idiot to question ur motives.

okay my opinion haha okay well wow this was really helpful! ive been feeling sooo guilty all day about thinking bout breaking up with my bf but the truth is im not ready for a relationship and i think of him more of a mate then a bf! this is good stuff, im bookmarking it! thanks heaps

me ....  6 years ago

im kinda lost ... its the first time that im going out with some one and i really don't know what to do ... my bf is cool but we hv been going out 4 almost a week and we hvnt even hugged yet,all we do is walk home 2gether. may b its just too early to start worrying bout that,but i wanted a boyfriend not a best friend ... should i break up with him or not ? ...

Broken Gal. 6 years ago

k, my boyfriend and i are... ok, we've been going out for almost 2 months. but i haven't liked him half the time we were going out. and im to gutless to do it. + he told me he "REALLLLLY REALLLLY REALLLLLY LIKES ME. MAYBE EVEN LOVES ME." and i cant do it. im too nice :S what should i do?

..... 6 years ago

if u don't lyk him than hes just going to hv to understand u ... u cant make ur self feel bad just to make some one else happy ...even if he really really really lyks u u hv to think ov urself 2 ...some times there are things that we just hv to do no matter how painful it is 4 other people ... just try to b nice and to make him understand ur point ov view .... ( btw this is just my opinion u mite not agree with it )

kelsey 6 years ago

ive been dating sum1 for 3 months all my friends hate him n think hes a douche but i didn't listen to them

and now i wish i had hes to clingy n im sick of him stickin to me like welcro Help PLEASE Xx

6 years ago




Alors 6 years ago

I feel like a really bad person... And no, I didn`t cheat or do anything nasty to me boyfriend.

The problem is... I don`t know what the problem is. He is so good to me always, and I can be pretty bitchy at times. He`s always there for me, he`s always the one to end an argument and be a grownup, so mature, so thoughtful.

For 6 months we`ve went to sleep together and woken up in one bed next to each other. The relationship is smooth, no big fights, he never made me cry, the sex is great, I do love him, he wants to marry me. But... always there is a but.

It doean`t feel right, and the fact there there is no particular reason drives me crazy. I feel like such a jerk because I`m thinking of breaking up with him for like 2 months now, I`m praying for him to give me a reason or dump me. He never does, no reason, always so sweet.

We come from different background and families. My parent are always getting me those guys to look at, from families `suitable`. I`m studying to be a doctor, and he... he`s just working, no education. I just know, that if i marry him, in time it will go sour, coz we`re very different.

I don`t want to hurt him, the thought of how I`m gonna miss him makes me wanna cry... but this has to end, it`s just unfair to him. I don`t know how... i`ve tryed, but he`s just too good, always know how to make it better.

hayley 6 years ago

ive been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half months but the reason i want to break up with him is because right now he is pretty much perfect. he treats me good doesn't hold me to any boundaries or make me do things i dnt wanna do. he lets me go out with my guy friends and hang out with my friends and still have my own life - with him in it. but i know it wont last. soon enough i can see hell become clingy and well fight about pointless things for days and stuff like that and i don't want to put myself through that because its a waste of time.

how can i break up with him, because this reason seems stupid and obviously wont make sense because he is a guy and hell think im the biggest bitch.

so any advice would be good :)

he3artbr3aker 6 years ago

ive been with my bf for a month now. And we r perfect for eachothr, just a little too perfect, we nvr argue or anything. Plus he worries about me too much. Lately when we talk, it seems like we r talking as just friends, and i guess im getting bored of our relationship. We nvr see eachothr, so it feels like a long distance relationship, which i don't like. my bf doesn't know i feel this way, and i don't know how he feels about our relationship. I know it sounds weird, but i miss being single, and i want to look for someone else now. I don't know how he'll take the breakup, he's a sesnitive guy. This is my first relationship, and i don't know how to end it. Any advice is wanted, PLEASE?!

liv 6 years ago

this is great, my boyfriend is in his first relationship, i respect that but he is way to cheesy and his laugh gets on my nerves, he pushes me to kiss him, like i have to almost, not a choice.

i gave him the silent treatment to see if he knew what i was getting at, he ignored me and stuff

so when i see him im gonna tell him nicely and stuff

thanks this helps a lot

Now what ?? 6 years ago

I've been with my bf for around 7 months and at first he was really lazy and wouldn't do any thing to make the relationship better i told him about it and then e just said it's because i'm leaving so my minds not here right now and at that moment i loved him too much to dump him but recently i've stopped loving him but i didn't know for sure so i did nothing for a while but the other day i saw him and he went to kiss me but i moved away i didn't do it on purpose but i just did so to me that means i don't love him any more, does it ?? any way i won't be able to see him until the 2nd of september so how can i tell him it's over ?? as if i ask him out some where to do it he'll take it the wrong way. Seriously confused right now !! By the way he's nearly 14 and i'm 16 that's probably why i feel it should end as well because one i can see him more as a friend then any thing else and two i'd like to concentrate on my school work now but when he's there and i want to work he's always annoying me and nicking things it's getting me down all of this plus my friends hate him a lot because he treats them badly, S.O.S

Someone confused 6 years ago

Hi, I've been dating my bf for just over a week or two and he's currently on holiday for two weeks. For the first few days he was gone, all I could do was think about him 24/7 and now, one week before he comes back,I feel empty and no emotion. When I speak to him over msn every evening he tells me how much he misses me and how much he loves me. I say the same to him but idk if I still like him. He's soo lovely and soo kind but I just don't feel any love. Is this love sick or shall I give it a little while and meet up with him and see how I feel or end it??pleasehelp. Thnks.

JustBrokeUp 6 years ago

i just broke up with my boyfriend the other day and i feel terrible about it! i know it was the right thing to do as i had mixed feelings. He is the perfect guy. when people describe what they want out of a boyfriend they practically describe him. Hes always caring and understands whatever i say to him. Hes not done anything wrong so i don't know why i feel like this? we had been together for four months. i went out with him because he was so sweet and new he wouldn't do anything to hurt me, but im his first real girlfriend and he says i make him happy. he was depressed before we went out and shy and withdrawn, when we went out he got better and felt more comfortable with himself but he says hes going to go back to that now. im afraid everyone will hate me because i have no real reason i don't want to be with him apart form i don't want a serious relationship like what he wants.. im so confused.. help?

Guilty 6 years ago

So I should preface this by saying that I feel horrible. I've been on and off with this guy for nearly 2 years because my parents didn't like him; he's been mean to me at times but says that it was only because he thought it would make us both give up. After a while, I finally did give up. I found a really sweet guy. After dating him for about 2 weeks, my ex called me and told me that he loved me and wanted to be with me. He didn't know about my new boyfriend. Oh, and my ex wants to have a long distance relationship 1700 miles apart from eachother because he moved. It's now 2 weeks later, and I still have no idea what to do. I like both, but love one. Do I choose the boy that's broken my heart multiple times (the one that I love), or the new guy that my parents like and is really sweet to me? Help!

Jessica 6 years ago

:( miss being single

:Lnotsure 6 years ago

i gotta break up with my boyfriend i just don't know how. i already dumped him once and then got back with him. but i don't look forward to seeing him. i always make excuses and i really don't love him. i just not sure how :L

guilty 6 years ago

I tried to break up with my boyfriend a couple of days ago before I had read this article and I broke one rule; I let him talk me back into the relationship... I told him that I didn't feel the same way about him that he feels about me but we decided to try and make it work. the problem is that I don't want to make it work. I make excuses when he wants to see me and I don't look forward to seeing him anymore. And now that I've told him that I don't really have feelings for him anymore, it's so awkward for me to be around him. What do I do???

ohh man 6 years ago

well i have a gf... im 22..we have been together for a year now..she is simply the sweetest girl iv met..and she loves me a lot...she does things for me no one has ever done..iv been with a lot of girls..but she is the only one i cud trust..i leave her in a corner and wen i come back she is still there... she shows me that she loves me every SINGLE DAY..says wanna be with me forever all the time.. makes me feel like im the best looking guy in the world..she is just too great..buttttttttt......i do care about her..but no matter how much i try..or how much i want to make it work with me...i cant..coz i don't love her..and she is someone i really cant hurt..she so serious about us...i know there is noway to end this without hurting her...but what can i do? also afraid that one day i might regret losing her... coz she is everything a guy wants...but i just don't love her..if imgonna be with someone...i want someone i really love...

ohh man 6 years ago

whattt theeeeeeeee hellll am i supposed to dooo??

help 6 years ago

i'v been going out with my boyfriend for 3 years now and i love and he is perfect but im really young still i only just turn 18 and he is so nice and caring and loves me so much and would do anything for me and he is so great and so easy to talk and hang out with, with out being judgemental but i want to have fun and meet new people but i still want to have him and not loose him but i know if i brake it up with him he will never want to talk to me again.. what should i do??

Amy 6 years ago

I have known my best friend for 10 years now and right before this semester of school started, and its been almost 2 months now. Everyone is so proud of him that he finally got me..but it's just not working out! I feel like I have changed way too much from the girl that he met and got to know. Now, there's pretty much language barrier between us and I can't talk to him about anything. I really miss those old days when we were stuck like glue to each other, but these days I'm just craving for some personal space. I never really ever get to see him and when I do, its in the hallways at school with a group of other people. We never get alone time! I really have to end it soon but idk how to do it! HELP?!

Confuseed, NEED A RESPONSE ASAP  6 years ago

So i have been dating this guy about for two and half month and in the first month everything was perfect but since we celebrated our second month things started to change, he is too much all up in my space. He says he loves me and im the only one who makes him happy and i cured his heart after so much badluck. I like him a lot, but i don love him. He takes this relationship so serious like were about to get married. We are only 15 . He is a sweet heart and he is a perfect , he never hurt me and he is alwys so sweet and caring. He tries to keep me happy 24 7 , like he is the definition of perfect boyfriend but he is just not for me. I told him i need my space and he said he will change but i thought about and decided, if i love him , i wouldn't ask him to change, i know this is going to hurt him a lot but this has to be done. We have been getting into stupid fights and he will always take the blame although its not his fault. This is so stressfull , i like him but i don't know how to break up with him with minimal pain and i don't want to lose him as a friend. HE IS AMAZING but i don't know what to do :( PLEASEE HELP and im sorry if this is long.

Carlos 6 years ago

For Confuseed, NEED A RESPONSE ASAP. The longer you wait the harder it gets to get him away from you. Do it now! Don't wait even one more second. When you do break up, don't answer his calls or his emails, block him and be sure your friends are helping by keeping him away from you.

Good luck to you

Millie 6 years ago

right, well me and my boyfriend have been together for nearly 3 months, and he doesn't make any effort, he's lovely on msn and texting, but when we're together, its rubbish, he doesn't feel the same though. I don't know how to dump him, because he's full on in love with me :\ help meee!

Please help!:( 6 years ago

My boyfriend is really lovely and hasn't done anything wrong. He tells me he loves me all the time and would do anything for me. He says there's no-one else he'd want to spend the rest of his life with, he's REALLY into me and I don't even know why. He made the first move in the relationship and I just sort of went with it at the start because I thought I might like him too. I do love him, but I'm not sure I do in a romantic way. I've tried telling him this nicely but he just freaks out and asks me to promise him I won't leave him. I find that really hard to do, so I just say "whatever happens, I'll still be here."

We've been going out for 8 months but he lives far away and we only get to see each other about once or twice a month, and not for long. When we are together we don't really do much other than snuggle or be intimate. We don't have much in common so we don't talk about things very much, only what the day was like and when the next time we'll be free to talk is, etc. (That's really frustrating because there's never anything to say anyway). He always asks what I want to talk about and I'm like, "uhhh..." - because he never knows what to talk about either. It's always so forced. He spends a lot of his free time pursuing his interests whilst he's not at work. I can't hold that against him, and don't really want to get in the way of his ambitions either.

I know I need to break up with him but I just don't know how, I really don't want to hurt him because he doesn't deserve the hurt...but he doesn't deserve the hurt of how I'm feeling now either. It's taking a lot out of me and I feel a bit trapped. He's been dumped twice before in the past, for poor reasons, so obviously I don't want to cause him more hurt, but I know pity love is wrong too...I really don't want to come across as a jerk about this, I'm lost about how to do it properly.

Thanks in advance if you've taken time to read this and reply. x

/\ Previous poster 6 years ago

I was the previous poster just now. Guess I've been a jerk already because I didn't comment about the post! :P Thank you very much for it, it's slightly cruel but true and it's helped me sort of my mind a little. Still insanely lost though! Haha.

Mandy 6 years ago

I have been dating this guy for 3 yrs, and am just not in love with him anymore. I feel horrible, and keep telling myself this is just a phase that every couple goes through, but it's not ending. I don't know what to do. I'm 30 and wanna have kids by 33, what if I don't find anyone as good as him, cuz he's pretty great. Ahhh!!

Sally 6 years ago

Im 20 and have a 27 yr old boyfriend of over 2 years. :/

We met when I was in high school, and I only dated him because he seemed sweet and was the "token asian."

He became verbally and emotionally abusive after around 5 months and this continued for around 1.5 years until recently.

I fell out of love with him, and frankly I never wanted to marry a Chinese. I wanted a Japanese. Well, I have tried leaving him a few times, but it is really hard since we live together and he will just freak out.

IDK, I think he would be happier with someone else, and I know I would be much happier with a Japanese guy, because that is my specific fetish. The other day, on the internet I met a Japanese guy and was like freaking out he was so gorgeous. He always talks about helping me buy stuff when i study abroad, but I am always like, "NO...don't buy me anything. o__o" because I am trying to find a place to move into so I can leave him. I have tried showing no affection, not asking him how he is, not cooking for him, and basically ignoring him in hopes that he will grow apart and find someone else...but it isn't working yet. D:

It is so difficult lol.

daisy  6 years ago

hello im finding it hard to break up with him im 12 but i asked him out i don't want to go out with him but im scared to speek to him and hug him i want to do it on msn how do i do it nicely with out making all of his friends hate me because we are like good friend befor that's why i don't like it i don't think i like change please can some one help

Bella 6 years ago

I've been dating the perfect man for a year now. He's sweet, caring, articulate, responsible, supportive, loving, and understanding. He's the ultimate catch and would give the world for me. I love him and really care about him but..... (there's always a but) the sexual chemistry isn't there. I know sex isn't a legitamite reason alone to break up with someone, especially when everything else is perfect. However, I'm a very sexual person and always have been and its a bigger downer that I initially realized. We've had 3 convo's about 3 hrs long each about "fixing" our relationship. It's hard to fix something so complicated. Like I said, I love him and the relationship is great minus that 1 major infraction. So now to the advice.... Should I leave because we can't get our sex life together? Or should I just stick it out?

And if I should leave, how do I go about doing so?

this sucks 6 years ago

FML :(

sadness 6 years ago

well my girlfriend and i have been fighting for the past 2 days. we've shed too many tears together and we've burned too many bridges. nothing seems like it will be the same. its pretty hard to deal with. i've been seeing her for over a year and a half. we're falling apart and im becoming depressed again. how do i move on? what can i do to keep us from getting hurt? we want it over but we're too attached.

rayray 6 years ago

my story is a lot different than anyone else on here. i'm 27 and my boyfriend is 30. we have been together for 8+ years. we have been living together almost the entire time. we have been through some seriously difficult times, and have done some fucked up things to each other, but through it all we stayed together and always worked it out. the past 2 years we have been kind to each other and gotten along very well. i love him with all my heart, he is my best friend. but that is all. we have absolutely no sexual chemistry whatsoever. we have sex maybe once a month and it is SO boring. he has issues with connecting and being truly intimate with me. but although he has a pretty good job, he will have an extremely hard time finding somewhere else to live (i am the main breadwinner). This does matter to me because i still care about him SOOO much. i mean, i love him. but he also has zero ambition, all he ever wants to do in his free time is sit on the couch and watch tv. i want something different, something more. i feel like i deserve romantic love. i was 18 when we started to date, and i've never experienced life on my own. i feel like i need to experience that feeling of independence. but i'm scared as well. i know what needs to be done, but i can't figure out how to do it and stay strong myself. and then there is the matter of all of our stuff, and our bills. . .our lives are completely intertwined. how do we untangle them? i know that although he makes me happy, it's only as a friend, and i am completely dissatisfied with this relationship. 8 years is such a long time. i could honestly use any advice.


6 years ago

I need some serious help. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years, and at first he was kind of a rebound guy. Theni soon fell in love with him and really thought he was the one. Were both in our 20s, but he dropped out of community college and I am currently going for my masters degree. I suffer from severe depression, and he has been there for me every step of the way. He constantly tells me I'm beautiful and that he wants to marry me, but I don't feel the same way. I let him know how I was feeling, ut he said he would stay with me until I got rid of him. Now I want to break it off, but I'm so overly emotional and sensitive that i get physically sick every time I try. I can't imagine my life with him, but I also can't imagine my life without him. Please please help, its tearing me apart.

betty 6 years ago

Well just send a friend to dump him for you REMEMBER tell them what to say.....And any ways there is a lot more boys out there ....... right?

What do I do? 6 years ago

So I've been with my bf for only a day. I thought I really liked him, but now I realize I don't. He says he's liked me since he first saw me, and I'm actually not allowed to date. He goes to a different school than me. I just don't want to hurt him too much. What should I do?

AJ 6 years ago

i'm too young to have a serious relationship and it has gone way too far already!!! i need help here!!! how can i dump him??? what can i say??? by the way he is really nice and i like him a lot but you know.....

MAshleyF 5 years ago

Hi. I've been dating this guy for 6mo, and I'm his first girlfriend. He talks like we'll be together forever, we're only in 8th grade! The real kicker? HIS MOM loves me to death. She says she couldn't imagine anyone better for him! In truth, he's just not for me. He's going through his awkward phase. My family nor my friends like him. I have to see him every Wednesday (We go to the same dojo and switching is NOT an option.) and sometimes Fridays. Plus he's not school-smart, but he's dyslexic so that's not his fault. And he has autism (not severe, but still), and I simply can't break his heart. Period. Help me please!

So confused 5 years ago

Okay so i've been going out with guy for a year now. But i don't like him anymore. He says he loves me. Like he wants to marry me someday. But i'm on 14. I think that's taking it way to fast. And i've broken up with him before and then we go back together now i feel guilty doing it again. But i can't concentrate on anything anymore! I have no freedom! I really wanna get out of this relationship its just so hard....since he still likes me so much...I desperatly need help.

katie 5 years ago

my boy friend and i have been dating almost 2 weeks, im in 9th grade, and hes really sweet, but he always walks by me, its like we don't even know each other, hes sososoo akward, and it bothers me! freshman formal is about a month away and i don't wanna leave him hanging, but i want to be happy...

Please help asap!!!!! 5 years ago

Okay so I've been going out with my boyfriend for just over two months, and I only just met him a month before that. We were at a sleepover with some mates and we all got a bit drunk, and we kissed and slept in the same bed all night. The thing is, he had only had a small amount of beer, and I was completely pissed, some things I'm still unsure about from that evening. Okay, now, this is gonna sound really complicated, but in the July before I met him, I met another guy, who I completely fell in 'love' with. He had a girlfriend, but I couldn't stop thinking about him every day, we talked over facebook every day, we even went to London together one day. I continued to spend weeks thinking about him, it was like my whole life revolved around his. But when I met my current boyfriend, I really only said yes just to escape from myself. I thought if I dated him then my feelings for the other guy might disappear. And at first, they did, I felt so free for the first time in so long. But now, I'm really starting to go off my bf, he's nice to me all the time, he's so perfect, he always tells me he loves me, but.. I just don't feel the same at all anymore. We see eachother once a week, twice if we're lucky, and this is the only excuse I can think of to dump him. I don't want to break his heart and I think my friends will hate me. And I know his mum, and he knows mine, and I'll feel sooo bad. Also, my feelings for the other guy have not gone, and I don't think they ever will. His girlfriend has recently broken up with him and I'm wondering whether this may be my only chance to tell him that I am in love with him before he gets another girlfriend. I don't know what to say to my boyfriend though!!! I'm so scared, I've got exams and the moment too and my bf is constantly speaking to me and I really need to be given time to study. Please, please can someone help me, this is all making me so sad, depressed and lonely :( I'm 14, so I know you probably think it's stupid for me to be 'in love' at this age, but I swear I really am. Please please please please reply because I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. P.s. Thanks for the post, tips could come in handy.

Cassidy 5 years ago

Okay I need some help. I am 14, freshman this year. I want to break up with my boyfriend but I don't want to hurt him. We started going out on December 1st at school, and we went out to public places several times. About a month later, (January 1st, 2011) we went out to the movies, with my little brother. Well we finally made out, I didn't want to, but he did. So I was like whatever... Then that night when I got home I got grounded for a week. So I wasn't able to txt or call him... Then all of a sudden at school he starts to slowly ignore me... Last week we had Mid-Terms and because I lost my voice he started talking to me. He got me so mad that I was crying. And then like today was the FIRST DAY SINCE JANUARY 1ST THAT I GOT A TEXT MESSAGE FROM HIM.

17 DAYS LATER... I really don't know how to say its over.. but I would really love to say its over to him tomorrow at school, but I am totally afraid because all my friends are ALWAYS

Confused  5 years ago

I'm so confused. I have no idea what to do and I REALLY need some advice and help.

Am i crazy!? 5 years ago

Okay... I like the guy I'm with have been with him for 3months and have known him for maybe a year. When I met him I had been single and was debating who I had wanted to go out with... him.. or this other guy I had been interested in.... I chose the other guy and I dated him half a year.... I fell in love with him... head over heels... but he had problems and I was young and I just knew that I needed to do the right thing and broke both of our hearts sitting in subway sobbing with my bff for suport... well not long after I find myself gettin closer with my current bf.... and started datin him.... he is great! parents like him and we don't argue we have fun and he doesn't have probs like my ex did.... but when it comes down to it... I jus know its not right... we get along great comunication is great... but I know its not right... am I crazy for not wanting what's right here in front of me... what is quite perfect and instead going to sleep missing the crazy physco I call my ex... and feeling guilty when I have more feelings for my crazy ex than the good guy right infront of me... and the sad thing is that my bf could tell it wasn't workin right and called me out on it... and instead of taking the opportunity I told him ways to make it work.... and we get along so well that it really could last along time... and I really wouldn't hate being with him but it will nevr be enough for me.... should I just get rid of him..... all I can think is that we work well together... but its not right and I'm giving him false hope.... what do I do....?

it comes down to you... 5 years ago

ight, ive been with my gf for 9 months Valentine's Day is coming up and i really want everything to be fairy tale perfect. shes my princess and i love her, but lately we have been fighting over the absolute dumbest things, ex (games of snake on my android, whos house were sleeping at, when to do laundry, just unimportant things. our fights rarely lead to a break up and that only last the car ride home then were back together and joking about how dumb that was. recently she began to complain about me and use phrases like other boyfriends wouldn't do this, and your so mean wow. listen ive never been mean to this girl in my life i love her every second and do everything for her. these verbal attacks really get to me and i tell her to stop, with little progress so far i don't know how much longer its going to work. why i haven't broken up for good is because i know why she is lashing out its a mix of anxiety of the future, and senior year of high school, so school ends in two months and after that her stress level of the furure will be less of an issue cause we plan on working together and eventually moving to our own place. and once that takes an inch of progress closer to becoming reality she will surly be releived. im at my folks until i get on my feet. im 18. chill. lol. anyway i really want to stick it out and get to the point without the stress of high school . but on the other hand if her stress is going to cause her to treat me like shit than its not going to work. so if i cant break her of treating me poorly then ima have to break up with her. but the question is how long will i wait for. HOW LONG WILL I FIGHT to keep my love. I SAY FOREVER! i control my life and ill do what i can until i cant and i will continue to be loyal and loving caring and positive. i really cant make a mistake and pass her up as a person for such a pussy ass reason like she called me a name when i was being inconsiderate to her needs and requests and i just wanted to stick to the plan and take a shower with her. am i the wrong one , maybe! theres two sides to every story and she could have even posted hers above this one, or on some other place in the vast internet. i guess i should just talk to her but shes very smart and always seems to tie me up in my words and i either get in trouble cause i say something i don't mean or i end up saying somethign then halfway out realizing that im kinda wrong and she says some rude remark to poor salt on a wound, and then i get mad and retaliate and im now the underdog fighting for neutrality or a twist to give me the upperhand. i really will do anything for my girl, i do love her shes amazing shes permenently in my thoughts and every action of mine is for her or our motifs together, of causre i do tihngs i want but they all involve her lol so im very happy no matter what. i feel like its my purpose and only i am fit, to love and protect and grow with this girl. if i end it with her i beleive my future girls will only be step downs from her personality and traits, im crazy about her, i just wish she would go out and write things like this for me, it would mean the world. i feel a little one sided on the expressing ones love for another. like here i am telling my computer world that i love her and i will fight for her however long it takes, its late at night on a wednesday i have work, i don't care i will suffer for this girl, theres never an excuse for me. u don't think im tired right now, cmon. i really want to make sure im not fighting so hard for someone who just doesn't have the same drive to stay with me as i do to her. and i think that's the core of my issues, am i asking to much, just becaouse im excess in my expressions does it mean that i should expect her to be the same and if not I leave. no. so far i haven't asked a question and not been able to answer it my self this is really helping me sort out and find some little cracks in the foundation of how i handle issues with my gf. NOW WHO THINKS I SHOULD SHOW HER THIS LOL......???????????????

helterskelter 5 years ago

I've been with my boyfriend over 2 years now. He's an amazing guy, practically my best friend, never done anything wrong to me at all. But we lived together for a while then we both had to move back home from university and it's really taking the toll on our relationship.He lives 3 hours away and we go months without seeing eachother sometimes. It's just not enough for me anymore. When we're together everything's perfect but as soon as he leaves it feels like I don't care that much. I need physicality in a relationship and not just sexually either, I need to be able to hang out/socialise/cuddle/fall asleep with them and doing that only once or twice a month just doesn't cut it.

We hardly talk when we're apart and when we do, we literally have nothing to say to eachother. Plus I recently met someone who I can't help but be extremely attracted to which I know is wrong..

I don't want to hurt my boyfriend though,he knows there's something up because he keeps asking me if I'm ok on skype and I just don't know what to do. I've been in a situation like this before with an ex, I didn't end it when I should have done and ended up hurting them a lot more than I should have.

Another thing..If we break up it would make things awkward with our friends as most of them are mutual, we were meant to be going to a weekend long thing in april (probably the next time I see him) with said friends and I don't know what'll happen with that because everything's been paid for.

Please help? What should I do?

Jess 5 years ago

I have only been going out with my boyfriend for 3 and a half months, but its just not the same as it was at the start, we used to talk and text all throught the night and now im lucky to see him maybe once a week outside of work, and its always me making the effort to see him, im the one always travelling to him, im only 16 so cant drive so i have to spend a load of money on buses or taxi's. the other thing is i work with him and i love my job and i don't want it to be akward. He says he loves me but i know i don't love him and feel terrible when he says it and i just smile at him.

But the bigger problem is he hates the area he lives in and wants to move away, his dad wants him to move in with him and that would be a 5-6 hour car journey away,he loves it where is dad lives and is staying were he isn't happy for me. Then only the other day he said he has got a new job and he will be moving about an hour away, but said he will probs come back because of me. I feel like im holding him back from what he really does love and it make me feel awful. I just don't know how to break up with him or when.

nedd some serious help?!?!

Someone who says no 5 years ago

This is a very insightful page. It makes a lot of sense, but it just does not work with the individual person. Like who they are, what they like to do and how they feel about each other. But now I know that I should not be afraid to break up with my boyfriend, and he will get over it. Im his 3rd girlfriend in 6 months, and he always breaks up with his girlfriends. I wanna be different and show him that he can not always say no.

The Hunter 5 years ago

So i've been dating this girl for 10 months, almost a whole year, anyways she is in 11th grade and im in college so i want to go out and be able to have fun with my friends and go to bars without her always being worried about me cheating (im NOT a cheater) but we were both each others first time and i just want to be done with it all and live the single life what should i do?????? please help :(

The Hunter 5 years ago

So i've been dating this girl for 10 months, almost a whole year, anyways she is in 11th grade and im in college so i want to go out and be able to have fun with my friends and go to bars without her always being worried about me cheating (im NOT a cheater) but we were both each others first time and i just want to be done with it all and live the single life what should i do?????? please help :(

:/ 5 years ago

so ive been dating this guy for a month and i like him and all but i cant feel the connection any more plus he is always hanging around with other girls but he denys that he does ... and i feel like he doesn't want to go anywhere with our relationship . im scared to dump him plus i wanna no how to avoid the awkwardness .. Please help ! :(

Natalie K 5 years ago

My bf and i have been going out for about 5 months. He's sweet, but a lot of people are really mean to the both of us. He's really clingy, and way too serious much too soon. He's constantly asking me on dates, and asking me if he can come over to my house. I let him, but all he wanted to do was make out and feel my butt. -.- And to tell the truth, he's not an amazing kisser, so it's not pleasurable. I love him and all, but it's getting a bit annoying. I really don't want to hurt him or turn him into my enemy. i know hurting him is def going to happen, but I don't want to loose one of my closest friends. Any advice at all? Wait to the end of the school year to dump, or do it now?

natori 5 years ago

ok i'll keep it simple i've been with this guy one day! I thought i wanted to have a boyfriend but he just isn't for me i barely know him and we are constantly argueing ALREADY'! I don't want to be mean about it but i just want to be single again i miss it!(: what do i do!

umm... 5 years ago

so. i've been dating this guy for 7 months... and he hasn't kissed me or anything. Also, he's been getting really, how do i put this, obsessed(?). He gets upset if i don't text him back like five mintues after he texted me. He also gets really pissed about the smallest things. like he complains about his life sucking so bad because his mom takes away his playstation and computer. I understand that he feels abandoned because his dad left when he was born and came back into his life on his 17th birthday but he didn't want him to. but he makes his life seem so hard and it's not really. he has an easy life compared to some people him and I both knoe. He also calls some of my BEST friends sluts, hoes, bitches, and all this rude stuff and when i tell him to stop he just continues. I want to breakup with him, but i don't want to be mean about it because he's really sensitive. and everyone thinks he's nice so i don't want them thinking I'm a bitch for doing it. I also don't really want to meet face to face with him because if we do, it'll be really awkward if I breakup with him because he'd end up still being there for another two hours because neither of us can drive and both of our parents work late, plus he's really lazy so he won't walk home. how do i do thissS?!

worriedgirl 5 years ago

Ive been going out with a guy for 3 months and he keeps flirting with the other 2 girls he used to go out with and he still fancies one of them, and i don't think he really loves me i think he is just using me, but i had a talk to him and he said he isn't he doesn't fancy her anymore but i can tell by the way he looks at her, i don't know if i should stay to him or break up with him, what should i do?

amber 5 years ago

I know my bf isn't the one ,but he is really nice, but I neeed someone more outgoing and social.I just don't want to hurt him cuz I think he really likes me. I was talking to a guy at my school and he said I could do better then I said that not many guys like me. And he said that he wouldn't say that. It got me thinking. I'm gonna give it a few days , but I don't think we will be together much longet. Any advise?

rayray 5 years ago

so i had written a comment about 5 months ago. well, 3months ago i came home an broke up with my boyfriend. it was incredibly difficult and i still think about it, and want him to be my friend and feel sad. but, i also think a lot about myself and trying to become a new person and find and understand myself. i now feel free, i miss a lot of things that being part of a couple gives you, but i am also fine with that, and just discovering alone time and insight. it was incredibly hard to do, and seemed impossible, but i made it happen. the prblem is i consider him such a friend and love, but it hurts him too much to see me really. so i have to accept that i have lost a friend. it is really only that aspect that hurts so much. but i have faith that when more time goes by we will be able to reconnect. i truly hope. but staying with him when my heart was not in it anymore was not doing either of us any favors, and that much i know is true. for certain, my heart was not in it. coming back and reading this that i wrote from a pre-break up perspective only solidifies that.

good luck to all, and yes, it takes so much courage. trust me, you have it. it's worth it.

-ray ray

logan 5 years ago

ive been dating this girl for about 2 years now

i have no clue what to do because i am her first bf and her first kiss and first "everything"

she tells me she just knows that i am her soulmate and personally i don't feel the same way. I know i should break up with her but i do love her and i cant stand to see her that sad... why does dating have to be so difficult?

Sherb 5 years ago

Next Monday will be mine and my boyfriends 7 months.. but I rlly don't want a relationship cuz everytime i get outta one.. im in another one just like tht.. I don't know how to break up with him.. and he tells me tht im the only girl who has nvr cheated on him before and tht im his soulmate.. but i don't feel the same way.. my best guy friend talk all the time and he told me 3 days ago tht he has feelings for me and i might be falling for him but i just don't know.. all my other guy friends mess around with me and ask me "when are you gunna break up with the midget?" but hes taller than me and im just under 5ft..

So my question is for anyone who is reading this.. is breaking up with my boyfriend the right thing to do? and its been soo long and i just don't feel anything anymore..

roxii 5 years ago

ive been with my bf for just over 3 weeks now and he just don't seem in the relationship at all, he always says really sweet things on facebook but he never says them to my face. he was my best friend before we got together but i really don't want to be in the relationship anymore i love him but i love him as a friend, during the 3 weeks weve had quite a few arguments and it just aint working out, and this article just made me think that if we finnish he can find someone who loves him and they get along better than we did. but i don't want to hurt him or ruin our frienship, thank you:)

Tamma 5 years ago

Thanx for this, I want to brake up with my boyfriend but we haven't been dating that long, and apparently he's liked me for 1 year so I am honestly stuck. :PP

help!!! :( 5 years ago

im 13 and have been going out with this boy for 3 weeks, we have been in a relationship before when we were younger and it all was fine, but something didn't click so it ended, then not long ago he asked me out again. i thought that i liked him bk but now i realise that i don't. also he has been saying about how my ex is begging him to dump me so he can go bk out with me when he ended it in the first place!

i think i still feel something for my ex but i don't want to come across as a heartless person and i don't know whether to believe my bf or whether he is saying the things about my ex to see my reaction, he also gloats that hes been going out eith me for longer than my ex did and i feel like im just a prize to be won.

i know i need to end it but i know i will become really emotional and cry and i don't want to, at least not in front of him. i don't want to lose his friendship but it needs to happen. i tihnk i might break up with him tommorrow but im terrfied im going to heart him.

i need help!!! a bit of advice to get me through it. please? :'(

kk_girl 5 years ago

i have been dating this guy for 4 months and we have been through everything together and i don't know how to say we are breaking up in a nice way and what do do plz help me :'(

lemonaid 5 years ago

This was really, really helpful. Thank you so much! I don't hate my boyfriend, but I don't think I should have even started going out with him in the first place. I don't think I even want to be with anyone yet, but he doesn't seem to understand that. I've been making myself uncomfortable to keep him happy, but sometimes I slip and then we're both uncomfortable... It's time for this to stop. Thank you for the amazing article.

anonymous 5 years ago

hey ive ben dating this girl for over a year and a half and i realized its not going anywhere. shes still akward with me when im the outgoing type who tells the dumb jokes that make her pee her pants. meanwhile shes just negative and whatever i say she takes personal and thinks im making fun of her. ima take the advice on breakin up w her. wish me luck

Tuney 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I have only been dating for 19 days. He's 14, and I'm 13, but will be 14 in less than a month. We just got out of school for summer, so I don't get to see him much, but he's always inviting me to go to movies and zoos and amusement parks and stuff with him. I'm not much into him as more than friends, but he's already said he loves me. He was my first kiss, so I thought this should last longer than a relationship I had previously, but I don't think I can last another day. Help, please?

emem 5 years ago

I want to break up with my bf, but I'm not sure how & if this is right. We're together for exactly a month now. But since we've been together, I always think about breaking up with him everyday. It's hard to do so because he always says that he love so much, he's so happy with me, & he want me to be his last. He was actually my first bf, I said yes because I thought I will eventually love him & I could forget the one I love by learning to love him but it didn't help me, yet it made my problem worse. Oohh I really don't know what to do. Should I still continue our relationship & hope for the best or end this now? I'm sorry I become this bitch using someone to forget the one I really love. :(

kitty 5 years ago

Ok. I like this boy I'm not sure if u he like me but me friend is good frien with him n she tell me ge said he like me. I m not sure us that truth. He no I like him but never brings it up when we text. He always asking me do I want to go places with him of course I say yes. I wat to ask him out but I'm just to scared. Tomorrow we going skating. I just hope he ask me out than or I may have to do it or just wait I give him so many hit I know he know I want him to ask me out can someone please. Help me!


Jessica 5 years ago

So I don't like my boyfriend... idk I thought I did, but I just can't see myself in a long term reationship with him. He's about to move ot Tulsa, should I see what happens after the move? OR should I let go beforhand?? Im sooo LOST!

amy009 5 years ago

i have been with my boyfriend for a month and 1 week. hes really sweet n he'd do anything for each other and we are as stubborn as each other, but we don't have anything in common and he knows i aint ready but he keeps playing and i tell him i feel uncomfortable and he planning the future and i don't want to think bout that yet. also whenever i mention my hometown he don't realise how much i miss it and he calls it a foreign country n if i sed that he defends his but he neva happy me defending mine. but thinking bout what he sed when we started going out 'if i lost u i wud do summink stupid i would most likely be an alcoholic but worst' makes me feel guilty and its annoying my mates. am hoping this article will help in hope it won't make him do out stupid

Kaylaa 5 years ago

I'm with this guy straight out of guilt. He annoys the heck out of me, and I'm afraid to dump bc he will be hurt.

bzzzzzzz91bzzzzzzz 5 years ago

do i rely need to tell u kaylaa wut 2 do??? isn't it obvious? BREAK UP WITH HIM! sTOP MAKING EXCUSES AND DO IT! YOU'LL B HAPPIER IN THE END I PROMISS

Rosie 5 years ago

Ok, so I was friends with this guy and all my other friends said we were flirting, he asked me out and we've been going out for about 2 months. We're both 15 and he's already said that he loves me. I don't say it back that often cos I'm failing to see the same way, I mean I really like spending time with him but I just feel a bit awkward when we're making out or something. I did like him a lot in that way to begin with but I think it's gone, I can tell he loves me and is probably the nicest guy I'll ever met, always buys me things and he's so sweet. I would hate to break his heart and would really like it if we stayed friends. This is the first boyfriend I've had and I have no idea how to break up with someone. My friends want us to stay together so they're no help. I just can't see it working and really really need some help! Thank you to anyone who bothers to help.

Geogre 5 years ago

Thanks so much this helped me so much

blairtracy profile image

blairtracy 5 years ago from Canada

Thank you so much. This may be quite helpful for me in the future.

Brianna Lynn 5 years ago

ok thx bc im n a relationship with this guy nd he is super sweet nd stuff but idk if he is the one.......i mean my friend chris nd i have tons n common nd he asked me out too.....i mean really...but anyways thx!!!

what's her name 5 years ago

i whant to end it cause she scares me but i like her more as friend. she wants me to drop everything and move with her and get a sex change all at same time......i want the change but it's to much pressure. i bon't want to hurt her. i wanted friend all she thinks about is sex.

Carolina 5 years ago

Thnx u so much this really helped ive been datung my bf fir like 2 month we dated before for like 4 but i thoughtt i liked him wen he asked me out but idont amd he flirts with thos other girl i think we are better off as friends i hope i don't loose his friendship:) thnx for this it really helped(:

Help1 5 years ago

Im just 14 and so is he, he's great: funny; caring; a lot of things you would ask for in a boyfriend. But, I don't like him. I used to, I was so happy when he asked me out, but over time I have found my feelings for him have changed; I used to really like him in a romantic way, now I really like him as a friend. He's never done anything to hurt me, or pressured me into anything, and he really likes me! He's taking the relationship very seriously an i'm just not ready. I'm 14! we have only been going out about 4 months, we hardly talk at school- this is mostly down to me not liking to display feelings in pubic- but we talk a lot outside. I never start a convo, hoping he'll get a hint, but he's dermined to make it work and I don't have the heart to end it! yet i have to though, i know i do its just when is the time right? as I just said im just 14, it was my brithday this week and he's got me a present. we are meeting this week and i wanted to break it off then, but then it seems as if i'm taking the present and leaving. so I cant then, I wanted to do it face to face because he such a nice guy; but I cant stand to see him hurt by my doing!! :( and anyway how do i word it? 'umm... I really used to like you, but as I've got to know you I just wanna be your friend' nooo! that's a massive hit on his ego, and his been rejected before and i don't want to bring that up.

please help! all my friends LOVE him, and my best friend says wait a while, think it over, but I know its not going to change! He's just not right for me, even though I have so much fun when im with him I don't really FEEL ANYTHING! He's just a really funny friend to me, and he really likes me and wants to get serious. I cant handle it, i'll explode! When I do break up with him, props in a few weeks i'll see him everywhere: in form, in science where i sit oppersit him, maths and nearly all my friends have like at least 1 lesson with him, and they all love him!

I know he won't be mean, i know he won't spread lies, he's not that kinda guy. he'll suffer silently and never complain. GOSH I HATE HOW GOOD HE IS!! I just wish he'd give me a reason to dump him, but he never does. Please help me word it right, please help, I don't want to hurt him at all. he is the nicest most unjerkish guy i have ever met and he needs someone who really likes him, not me.

Brian 5 years ago

I made a poor decision and started dated someone at work. She was so beautiful, and talented and what she does I thought she was out of my league. When I was given the opportunity to date her I jumped at it. A few months later and I'm more interested in my friends and other girls. It seems I'm just not interested in a long term serious situation. Problem is, we run a company together and lots of money is at stake if she takes it poorly. Plus she has given me an iPad, expensive bottles of wine, and all kinds of other pricey gifts you'd not believe. Obviously I return the iPad, but should i give her a parting gift to make up for the dollars spent? I can tell I'm ideal husband material for her and at 29 I should be ready. Unfortunately, I love being single and like my freedom. My advice to everyone else is ask in the beginning for either a non committal relationship or an open one next time. Also, rip of the band aid; some of you are too young and there is so much fun to be had being single. Don't be afraid of expressing your feelings often, that way there are no surprises.

help 5 years ago

I had been on and off with this guy for 3 years when I found out he cheated and I broke it off. Shortly after, I met an amazing guy and began dating him. To make a long story short, I thought I was still in love with the 3 year ex and I left the good guy for him. I now realize that was the biggest mistake ever but im not sure how to break up with this guy again. I feel like such a terrible person for hurting everyone.

What do i do!!!!! 5 years ago

OMG!!!so you guys are gonna think i am a DICK,but this guy asked me out and i told him i liked him but we should wait,so a week later i told him yes,I TOTALLY REGRET THAT YES!!!!!!!!because,,,days later i find out i really don't have fealings for him as an bf,i really think his cute but idk i mean i met this other guy who really knows me and understands my fealings!!! idk wat to do please HELP me.....but i really don't want to hurt this guy feallings !!!:(

idkwhattodo:o 5 years ago

umm ive been going out with this guy for 4 days nd he's really nice but hes so awkward nd he asked me out thru message but honestly i only see us as friends but idk how i shud break up with him :O please help!!!!! :/

feelinbad 5 years ago

im 15 nd my boyfriend is 17 nd weve been going out for a week but to be honest i don't like him that way. all my friends say we look so cute together but i feel like sumtimes we just don't connect nd theres this one guy who is also 15 nd he makes me laugh a lot nd we have so much in commom. i sent my boyfriend a message telling him that i wud like to b friends but he still hasn't read it nd since we like hung out a lot today im scared of what hes gunna say when he does read it..i just don't feel like we shud be going out nomore nd im really scared that hes gunna hate me cuz then most of my friends will put this down on me as well :c ahh grrrrrrrr :/ can sumone please help me deal with this :o

feelingbad 5 years ago

i have been dating my bf for five days and it felt good at first. But now that im starting to get to know him better, i don't see him as more than just a friend. Hes funny and i enjoy his company but i don't see him coming out of the friend zone. Help me PlZ!!1

gjk jv gjlclt 5 years ago

I think that this is really, really, really stupid. Thankyou. I won't be coming again.

gjk jv gjlclt 5 years ago

I think that this is really, really, really stupid. Thankyou. I won't be coming again.

AvengingAngel 5 years ago

My boyfriend has just been diagnosed with both clinical depression and bi polar disorder, I've wanted to break up with him for about a week now but he only found this out two days ago, I want him to know I'm there for him but just as a friend, how do I do this? >,

gummiber 5 years ago

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umm 5 years ago

^ Spells?

tac. 5 years ago

OKAY. i love my boyfriend. or at least like to think that i do...the problem is i know its too hard to be without him. he isn't an a'hole either (to me at least). I just don't like that he still talks to his ex (who he was like obsessed with and technically left me for once) even though he said he stopped. we have a lot of history and again, i love him. but i cant stand that they still freaking talk -__- what can i do?

Monkey4511 5 years ago

Thnx so much I have been looking 4 a web page 2 break up with my bf!!! I like him it's just he doesn't feel rite 4 me.

Georgia Richardson 5 years ago

I have a bf who's in yr 11 and im in yr 8.. i loved him for a week but people are bullyng me jut cuz i wont say who it is i wanna dump him but hes in my form.. i will feel really bad for my self

1 thing you should know bout me.. i have storing feeling :(

imogen harker 5 years ago

Thanks for the article. My boyfriend is really clingy, jealous and already planning our future in only 1 month of dating. But I'm breaking up with him because he's emotionally manipulative towards me. I don't see him very often because I'm so busy, but I want to actually meet up with him in person to be fair. Problem is, I know he will cry and I really don't want to see that because I'll feel too guilty. I don't know what to do.

Responder to Tac: 5 years ago

Now listen here Tac i'm pretty much going through the same thing with my boyfriend diffrence is his ex and him had sex and he went out with her for 8 months he was in love with her & she messed up his other relationship and its hard for me to deal with to honestly

Help me? please! 5 years ago

So i have been dating my boyfriend for like 8 months now and he is soo clingy and just getting on my nerves. He always calls and texts me even if i told him i can't talk right now. I feel like i can't do anything with out him questioning what I'm doing. He gets really upset if i don't text him back or call him all the time and i can't stand it. He acts more like a stalker then an actual boyfriend always asking me where i am at and what I'm doing who i am with he just won't leave me alone. I wanna break up with him but we have been friends for like 5 years before we started dating and we have all the same friends it would be soo awkward afterwards. I have no clue what to do.

Uninterested 5 years ago

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for a month.

Well, our relationship started when I sent him a note about my feelings..

And I got his number and we texted each other a lot and talked about stuff.After like a few weeks we started dating, and then I discovered his true personality-which is clingy,attention hog, and a show off.But in person he's really shy and it's really awkward.Really.-Mostly because we're both shy.

So now that I know him more, I don't like him.I regret sending him a note, and that I should date a guy when I know more about him.

I want to break up with him but..the only time we ever talk is through text.It's stupid yeah. But the thing is,I shouldn't have lead him on.He says that he loves me ten times a day and I say it too.But now I can't take anymore of it and how do I just end it? I mean it's like, I love you one day and I'm breaking up with you the other? I really want to end it now....but I don't want to seem blunt about it XP

Brookieboo :[ 5 years ago

Ive liked this kid jesse for like 2 months and like a week ago my bf broke up with me and my friend ross was like hey do u like jesse? And i was like yeah so ross goes and asks jesse out for me even tho i didn't want that. All he ever wants to do is cuddle im pretty sure hes prude he hasn't even kissed me yet like weve been dating for a week like wtf... Well anyway he freaking stalks my facebook wall he likes EVERY. SINGLE. STATUS. That i post. He stalked my pics liked them all commented on them all. He keeps drawing me pictures and there kinda terrible but its sweet... But its so annoying and his text signature is

Dancer452 5 years ago

So like I've been dating this guy for almost four months now and I am still truly in love with my ex,,, I don't really love the dude I'm with!

the baddie 5 years ago

This article seems really helpful and if she doesn't kill me then hopefully I'll be back on to say it worked.

Been together almost 5 years. We live together & she doesn't have any family around. She does everything & lets me get away with doing very little, which is crazy, why doesn't she make me do more stuff? I appreciate her, I like her & I want her to be happy, but I don't love her and haven't done for a long time. I know that I have to break up with her and I'm going to do it. The problem is that we are probably going to have to still live together after! That's the part I'm not looking forward to...

Secret 5 years ago

Do you think it's possible to break up any of them ways when you have 2 kids under 3 involved? It's just so hard but the love isn't there for me no more and I can't bring myself to tell him, it will crush him. Help please what would you do???!

Anthony 5 years ago

k I'm 21 n my gf 24 we both live with are mom n dad well I live with my ma my dad in Texas left us I have a heart condition that limts my work ability I don't wanna break n don't plan to but I need help her dad always assume on the stupied things that nobody cares I don't have Many friends n my gf has a few close friends n my gf been thru a lot of abuse from men the dad always worries I am taking her money when my gf offer she only work pt I'm trying to find work it rough so who rite or wrong cuz now me n my gf was gonna plan to c a movie with a friend more of my gf friend but the friend don't mind she very sweet she bi polar anyways ill have money for my ticket n my gf has a free ticket from her friend but today the dad gets all assuming on stupied things n his dad pass away but why would they make him a ahole

JOHN 5 years ago

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sally 4 years ago

I like this guy name Kiyler!!But this other guy name Mat who likes me and im only 8 years old!!I don't like Mat at all.......and Mat asked me out today.....and i dident wont to hurt his felings so i said fine...HELP ME!!!

Channon 4 years ago

Thank you so much for writing this. This article sorted out the things that were holding me back before. We deserve to be happy.

Confused! 4 years ago

Hi there. My boy and I have been together for five years. He's 19, I'm 18. Ever since I started college, he's been extra clingy. Asking me who I'm with, why I'm with them. It's really irritating me. I tutored my guy friend in Math and English. He hated it. My friend had just come home from BMT and my bf had told me he doesn't want me hanging out with him alone. I let him hang out with whoever he wants, why can't I? Another thing is I have a tiny crush on my friend from the air force. He's just so sweet and he actually cares about what I have to say. My boyfriend is very stubborn, and I mean very. I tried breaking up with him last year, but he started crying and saying I was the only one he wanted this and that. But since he'll be starting at the same school as me this January, I'm afraid he's going to become even more clingy. What do I do? Wait it out and see what happens? Please help! Reply to my comment or email me at x_beautiful_tragedy_x3@hotmaicom

abbeyTW 4 years ago

i have a boyfriend and we havnt been going out for long at all but hes really clingy and he always wants to hug me and he comes and talks to me and it is really awkward I've told my friend all this and she says if you dump him you'll miss hugging him,but if i don't dump him i'm unhappy and i just don't know what to do cause hes really sweet and nice to me and hes popular so if i dump his everyone will hate me especially cause i'm the one who started the relationship,but i just didn't think it would be like this and i'm just really scared..i cant stop thinking about it i just want it to be over help me please!!!?

ann rose 4 years ago

My boyfriend is also my co-worker, which makes breaking up more complicated because I'll be seeing him everyday. He's 19 and I'm 18 and at first it seemed like we were just right for each other but now I feel suffocated by his affection! he's way too nice, and he's already thinking about marriage and living together and I just think that's ridiculous! I'm way too young, and I just want to enjoy life without having the responsibility of a marriage! usually it's easy for me to break up with guys because they're jerks, but how do I break up with such a nice guy that just happens to be too clingy? HELP!

agafiya 4 years ago

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sierra1995 4 years ago

i really dnt knw wat to do ive been w this guy for almost 7 months nw an his parents hate me an i feel lik i need 2 move on an find sme 1 else

margarita 4 years ago

What if u have kids with this guy u don't want to be with cuz I do I don't want to be with him but we have kids

margarita 4 years ago

What if u have kids with this guy u don't want to be with cuz I do I don't want to be with him but we have kids

Seth 4 years ago

I'm sorry but all of you women are depressing. It's almost morbid that you can't just be satisfied with what you have. Even when you have a perfect boyfriend, you're bored. Why? Because you all bleed off of drama,fights, and the mere everyday conflicts.

anonymus 4 years ago

am jus finding a good way enough to broke up with my bf, i dnt lov him at all, hes totally into me... he wants to introduce me wit his parents nd ol...

Jamizka 4 years ago

kay so lake, im dating this rully weird guy and i have a date with a rully normal guy on satearday but lake the weird guy im dating makes me fart. and i stole all his pens, but lake hes forty nine!1!!111!!11 and im 20 so im going to go out with the normal guy thnx

Vivian White 4 years ago

Vivian White

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james wadu 4 years ago

i truly dnt love this gal but she wholsomely n truly loves me with all her heart she even promise to love me with all her heart till death. Bt i truly want to end it but i dnt knw how 2 go abt it.

jessie 4 years ago

okay see i have this boyfriend and like i really like him a lot and he says he really likes me but we never get to talk or hangout we have been dating for three weeks an like it seems as if he don't try or anyhting to talk or hangout with me should i break up with him if so how do i??

sc04 4 years ago

Ok so first of all were really young. I'm 14 and he just turned 15. I'm not even allowed to go on dates and all so we never real get to hang out anyways. but last year me and him went out for about a month, but he was already telling me that he loved me. i knew i didn't feel the same way and all, and it was deff too much for me at the time-so i ended it. but then freshman year started up and we were kinda on and off of the whole "talking" thing. i was leading him on BADLY. we even tried being fwbs...epic fail. but i finally gave no his begging and guilt trips and we've currently ten dating for 1 and a half months. really don't love him but that's all he ever says to me. and i feel bad cuz now i wanna end it, but I've hurt him waaaaaaaay too many times already and idk what to do! i need help fast!!:'(

Nevertoolate 4 years ago

My boyfriend and I myself have been together for a year now..

It gets so frustrating that when at the beginning of the relationship he was MR perfect.. but now its so damn Bitter.. and Oh I wish I never met him.. we;re serious introduced to my family and all..

But I don't think I love him anymore.. he's always getting angry.. thinking he is always right....calling me really crude names..he WAS NEVER like this..

yes I have done really a some mistakes as well but always ask him for forgiveness like really tiny mistakes.. and he always takes time to forgive me..

and when its his mistake and major blow like hitting me... he's wait for me to talk to him.. which I do..


I HATEEEEE HIM!! he is 4 years my senior so he thinks he's always right..

always threatening me that "he'll dump me at the side of the road if i don't shut up" while in the car...

I wanna dump him and make him regret doing all those cruel things to me.. I just hate him..

p.s he has dumped me at the side of the road and drove off..


Angelina Jackson 4 years ago

Hello, it's Angelia Jackson. Things are starting to get good between me and Dra, he started getting closer after his birthday. He tells me he loves me every day, you said he'd tell me how he feels about me. Dra and Susan went out last Saturday they had a bust up, he told her he didn't love her anymore. Dr. Ogun you are the best i have ever seen in my life Thanks

Yolanda 4 years ago

I read this article a little too late. I told him a month before my birthday I didn't want to be with him any longer. He sure did ask why? And I told him many things particularly because he owes me a significant amount of money (which to this day still has not paid). He smokes cigarettes constantly operates and internet business, yet he wont give me the money I let him BORROW. He said he is broke and rhetorically asked, "Do you think I am hiding money from you.?" I felt like a loser for wasting an entire year with him and getting cheated out of a lot of money. Also he didn't want to let me break-up with him and mentioned we should simply take a break and see if anything has changed in the new year. He suggested we at least remain friends.

It is the new year now, nothing has changed, except we don't have SEX. He still asks me if someone is trying to date me, he is still possessive, he makes jokes at my expense, when I ask him questions he gives me vague responses or tells me, "You wont understand" Our relationship is not even a reliable friendship. He wants me to call him at least every other day, he wants to know my whereabouts. Furthermore, the times I have visited him this new year he tells me he wants to impregnate me.

I am sick and tired of his attitude. I probably will never receive the money he owes me. And his insidious behavior is getting on my nerves; yet, I still answer his calls and visit it him when he is ill.

In such situation perhaps the best thing to do is just ignore his calls and not visit him.

What do you think SKIFFYINAJIPPY?

Amy 4 years ago

My boyfriend is really inlove with another girl and i hasn't done anything wrong. He tells me he loves me all the time and would do anything for me. He says there's no-one else he'd want to spend the rest of his life with, he's REALLY into me and I don't even know why he did this to me.And with all help me to get him back to me. I do love him,and i myself can not sleep or do with out him but now i can now see that the love my boyfriend have for me is more than what i am thinking, so I just want to say THANK YOU Amy is my name

you're gross 4 years ago

Wow, what a bunch of disgusting people.

Enjoy your herpes (that you don't even know you have).

Also, learn to spell.

I'm so happy that I found my woman, and that we love the crap out of each other.

She can spell and knows her grammar as well.

Neither of us will ever cheat, and we KNOW it.

Ompa 4 years ago

Wow, i agree with "You're gross" except the part about being in a relationship. Im not in one. I broke up with my ex a few months ago and we talked for about 5 months as friends but now i just don't talk to her anymore. I don't know why, i just came here to see if i did something wrong. But this is a really great article and im glad it helped some of you.

Marissa 4 years ago

im 14 and my boyfriends 14 and i just am sick of him we have been together for 2 days and hes just soooooo annoying and calling me babe and sexy and sunshine and sweety, darling and a bunsh of s*** uggg its getting on my nevese i want to break up with him but hes ganna cry if i do uggggggg help please!!!!!

Charlie 4 years ago

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year and 4 months and I just can't take her anymore, she's to stubborn and immature I'm guessing it's the fact that she's 14 and I'm 17-

Katie 4 years ago

It´s always better to break up with someone in a public place. That avoid the other person getting violent towards you. It´s the safe thing to do, believe me.

Camie leeanne harlowe 4 years ago

Hey i don't want 2 break up with him just lookin around cuz i bored i love louie a lot and i wish hed just kiss me already!! He might tomorrow!!!!! Cant wait!!!!!!!

Amy 4 years ago

i was set up with this guy 8 and a half years older than me (i'm 18 he's just turned 27) and when i met him he was so sweet and romantic, but too romantic. The night began well but he soon got his mum to meet me (first date), he wouldn't let me let him choose where we went and he was talking about taking a holiday 4 years from now and it was only our first date! I think he see's it more serious than i do. And i wan't to get out but the the thing is he has never been on a date before because girls have constantly broke his heart, i feel really guilty about being another one!

Cross 4 years ago

go up 2 her. and just say: "its over" and then walk away :)

Kiana 4 years ago

My boyfriend friend are always playing jokes and telling me that my bf broke up or that I should break up with him....but ever since me and him been together I start seeing my ex again. And now I'm confuse and don't know what to do. I like my bf he's sweet and nice, but my ex is kinda an ass...but I think I still love my ex.

Becky 4 years ago

Hmmmmm, I can't say that to my boyfriend.. We didn't have sex, were not old and he loves me so much. He send's me messages saying he wants to be with me forever and I cant take all the love hes giving me. I cant bare seeing him loving me this much because I just don't love him enough. I don't want to cheat on him, I don't want to tell others about the way I feel about him because they would tell him. I really want to break up with him because sometimes he could be a jerk and I don't like jerks. I don't know what to do. My heart is crushing into pieces and his heart is all loved but I don't feel the same way! I cry all night because I hate to see him heart broken, I regret being with him. :'(

Response to feelinbad 4 years ago

I was in the exact same situation. I was dating a guy who was SUPER nice, but was extremely awkward to talk to. We had been dating for only three days, but my friends were telling me I break it off. I felt SO bad, but I eventually did. Now I feel so much better than before. If you seriously don't think it's going to work out, then break up. Just tell him that you don't want a boyfriend right now, or that you only think of him as a friend.

Jessica Doerfler 4 years ago

When I broke up with Brock it made me kind of happy.

Justin 4 years ago

Yeah Im trying to find a nice way to break up with my girlfriend... I really like her but I can tell she's into someone else so I think it's best to end it.

huzlyn 4 years ago

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Lexi 4 years ago

I have been dating my bf for 3 weeks but he already seems super serious. I don't really want to move that fast, but I do want a boyfriend. I'm really scared to break up with him, but I don't really know if I really like him or if I'm only dating him so I can have a boyfriend. Help?!?!?

lovethina 4 years ago

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Jake 4 years ago

Hey, Sup.

Name is Jake, Okay back to business.

My girlfriend & I are having problems.

Shes living in Australia & Im In Cali.

Shes 16 I'm turning 19.

How do I dump her without feeling bad.

I like her & all but, shes not here anymore.

Oh & I told her I loved her.

But, we have only been dating 20days!

I loved her at first but, I like my bestfriend now..

Please Help?

Jake 4 years ago

Hey, Sup.

Name is Jake, Okay back to business.

My girlfriend & I are having problems.

Shes living in Australia & Im In Cali.

Shes 16 I'm turning 19.

How do I dump her without feeling bad.

I like her & all but, shes not here anymore.

Oh & I told her I loved her.

But, we have only been dating 20days!

I loved her at first but, I like my bestfriend now..

Please Help?

help-please 4 years ago

I've been seeing this guy for just over a month now and I found out off a mutual friend of ours that he has been seeing his ex behind my back. He is also very childish and immature and obsessive and doesn't even let me be in pictures with other guys. I need to break up with him (and all my friends agree) but every time I try to speak to him I end up in years because I don't want to hurt him and I don't want to make the wrong decision. I also will see him every day as we live close and our families know each other how can I break up with him without the upset and still remain friends?

anderson 4 years ago

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44 dolfin 3 years ago

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Collins Gordy 3 years ago

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Roxanne 3 years ago

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Laura 3 years ago

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favour 3 years ago

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nancy 3 years ago

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Dude, Help 2 years ago

I'm just starting to talk to this girl I like. We are very much alike, however I'm hesitant about asking her out though. I heard she broke up with her boyfriend because he called her babe. I'm not sure if this is true. I'm afraid of breakup. What should I do?

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