Bridal Budget - Wedding Cost-Cutting Tips

Save Some Money for the Honeymoon!

  • Engagement photos are not a must, they are a trend and an added expense. Skip them if you can resist.
  • Get your dress on EBay! It sounds crazy, I know. I found the new dress I wanted on EBay at half the retail price in a current style. Sure enough that was the very dress I wore down the aisle.
  • Veils are so overpriced when embellished with beads and whatnot. Try a plain veil (about $20 or make your own) with flowers in your hair instead, or a pretty comb. The flowers will show through the veil - it's a nice effect.
  • Dye your own shoes.
  • Get a friend to buy/make your favors as your wedding gift. Tea bags with cinnamon sticks and a truffle or tea cookies are a nice favor and can be slipped into a pretty organza bag for less than a dollar each.

  • Wedding cakes - my goodness, did we taste some cakes that were so very expensive! Go to your local grocer, find a regular cake that you like (take it home to try it first), and place an individual cake on each table. (I did this and spent $89 on 11 cakes for 85 people.)

  • Cake toppers are so lavish now. Buy your initials, spray paint them to match your theme, and stick them in the cake. It's simple and elegant.

  • Cake plates are expensive. Use a large but short pillar candle holder with a charger plate hot-glued to the top (or use putty) - you'd be surprised how nice this can turn out, and can be disassembled afterward. Borrow what you can!
  • Bands are great, but you probably know somebody who can work a CD player and a few speakers. Besides,nobody does Brick House justice like the Commodores. : )
  • Luminaries can be elegant and simple. They are easy to embellish with cutouts or painted initials. Tea-lights cost next to nothing, and the luminaries will add a romantic glow to the room.

  • Stringed instruments for walking down the aisle are lovely, but one talented musician can play the keyboard beautifully if live music is required.
  • Alter flowers can be brought in to decorate the reception area.
  • One of the largest expenses is the food for the reception. Sneak around meal time by having an early afternoon wedding - if the reception is at 2pm, no one will expect a meal. Serve afternoon tea instead - fruits, cheeses, breads, cookies and teas or lemonades can actually provide quite a bit of food and still be well presented.
  • Why pay officiant fees when you can get a close friend or relative to perform the ceremony! For about $50 you can get someone you know licensed to be deputy marriage commissioner for a day. It's a nice personal touch to your day, your memories, and your photos.
  • Linens can also run up a bill. Instead of covering every chair at the reception, just get chair covers for the bride and groom - it makes your chairs look very special.

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MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

Good hub past my due date.

thank you

NeedaWeddingCar 8 years ago


A fantatic hub. I greatly thankful to you for posting such a great hub. I got the idea about saving money. My younger brother is getting married and I could suggested him for the same. This is done only due to this hub. Infact, as wedding is important event but honeymoon is a great and memorable time for the newly wedding couple also. The photos in the hub are so pleasant and beautiful selection. Thanks for the dress and cake design.

For making memorable honeymoon please visit our website @

Kat07 profile image

Kat07 8 years ago from Tampa Author

Thanks for the compliments! My brother is also getting married, I passed these tips along to the new happy couple. Hopefully they can put more cash toward a special honeymoon by saving some money on the actual wedding!

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