Valentine’s Day - How to Bringing back Romance to Our Life

Romance After Marriage

Romance is a sense of emotional closeness and intimacy between the partners. It can be considered as ones expression of love and affection towards the partner. Romance is not just before marriage and not only meant for young men and woman. It should be present throughout your married life, however old you may be and fill your life with energy and happiness.

However this is not the case with most of the couples. Romance which was once strong among the partners starts fading after the marriage or a couple of years of it. Some of the reasons behind this may be work, home making, kids, their schooling etc.

Bringing back the romance to your life is not a difficult task. You need to pay attention to only certain simple things.

How to Bring Back Romance in Life

Wonderful tips for bring the romance back to life

Consider your partner to be an individual and give respect: Do not take your partner for granted. Thank him/her for whatever they do for you. Behave courteously so that he/she may feel special.

Accept his or her limitations: There is no individual without shortcomings and forgive the mistakes. Mutual understanding is very important factor for the success marriage.

Have time to listen: give an ear to listen to your partner. You should be available for him/her while he/she has some problem.

Spend some time together: Just go for small walk or sit together and do something, which is very essential to deepen the intimacy.

Give small surprises: Wife can cook her husband’s favorite dish. In the same way the husband can surprise her with a bunch of flowers without it being any special occasion.

Give appreciation: Give appreciation for the small things that your partner do for you or appreciate him/her for their positive aspects. Anyway, the appreciation should be genuine or otherwise it may have the opposite result. You can also give compliments to your partner in front of your family or friends.

Celebrate the special occasions: Celebrating events like wedding anniversary or your first date with your partner may cherish your memories of the early days and bring back the romance in you.

Express your love: Don’t hesitate to express your love through kisses, hugs, a touch on his/her shoulder etc. which may do magic in your life.

Take life with ease: Take every problem lightly and share it with your partner. Have fun, tell jokes, laugh together, and wink at each other.

Talk openly to each other: If you have some difficulty with each other, speak openly and try to work out the problem.

Let your partner feel special: Give some surprise presents, something that your partner likes. This need not be very expensive but may show how much you care for your partner.

Give preference to your partners likes: Consider your partners likes before yours. Watch something of his/her interest in the television or cook something that he or she likes (may be you don’t like it).

Give space to each other: Allow his/her privacy. Let him/her indulge in something they like and by the time you can manage something your partner ought to do.

Overdo it: This makes romancing a habit and it will come with ease.

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