Broken Heart

Has your Heart Been Broken

The longer you live the more likely that you have had your heart broken. Some hearts are harder to break then others and some break so easy. I have a friend who had her heart broken several times in one year and I believe its because she lets someone into her heart so easy. You really have to get to know a person and try not to fall in love with them so fast. Remember that only in time will you really know if you are in love you might feel in love but it might not be real you must put your partner to many test and make sure this person it for real. Of course I have heard that love is blind and in that case your heart broken is surely going to be broken. I wrote this poem when my heart got broken. I hope you like it, please comment and let me know. Either way thanks for hearing me.

Broken Heart

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You Broke my Heart

I never felt like this before

You touched my Heart

You touched my Soul

I am out of control

Now I can't eat or drink

My mind can't even think

What did you do to me

Why do I feel this way

Will it ever go away

I really need you to stop

Its not even fare

I really was not aware

Now my money has gone somewhere

All I do is sit and stare

Why did you touch me

Do you even care

I don't know what you did

Please just undo it now

I need to eat

I need to drink

I need to sleep

I need to think

Please just go away

I'm no good today

You know what you did

Don't even play

You broke my Heart

Just stay away.

White Lion - Broken Heart The Original

The older I get the harder it is to break my Heart

Only the young have not had their Hearts Broken. But there comes an age when all of us have our hearts broken. The first Heart break is usually the hardest and one we never forget. What goes on on our minds when this happens is sometimes hard to remember. Just the thought of what could have happened if you stayed with this person some times has my mind spinning.

The older we get the harder our heart gets and heart brake seems far away. The second time you get your heart broken its not as bad as the first but it still doesn't mean you where not heart some times the second be worst then the first if this was not just a crush but a real long standing relationships that end in something bad. If the one you loves cheats on you you just have to learn to go on even if your heart gets broken.

If you have had more than two heart breaks than things seem to get a lot easier. Some might say that I will never ever love again. But still others say love them leave them and find another. I have always been told, it is better to have loved than to have never loved at all.

My advice to you is to take your time and make sure you are really in love and don't let your heart get broken. Its hard to recover some times and you might find your self with other problems if you let it get to you. I look for friends first and if love comes it comes. Just hopefully my heart does not get broken again I don't think I could take any more.

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aefrancisco profile image

aefrancisco 6 years ago from somewhere down the road

So sad - yet lovely :)

Thanks for sharing.

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Just made the poem up thanks

ILuvUKenton 5 years ago from The corner of Forever and Heartbreak

The part where you said "Only the young have not had their heart broken" is not true. I am 14 and I have had my heart broken by the guy I have been in love with for the past three years.

What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't matter if you are older because even younger teenagers can have their heartbroken.

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

IluvuKenton, I thing 14 is old enough to have your hear broken but but anyone 12 or your maybe the age I was writing about. But at 14 everything is more intense and you still have some changes ahead of you. Things will get better becuase you will have lots of crush and loves ahead.

ILuvUKenton 5 years ago from The corner of Forever and Heartbreak

I still dont think that age matters. It matters on how mature you are about things.

Plarson profile image

Plarson 5 years ago from Alabama

I agree that the age of heartbreak is relative to the person. the heartbreak of a 14 year old is relative to the life experiences that person has encountered. The heart break and loss of a 40 yr old is not necessarily any less intense just because they are older. Anytime someone gives their soul over to someone's care they run the risk of heart-break and emotional devestation.

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Plarson, Thanks for the comment and I agree with, you said it better that I can. Thanks

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